The Best Period (or Light Leak) Panties of 2022: These Beauties Check Off All The Boxes!

Danielle Alvarado

May 13, 2021

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Are you looking for the best sustainable period panties out there? We have put together our favorites and what we love about them!

This post is about the best Period Panties on the market!

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Period panties have been my mini-obsession since making the switch 4 years ago. It’s unbelievable to me how we ever used tampons or pads when we have these magical period panties around. There are period panties for every need: Heavy leaks, light leaks, postpartum leaks, and normal day to day leakage!

There is a huge amount of plastic waste coming from menstrual products. A single menstruator can use between 5 to 15 thousand pads and tampons in their lifetime. And those tampons will only end up in the landfills as plastics. Although plastic applicators are recyclable, it is not accepted due to sanitation reasons.

Fortunately, we now have a better alternative to use. A lot of underwear companies are now introducing Period Panties! Period panties are underwear designed to soak up and hold blood/liquid. Some are like diapers which absorb menstrual blood by themselves. It is usually made in organic cotton which is really absorbent and other fabrics that can help avoid leakage. Some are even made of biodegradable layers that can decompose when their life cycle is over. Different brands offer different styles and levels of absorption. Imagine having to never use a tampon or pad ever again. No uncomfortable wet feeling and no saggy pads. Love it!

To help you decide which period panty is best for you and your budget, our SKL team has created this list. Enjoy!


“Nookees” have two elements: the panty and the pads. Unlike all of the other panties on our list, the pads and panties are separate and come together with a simple snap. This is GENIUS because you can simply change the pad (place the used pad in your panty bag) and add a new one in on the go!

The panty is made out of modal, a sustainable fiber made out of cellulose, while the pads are made of organic cotton. This amazing product can be purchased on their website and they ship worldwide from their factory in Indonesia. Their price starts at 34 Euros. You can use the panty as long as you feel comfortable with it. At the end of its life cycle, the ecosystem will welcome back its fibers. They are highly breathable; you will not feel that sweaty, wet feeling when you’re using your regular pads during your period. That is awesome, right? No discomfort on the most uncomfortable days of the month.

Another impressive thing is that every time you purchase one set of Nookees, they donate one set to woman all over the world who needs support! They usually send it to women in need in Nepal and Africa. Sharing their product is really awe-inspiring! Shop here.


Modibodi offers a wide range of products. Sustainable and reusable leak-free apparel for women, men, and teens alike. You can shop by category, style, collection, or absorbency. Their products are made of Bamboo Viscose which absorbs the liquid to keep you dry and stops bacteria so you can be odorless all day. They also use Sports Merino, a biodegradable fiber that is also anti-microbial and wicks moisture. When its life-cycle ends, it can be used as a great cleaning cloth while the Sports Merino will decompose in the soil. Modibodi has warehouses in Australia and UK. They receive orders from all around the world. Their prices vary on the style and absorbency of the apparel.

This awesome company uses compostable bags for its products as well! They have a “give a pair” program where they donate all returned, opened but sellable stocks to charities locally and globally. Their goal is to donate at least 1000 pairs every month. Now, how cool is that? Shop here.


Wake Up Kick Ass, that’s what WUKA stands for. Sounds like a badass right? WUKA is passionate about smashing taboos and innovation in sustainability and menstrual health according to their founder, Ruby. It is founded in 2017 and became the first reusable and leak-proof period wears in the UK. Because WUKA believes sustainability is not a luxury, their period wear may be the cheapest on the list. Their basic collection starts at 12 Euros. They produce their items in China with a mission, one that puts social and environmental responsibility at its heart.

Additional information about WUKA is that they are animal friendly. They are registered by the Vegan Society and approved by PETA. So when you purchase your first WUKA panties you are sure it is certified vegan and cruelty-free. Oh, what a wonderful world it would be if everything we wear is sustainable and produced cruelty-free.

Shop here!


Our next brand aims to reduce environmental impact. They created leak-proof underwear to replace tampons and pads for monthly periods. In 2013 Knix realize that something was missing from the intimate industry; Leak-free underwear. They create an entire range of body-safe and sustainable super absorbent panties and Knix leak-free underwear was born!

You must think that the panties are bulky, but because of their innovative design, their undies feel like normal undies. It has 3 layers; the First one is the Moisture-wicking honeycomb layer, the second is the super-absorbent liquid lock layer, and the Liquid-resistant outer layer. The carbon cotton fabric that they use on their products inherent bacteriostatic and anti-odor properties which are natural and safe. Their products are designed in Canada and manufactured in a socially responsible factory in China, just outside of Shanghai, Seoul, South Korea, and Italy. Knix leak-free underwear cost around $30 each. They also have it in sets so you can save some money. Shop here.

Period Aisle

The next brand receives a lot of great feedback from its customers. They use Truetex, a material that blends hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers to create an inherently wicking and absorbent material for their undies. This process doesn’t require added chemicals so it is safe for the environment. They do this amazing blending in Phnom Phen, Cambodia, and ships worldwide every day. This groundbreaking product range from $32 Thong – $46 Boxer brief. They also offer pads and cups. I just love the addition of the period boxers – revolutionary!

Period Aisle thought that it is time to be reinvented as a place of comfort, sustainability, and respect. That is why they are a certified B corporation which means they went through a rigorous assessment like measuring climate impact, vetting suppliers conscientiously, and giving back to the community any way they can. To get fantastic perks, refer a friend and get discounts. They also have a dignity program where they educate and give pads and panties to the less fortunate. A lovely way to give back to the community! Shop here.

Ruby Love

You’re gonna love this! Ruby Love offers maximum absorption, protection against leaks and stains, peace of mind, and complete discretion, so period days can be like every other day. Their products are made of 5 layers of protection which includes organic cotton for better absorption and a dri-tech mesh that prevents spills and holds pads securely in place. Amazing right?

There’s lots of reasons to love Ruby Love, and one extra reason is the swimwear! SO many options:

Ruby love starts at about $20 for the period panties. The good thing is you can earn rewards from your purchase and other tasks like liking their pages, entering your birthday, and referring a friend. You can also purchase in wholesale and avail plenty of discounts. Oh, they also ship worldwide! Shop here.

Dear Kate

Dear Kate uses plastic-free products in manufacturing their leak-free panties just like the other brands. What differs is that they do not claim that their products are “leak-proof” because they do not use any films and barriers which make their undies breathable and also prevent bacteria build-up that can cause UTI. “Leak-proof” may be an inviting word in their industry, but they prioritize safety and well-being above all else. It is made of nylon and lycra for the lining and micro-polyester and spandex for the gusset. When using their product you’ll feel soft, silky, smooth, and absolutely comfortable.

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Dear Kate is designed and manufactured in New York. The first brand in our list that is produced in the U.S. Dear Kate helps to break the stigmas around menstruation and end isolation and shame due to lack of knowledge and access to menstrual health care. They donate a pair of Dear Kates to a woman in need for every purchase worth $100. Their undies cost around $34 – $46 each depending on the style. Shop here.

Have you chosen the right one for you? Period panties may be costly but think of it as an investment. How much will it cost you to buy tampons and pads in your life during the menstrual period? Compare to the amount that you will invest in a period panty that you can use for a long time. Be conscious of what you buy. Always choose a plastic-free and sustainable one.

Xoxo – The SKL Team

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