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Sustainable School Supplies on Amazon? Here’s the Full Guide for the New Year!

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Danielle Alvarado


Is it September already?! I’m sure the kids are fired up to grab those colorful notebooks, unique pens, different shaped erasers, and other supplies that they need for school. While we don’t usually focus on school supplies when it comes to sustainability, these are important everyday essentials. It’s time to normalize sustainability in our everyday lives. That is why we prepared a list of sustainable school supplies that will prep you up for the coming school year.

This guide is for our Amazon shoppers. If you wish to use Earth Hero instead (our favorite sustainable marketplace, please head to our full guide here!)

Sustainable School Supplies on Amazon Marketplace

Sprout Pencil

A pencil that you can plant when it’s too small to be used. The pencil is made of naturally harvested wood and with 100% natural clay and graphite. In addition, at the tip of this pencil, you’ll see a patented non-toxic capsule where the seeds are placed. Apart from this, this sustainable school supply has the name of the plant that will grow with that pencil engraved on its side. The original edition includes 8 pcs of pencils.

Price: $15.50

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Sprout Pencil here!

Bamboo Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Sustainable school supplies 2
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The package includes 12 pcs of retractable bamboo ballpoint pens with a 1.0mm tip. While the barrels are made with 100% renewable, natural bamboo, the buttons are made of metal. This sustainable school supply has black ink that can easily be replaced when it is used up.

Price: $13.99

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Bamboo Retractable Ballpoint Pen here!

Michael Roger Honeycomb Decomposition Book

sustainable school supply 3
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Not only is this notebook is made up of 100% post-consumer waste. But also, they used soy ink for printing. It has 80 sheets, is college ruled, and has the size of 7.5×9.9″. Moreover, this sustainable school supply is available with a different design cover.

Price: $18.99

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Decomposition Book here!

Mead Notebook

sustainable school supply 4
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This sustainable school supply is this mead notebook produced with 100% recycled fiber including 30% post-consumer waste. It also has 80 sheets that are bind with twin wire. To stay organized, it has a three-hole punched so you can store it on your sustainable binder. Not only that, the pages are perforated with the purpose that they can be torn smoothly with clean edges.

Price: $5.42

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Mead Notebook here!

Samsill Binder

sustainable school supply 5
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Next on our list of sustainable school supplies is Samsill Earth’s Choice Binders. It is made of 25% renewable plant-based plastics and 59% of the material is biobased. What’s more, is that this binder has undergone ASTMD-6866 testing. This also features 2 clear pockets on the inside of each binder for additional storage. Furthermore, they offer different sizes from 0.5″ to 5″ binders. 

Price: $15.96

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Samsill here!

Onyx and Green Three-Packed Eraser

This environmentally friendly eraser is made of recycled rubber. It comes in a pack of three. Paper sleeves are used for that easy grip. Whereas some erasers leave gray marks or don’t erase completely – this eraser works wonders.

Price: $7.99

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Onyx and Green Eraser here!

Printworks Multipurpose Paper

sustainable school supply 7
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This paper is made of 100% recycled post-consumer food, beverages, and other paper-based printed material. Each ream has 400 sheets. Also, it is compatible with laser/inkjet printers. Moreover, the size is 8.5 x 11″ and it weighs 20lbs with 92 bright white for better contrast and color reproduction. This is a sustainable school supply that you should never run out of.

Price: $11.99

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Printworks Multipurpose Paper here!

Natural Earth Paint Kit

This paint kit for kids is 100% non-toxic. When mixed with water it forms a creamy, water-based paint. They used natural earth pigment, organic corn starch, and gum arabic (tree sap) in formulating this paint. This sustainable school supply contains six colors per kit. In addition to this, it also has six biodegradable mixing cups and lids, a bamboo paintbrush, and an Earth Art booklet with tutorials. Moreover, the paint washes quickly with water.

Price: $34.95

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Natural Earth Paint Kit here!

Plus Paper Clinch Compact Staple

sustainable school supply 9
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A stapler without using staples! This sustainable school stapler fastens up to 5 sheets of paper using a unique inter folding process. Furthermore, the ergonomic design is durable and you can use it even with one hand. This paper clinch is safe for kids!

Price: $10.99

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Plus Paper Clinch Compact Staple here!

Ownless Insulated Lunch Bag

sustainable school supply 10
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This lunch bag used RPET fabric derived from recycled PET bottles. In addition, the specially designed insulated compartment is to keep food fresh. The upper part is for dry foods like fruits, bread, etc. While the lower part is a leak-proof compartment where you can place juice, water, or even an ice bag.

Price: $14.99

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Ownless Insulated Lunch Bag here!

Did you enjoy this guide to Sustainable School Supplies on Amazon Marketplace? Looking for more?

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