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10 sustainable and ethical fall jackets under $130

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Keep warm in an ethical and sustainable fall jacket – without breaking the bank! A $130 budget can get you a jacket you’ll wear for years on end, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a quality piece. 

Just a quick disclaimer before we begin: while $130 could still be considered quite a sizeable budget, remember that shopping for sustainable fashion is very different than buying your clothes from a fast fashion chain. A sustainable, quality piece will last you for years (potentially decades), compared to a cheap fast fashion jacket – so you’ll spend less in the long run. *You can also use this list to find the item second hand – one of my favorite things to do before making any purchase!

Elisabeth padded jacket in recycled fabric red by Monsoon

Elisabeth padded jacket in recycled fabric red by Monsoon
Image by Monsoon

This classic padded jacket will keep you cosy on chillier fall days and perhaps even carry you into winter if you live somewhere warmer. It’s made entirely from recycled polyester, in a solid dark red colour which will match almost anything. It fits into the $150 budget with room to spare, currently on sale for $80 from the original $114.

Belted jacket in black by Kotn

Belted jacket in black by Kotn
Image by Kotn

If a stable black belted jacket is what you’re after, the sustainable fashion brand Kotn has got you covered. This cotton fall jacket has a suede feel to it and features BIG pockets. What more to ask for? It comes at $127 and they also offer the same style in a camel colour.

Polka organic cotton waterproof coat by Thought

Polka organic cotton waterproof coat by Thought
Image by Thought

Can you forgive us for including a raincoat which is technically not a jacket? If you live in a rainy climate, you certainly will because this might just be the perfect fit for you. This straight fit raincoat would usually set you back £110 ($144) but right now, you can snatch it for just £45 ($59).

Women’s recycled rain shell by United by Blue

Women’s recycled rain shell by United by Blue
Image by United by Blue

On the rainy days, don’t let the bad weather get to you. A rain shell is a wardrobe stable in some climates, so if the funky polka dot raincoat does not suit your tastes, give this plain black shell which goes with anything and everything a try. You’ll also find a dark red colour of the same jacket on the United by Blue website, for a little bit of colour in your rainy day – both come at $128.

Women’s tornshell 3L jacket by Patagonia

Women’s tornshell 3L jacket by Patagonia
Image by Patagonia

Patagonia is a wonderful sustainable outdoor gear brand, but their products do tend to come with a premium price tag. Thankfully, you can also find this more affordable gem on their website for $149, perfect if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this fall but don’t want to spend hundreds on a professional hiking jacket!

Reversible Sherpa lined canvas jacket by United by Blue

Reversible Sherpa lined canvas jacket by United by Blue
Image by United by Blue

Two jackets in one? Yes, please! This organic cotton canvas jacket with an extremely soft recycled polyester Sherpa lining will keep you toasty warm through the whole fall and fits the budget perfectly at $128. It’s also got a plenty of pockets!

Women's forester pass raglan jacket by Toad & Co.

Women's forester pass raglan jacket by Toad & Co.
Image Toad & Co

If you like to add a retro touch and a splash of colour to your wardrobe, this Toad & Co. fall jacket is the one for you. It’s made entirely from recycled nylon and shields you from weather whether you’re hiking, or just strolling around town. At $125, this is definitely an investment that pays off!

W Bailey hooded bomber by Tentree

W Bailey hooded bomber by Tentree
Image by Tentree

A simple outdoor fall jacket that goes with everything is perfect if you live an outdoorsy lifestyle and are looking for something to take you through the whole fall. This simple design by Tentree comes at $130 and as with any product from this brand, the company plants 10 trees for your purchase.

Flannel utility jacket by Tentree

Flannel utility jacket by Tentree
Image by Tentree

But perhaps you’re looking to just stay cosy while lounging this winter and don’t plan any adventurous trips. Nothing says cosy like this flannel fall jacket made from 100% organic cotton in a classic flannel pattern, with spacious pockets. A piece not to be missed at the price of $118!

Women’s Morrison shirt jacket by Toad & Co.

Flannel utility jacket by Tentree
Image by Toad & Co

But perhaps the weather where you live is still warm though fall and you don’t need a fluffy jacket – just an extra layer to throw on when mornings start to get chillier. This shirt jacket from Toad & Co. is the perfect piece for the occasion, at $95.

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10 sustainable and ethical fall jackets under $130

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