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Sustainable School Supplies: Simple Guide to the Best Low-Waste Options

School is just around the corner (yeeee-haw cowboy) and we are super excited to feature our favorite sustainable school supplies! Searching for sustainable school supplies is now easier than ever and we are excited to share our list with the SKL community.

When I think of school supplies, I used to think just about pens, pencils, highlighters, organizers, staplers, backpacks, and lunch boxes. But now I think of this:

Normalizing sustainable options in everyday life is a true gift for our younger generations.

When we simply normalize things like wooden pencils that you can stick into the earth after its life is over to grow herbs – we normalize a circular economy. By the way, these pencils DO exist and they are amazing. When we normalize wax wraps in our lunch boxes and cloth hankies in our pockets, we normalize a circular economy.

In the end, a circular economy is our goal, and normalizing it is a huge success.

The shops we trust

**Note: Instead of linking to amazon, we have chosen to link to sustainable marketplaces – like Earth Hero and Etsy. Think of Earth Hero as Amazon with a conscience. You can search just like amazon, know that your products are always sustainable, and grab all you need in a one-stop shop. If I could not find the item on Earth Hero, then I will link to Etsy. I am an affiliate of both of these amazing sustainable marketplaces and when you purchase from them, you help to support us here at SKL at zero cost to you.

*For any EarthHero purchases, use code SKL15 to save 15% off your purchases!

The Bare Basics of Sustainable School Supplies

Do you know what I love about this list? It's simple. It's basic. You don't need a billion options – you just need high-quality and great ones. This is your list. Enjoy.

p.s. The most sustainable option is what we ALREADY have – so if you already have something on the list, just save this post for later for when you need it!

Scissors, Staplers, Glue & Rulers

Organizers & Calendars

Lunch Time

Lunch Boxes / Bags

Tins / Containers

Sandwich & Snack Bags

Looking for more?

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