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Sustainable Gift Guide for Dads that Love to Be Spoiled

Sustainable Gift Guide For Dads!

Today I wanted to share with you my personal sustainable gift guide for dads, father figures, or any man in your life! Whether it's your own father, a father figure, husband, boyfriend, teacher…these will all be perfect! I decided to make this list to spread some good brand awareness, share some super cool zero waste gift ideas, and highlight the need for more sustainable father gifting options.

The pickings may be slim, but sometimes that's exactly what we need. Fewer distractions, fewer “options” and just simple and great quality goods.

Let's dive into this ‘Sustainable Gift Guide For Dads' list!

Personalised Pocket Knife

My father is in love with his pocket knives and this will 100% be my next gift for dad on his birthday or Father's Day (don't worry, he never reads our blog posts haha!). I really love this idea and it's made by a small shop on Etsy! The knife has an overall length of 8.5″ and the closed length is only 4.75″ (perfect for the pocket). It has spring-assisted opening action and a 1/3 serrated blade. This pocket knife also has a fire starter, bottle opener, seat belt cutter, glass breaker, liner lock, and metal pocket clip. 

Price: $42.95

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Sustainable Dad's Pocket Knife here!

Sustainably Made Hammer Gift Set

sustainable gift guide for dad

This is such a perfect sustainable gift for any father who loves to fix up the house. This is another one that I have on my “list” for a gift for the next holiday or birthday.

The Hammer:
The handle is crafted from hickory hardwood which can almost take just as much abuse as the hardened steel head itself. This hammer is a standard hammer size – the one your father and grandad would have used.

The Gift Box:
The gift box is crafted from renewable and sustainable rubber hardwood.

Price: $60.74

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Personalized Tool Box here!

A frame that speaks so much more than words

A simply gorgeous piece that will surely make any dad smile!

The next sustainable gift is this gorgeous wooden frame that measures 8″x 8″ with a 3.5″ x 3.5″.
It has a dark walnut finish on the sides and back. The front of each frame consists of a custom design that is created, professionally printed, and applied. I love the custom creations for this frame and how we can create anything our heart desires for the ones we love.

Price: $29.95

Ships: Worldwide

Shop this frame here!

Framed Map of Your Favorite Memories!

Each mountain shows the location of your choice, made with vintage and modern map scans. This could be the various memories from your childhood, such as camping trips, holidays, first home, etc.

You can choose the number of mountains according to your needs and make this truly a one-of-a-kind piece for an unforgettable gift for anyone.

Price: $59.00

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Framed Map of Your Favorite Memories here!

The Massage Car Race Track Shirt

sustainable gift guide for dad

I'm not going to lie – I'll probably steal this shirt as soon as it arrives haha! This is like a free massage plus nap time all sorted into one very cool gift for dad. Plus, this is a great bonding time with your kids. They designed this shirt to promote creativity and to inspire and connect families. Promise everyone will love it!

**In case you do not get it: The shirt is a car track that kids will love to play on. It's like a free massage for whoever gets to wear it!

Price: $32.00

Ships: Worldwide

Shop this t-shirt here!

A REAL Sustainable Razor!

sustainable gift guide for dad

I purchased this razor for Martin many months ago but I feel like this would be the PERFECT sustainable gift for any man (or woman) who shaves!

I have personally used this razor for my own leg shaving needs as well and it's phenomenal. Martin uses this every other day for shaving his face and once in a while for his chest. He always tells me how cool he feels using such an old-school-looking razor.

I really cannot recommend it enough. All you need to do is to replace the small little razor blade inside every so often and you are set. No need to waste any more money on razors! A definitely must-have gift for dads.

Price: $25.99

Ships: Worldwide

Shop This Gorgeous Razor here!

Beard Grooming Kit

sustainable gifts for dads

I purchased this kit for my brother, who has a fabulously mountain-man-like beard, for his birthday in April and he adored it. I also sent him some lovely beard balms as well, fancy!

If you have a bearded man in your life, I highly recommend pampering him with some bearded gifts. There are just so many fun options out there!

Price: $40.99

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Beard Grooming Care Kit here!

I hope you enjoyed this Sustainable gift guide for dads, and remember, the best gift you can give anyone is love and attention.

Sometimes, all our loved ones need is for us to put the phone down, turn off the TV and give them a hug, a kiss, or even a good old back rub.

Never underestimate the value of your heart.

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