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5 LGBTQIA+ Owned Sustainable Brands that We Love to Support

LGBQTIA+ Owned sustainable brands
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Danielle Alvarado


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Sustainability and inclusivity are two important missions – and they’re best when they go hand in hand! One of the best ways to promote both is by buying from LGBTQIA+ owned sustainable brands, which put both of these values at the forefront of everything that they do. These 5 brands really impressed us!

There are many other LGBTQIA+ owned sustainable brands out there. If we’ve missed your favourite, share them with us and other readers in the comments below!

Brave Gentleman

This vegan LGBTQIA+ owned menswear brand has seen quite a lot of success in recent years. They have been featured in Vogue, Forbes and several other well-known publications. The brand has also collected a number of awards from PETA.

The footwear and outerwear are crafted from vegan materials – which have a much lower environmental impact. For much of its production – such as to substitute for wool and silk – the brand makes use of recycled materials which would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Automic Gold

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Image by Automic Gold

Automic Gold is a queer-owned, sustainable, ethical and inclusive brand producing simple minimalist jewellery from reclaimed gold. It’s the only size-inclusive jewellery brand in the world! They also offer customised jewellery, so that your pieces can be unique, like no other.

All their gold is SCS certified as 100% recycled and come from old electronics and jewellery which would otherwise be discarded. The natural diamonds they use are also always reclaimed and their white opals are ethically mined in Australia.

Beefcake Swimwear

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Image by Beefcake Swimwear

Beefcake swimwear is a small queer-female-owned brand. They feature androgynous, 20s-style one-piece swimsuits made with the environment and people working in the supply chains in mind. The swimsuits are made in the US from recycled polyester. They’re also very size-inclusive (XS to 5XL) and plan to expand their size range as the brand grows further. 

Wilde Mode

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Image by Wildemode

This small, independent, queer-owned underwear company is based in Dundee, Scotland, which used to be a big centre of garment production before fast fashion started exporting labour to developing countries. Wilde Mode wants to bring clothing production back to their local area and make it more ethical and sustainable.

Their collection is full of colourful pieces in fun prints and a variety of size-inclusive cuts – ideal if you want a pop of colour to your everyday undergarments or celebrate pride.


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Image by Homoco

HOMOCO is a queer brand creating colourful swimsuits from recycled plastic and a variety of shirts and other tops from Tencel, as well as organic cotton caps. The production line is much more sustainable with limited edition runs. No leftover garments go to waste!

As the brand itself says on the HOMOCO website: the brand name may sound ‘pretty gay’ but the clothing is made for anyone, no matter their sexual orientation.

Got any favourite LGBQTIA+ sustainable brands to recommend? Leave them in the comments!

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