21 Sustainable Holiday Gifts That Mom Will Love in 2021 and Beyond!

Danielle Alvarado

November 9, 2021

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Sustainable Holiday Gifts
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sustainable gifts for mom
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Moms. Biologically we all have one, but who plays that role in our lives now can look very different from person to person. Whether you’re searching for the perfect sustainable holiday gift for someone who raised you or for someone who has stepped into that loving mom role at this phase of your life, or even a loved one venturing newly into motherhood, we know the importance of showing you care.

To show that you care, you do not need to spend a fortune or buy a truckload of items for the mom in your life. To that point, what my mother wants most is time together. Her perfect gift is spending a day enjoying each other’s company, maybe over a mani/pedi as my treat, followed by a coffee and long walk talking about our dreams- a nearly zero-waste and very sustainably-minded gift that truly brings joy to my mother.

With that, we know that each mom and situation is different. To help in your searching our team hunted for 21 of the best sustainable holiday gifts for mom – we just know you are going to love what we found! Our guide is bursting with high-quality goodies, ideas, and suggestions that would delight any mom.

Shopping for eco-friendly and sustainable gifts for mom shouldn’t be difficult, but to be a conscious consumer we need to keep asking the hard questions, even when we don’t love all the answers. Let us take a look at how we research before we make these lists.

In order to create a list of sustainable holiday gifts for Mom, we had to ask a few important questions…

  • What materials is the gift made of?
  • Who made the product and are they paid fairly and treated respectfully?
  • What kind of business model does this business have: Linear or Circular?
  • Is this gift something that Mom can use for many years to come? Is there possibly for a repair service?

A sustainable vegan gift will answer all of these questions with straight and clear answers. When the answer is too hard to find, it usually means there is some (or a lot of) greenwashing going on. Luckily, our team is here and we are more than happy to build these gift guides to support the amazing brands doing the work.

Largesse, a partner who we adore, kindly sponsored this post. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through our links we may earn a small commission – at no additional cost to you – that helps to fund Sustainably Kind Living. Thank you for your support!

Now, Our Top 21 Sustainable Holiday Gifts for Mom in 2021

1. A Tote Bag for all of Mom’s Magical Things

ZAAF Leather tote
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ZAAF is a woman-founded company focused on creating economic empowerment for African artisans using locally sourced leather. This highly versatile and timeless tote will hold all the magical items that the mom in your life carries- just like Mary Poppins- making it a great sustainable holiday gift for mom.

This sustainable tote, along with many other thoughtful and eco-friendly beauties, is sold on the Largesse website whose sole purpose is to facilitate a global marketplace and fair wages for skilled craftspeople. They are a one-stop-shop for the best eco gifts on the market. “Meaningful gifts, ethically sourced, to bring you joy”.

Price: $230

Ethics: Handcrafted in Ethiopia, Woman-Owned business, local materials

Size: 12″H x 18″W x 6″D

Shop the handcrafted tote through Largesse here!

“…you have the opportunity to select goods that are aligned to your values–ones that are economically and environmentally sustainable. So that your dollars go to building the world as you want to see it. And you can be proud of the items you surround yourself with…”


2. For the Mom Who Loves Her Coffee

One Village Coffee
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One Village is a woman-fun specialty coffee roaster whose focus is not only on making the best coffee beans but actually making a connection through the whole supply chain from the growers, roasters to the coffee drinkers. It is clear that their amazing coffee isn’t their only focus, as a Certified B Corporation they highly value their people and the environment.

One Village offers a variety of coffee subscriptions (along with the single bag and bulk buying options). Giving the monthly subscription as a holiday gift to mom ensures that mom will never be without a cup of pure joy when she needs it.

Price: $14-$15/month for 12oz bag/month

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, Organic Farming practices

Range: Offers light to dark organic roasts based on preference

Shop the exeptional coffee here

3. Organic Robe for the Mom Who Loves to be Cozy

Coyuchi Organic robe
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This Organic Waffle Robe is such an amazing sustainable holiday gift for mom. While some might think that giving of the robe is too generic, it sends the message that you want them to be wrapped cozy and warm. With this organic cotton robe from Coyuchi, they can be cozy free of chemicals and toxins.

Price: $98-$128

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Ethics: GOTS Cotton, Water Reduction initiatives in the supply chain, Fair Trade Certified

Size Range: XS-XL

Shop the organic robe here

4. For the Mom Who Loves a Sparkling House but Hates to Clean

Cleaning crew
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There are a few things that spark joy for me like a perfectly clean house, especially when I don’t have to be the one to clean it! Why no plan to have a cleaning crew come to mom’s house and give it a solid once over, leaving her some extra time to do the things she wants while enjoying the spotless home.

(Not implying that Moms are the only people who clean- regardless of who cleans what in our house, this would be a gift to bring joy to both me and my husband).

Price: Varies based on location and time

Ethics: Look for a company that uses eco-friendly cleaning products, or one where you could provide. Look at a company’s webpage reporting fair treatment of employees, or look for referrals from neighbors for a local individual.

Range: Most services are based on time and the number of people requested.

5. For the Minimalist Mom

Recycled Minimalist Necklace
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Sara Patino Jewelry is a modern jeweler who makes sustainable timeless pieces. The Curved Bar Recycled Necklace is not only a delicate masterpiece but is ethically and sustainably made from recycled post-consumer metals and responsibly sourced gemstones. This necklace would make a great gift for the mom who appreciates simple and stylish eco-friendly pieces, long-term addition to her jewelry collection.

Price: $92

Ethics: Safe & Fair Labor Standards, Made in the USA, Recycled post-consumer metals and responsibly sourced gemstones, Hand Crafted

Materials: 14K Gold Filled

Shop the recycled necklace here

**Shop the matching ring here

6. For the Mom Who Loves to Cook

Finex cast iron
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A good pan can make or break your cooking experience and for the mom in your life who loves to cook, this modern cast iron pan makes the best holiday gift. I was lucky enough to receive the 12-inch skillet with lid as a wedding gift. First hand, this lives up to ALL the hype. FINEX has officially made the most beautiful and functional pan. They are pre-seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil to provide a fantastic non-stick and beautiful surface. Bonus that the 100% cast iron skilled has eliminated my fear of toxins from my cookware.

Price: $125-$275

Ethics: Hand Crafted in the USA, 100% Carbon Neutral, 1% for the Planet Member

Location: Portland, OR, US Shipping Only

Range: Multiple Sizes with and without lids

Shop the cast iron skillets here

7. For the active Mom

Eco Friendly Merino Wool Shirt
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Patagonia is a long-time advocate for the environment, advocating for improved protections and utilization of resources. Patagonia’s Women’s Long-sleeved Capilene Cool Merino Shirt is the perfect addition to the active mom’s wardrobe. The merino technical top helps to regulate body temps while on the move- a perfect holiday gift for the active mom.

Price: $69

Ethics: All of the virgin wool Patagonia sources are certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, Recycled materials.

Materials: Blend of 65% RWS-certified merino wool and 35% recycled polyester.

Size Range: Women’s XS-XL

Shop the Cool Merino shirt here

*Patagonia has a GREAT second-hand shop and offers to buy back any of their products to help promote a circular economy. If you’re interested in shopping for pre-loved items shop here

8. For the Plant Loving Mom

Plant Hangers eco friendly
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KORISSA is known for its collection of high-quality, timeless home decor that is socially and environmentally responsible. Artisana in Bangladesh uses heritage crafting that has been passed down for generations to produce this jute Fiora Plant Hanger set. As gifts go, a mom who loves her plants would be thrilled to display them with these hand-crafted hangers.

Price: $55 – set of 2

Ethics: 100% Carbon Neutral, 1% for the Planet Member, Natural and Eco-Friendly Materials

Material: Braided Jute

Shop the plant hanging set here

*Shop the pictured Amari Loop baskets here

9. For the Yogi at Heart Mom

Cork Yoga-Mat
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The Blossom Cork Yoga Mat 4.5 from Scoria is a thoughtful gift for the mom who is either an avid yogi or aspiring. Scoria yoga mats are made of anti-microbial and sustainably harvested cork with a natural rubber backing. If you’re looking to take this to the next level, gift a few classes to your mom for you two to enjoy together.

Price: $102

Materials: Made with naturally anti-microbial cork, Backed by natural tree rubber unlike other mats with synthetic TPE/PVC, Carrying strap: 50% polyester, 50% organic cotton

Ethics: Ethically and Sustainable materials, Giveback: for every mat sold, with every purchase Socia supports life skills education for Indigenous youth in partnership with Right to Play 

Shop the sustinable yoga mat here

10. For the Mom Who Needs A Good Soak

Lavender bath salt soak
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There are no words to express the level of stress that moms deal with. Three Sisters Apothecary gets it and they use the art of alchemy to craft this potent combination of aromatic lavender and chamomile into a luxurious bath salt soak. This family-owned business crafts all its products locally in California with only natural ingredients. This sustainable gift is a must for any mom in your life.

Price: $9.75

Ethics: Made in the USA, Family owned business, sustainably packaged.

Shop the Bath Soak through Largesse here!

11. For the Mom who worksout at home

Daily Burn
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Gifts don’t always have to be ‘things’. Looking at what Mom really enjoys will help guide what would make her happiest. For the mom who doesn’t enjoy gyms, or is always on the go, a subscription to a workout streaming service is a great idea. DailyBurn is a streaming service with a repository of various yoga, running, and HIIT classes that can be done from the comfort of home when it works into Mom’s schedule.

Price: $14.95-$19.95/month

Ethics: Experience for health/wellbeing, Zero Waste

Shop the streaming workout subscription here

12. For the Mom who needs some encouragement to lounge

Tentree lounge set
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What is better than having a cozy set of loungewear to relax in at the end of a long day (during the past two years, any time of the day!)? Tentree agrees and has created stylish, cozy, and sustainable loungewear that every mom I know would be thrilled to receive. Made with recycled polyester and Tencel, Tentree’s waffle set is a favorite (who doesn’t want waffles any time of the day?)!

Sold as separates it allows the gifter to mix and match patterns/colors/sizes for the perfect lounge set for mom.

Price: $58-$78

Ethics: Eco- Friendly materials including organic cotton, Renewable energy in production, Fair and Sustainable labor practices.

Size Range: XS-XL

Shop the eco friendly loungewear here

13. A Gift for the Nursing Mom

Organic Nipple Cream
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Let’s face it, everyone’s breastfeeding experience is different but for a lot of mommas, it can be a real challenge and often painful in the first few weeks. BabyNest Boutiques has a line of all-natural, organic nipple cream to help prepare, heal and protect momma’s skin- I am sure a nursing mom would thank you for this gift.

Price: $15

Ethics: Handcrafted in batches in the USA, Organic and all-natural ingredients, Woman-owned business.

Shop the organic nipple cream here

14. For the Mom that loves her fur babies

Pet Prints
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Love is not a limited resource, and for that reason, there are many moms with both human and fur babies- I have a friend who claims to love her dog more than her daughter because he doesn’t talk back or refuse his dinner. With all joking aside, Emma and The Bean is a small Esty shop making custom prints with water-based inks for pet owners. This unique custom holiday gift for mom is sure to put a smile on her face.

Price: $25-$79 based on size and frame

Ethics: Handmade in the USA, Esty is powered by 100% renewable electricity

Shop Custom Pet Prints Here

15. For the Expecting Moms

Eco Friendly nursing dress
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Throughout pregnancy a woman’s body changes a lot and having something that feels comfortable and fashionable is key. Dwell and Slumber’s Swing dress is just that! This dress is one that will transition from bump to baby to nursing. Dwell and Slumber’s products are all made in the USA with ethical production – something to keep moms happy at all stages of motherhood.

Price: $60

Ethics: Ethical Production Standards maintained, Made in the USA

Size Range: S-XXL

Shop the bump to baby dress here

16. For the Practical Moms

Eco Friendly boot
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Nisolo prides itself on delivering an effortless style that’s rooted in versatility, comfort, and quality. That creates the perfect brand the practical mom. The Everyday Chelsea Boot is handcrafted with recovered leather to make a sleek, timeless boot for the mom looking for a durable, wear everyday addition to their wardrobe. The practical mom will be thrilled to receive a pair of these sustainable boots as a gift this holiday season.

Price: $200

Ethics: Fair and Ethical treatment of artisan makers, Upcycling Leather from the meat industry, 95% of the leather used in Nisolo’s shoes are Leather Working Group certified and come from tanneries committed to diverting waste from landfills, treating their wastewater, and ensuring any chemicals are disposed of responsibly

Size Range: Women’s 5-11

Shop the leather boots here

17. For the Zero Waste Mom

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For the mom that is focused on Zero Waste, Audiobooks are a great option. This opens up opportunities to listen to a huge selection of books on demand that they might not have access to at their library or through a book exchange.

Price: Starting at $7.95/month

Ethics: Zero-Waste

Shop Audible Subscriptions here

18. For the Moms who Love Their Leggings

Girlfriend collective
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Girlfriend Collective is a favorite for many reasons- their mission for sustainability along with inclusive sizing has created a cult following. The Compressive High Rise Leggings are a cult favorite – great for high-impact activities like running, and hot yoga and comfortable enough for a Saturday afternoon on the couch. Thus making them a top gift for the mom who enjoys leggings.

Price: $78

Ethics: Made from 25 recycled post-consumer bottles that would otherwise be wasted! It also prevents 18.61 pounds of CO2 emissions and saves 3.11 gallons of water compared to typical alternatives

Shop the cult favorite leggings here

19. For the Mom who is a life long learner

Gift Card Eco Friendly
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A contributing factor in a fulfilling life is continuing to learn and grow. This presents the perfect thoughtful gift, classes to development/hobbies that mom enjoys. Perhaps mom loves to paint but never takes the time- finding a local painting class to attend is a start. Maybe mom would love to learn rock climbing, give her a gift certificate to the local climbing gym. Lastly, maybe mom has always wanted to learn piano or Spanish but hasn’t taken the steps to act- why not give a new experience to Mom. This sustainable holiday gift for mom will at minimum create new memories to share.

Price: Varies based on activity/experience

Ethics: Likely zero/minimal waste based on activity- but choosing something eco-friendly and sustainable is very doable!

Create a Free Sustom Gift Card here if needed

20. A Gift for the Mom Who Values Skin Care

Eco Friendly Skin Care
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Mom would be pleased to know that Earth Harbor’s Glow On Skincare set is created free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. This kit contains everything Mom needs for a perfect skincare routine making it a great holiday gift for mom in 2021.

Price: $48.99

Materials: Crafted with renewable energy, Handmade in small batches, vegan, and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free

Shop the toxin free skin care here

21. A Timeless Bracelet for any Mom

hesmarieH Paperclip Recycled Bracelet
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At hesmarieH®, social responsibility is an essential part of their business. All their collections are crafted in the USA using 100% recycled gold and silver. The thoughtfully designed Fine Paperclip Chain Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold is a piece that Mom will wear every day of the week for any occasion. This bracelet is available on the Largesse website, along with many other gorgeous sustainable items that would make great sustainable holiday gifts for mom!

Price: $300

Ethics: SCS-certified 100% recycled gold, Made in the USA, 10% of all proceeds go to our charity in Guatemala, Made in the USA.

Materials: SCS-Certified 100% recycled gold. hesmarieH uses only SCS-Certified gold and silver and source all their diamonds and gemstones responsibly

Shop the bracelet through Largesse here!

Did you enjoy this sustainable holiday gift guide for mom? Looking for more sustainable holiday content?

Sustainable Holiday Gifts
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  1. Kaybee Lives says:

    This is a great list! I am working on making my life more eco friendly and sustainable and these are a few great things I can add to my life. I love the yoga pants and yoga mat! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Evie says:

    So many wonderful gifts I would love on your list. You provide just the right information and have perfectly matched gifts to mom interests.

    • Denice Anderson says:

      Thank you Evie for the kind words. We spent a lot of time curating this list and really happy with all the sustainable options on it!

  3. Julianne says:

    Such a great post! Out of everyone on my list I always find my mom the hardest to buy for. I love that pet painting idea so much! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    • Denice Anderson says:

      The pet photo gift idea is great- I am hoping my husband picks up on this one! 🙂 Happy that this is helpful for you!

  4. Natascha says:

    Such great gift ideas!!! thank you so much, this gave me lots of inspiration

    • Denice Anderson says:

      Wonderful to hear!! Lots of great gifts on this list but also check out our eBook- there are a ton more ideas for DIY and PreLoved gifts as well!

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