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Wildling Shoes: The Best Barefoot Shoes for The Entire Family!

wildling shoes


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Whether you are new or rather experienced in the barefoot shoe world, you may have heard about the ever sustainable and unique Wildling Shoes. Our family made the switch to Wildling barefoot shoes over 5 years ago and we could not recommend them enough!

wildling shoes

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What shoes do your children walk in? What do you walk in? Have you ever truly considered *what* you have been placing your feet into on a daily and consistent basis? Perhaps it’s time to think about giving barefoot shoes a try!

Barefoot shoes have been rising in popularity in recent years, as more of us care for our health and want to reconnect with nature. Barefoot shoes are the perfect way to do both – and they don’t always have to look the same way (you know what we’re talking about – a sporty look you’ll more likely see on a trek than in the city).

Sustainable barefoot shoes for children

Wildling Shoes is one excellent proof of that – their designs are appropriate both for pathways in nature and sidewalk in the city. The brand especially focuses on creating an ideal barefoot shoe for children, to give their feet the best conditions to develop naturally.

Our family have been wearing Wilding Shoes for over 2 years now and are completely in love!

Why barefoot shoes for kids?

Childhood is a pivotal stage for muscle development. To grow up with healthy feet, kids need to move freely as they grow, rather than being restrained. Thick soles prevent feet from getting the exercise they need and moving flexibly, as well as leading to misshapen toes and underdeveloped foot muscles.

To combat this, Wildling Shoes have developed a barefoot shoe for children, which gives feet the space to move and stretch naturally. Aside from aiding foot muscles to develop in a healthy way, this also improves balance and stability.

Wildling Shoes are shaped to mirror the shape of a healthy foot and can fit narrower as well as wider foot shapes. Thanks to the positioning of the laces, you can adjust them exactly as you need them for a snug fit.

Size variety & gender-neutral design

The Wildling Shoes barefoot shoe range includes sizes for children as well as adults. Simply follow their sizing guidelines (we printed out the form and found our size that way!) and then order. I was shocked to find out I was a size larger than normal – and for good reason. Turns out my poor feet were squishing into the wrong size for over 15 years.

All the designs are gender neutral and can be worn by anyone. The easily adjustable width thanks to strategically placed laces makes the fit perfect for both male and female feet.

“Non-animal Origin” options from Wildling Shoes for Vegans

If you’re eyeing some of the options on Wildling Shoes website, keep in mind that they do use wool for some of their products, which means that not their entire collection is vegan. This applies to most of the brand’s winter shoe designs. However, many pieces from it are and the brand has handy filters on its website, to help you sort their offer by materials.

Some of the plant-based materials they use are sustainably sourced hemp, linen, cotton and washi, which keep your feet comfortable all day. These non-animal origin options are best for warmer weather but could also be worn in the winter if it doesn’t get as cold where you live. I personally wear the Rubus corduroy barefoot shoes during the dry winters (clearly not best for snow but great for cold days) and they work beautifully.

Overall, Wilding Shoes are a great way to bring you walking back to the basics, while letting your feet breathe and giving them the space they need. If you have a child or have been thinking about giving the barefoot shoe a try yourself, the brand’s got exactly what you need.

My Personal Barefoot Shoe Collection:

And there you have it, the best barefoot shoes (in our family’s humble opinion) listed as easily as possible for you to get a feel for them. Happy barefooting!

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  1. Susanne says:

    Which shoes would you recommend for winter/snow/mud&cold conditions? In warmer times of the year we certainly also wear Wildling shoes 😀 and love them!
    Thanks for a hint!

    • Hi Susanne! For lots of snow/mud/super wet grounds in cold conditions, I’ll usually go with my will’s vegan boots. They keep me super warm and dry. I do wear my wildings year round but only when the ground is dry or just a bit wet. For the kiddos – they simply wear snow boots all winter long because they are in forest school and they just cannot play around haha. But as soon as it dries up they run right back to the wilding shoes!

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