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Have you been watching endless off grid living YouTube videos, searched far and wide for off grid living ideas, and even tried to figure out how to live off the grid for beginners? If yes, then you are about to jump up and down with excitement, because the Off-Grid Sustainable Living Bundle is nearly here and it has everything you need to live out your off-grid living dreams.

The Off-Grid Sustainable Living Bundle: 100+ eBooks for only $50!

The Off Grid Living Bundle contains a host of sustainable, off grid, holistic, and entrepreneurial resources, including more than 100 ebooks and courses created by our favourite sustainable writers and creators. These folks have been doing the work for years and years, and we are so excited to have this opportunity to share all of their expertise with you!

Why Is The Off-Grid Living Bundle So Cheap?

All thanks goes to the amazing creators and writers who banded together to create this amazing off-grid sustainable living bundle for their shared audience and beyond! The more the merrier in the sustainable world, am I right? This bundle is only available for short time though – nine days in total!

What Kind Of Programs Come With The Off-Grid Sustainable Living Bundle?

All buyers will have access to the Digital Tiny House Workshop & 28″ Tiny House Plans by Tiny House Expedition, Solutions to 5G by Josh Del Sol, Law for Mankind Foundations & Crypto Orientation by The Sovereigns Way, Generate Passive Income Through AirBnB Without Buying Properties (3-day Workshop) by Jorge Contreras, Panic Free Prepping by The Healthy American Peggy Hall, Skills for Growing & No Dig Gardening by Charles Dowding, and so many more! 

How Long Is The Off-Grid Sustainable Living Bundle Available For?

The Off-Grid Sustainable Living Bundle is only available for 10 days

If I purchase, how long do I have access to all of the ebooks and courses?

Once the Off-Grid Sustainable Living Bundle has been purchased and downloaded, you will have lifetime access. We purchased the vegan bundle last year and have been using it nearly everyday since – this bundle will be just as good!

Sustainable Topics Covered: 



Don’t Miss Out!
Regular Price Without The Bundle: Over $6,000
Bundle Deal: $50


Our Favourite eBooks & Courses from The Off Grid Bundle!

An Expert’s Guide to Vehicle Dwelling and Nomadic Living provides you with everything you need to know to achieve the off-grid life of your dreams! This book is over 250 pages and packed full of essential advice, information, and inspiration. This book is for everyone: those who are just looking for weekend escapes to those who are looking to go full on off grid!

Original Price: $29.99

Authors: Ben Jamin & Leah Jade (Kombi Life)

Discover what it means to be personally prepared for uncertain times ahead! You’ll hear from Peggy and prepping expert Eric DiLeo. Also, you will develop confidence and situational awareness to deal with the unexpected, and possibly save your own life! Trained professionals will deliver high-impact value, and you’ll leave with valuable know-how for the days ahead. $197.00

3. Natural Beauty

We live in a world full of so much convenience that the majority of us have completely forgotten just how capable we are with our two hands and all the natural wonders of the world. In this amazing ebook, Carly shows us how we can replace all those plastic bottles in our bathroom and shower with simple, DIY, foraged recipes that will empower us and keep us safe & healthy!

Original Price: $19.99

Author: Carly Rose Bergman

Over 60 amazingly helpful videos, by none other than Charles Dowding, to help you become the best gardener and food grower you can be!

There are lessons on saving your own seed, propagation, multi-sowing, spacing for all common vegetables, methods of harvesting and how they influence growth, watering (both when and how much), and using covers for warmth as well as pest protection!

Original Price: £95.00

Author: Charles Dowding

This ebook is so helpful for those looking for more natural (homemade) recipes for common ailments.  Fully illustrated and packed with amazing remedies for colds, pain, indigestion, sleep, and skin issues. Great for beginners and advanced alike! Create your own syrups, salves, tinctures, infusions, compresses, and so much more with ease. 

Original Price: $12.99

Author: Permacrafters

We just finished this course by Jorge Contreras, and it is worth every single moment of your time if you are looking to leave the 9-5 behind and find that financial freedom! Jorge comes from a very heartbreaking childhood where he was forced into survival mode at the age of 12 when his father passed away and his mother abandoned him. Step by step (mostly bachata steps) and dollar by dollar, he not only survived but he THRIVED. Such an inspiration and a great teacher!

Original Price: $297.00

Author: Jorge Contreras

If you’re ready to make the leap into off grid living, this book is for you. Whether or not you want to be frugal – this book is stocked full of priceless information! John goes step by step into detail about how he accomplished everything in his homestead with little to no money and it’s truly an inspiration in this day and age! Food, water, shelter, and so much more are covered in this off grid living ebook.

Original Price: $12.99

Author: John Hancock

+95 More Amazing Off Grid Living Ebooks & Programs!



Don’t Miss It!
Regular Price Without The Bundle: Over $6,000
Bundle Deal: $50


off grid living bundle
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So thrilled to share this amazing sustainable bundle with our community and I sure hope it has come in handy! Looking for more help? Check out our latest blog posts!

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March 13, 2022

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Danielle Alvarado

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