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Eco-Style Your Mom: A Fabulously Sustainable Mother’s Day Challenge

Are you ready to celebrate Mother's Day 2021 with a super fun (and memorable!) Mother's Day Challenge? The #EcoStyleYourMom challenge is not only fun, but it also helps to promote sustainability in our closets. All you need to do is “Eco-Style” your own mama or allow your kids to “Eco-Style” you!

*This challenge can be for any mother, mother figure, grandmother, auntie, nieces, nephews, etc. I think next year I will allow my nieces and nephews to eco-style me and I would LOVE to eco-style my mother and grandmother too!

How to Partake in the Eco-Style Your Mom Challenge:

  • First, carve out about 20 minutes with your Mama Bear or kiddos to allow the styling to take place! You already have everything you need because this is a sustainable challenge – we are using what we ALREADY have!
  • The person choosing the clothing/makeup/bags/accessories has FULL say over styling. The easiest way to do this is to just allow the “stylee” to walk right into the closet and pick! My kiddos had the best time putting makeup on me during this challenge. I think I can still taste the blush in my mouth haha.
  • Post a photo or video (like the one below!) on instagram and use the hashtag #ecostyleyourmom. Get creative and make this your OWN challenge. There are just so many ways to do this and we are thrilled to see what you come up with!
  • Tag our friends at  @kindomshop@swapsociety@stylishlyshelby, and @ashleymarisaayala. They are so excited to see what we come up with!

Eco-Style Your Mom Participation Prizes!

Simply head to the KINdom #EcoStyleYourMom page here and drop your name/email! They will send you something super special for participating and helping the community to spread awareness about conscious and eco fashion.

My “Eco-Style Your Mom” Experience

To be completely honest, I was pretty uneasy about doing this experience with my identical twin toddlers haha! When Claire (the owner of KINdom) reached out to me, I quickly had visions of kids destroying my clothes and the entire scene turning into a chaotic mess. I promise I am not a pessimistic person (at ALL), but I have never asked my children to dress me before and sometimes, especially with two the same age, it can escalate quickly.

I placed my fears aside and set up a very simple (but fun) selection of clothes for them to choose from and hit “record” on my phone. They had so much fun – and so did I! Alessandro picked out the dress and the jacket, Leonardo did my full makeup (he loves makeup), and they both decided I should wear their favourite hat in the end. I learned so much about these little humans during this experience. I'm happy to say, they both got their mama's styling genes!

I really hope you all will join in on this fun event and have the best time. I think I'm going to do this with my mother the next time I see her – it would be so fun!

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