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15 Amazing Size-Inclusive Sustainable Fashion Brands To Support and Love

How can we make sustainable fashion more accessible? By supporting the sustainable size-inclusive fashion brands, of course!

It is absolutely vital for the sustainable fashion world to make the transition from “niche” to normal and one of the key ways to do this is to make their clothing accessible to EVERYONE who wants to take part. This includes tall, short, curvy, plus size, and more

The sad truth is (and it burns me up just thinking about it ), many folks who want to take part in slow and mindful fashion are blocked due to the lack of all-inclusive sizing.

There are constant given reasonings/excuses for this lack of inclusivity including lack of funds, too small of a business, and more … but let’s look at the facts: well over 2/3 of the women in the United States wear a size 14 and above. The average size of a woman residing in the United States is a size 16-18. And yet…only 20 % or so of brands include them in their size range. Say what?!

Luckily, we have found well over 15 brands that blew us away with their attention to detail, wonderful sustainability efforts, and high ethical standards. Feel free to let us know of any of your favourite size-inclusive brands that are not listed here!

Universal Standard.   

As we all know, most brands don't cater to bigger sizes and not all brands are size-inclusive. On a shopping trip, two friends came upon a solution to the sizing problem and created Universal Standard. They want a size 40 to experience shopping like a size 00 is experiencing. Their items are manufactured in Peru and started the business with an 8-piece collection. Using top-notch materials, their aim is for your clothing to be sustainable, to last wear after wear, wash after wash, season after season. Premium Peruvian cotton is one of the materials they usually use together with Luxe Italian Merino Wool and French Satin-back Crepe.

Today, Universal Standard is the world’s most inclusive fashion brand and our personal favorite! They also have a program called “Fit Liberty”. In this program, you can buy anything from the Fit Liberty category, enjoy using it, and if your size goes up or down within the year of purchasing, you can send it back and they will change it to your new size! Sounds great right? This program is absolutely free of charge! Whether you're a size 40 or size 00, this brand will cater to you with style as the only filter.

Free Label.  

Plus Size Sustainable Brands

It feels great wearing something soft, breathable, and comfy, but it feels even greater when you know that it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Founded in 2015 by Jess Sternberg, Free Label was born! They aim to create beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable size-inclusive fashion-focused clothing in a system where everyone gets paid fairly. Locally manufactured and they only produce in small sustainable batches so they monitor the production and ensure that their garments are in happy hands. It is wonderful that they usually bring coffee and snacks to their workers. Ethically made, Sustainable and size-inclusive what else do you want from a brand? It will not only make you look great on the outside and also on the inside. Find out more about Free Label by following them on Instagram.

Made Trade 

Sustainable Size-Inclusive Fashion

Launched in 2018, the folks behind this Made Trade believe that they can make the world a beautiful place by holding themselves to a higher ethical standard. We not only love them for their ethics, but also because they manufacture sustainable and size-inclusive fashion lines. They cater from size XS to 6XL, from athletic wear to intimates! This really is a one-stop shop.

What's greater is that products are sustainable and ethically made. Fair wages above profits. Artistry above efficiency. And transparency above everything, as they painstakingly hand-select only the most beautifully designed, ethically-made goods that put people and our planet first. With this brand, you'll make a positive impact every time you shop. Oh, and one more thing, they also offer vegan products!

Alternative Apparel    

Sustainable Size-Inclusive Fashion

“We're not leaving a mark, we're leaving a positive footprint”. Those exact words are posted on Alternative Apparel's website. A brand that manufactures sustainable and size-inclusive apparel that will never go out of style. They have sizes XS to XL. Always striving to do more to lessen their impact, Alternative Apparel has refocused their forward-thinking Earthleisure collection to include even more eco fabrics as they continue efforts to #DoGoodFeelGood. They usually use organic cotton and recycled polyester in manufacturing their apparel. A wonderful sustainable size-inclusive fashion brand to keep an eye on! You can find these comfy, sustainable clothing in their newly designed Amazon brand store.

Alder Apparel.    

Sustainable Size-Inclusive Fashion
Image Alder Apparel

Next on our list is Alder. They believe that outdoor creation is equal to happiness. I'll definitely agree to that! Because of that, they designed outdoor, sustainable, size-inclusive apparel that you can use to have fun and get dirty while looking so damn good! Alder offers inclusive sizing (from XS – 6XL), female-focused design, sustainable and ethical production. That is why we love it! Sustainable and ethical performance wear that honors all sizes? They are one of the best! Try filling in the form for their product survey, they get the customer's insights and ideas so they can design outdoor apparel that can meet your needs.

Hackwith Design House.   

Sustainable Size-Inclusive Fashion

Being a plus-size, it is undoubtedly frustrating when you go shopping. You'll just ask yourself “Why everything is so small?”. With Hackwith Design House, you'll say “Goodbye frustration, Hello stylish me!” HDH is a sustainable, size-inclusive brand that offers woman apparel from XS to 5XL. Even the swimsuits have bigger sizes and it is surely a wow factor! Every piece is made in their in-house studio in Minnesota. All items are made to order which means it is specifically made for you. They also have a buyback program which they named The Sustain Shop. So in this program, you can send back HGH apparel that you are not using or those which have small holes, or stains. Because of this program, others can buy the 2nd hand apparel at a low price or it will be recycled.

IGIGI Style.    

Sustainable Size-Inclusive Fashion

Made to order and made to measure, that is what IGIGI is offering. Because of that, this sustainable and size-inclusive brand produces less waste than other clothing companies. All of their garments are handsewn in European countries like Ukraine and they also pay a “living wage” for their seamstress. At IGIGI, they believe in a partnership between the designer brand, customers, and our planet. What's enjoyable when placing your order is that they have a 3D model so you can see the fit of the dress. You can choose different necklines, sleeve lengths, and dress lengths. Cool right? Your dream dress will come to life! So if you want a little black dress, or a dress with playful print, a cocktail dress or semi formal dress even a bridal gown, IGIGI got you! They are like Cinderella's fairy godmother but sustainable and ethically made. IGIGI undeniably is your personal couture experience!

Hope and Harvest.   

Sustainable Size-Inclusive Fashion

Being named as one of the top plus-sized labels in the world, Hope & Harvest a sustainable size-inclusive clothes, produce an ingenious and renewed way to the Plus-size industry. Engineering for curves, they have sizes for XS to XL. Their apparel is consciously designed by a plus-sized Designer who KNOWS what plus women want and need and has the technical knowledge and skills to do it well. They create sustainable clothing using ethical practices. Thus, no harm to animals or humans. Supporting locals, the clothing is manufactured in Australia via an off-shore and fair-trade agreement. With this advocacy, they employ local people with exceptional skills. I personally like their Lulu Dress, it will surely flaunt your curve and is perfect for all occasions!

Girlfriend Collective.     

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable, size-inclusive, wonderful activewear brand that is revolutionizing fashion. And guess what? They are part of the slow fashion industry, their athletic line is made using recycled plastic to create some of our favorite leggings, sports bras, and t-shirts ever! Their activewear is available in a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 6XL sizes. Cut & sewed in Vietnam, their Danish partner oversees the production and makes sure their products are ethically produced. When shipping your clothes they use a recyclable pouch and you can also purchase a microfiber filter used for washing your clothes so the microfibers will not end up in the sewers and ocean. Their dedication to transparency is so inspirational!!

Alice Alexander.    

Plus Size Sustainable Brands

Another size-inclusive ethically and sustainably made apparel brand on our list is Alice Alexander. This brand aims to give you clothing that will fit you and will fit your personality, which means it is specifically made in your size. Being part of the slow fashion industry, they have an heirloom piece mentality. Thus, they want consumers to either wear it across decades or pass it down. Their apparel is ethically made, even one of their employees said that Alice Alexander is the most humane and supportive company she worked for. Fantastic right?

Karen Kane.   

Plus Size Sustainable Brands

They started small, in their home, in their garage. What they have in mind is simple, design apparel that will make you feel pretty and comfy always using the best fabrics and techniques available. Karen Kane is one of the few brands that support sustainable fashion and size inclusivity. Because of that, they offer sizes from XS to 3XL and XSP to XLP for petite sizes. To ensure that they keep their promise for sustainable fashion, they have a committee that is focused on the company's sustainability in manufacturing. This committee also prioritizes accountability for ethical business decisions. Another wonderful fact about this company is they sponsor different charities. Isn't that great? Creating beautiful designs guided by respect for people and nature. If you're a local in Los Angeles, you might also want to check their career opportunities, they give incentives and above minimum wage because for them their team is simply the best

Kirrin Finch.     

Plus Size Sustainable Brands

Searching for ethical and sustainable, size-inclusive fashion brands, I found this unique clothing line. This brand focused on breaking gender barriers and embracing the freedom of expression. It is a combination of aesthetic and design of men's wear while fitted for a woman's body. All clothing is made responsibly in the USA from sustainable and quality natural materials. In the same way, they know that the person making their products is similarly as important as the one who wears them. So they made an effort to find factories with fair labor and ethical manufacturing practices. If you are looking for some gorgeous & sustainable menswear-inspired apparel, then look no further than Kirrin Finch. Their fun and unique wear are available in sizes 0-24.


Plus Size Sustainable Brands

Browsing on this brand, I found an ideal skirt that you can wear anytime, anywhere. Not too revealing and not too “old lady like” skirt. Perfect for everyday use. The founders are frustrated to see their family and friends struggle in finding clothes that fit them and have their style. So the founders created a high-quality, ethically made, sustainable, and size-inclusive brand. To lessen the waste, they designed their apparel to last season after season. Workers are given a fair wage and they ensure proper disposal of waste by choosing ethical suppliers. With HOURS, it will definitely take your hours to shop.

Hours is exclusively for sizes 14-28 and houses pretty much everything you need for your sustainable and ethical closet. Highly recommend!

DL 1961 Denim.    

It all started with trash. DL1961 designed ethically made, sustainable and size-inclusive jeans from old jeans and plastic bottles that were thrown away. The yarn is woven into fabric and dyed using high-quality Dystar Liquid Indigo pigments to minimize harmful by-products! These jeans require so much less water and resources than traditional jeans. DL1961 provides sizes 10 to 26 in their inclusive category. Men's and Kid's jeans are also available.

On The Plus Side.   

Size-Inclusive Sustainable Brands

Last on the list is On The Plus Size, a size-inclusive, ethical and sustainable brand that prioritizes plus-size women. Likewise, their goal is to lessen their carbon footprint. 90% of their clothes are made of natural fabrics that will surely last long but feels genuinely comfortable. They are a US-based company that caters to all sizes of a woman from 1x to 8x. Thus, it's a perfect fit! Being a successful brand, they also pay it forward by supporting non-profit organizations. On the whole, this is a sustainable, size-inclusive fashion brand that I highly recommend.

Being plus-size doesn't mean you can't be fashionable. These brands will help you achieve your style without harming nature. Don't be shy to flaunt all your curves. You are beautiful!

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  1. Sheila says:

    Igigi looks amazing, but their fabrics appear to all be polyester…and dry clean only. While they treat their people well, and make-to-order, their fabric choices are less than sustainable.

    • I completely understand where you are coming from, and agree on the fabric choices. However, we added this company to the list because of their commitment to a socially responsible business model – something many brands are lacking (many of those with sustainable and natural materials). Hopefully one of the other amazing brands caught your eye and you found a favorite with a socially responsible business model and natural fibers!

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