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20+ Best Sustainable Indoor Play Ideas for Kids that Actually Keep Them Busy!

eco friendly indoor play ideas for kids
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Danielle Alvarado


Got Toddlers at Home? Here is our list of Simple and Easy Indoor Activities for Toddlers!

Welcome back to the blog! Our Instagram page has been blowing up with questions and wonderful input for how we can keep our toddlers creative, inspired, imaginative, and active. With the constant shutting down of daycares and preschools around the globe, we are thrilled to share this list with our community.

I absolutely love this stage in my children’s life. They are big balls of energy and activity and soak things up like a sponge! No need for homework, tests, or any of that boring stuff. We can literally just play ALL day! Woop Woop!

So, without further blabbing, I’m just gonna get into it because my toddlers are currently destroying my house and I need to get off this computer to avoid permanent damage hehe.

Indoor Activities for Toddlers: Sensory Play

Indoor activities for toddlers
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Probably one of our all-time favorites from around 6 months of age! All you need is a low dipped bucket/container/washing basin of some sort (not too tall or it’s super uncomfortable for the little ones), a sheet to lay on the floor for all the spills (super easy clean up), the sensory choice (sand, polenta, chia seeds, water, beans, etc), tools to help them play (scoops, cups, bowls, old plastic bottles from whatever, etc), and freedom! Freedom is key here. Let them explore and imagine whatever they wish!

Some great, SIMPLE sensory ideas

  • Polenta (this is a bright yellow and kids love it)
  • Chia seeds with water and food coloring (You can choose any food color you like – or make your own with beet powder/turmeric powder!)
  • Water (Probably the cleanest option and kids always love to play with water. I like to keep water play outside)

Some fun additions

  • Old muffin tins for the kids to fill up
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Toy cars/Hidden toys in the sensory bins for them to find
  • Cookie cutters (only use the ones without the sharp edges)
  • Flowers (I love to add flowers and leaves to our bins)

Indoor Activities for Toddlers: Building

Indoor activities for toddlers
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Toddlers can build with anything. ANYTHING. My sons use their actual building blocks very rarely and instead like to build with sticks, yoga blocks, cans, old cardboard boxes that I have saved, and whatever else they can get their hands on.

I love to show them how they can tear the building down without fear or sadness and then make a really fun game out of it. Then I retreat to the corner with my book and let them go at it for a good 45 minutes haha.

Indoor Activities for Toddlers: Song and Dance

I have never met a child who does not like to sing and dance. If you have a good amount of energy, put on some fun music and dance with your kids! This is where the most magical memories are made, in my humble opinion. We absolutely sing and dance at LEAST once a day. Sometimes up to 10 times a day. It’s always a wonderful break to take after a meltdown or a sibling fight as well.

I love to sing and dance to kids’ songs. You can simply type in “Super simple songs” or just “Kid Dance Songs” into your Spotify or amazon music. The playlists are great! Try to keep the TV off for this time and just use the music to keep the kids moving and shaking!

Indoor Activities for Toddlers: Imitate Mom and Dad

Indoor activities for toddlers
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This is Martin’s favorite thing to do with the boys when he gets home! He asks the boys to come over to him and then says…..

Ok Guys, can you do…..THIS?! (and he kicks his leg or jumps up and down)

And then the boys try to copy daddy!

This goes on for 30 minutes sometimes haha and it’s hilarious.

Some fun things for imitation:

  • Honestly, any workout move. Pushups are always HILARIOUS
  • Pretend you are a bird, dog, cat, mouse, etc
  • Clapping, stomping, jumping, spinning
  • Pretend to nap and then make loud alarm songs to get up!
  • Imitate clean up. This works like a charm for littles to learn how to clean a mess of toys up.
  • Balance: Balance on one leg, balance sitting on your butt with one or two legs up, etc.
  • Numbers: Can you copy daddy jumping three times? How about four times?

Indoor Activities for Toddlers: Tape A Track

This is the one we are actually doing today! All you need is some painter’s tape and your imagination.

Simply tape a carpet or the floor with the painter’s tape to create your very own maze or race track for the little’s cars! You can make walkways, zig-zag race tracks, a simple village, or whatever else you can think of. Have fun!

Indoor Activities for Toddlers: Painting (in the tub!)

Indoor activities for toddlers
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Tape some large pieces of paper to the bathtub wall (or let them paint the tile, it’s up to you) and place the kiddos in the tub with brushes and paint! They can finger paint, face paint, or body paint….honestly it does not matter because you can easily clean them up when they are finished. Woo hoo!

I love finger paints for this activity but any will work. You can also use our favorite Stabilo crayons for this for a mixture of paint and crayons with an easy grip for the kids. Whatever you feel like!

Toddler Play at Home: Cloud Gazing

I didn’t even realize how much of a hit this was until we were under quarantine for 7 days and the boys kept laying on the balcony and staring at the clouds. It was so sweet and heartwarming. If you are stuck at home with just a balcony, try this out for sure. It’s really fun to make up characters and figures in the clouds with the littles!

Toddler Play at Home: Crayon on a string or in a box

This was a super cute idea from one of our amazing followers! Tie a string around a crayon or marker and attach it to a box. The little can then color and you won’t have to worry too much about them running to your walls and going nuts while you use the bathroom haha. Another great idea is to get a huge box and then sit your little one inside and just let them go wild with a bunch of crayons and markers!! I like to cut out little holes like windows so they can feel like they are in a house built just for them!

Toddler Play at Home: Toilet Paper Tunnels

Save all your paper rolls (from wherever) and then make fun tunnels for cars or balls! Simple tape the rolls onto the floor and make a super fun track for the kids to go wild with.

You can even color them and tape them vertically on a wall and make it a color game. Color one red, one blue and one green. Give the babes a bunch of toys/balls in those colors and have them drop the color matches down the chute into a bucket!

Toddler Play at Home: Build A Box

Take all those boxes from deliveries and create the kid’s favorite spaces!

You can make a car wash, fire station, police station, dollhouse, and whatever else your child’s heart desires! One of our followers built an amazing fire station for her little and we cannot wait to get started on our own!

Toddler Play at Home: Gardening

My children are obsessed with watering plants and the entire concept behind gardening. Each morning we water something new (even if a fake plant hahaha) and talk about vegetables and fruit. It is truly a wonderful experience and I think your little one will love it as well!

Toddler Play at Home: Cooking

Our children started to help me cook in the kitchen at just 1 year old and I could not recommend it enough! They learn so much about safety, vegetables, spices, herbs and so much more. Leo MUST help me make dinner each night – it’s not even a question anymore haha.

How my children help in the kitchen

  • They add all of my pre-measured spices into the pots for me
  • Mix all of the mixtures (hot or cold) with their large wooden spoons
  • Both kids love to peel the vegetables (carrots and potatoes are their favorites) and help me dice.
  • They collect the vegetable scraps and place them in the compost.

Toddler Play at Home: Frozen Prizes!

Another idea from our followers! So for this one, you will need to freeze items like candy, little toys, or even leaves/sticks/whatever you got. Freeze them into cubes and then place them into a bowl and give the children sea salt and water to melt them down to find the prize! Such a cute idea. Our follower told us that this gives her a solid 20 minutes of time to do her yoga :). I Love it!

Toddler Play at Home: Dress Up!

Dress up time! This was probably my favorite activity as a child; I would dress up every single day and play all sorts of imaginary games.

My mother sent over a bunch of fun dress-up outfits for the boys but you can honestly make up whatever you wish with old clothes, some markers, string, and lots of imagination! Have fun!

Toddler Play at Home: Bubbles

Indoor activities for toddlers
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I save bubbles only for emergencies haha. My arm seriously gets tired of blowing these bubbles because kids will want you to do this for hours before moving on. I keep a little bottle of bubble solution in a secret spot for when we are truly in need.

Toddler Play at Home: House Hold Chores

Watering plants, putting clothes away, folding, washing dishes, sorting, drying dishes, sweeping, mopping….you name it and kids can do it. We keep our house free of any harmful chemicals and toxins so the boys can truly help us with every single chore. They love it, we love it, and my semi-clean house is happy!

Toddler Play at Home: Bonding with Furry Friends

Staying home with children is such a treat for our furry friends. Our cat likes to sleep a lot during the day, but when he is awake he wants all of the attention. The boys help me to feed him, brush him, and play with him and they love watching as I clean his kitty litter!

That’s all for today, loves! I hope you are staying healthy and happy out there and that these tips can help you find more joy and sanity at home:).

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    This just goes to show you all the things we can do and create for our kids that are educational and fun what a wonderful post !

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