An Epic Mother’s Day Gift Guide: DIY, Handmade & Thoughtful

Danielle Alvarado

April 18, 2021

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mothers day gifts
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Are you looking for a mindful, thoughtful, and sustainable gifts for your mother this mother’s day? You have come to the right place! Our team has searched far and wide for the most thoughtful and loving gifts to honor your mom (at any time of year).

Mother's Day Gifts
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In today’s world, consumerism is pushed on us left and right. Most especially during any holiday season – including Mother’s Day. But don’t let the big brands fool you – the most thoughtful gifts come from the heart and can be made with zero plastic, zero packaging, and zero future in a landfill. Woohoo!

We are going to jump right into the conscious gifting fun here and hopefully one of these resonates with you or inspires something new and creative to come from your heart!

Homemade Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

mothers day gifts
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Homemade gifts are my favorite gifts, but they do require some minor planning (or major planning – depending which you choose). Do not stress over this – nothing needs to be perfect. Handmade gifts are so special and unique because they come from *you*. 

  • Handwritten note of love and appreciation.
  • “A little box filled with compliments/why I love you notes. Tiny pieces of paper rolled up, pick one sometimes.” (Hanne)
  • “I combined all the family videos i had on my phone to make a little movie – gifted on a USB.” (Talia)
  • Coupon book for homecooked meals for mom and her favorite self-care splurge (you can offer to do it instead of paying someone else – such as nail painting or back rub).
  • A mini or major scrapbook filled with favorite events, memories, or even just a solo event. I love the good ol’ ones made from hand – with tape and handwritten captions!
  • A handpicked bouquet of wild flowers
  • Homemade honey balm to sooth her skin
  • “Your old favorite childhood books, that she read to you when you were little, filled in with notes of love” – Anne Loran

Gifts of Service for Mom on Mother's Day

mothers day gifts
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Gifts of service are gifts that are not so common anymore in today’s world, and that’s a real shame. Take a look at some great gifts of service ideas for mom this Mother’s Day and maybe one will resonate with you!

  • Give mom a nice foot soak and foot rub while singing favorite songs or listening to a favorite podcast together
  • “A mom and me day! No grandkids, no work calls, just long talks, walks and drinks.” (Vera)
  • “Make moms favorite bread, dessert or meal….homemade candle or body butter.” (Mandy)
  • “Does a weekend away/weekend off coupon count? I stayed at a local inn last year = wonderful!” (Katie)
  • Cook mom a full day of meals – from breakfast al the way through to dinner. Do the dishes. Refill her water. Thank her for doing all of these things for you throughout the years.
  • Find mom’s favorite book or movie of all time and take the time to read it to her (just a few chapters) or watch the movie with her. Be sure to bring her favorite snacks and drink as well.
  • “My son, ever since he was 3, spent the morning making me breakfast. He also sweeps and vacuums the house and attempts to wash the dishes 🙂 ” (Mandy)

Gifts of True Abundance for Mom on Mother's Day

mothers day gifts
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I love this category and use this list often for gifting of any kind, to anyone on my list. However, Mom’s are super special and each one of these seem to have such a deeper meaning when we have Mother’s who have watered us, sung to us, and given us the tools to bloom as our authentic selves.

  • “I gifted my mom tulip bulbs. Every year when they bloom, she calls and says how lovely.” (A Thrifted Wardrobe
  • “My boys got my favorite tree, a magnolia. My daughter gave me some artwork she painted.” (Pineapples At Home)
  • Seeds to plant in mom’s garden (if mom doesn’t have one, be sure to also include small pots and a watering can for her future mini garden)
  • An indoor or outdoor plant to bring more color and life into her home
  • A favorite propogation from a beloved plant that mom has been wishing for
  • “I always love to get my mom a perennial that will come back every year. She loves it.” (Joy and Blessings)
  • Sourdough starter for all mom’s bread needs (can make this yourself or source it locally – I find a lot on marketplace)
  • If your mom loves kombucha, find her a scoby and set her up a kombucha station!
  • A recipe book filled with your family’s favorite recipes (this will take some time to gather) or a blank recipe book for mom to fill in all of her secret recipes to pass down from generation to generation
  • Think about your mom and what her greatest loves are: creating? crafting? art? baking? And search secondhand shops for quality pieces that can encourage her hobbies to make a daily appearance. For mom artists, I suggest a quality secondhand easel and chair. For mom gardeners, I suggest quality knee pads, gloves, and a sun hat.

Small Shops To Support on Mother's Day

If you’re looking for some small and sustainable  brands to support for Mother’s Day, you may love this great list of non-toxic and sustainable candles we rounded up earlier in the year!

These candles are ethical, long lasting, high quality, and super safe for Mom to use for all of those relaxing and meditative times in her life.


Looking to gift Mom a gorgeous piece of jewelry made under ethical and sustainable working conditions? Look no further than our full guide to sustainable jewelry for 2022!

From gorgeous cuffs, earrings, rings, necklaces, and studs – we have you fully covered with the most gorgeous ethical pieces on the eco market.

This post was all about intentional gifting on Mother's Day

I’m sure this wasn’t your typical Mother’s Day Gift guide – and we are proud of it! Be sure to check in with this blog post year after year – as the lists of intentional Mother’s Day gifts will only get longer and even more full from our community recommendations. 

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mothers day gifts
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mothers day gifts
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  1. Rachel says:

    There’s a lot of Mother’s Day gift guides around, but I so love and appreciate all the sustainable ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Jeannie says:

    all great list, my mom love candles since Im away I love sending her foods during mother’s day. But I think the necklace with a locket is so cute something she will like.

  3. Sandra Ans says:

    Very nice and heartwarming ideas! Thanks for it!♥
    But this year I have already prepared for my mum a warm blanket with a personalized text. As she works a lot and loves in the evening to lay in her bed and watch some good movie, a warm and nice blanket is what she needs 🙂

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