15+ Sustainable & Affordable Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays

Danielle Alvarado

August 29, 2021

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sustainable stocking stuffers
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Looking to get a head start this upcoming Holiday season and begin your search for sustainable & affordable stocking stuffers for your family and friends? Our team at SKL has got you covered with 20 amazing sustainable stocking stuffer options to make anyone smile!

Personalized and Engraved Bookmarks

sustainable stocking stuffer
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This is a gorgeous little gift for any book lover in your life. This personalized engraved bookmark is handmade from carved wood and will last a lifetime.

Price: $12.20+

Shop Engraved Bookmarks Here

Sustainable Holiday Candles

sustainable holiday candles
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Who wouldn’t love to find a pumpkin apple streusel or Christmasookie c soy wax candle in their stocking? This sustainably hand-poured one from a USA-based company will warm the spirit in the festive season.

Price: $14.64

Shop Soy Wax Candle here!

Personalized Zodiac Sign Soaps

zodiac sign soap
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If your loved one loves a good astrology reading, then they will adore this personalized zodiac sign soap. The soap gives 3 amazing traits of each zodiac sign and then the smell accents exactly what the sign needs to flourish.

Price: $10.37

Shop Zodiac Soaps Here

Eco-Friendly Safety Razor

sustainable stocking stuffer
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A simple small gift that anyone who shaves or uses disposable razors needs right now. I love these Jungle culture razors because they are light, well made, affordable, and easy to use. Perfect for the zero waste beginner.

Price: $6.92+

Shop Eco Razors Here

Winter Survival Socks

eco-friendly stocking stuffers
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Good socks are a staple of anyone’s closet – and these sustainable and ethical alpaca socks are hard to beat. Made in the U.S.A. and shipped out with eco-conscious packaging.

Price: $24.40

Shop Survival Socks Here

Handmade Pottery Mug

handmade pottery on etsy
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This gorgeous piece may be a little too delicate for a stocking stuffer, but I had to add it to the list. I am in love. You can find so many amazing handmade small business pottery shops on Etsy. This was one of my favorites.

Shop handmade mugs here

Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments

sustainable holiday gifts
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There are so many amazing custom-made ornaments listed on Etsy, but our favorite was this simple portrait piece by a little shop in North Carolina. Simple, classic, and timeless.

Price: $17.08+

Shop Christmas Ornaments Here

Handmade Organic Bath Salts

sustainable stocking stuffers
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Nothing is as good of a Christmas stocking stuffing gift as one that helps your loved ones relax. That’s exactly what this wonderful bath infusion does, using only natural, plant-based ingredients.

Price: $11.59+

Shop Organic Bath Salts Here

Organic, Vegan, & Natural Chapstick

sustainable stocking stuffers
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Anyone would love to have some new chapstick for the new year, and these organic, vegan-approved, and all-natural ones are hard to beat! The tube is 100% compostable and the product is handmade in California.

Price: $8.54

Shop Sustainable Chapstick Here

Organic Cotton Hair Ties

organic cotton hair ties sustainable stocking stuffers
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I had no idea what I was missing until I tried truly sustainable and high-quality hair ties a few years back. Not one of them has broken and neither has a strand of my hair. Perfection.

Price: 10.37+

Shop Hair Ties Here

Vegan Milk Chocolate with Chai Tea

20 eco-friendly stocking stuffers under $20
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It wouldn’t be the holidays without some sweet treats. This chocolate sold by the UK brand Ethicoco is made ethically, from natural ingredients and without any animal products.

Price: $8.74

Shop Ethicoco Chocolate Here

All Natural & Zero Waste Deodorant

organic deodorant
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Eco-friendly, non-toxic, zero waste, and gorgeous deodorant for a brilliant sustainable stocking stuffer. Choose from over ten different amazing scents (or unscented) to truly personalize this wonderful gift.

Price: $7.14

Shop Better Deodorant Here

Pine Needle Syrup

pine needle syrup
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If you did not know, pine needle syrup is a wonderful natural decongestant to aid coughs, congestion, and a sore through. The Pine Needles are 100% wild harvested.

Price: $20.74

Shop Pine Needle Syrup Here

Zero Waste Shampoo Bars

sustainable stocking stuffers
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A super simple sustainable stocking stuffer that is sure to please: zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars. Four amazing scents to choose from that are sure to please.

Price: $10.68

Shop Shampoo Bars Here

Organic Shea Lotion Bars

Lotion Bar
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Maybe they have shampoo bars, a zero-waste razor, and organic hair ties already. But what about a zero-waste lotion bar mixed with lavender and orange? They will never go back to plastic bottles ever again!

Price: $15.86

Shop Shea Lotion Bars Here

I hope this list of 15 sustainable stocking stuffer ideas helped you on your holiday shopping list. A few extra items not listed here that do not cost a single penny: love notes, poems, or drawings. These three handmade items never fail and can be rolled up and placed in any stocking for your loved ones. The best gifts in life are free – especially when they come from your heart.

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