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10 Fantastic Sustainable Home Goods Brands that Will Look Stunning in Your Home

How sustainable are the items you’re bringing into your home? We shouldn’t just be thinking about eliminating the plastic straws and fast fashion t-shirts, furnishing your apartment or house in an eco-friendly way is one of the most important steps to take in creating a sustainable home.

These 7 eco-friendly & sustainable home goods stores combine aesthetics with sustainability to help you reduce your impact!

1. Bhumi Organic | Australia, Ships Worldwide

The brand emphasises longevity and the importance of quality bedding in getting a good night’s sleep. Their textiles are made from organic cotton, with a production chain focused on reducing emissions, water usage and pesticide use. The brand is fighting to revolutionise the textile industry and rid it of its unsustainable and unethical practices – one set of bedding at a time.. Some of my favourites include the cable knit throw, the organic sateen sheets, and the luxurious bath sheets!

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton

Cost: $$ 

Shop: Bhumi Organic

Bhumi Organic Cable Knit Throw

2. Eco Terra Beds | U.S.A.

The folks at Eco Terra believe a non-toxic, chemical-free mattress shouldn't have to come with a high price tag. The Eco Terra Mattress is made with 100% natural latex and fabric-encased coils. There are no fillers, no additives, and absolutely no chemical off-gassing. GOTS certified and made in the U.S.A.

Materials: 100% natural latex, wool, organic cotton

Cost: $$

Shop: Eco Terra Beds

Eco Terra Beds

3. Alabama Sawyer | U.S.A.

Run by its founders, Cliff Spencer and Leigh Spencer, Alabama Sawyer, designs modern, environmentally sustainable products from fallen trees in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Since we began, we have diverted hundreds of logs from the landfill by transforming them into award-winning furniture and products for homes and businesses.

Materials: Fallen trees in Birmingham, Alabama

Cost: $$$

Shop: Alabama Sawyer

Alabama Sawyer

4. White Lotus Home | U.S.A.

Organic and natural bedding, mattresses, and pillow cases handmade in the U.S.A. Options include 100% organic cotton, natural latex, pure virgin wool, and evergreen foam. There are also custom order request options!

Materials: 100% organic cotton, natural latex, pure virgin wool, and evergreen foam.

Cost: $$

Shop: White Lotus Home

White lotus home

5. Zuahaza | Colombia, ships worldwide

Zuahaza has been one of my all-time favourite sustainable home goods & decor shops for quite a long time now. These are the exact pillows that grace our own bedroom and are more in love with them today than when they first came in the mail. The owner, Tatiana, has created such a beautiful community with her inspirational work and love for her Zuahaza family. Check out the full article on the brand here!

Materials: 100% organic cotton and natural dyes

Cost: $$

Shop: Zuahaza

Zuahaza Barichara Pillow

6. ECOS Paints | U.S.A.

Keep your home clean and toxic free with ECOS paint. This is paint that you can truly feel good about. Non-toxic, zero VOC, and No odor. 100% ingredient transparency with an endless amount of colors to choose from.

Materials: Zero VOC Paints

Cost: $

Shop: ECOS Paint

ECOS Paint

7 Sunday Morning Home |  U.S.A. 

Absolutely gorgeous Marcel Linen Bedding that is made from 100% of the finest French flax, making it soft, durable, and breathable. It is stonewashed for a vintage-like feel that gets better with every laundry day. Our family adores linen bedding and could not recommend it enough.

Materials: French Flax Linen

Cost: $$

Shop: Sunday Morning Home

Sunday Morning Home

8. Simbly | U.S.A.

Simply creates well-designed, minimalist, and sustainable home goods made of sustainably harvested, FSC certified wood. These amazing creations are developed with a direct-to-consumer business model with zero hidden fees. 

Materials: FSC certified wood

Cost: $$$

Shop: Simbly


9. Armadillo & Co | U.S.A. & Australia

Finding the right sustainably made rug for your space can be quite the challenge. Armadillo & Co. is a go-to brand because of its incredible selection of rugs for every room in your house, all made with the impact on our planet and the people who make the rugs in mind. Their rugs are made from natural materials, with planet-friendly practices. They are also designed to last you a long time, so you can be sure the investment is worth it and will pay off in the long run. All rugs are handcrafted, to ensure best possible quality. 

Materials: Natural materials including jute, linen, and wool

Cost: $$$

Shop: Armadillo & Co

Armadillo & Co

10. Linen & Stripes | U.K.

Linen is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics available today – it can grow in any soil, uses much less water than cotton and rarely needs to be treated with pesticides. That’s why decorating your home with linen items is such a great idea – and the brand Linen & Stripes is one of the best ways to do so. Their 100% organic linen home decor is handmade in the UK by a family owned business.

Materials: Linen

Cost: $$

Shop: Linen & Stripes

Linen & Stripes

10 Beautiful Fair Trade & Sustainable Home Decor Brands

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