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Are you, or is someone you love, an avid lover of Nature? Then this post is just for you! Our family began a nature journal a few years back when our children had just begun their hiking adventures, and I came across Herbarium notebooks at the shops. While I have heard of Nature journals, I had yet to hear of Herbarium Notebooks (or Botanist Notebooks). We have put together 4 of our favorite notebooks to share with you.

This post is about Beautiful Herbarium Notebooks Made By Small Sustainable Shops.

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What is a Herbarium Notebook?

A Herbarium Notebook, or a Botanist Notebook, is a notebook designed to store all of your precious findings in nature. The flowers, leaves, and other small treasures that you wish to keep in your journal. These notebooks are perfect for pressing flowers and taking notes on what you have observed.

The best Herbarium Notebooks are sustainable and handmade by those with a wonderful understanding of Botany. Today, I’d like to share with you our top 4 picks for Herbarium Notebooks to take your nature journaling to the next level.

4 Gorgeous & Affordable Herbarium Notebooks for Nature Lovers

The Botanist Notebook by Arminho

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This is a very basic yet gorgeous take on the Herbarium notebook. This small, lightweight notebook is designed to keep your flowers and leaves organized and pressed with its 100% recycled paper and elastic band.

Cost: $14.50

Shop Arminho Here

Leafy Touch Botanist Notebook

Fascinating, unique patterned olive woods and the sweet-scented cedar woods that make up the covers, were leftover pieces of pruned mature branches of the tree. Each notebook is made this unique book to order

Price: $85

Shop Leafy Touch Here

La Tua Momis Handmade Herbarium

Herbarium Notebooks
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This handmade Herbarium notebook is made of recycled A5 paper and comes from a little shop in Italy. Each page is meant to hold your precious flowers or leaves in place with space for note-taking and poetry.

Price: $34.00

Shop La Tua Momis Here

Manuche Handmade Notebook

Herbarium notebook
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This is a very special and high-quality herbarium notebook that is made to order and can be customized to your color preference and needs. Emma Percy, the creator of these magical botanist notebooks, has truly created magic here. Each specimen will be safe and sound with the added tracing paper. Each page has a print at the top to write in the notes for each treasure, and Coptic binding keeps the notebook lying flat with the pages secure.

Price: $103.70

Shop Manuche Here

I hope you enjoyed this small round-up of small sustainable shops that create these amazing botanist notebooks. Happy adventuring!

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September 2, 2021

Written By:

Danielle Alvarado

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