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20 of the Best Sustainable Fashion Influencers to Check Out in 2021

The question of “Are Influencers truly Influential” has officially been answered via BILLIONS of dollars in sales. Sadly, many of these sales have been for the not-so-ethical and green-washed-sustainable brands. These 20 sustainable fashion influencers are here to change that.

**Note: I can bet that the majority of folks on this “sustainable fashion influencer” list will cringe and the word “influencer”. The great thing about the sustainable niche is that our main goal is to STOP over-consumption and instead, lead you on the path to conscious-consumerism.**

What exactly IS an Influencer?

Straight from the Oxford Dictionary (cannot even believe its in there):  A person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

How Influential are Influencers?

Four in five surveyed U.S. consumers (81%) have made a purchase through clicking a link or image an influencer shared. Furthermore, 83% of men are inspired to make a purchase based on an influencer recommendation, compared to 89% of women.

So, which influencers should we trust in the Sustainable and Ethical world of fashion?

Let's jump right into our list of our favorite 20 sustainable fashion influencers!

1. Sustainably Kind Living

You bet your bottom dollar we are going to put ourselves at number one on this list – because we know EXACTLY what we stand for and why. Danielle, the founder of SKL, is the face and writer behind all of the Instagram and Facebook content. She is a U.S. Veteran, first-generation Mexican-American, fashion activist, and mother.

Danielle began her sustainable journey in the most unlikeliest way: she fell in love while traveling through Europe and moved to a little Italian village. It was in this village where she had to learn how to hang dry her clothes, cook every single meal from scratch, mend her own clothing, and shop with a very tight budget in mind.

A zero waste and sustainable lifestyle FOUND her – and she is grateful for this every single day. Over the years, she has taken this lifestyle and made it into a wonderful business. She shares how to shop secondhand, how to make your clothes last longer, which brands to trust for the best quality and lifespan, full break downs of materials and environmental impact, and she even likes to use her sense of humour to call out the fast fashion brands that need to change ASAP. You can follow her on IG here and FB here!

**Danielle here: Sara wrote the above information for me (thank you, Sara!) and I will be continuing on with the remaining 19 influencers. These are my favorites!**

2. Aja Barber

sustainable fashion influencer

A writer, stylist, activist, and consultant. Aja Barber focuses on race, intersectional feminism, and sustainable fashion. For her, intersectional feminism and sustainable fashion are correlated because when you care about anything under intersectional feminism, you should also be aware of who makes your clothes (and we agree!). Aja Barber's biggest fashion tip is to figure out your personal style and stick with it! This way you don't have to buy extra clothes that will just pile up in your closet and will not be used for years. I love her honesty, transparency, and sense of humor. Don't forget to check her website to read up on her amazing work.

3. Aditi Mayer

sustainable fashion influencer

Next on our list is Aditi Mayer. She is a sustainable fashion influencer, blogger, photojournalist, model, labor rights activist, and a frequent speaker on topics of social & environmental justice. She started her sustainable fashion advocacy in 2014 when she learned about the incident in Rana Plaza Factory. This incident opened her eyes to issues concerning the fashion industry; the unethical treatment of laborers and natural resources. Reading her blog will inspire you more and will give you further knowledge about sustainable fashion.

4. Ana Fernanda of The Second Runway

sustainable fashion influencer

Because wearing recycled materials never looked so good! Ana Fernanda Covarrubias, a Mexican fashion designer who now has a brand label in Australia, focuses on sustainable fashion and ethically made clothes. She started her fashion line in Mexico using deadstock fabrics for her gorgeous creations. I personally love her Coconut Silk dress using recycled materials.

She also initiates a program called Second Start Program where they launch empowering and enjoyable workshops for refugees. They learn mending and upcycling of clothes and some styling tips from the expert. After this learning experience, they get free clothing. Awesome right? Get to know more about Ana and purchase her gorgeous upcycled clothes here.

5. Ethically Kate

If you don't already know who Kate is, then you are in for a real treat. She is so down to Earth and has truly helped me on my own journey. Kate is from New Zealand and loves to share her favorite local/ethical/sustainable shops to help support her community and, of course, be as low-waste as possible. Her posts will always make you feel good about doing your part in the world. My favorite part about Kate is her straight-forward honesty when it comes to being a sustainable influencer – this is quite a hard job to tackle and she does it with such grace.

Oh yea, she has also been featured on TED TALK!

Kate is a chill, non-judgemental, quirky, kind, funny, and honest human being. If you are ever in need of a good laugh, head to her reels. Her and her husband make the BEST reels! Head to her full blog here.

6. Deb of Clothed In Abundance

Deb, a sustainable plus-size fashion blogger, is the woman behind Clothed in Abundance. When she was in college, she spent most of her money on fast-fashion brands, shopping 3 times a week and getting 3-10 pieces of clothing every single time. When she moved to Richland, Washington, that is where she learned about minimalism. She changed her blog name a few times until God spoke to her and she renamed her blog ‘Clothed in Abundance’.

sustainable fashion influencer

According to her, it is a balance between rekindling her love for fashion while monitoring her consumption of stuff.
Her tip on sustainable fashion? Build a capsule wardrobe. It is a wardrobe that only includes 34 pieces (not including undergarments and athleticwear) and follows the one-piece, one-out rule. Whenever you buy new clothing, you have to dispose of one from your wardrobe. You can start to build your own capsule wardrobe with what you have. She also implements a cost-per-wear formula to see if an item of clothing is worth your money!

7. Jhanneu

She believes that sustainable and low waste living can be inclusive and accessible to all. Jhanneu, a Los Angeles based sustainable fashion content creator, always aimed to make a difference in communities. She was originally from South of Chicago and graduated from Theater in Claremont McKenna College in 2016. Using her talents, she makes a difference in the world by influencing her 54K followers who want to start sustainable living. She has a wonderful feed on Instagram that focuses on low-waste living where you can get tips if you are just starting.

sustainable fashion influencer

On one of her blogs, she wrote some tips on sustainable fashion. She mentioned supporting brands that insert efforts to produce sustainable clothes and are ethically made. Think of quality over quantity, buy clothes that will last longer, and promise to wear them more than 30 times. In this way, we can reduce carbon footprints from manufacturing clothes.

8. Conscious Style

This brilliant and truly educational-driven Instagram page (and Blog!) was created by the beautiful Elizabeth Joy. I have been following Elizabeth for quite some time and it has been wonderful to see how much she has grown and progressed as a sustainable fashion influencer. You will not see any typical influencer work on her page anymore – just a never-ending scroll of informational posts to help influence you to become a much more conscious consumer. I cannot tell you how refreshing and helpful this has been to the sustainable community.

Head to Elizabeth's instagram to learn all about sustainable fashion via helpful images and carousel posts to make learning super easy!

9. Holly of Holly Rose Eco

sustainable fashion influencer

Next is a writer who is an advocate of regenerative sustainability. She is a Canadian writer, living in Paris and also a big supporter of local farmers. Holly Rose aims to restore the earth and its communities. Reading her blogs, I realized that there is still a lot to learn about sustainable fashion like regenerative fashion where the textiles used in producing clothing are from regenerative farming. This kind of useful piece of information can be found on Holly's blog and IG. Highly recommended!

10. Natalie of Styled Under 25

Natalie was born in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. At 16 she and her family moved to the US. Her fashion style is feminine, elegant, and at times luxurious but she LOVES her thrifted finds. Usually, she hauls second-hand clothes, shoes, and accessories and sells them again on Poshmark, eBay, and other selling platforms. Before the lockdown, she was diagnosed with Lupus, a lifelong illness and we are sending her all of our love and strength on the daily. Thanks to modern medicine and plants, most of the days she is well enough to share amazing video and content with her community and shine her light to the world. Just adore her.

11. Natalie of Sustainably Chic

sustainable fashion influencer

Another one on our list is Natalie, a 30yr old sustainable fashion blogger who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. She loves fashion and has an advanced background concerning it. But she didn't want to be in this industry without contributing a change to how the fashion industry runs, that's why she founded Sustainably Chic. It is your virtual haven for sustainable fashion, green beauty, and eco-lifestyle. This blog is her outlet for her to voice out about a topic she dearly loves – sustainable fashion.!

12. Marielle Elizabeth

sustainable fashion influencer

Looking for a sustainable fashion influencer that fights for size-inclusivity? Marielle Elizabeth got hooked on slow fashion when she was in University. She found an amazing “Made in Canada” boutique with clothing that never went out of style or season (think capsule wardrobe). This shop opened her eyes to conscious consumerism and also had her asking the big question “Who made my clothes and under what working conditions?”. When she was sized out of ethical clothing brands, she began to reach out to designers to make bigger sizes and shared her experience as a plus-size person who loves sustainable fashion.

As stated by her, you can start living sustainably by using what you have, wear what you own, and reduce consumption. Read more of her amazing content here.

13. Corina of Kissen Und Karma

sustainable fashion influencer

Looking for a German speaking sustainable fashion influencer? Corina, the woman behind the blog Kissen & Karma, gives us inspiration for a gorgeous home and also with sustainable fashion. She started living sustainably in 2015 when she realized the unethical way the laborers are treated in manufacturing companies. She also learned about the textile company in Bangladesh that collapsed and killed thousands of workers. Because of her love for sustainable fashion, she designed a sustainable underwear label Coco Malou. For her, every act of purchase is a decision, we have to be responsible for buying. Just like Emma Watson said, “As consumers, we have so much power to change the world just by being careful in what we buy”

14. Lauren of Trash is For Tossers

sustainable fashion influencer

Remember “the girl with the trash jar”? She went viral when she fitted her one year's worth of trash inside a 16oz jar. Amazing right? Her name is Lauren Singer, she is the founder of Trash is for Tosser which started as a personal blog concerning her journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle. Lauren is also the founder of package-free shop. She believed that fashion and sustainability can exist side by side. Just like other sustainable bloggers, she urges you to use what you have and take care of them. In that way, you will consume less.

15. Tyler Chanel of Thrifts and Tangles

sustainable influencer

Tyler Chanel's Thrifts and Tangles is a wonderful account to follow for everything sustainability, natural hair, and thrift finds. There is nothing more that I love in an IG account than second-hand love in the sustainable niche. Tyler shows up every single day for her community to inspire us to choose better and to make it last. She is also the co-creator of the Orange Collab podcast which helps female BIPOC entrepreneurs uplevel their business. I personally purchased Tyler's Influencer Rate Calculator to create the rates for SKL and I could not be more grateful. Tyler, quite literally, saved our business.

16. Heidi of The Rogue Essentials

sustainable fashion influencer

I'm pretty embarrassed to say that I just found Heidi's page about a month ago and I was SHOCKED that I hadn't heard of it sooner. Her work is GOLD (and hilarious – the perfect mix). Heidi loves to shake up the sustainable fashion world by asking uncomfortable questions and sharing the honest-to-sally truth. I have learned so much from her in such a short time and the knowledge has been invaluable. She is just a gem and a great sustainable fashion influencer to follow. Heidi's site is under construction but you can check out her Patreon here!

16. Olivia of The Simply Liv

sustainable fashion influencer

Liv, short for Olivia, is a passionate blogger and advocate of sustainable fashion, coffee, and simplicity. She inspires women who are too busy but also have big dreams. She creates simple, sustainable steps to get where you want to be. Her journey to sustainable fashion began when she simplified her wardrobe. Liv first learned about capsule wardrobes, and then over time she learned about slow fashion, ethically made clothing, and sustainable fashion. She researched about it and became more interested and became well-informed about the brands, bloggers, fashion designers, and entrepreneurs that support this advocacy. As a mother, she shares her knowledge regarding ethical brands to other mamas and started Slow Fashion For Moms. Learn more on her blog!

18. Immy of Sustainably Vegan

One of our favorites is Imogen Lucas or Immy as they call her. She is the woman behind the amazing videos of Sustainably Vegan where she discusses low impact lifestyle: sustainable fashion, minimalism, climate change, and recipes to help you live sustainably. Because of her passion for living a sustainable life, she also created the Low Impact Movement to inspire people in living zero-waste. Immy was born and raised in London, UK, studied at the University of Sussex, and spent her third year abroad at the University of Michigan. Immy also has a patreon if you wish to support her!

19. Emily of The Honest Consumer

sustainable influencer

Emily got her start as a college student who wanted to have a trustworthy avenue for people to find products with an impact. She started Honest Consumer during her time in college and has been sharing amazing ways to live a more sustainable life ever since! In 2018 she launched a boutique called Give a Damn Goods. They started selling sustainably printed T-shirts that are printed by a local printing shop in Seattle. Their tees give back to Haiti through their social enterprise partner. So next time you want a new shirt, give a damn about where to buy it!

20. Margot Guilbert

sustainable influencer

Margot Guilbert is a French sustainable fashion influencer and digital creator who has been living an eco-conscious lifestyle for 5 years now. She aims to inspire others to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle while respecting people and nature in style. Guilbert is a co-founder of and we really enjoy all of the amazing content found there for her French speaking followers! You can also be inspired by her eco-responsible outfits posted on her website and IG.

And that's a wrap! There are so many amazing new and old sustainable fashion influencers to follow and love. If you have a favourite, please drop them in the comments!

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  1. Angelika says:

    This is such a great list of influencers who support ethically made clothing! It’s refreshing to know that people are starting to turn away from fast fashion!

    • Ah yes, thank goodness! Hopefully, one day soon, we can be rid of the fast consumerism idea and move to a much more sustainable way of life than supports all human beings equally!

  2. This is very interesting. I just wish there were influencers who are a little older.

  3. Krista says:

    I love learning about new sustainable fashion brands, and these influencers look like great reference points! I’ll definitely go and check some of them out now!

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