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20 of the Best Eco-Friendly Toys That Children Will Love in 2021


November 18, 2021

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eco friendly gifts for kids

Let’s face it. So many holiday gifts for kids end up broken, in the bottom of a toy chest, or in the garbage and landfills- either they were a bust or simply outgrown too fast. The plastic packaging alone can make one’s head spin. Eco-friendly toys & presents (whether secondhand or new) are a great way to avoid this.

Are you ready to give a more sustainable gift this year? We’ve created a sustainable gift guide with our favorite eco-friendly toys for your favorite kids that is sure to please everyone (kids, parents, and the earth). So whether you are shopping for your own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or friends, purchasing off of this list is a way to make a difference. Each gift treats the planet and the toymakers with love and respect, embodying the true holiday spirit.

In order to create a list of Eco-Friendly Toys for kids, we had to ask a few important questions…

  • What is the toy made of? It must be easy on the planet.
  • Who made the toy? They must be fairly compensated for their work.
  • Is the gift engaging and thought provoking? Not just bells and whistles.
  • Is this gift something they can use for years? It should be loved for years and potentially passed down.

A sustainable gift will meet all of these expectations. Luckily, our team is here and we are more than happy to build these gift guides to support the amazing eco-friendly toy makers doing the work.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through our links we may earn a small commission – at no additional cost to you – that helps to fund Sustainably Kind Living. Thank you for your support!

Now, Our Top 20 Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids in 2021

1. Hours of Fun on a Wobble Board

wooden wobble board

This wobble board made by Bunny Hopkins Toys will keep your kids entertained for hours. It can be used to improve kids’ balance or turned upside down to use as a slide or ramp. They will think they are playing but will be improving their gross motor skills the whole time.

Price: $62.00

Ethics: Handmade from Sustainable Maple Wood Sourced in the USA, responsibly made by local artisans

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop the Wobble Board!

2. Point and Shoot with this Eco-Friendly Camera

Kids love to play ‘grown up’ with the classic camera from Waves of Grain. It is the perfect size for little hands to point and shoot throughout their daily activities. And you might just learn what your little one loves if you pay close attention. It is a plastic-free toy that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Price: $14.99

Ethics: Polished in organic coconut oil and beeswax paste

Made in USA, Ships Worldwide

Range: Made in 4 different colors of wood

Shop the camera here

3. Sustainable Gift For all Carpenters in Training

With this sustainable gift from Panda Brothers Toys, kids will learn some practical skills such as using a screwdriver and holding a key. They can safely practice removing and re-inserting the 7 different insert screws while improving their hand-eye coordination as well.

But the best part is that they will just think it’s fun!

Price: $27.99

Ethics: Handmade, Environmentally friendly natural wood

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop the carpenter set here

4. Their Very Own Choo Choo

Handmade personalized trains make a great sustainable toy and decoration. The trains made by a Dose of Pretty do just that! Adorable enough to set on a dresser or shelf, but an amazing toy with the child is ready to engage. These alphabet letters encourage learning, coordination of movement, attentiveness, and memory. Children will also build fine motor skills and master the spelling of their names.

Price: $21.00+ (varies on number of letters)

Ethics: Handmade with wood, non-toxic water-based paint

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop the personalized train

5. To Add some Music to the Air

Harmonicas made by Little Raven Toys are a great sustainable gift for kids. They are perfect for on the road, music time, outdoor time, and indoor play (if you’re brave). Kids love sharing their music with their favorite people (you)!

Price: $10.75

Ethics: Handmade from wood and lightweight plastic

Ships from the USA- Worldwide

Shop the personalized harmonica here

6. Sling Shot Games (the safe way)

This sustainable toy from Handcrafted Buffalo proves to be fun for kids and adults! The slingshot is made from solid wood and the balls are felt- all of the competition, none of the pain. Whether you’re chasing loved ones around the house or engaging in a little target practice, this gift is a fan favorite.

Price: $8.50+

Ethics: Sling is Hand Crafted wood made in the USA, felt balls are made in Nepal

Range: Can choose felt ball colors

Shop the sling shot here

7. Time for Some Help in the Kitchen

Little ones almost always want to help in the kitchen but are often limited in kitchen utensils. However, Karpatenwolle has come up with a solution. They handmake this adorable (yet functional) Montessori knife for little hands to do some big work. It is made from Oak and coated with beeswax and linseed oil for an all-natural product that is able to cut some fruit, cheese, and cooked vegetables. Cooking time can now be bonding time.

Price: $34.00

Handmade with sustainable oak, beeswax, and linseed oil

Made in Europe, ships Worldwide

Shop the Montessori knife here

8. Build the Rainbow- Color by Color

Triplethe Joy Boutique created a fantastic stacking rainbow to be enjoyed by a wide range of ages. Older kids will enjoy stacking the rainbow (while unknowingly working their fine motor skills and spatial awareness), while the tiny ones can teethe away on this FDA-approved silicone. And moms can feel great about all of it. Eco-friendly toys that can be decorative and highly playful!

Price: $24+

Ethics: Handmade, FDA approved, food-grade

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop the stackable rainbow here

9. A Sustainable Gym For the Little Gymnist

Need a way to get some of that energy out on rainy or cold days? Ta-da, here is the perfect sustainable gift by Avenlur Kids for the youngsters to use up all that energy productively. This indoor gym has a mini-rock climbing wall, a swing, monkey bars, a rope ladder, a wood ladder, and a wooden slide. Good for hours of fun movement!

Price: $399.99

Ethics: Handmade Wood

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide 

Shop the indoor gym here

10. A Sustainable and Fun Way to Learn Colors

This wooden acorn sorting set by Three Sunshine Shop is one of my favorites on this sustainable gifts for kids list. The bowls and coordinating acorns are the perfect way to practice sorting and fine motor skills while learning colors. The pieces can also be used separately to engage in pretend play as well.

Price: $35.00

Ethics: Made with eco-friendly wood and non-toxic paint

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop the sorting acorns here!

11. Sustainable Gift for Future Aviators

This sustainable gift is a classic. I can not imagine any kid growing up without it. Wood Fun Wood Shop crafted a plane that is perfect for little hands to fly. Their imaginations will soar. Made from natural wood/premium pine and birchwood.

Price: $8.00+

Ethics: Made in the USA, 100% wood, ships Worldwide

Shop the wooden plane here

12. For the Kid who is Ready to Create in the Kitchen

Let’s be honest…sometimes those little people feel less than helpful in the kitchen. This sustainable gift for kids crafted by Monarch Studio Shop is a great solution. Place the toy kitchen indoors so they can let their imaginations run wild with pots and pans. Also, it’s perfect for outdoor mudpie making.

Price: $475.00

Ethics: Handmade with pine and cedarwood, plastic-free

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop the sustainable kitchen here

13. A Classic that Endures Time

These sustainable building blocks encourage children’s creativity, teach shape and size recognition while helping them to develop fine motor skills such as eye-hand coordination. When playing with friends, they encourage cooperation and teamwork.

It comes with 24 pieces in a wooden box for easy transport and cleanup. This sustainable building block set makes a wonderful gift for kids of many ages.

Price: $29.99+

Ethics: Handcrafted with organic rubber and wood

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop the wooden blocks here

14. The Avid Lego Builder needs this Sustainable Gift

A mom’s best friend. This Lego tray by Finn Ell Boutique will keep the Legos where they are supposed to be…not all over the floor. This can be helpful at home and also for car rides, long dinners out, or anytime they want to stay busy building. The personalized name on the side is optional.

Price: $45.00

Ethics: Handmade, Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop Lego Tray Here

15. For All Future Bowlers

What kids don’t love knocking things over? This sustainable bowling set by Shop Sunshine and Pine is a great gift for kids of all ages. It improves gross motor skills as well as coordination and focus. Kids will have a blast setting them up and knocking them down!

Price: $37.99

Ethics: Handmade wood and non-toxic paint

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop wooden bowling set here

16. Let There be Music

Music is a HUGE part of a child’s learning. It literally increases their brainpower. It also provides a means of self-expression when their language might still be limited. The Mila Bean Shop has created a 10 piece kit to get your little one started on their musical adventure.

Price: $74.99

Ethics: Handmade Natural Wood

Made in the USA, Ships Worldwide

Shop the music kit here

17. Dinosaurs on the Go

Free play builds the foundation for a lifetime of learning. It makes learning fun, natural, and self-driven. And these dinosaurs by Arks and Animals are the perfect addition to any toy box. It comes with 7 dinosaurs and a fiery volcano. Kids can travel to prehistoric earth with this box and a little imagination. Eco-friendly toys never looked as good!

Price: $33.00

Ethics: Handmade with hardwood, ash, walnut, cherry, and oak

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop Wooden Dinosaurs here

18. Keep them Busy for Hours with this Sustainable Gift

Ahh, the joys of a good maze. Mazes make you think, make you reason, and make you remember, and make you focus. What other toy can do all of that?

Drapela WoodWorks have crafted a maze that is quite stunning as well as easy to take along for car rides or quiet time. Great for kids and adults!

Price: $49.94

Ethics: Handmade from red oak, mineral oil, and acrylic

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop the Wooden Maze here

19. Let their Imaginations Run Wild

This eco-friendly dollhouse crafted by Decorative Wood Hobby sparks imagination right from the beginning. It comes unpainted, so the new owner can create their very own imaginative world from start to finish.

It comes with 15 pieces of furniture and promises years of imaginative role-playing (alone or with friends)!

Price: $87.20

Ethics: Handmade with wood

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop Dollhouse

20. A Gift for Hanukkah

Whether you are part of the Jewish culture or not, this soft book by Pockets of Learning is an interactive way to introduce children to Jewish holidays, faith, and culture.

Holidays include Hanukkah, Passover, Purim, Tosh Hashanah, Sabbath, Shavuot, Simchat Torah, Sukkot, Yom Kipper.

Price: $37.95

Materials: Handmade fabric, plastic-free

Made in the USA, ships Worldwide

Shop the Soft Hanukkah Book here

Did you enjoy this list of Eco-Friendly Toys for kids? Check out more below!

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