Super Simple (and QUICK!) Low-Waste Halloween Costume Ideas For 2021

Danielle Alvarado

October 4, 2021

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Halloween is a good month away (at the time of writing this post), but if you are anything like me, you will wait until the very last minute and scramble to throw something together. Whether you are preparing early or late, we have lots of ideas on how to have a much more eco-friendly Halloween with these Low-Waste Halloween Costume Ideas.

Here is a great list of super simple (and quick) low waste Halloween costumes for 2021. Have a very spooky Halloween and enjoy all those yummy treats!

p.s. Check out our full guide to recyclable Halloween candies and also our guide to non-toxic and organic Halloween candy options here.

Super Simple Low-Waste Halloween Costume Ideas

Rent a Halloween Costume

Honestly, my favorite way to do Halloween is in a rented costume. I don’t have to deal with keeping the costume in my closet or storage room (because you know I’d save it forever) and I could have fun with new costume ideas that I never would have thought of. This is a great place for Halloween costume rentals in the US. This is a great rental shop in the UK.

Secondhand Halloween Costumes

Head to your local secondhand shops and walk around. See what they got going on in there. Found a really old prom dress? Hello, Carrie! What about an old wedding dress? Hello, Bride of Frankenstein! So many fun options in secondhand shops – Charlie Chaplin is another favorite for secondhand finds. Also, see our list below for great suggestions for homemade costume ideas that you can 100% find in a secondhand shop.

Homemade Costume Ideas for a Low-Waste Halloween

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  • Baby from Dirty Dancing: All you need are some blue jean shorts, white tennis shoes, a pink tank top, and a watermelon haha! It’s adorable and so simple. This comes from
  • Annie Hall: Another great one from You will need a vest, necktie, high waisted pants, a bowler hat, and some glasses!
  • Farmer: Flannel Shirt, overalls, and maybe a stuffed animal to carry around! We have a lot of vegans in our community, so you could also be a rescue farmer! So many fun options here.
  • Bat Costume: If you have any old broken black umbrellas, you can easily turn it into wings! Paired with a black hoodie and black sweat pants. Here is a great tutorial from
  • David Bowie: Here is a great video tutorial on this epic Halloween costume from The Girls with Glasss
  • Super simple snow white: A blue shirt, yellow skirt, and red lipstick is really all you need to start an amazing take on snow white! I would absolutely use stuffed animals, curl my hair and pin it short, and add some cute shoes. Here’s a beautiful take on the Snow White idea by
  • Queen of Hearts: If you have a bright red dress, a deck of cards and some glue – you can make this work! Here’s a great tutortial on this epic costume.
  • Men in Black: Two black suits and black sunglasses is all you need to pull this costume off. Bonus points if you have an alien stuffed animal or a pug.
  • Troop of Beverly Hills: This costume (photo below) is such an amazing idea and there are so many ways to go about it. Camille of took it upon herself to create this costume by hand (amazing). You could also shop around at secondhand shops to piece this look together yourself!
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  • “Holy Guacamole!”: This is cute and super cheesy. If you have an old angel costume (with the wings and halo) from previous years – you can absolutely remake this costume. Draw out some avocados and tape them to a green shirt or dress. Voila – you are now “Holy Guacamole!”
  • 50 Shades of Grey: This is so simple but it does requre a lot of paint color samples. Head to your local paint store and grab a bunch of grey colored (different grey colors) color samples and then stick them to your shirt. You are now 50 shades of Grey!
  • Miss Universe: All you need is a fancy dress, heels, and a sash that says “Miss Universe”. You can also add a crown if you wish! This could also be bikini!
  • Arthur: Yes, the mouse with the glasses! This is such a cute costume. You need to make the ears (with a headband or hat) and pair it with glasses, a yellow sweater, white collared shirt, and jeans! Here is an adorable take on this costume by a mama and her little one.
  • Rosie the Riveter: This is another great one from (photo below). All you need is a red bandana, high waisted pants, a chambray shirt, red lipstick, and some ankle boots. This will probably be my costume this year!
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