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As a super special thanks for all the support and love throughout the years, the SKL team and 15 of our favorite sustainable & non-toxic brands have joined together to create the most epic giveaway ever!

12 Days of

Christmas Giveaway!

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Choose a cookware set of YOUR choice from one of SKL's most coveted non-toxic cookware brands​! 

They not only have the super colourful and aesthetic ceramic-coated cookware sets, but they just launched their brand new 5-ply stainless steel set that I am head over heels in love with.

P.s. and yes, each cookware set comes with an epic storage set!

Caraway: Choose a cookware set of your choice!

Gorgeous & Non-Toxic! 

Up to $850 in value!

I honestly cannot believe this is part of the giveaway, but it is! Eek!
One lucky winner will be able to pick a Plush Bedding (swoom) Luxury bliss mattress of their size and firmness level choice!

Made with certified organic and sustainable materials, including natural latex, GOTS certified wool and cotton, and premium fabric encased coils as a supportive core. 

Greenguard gold certified, Organic, fairtrade, natural, luxurious...what more could we want?!

Plush Bedding: A luxury bliss mattress of your choice!

Organic Mattress!

Up to $3,590 in value!

If you know me, you know that my house has been graced with Click and Grow gardens for years now. I am thrilled to have one of you win their epic Smart Garden 9 (in your color choice!) to grow your own herbs, salads, fruits and veggies!

The set up is super simple, the lights are super energy efficient, and the very act of gardening during the winter time helps me SO much with the winter season weather funk I get into. Hope it helps you too!

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

Grow Your Own!

Grow Your Own Food!

I actually visited Liz's studio the last time I was in Chicago, and it was so unbelievably special. I receive ENDLESS compliments when I wear one of her pieces!

Liz is gifting away one of her stunning Southport Overcoats in Black. Discover the epitome of American-made elegance with this classic black wool coat.

This timeless knee-length coat is not only stylish but also provides exceptional warmth. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it features a fully lined body and sleeves, in a contrasting stripe lining.

The Checkroom: $895 Women's Black Overcoat

Sustainable & Luxurious

​Activist Skincare​ has been part of my skincare routine for years now and for good reason.

It's powerful, simple, and refillable.

What else could we want? They have offered our SKL community a whopping $500 USD gift card!

Activist Skincare: $500 USD Giftcard

Refillable & Clean

My Green Mattress is one of our top organic bedding brands on SKL, and for good reason!

Their mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows are all made of the highest-quality non-toxic materials - with all our favorite safety certifications to boot.

They were kind enough to bundle up an amazing prize of an organic latex mattress topper (of your size choice!) plus two of their amazing charcoal infused organic pillows. Eeeek. So good!

My Green Mattress: Organic Latex Topper + 2 Organic Pillows

Sleep Safe. Sleep Cozy!

​The first time I popped over to the Astor & Orion website, my mouth dropped. There is something so unbelievably special and unique about their ethical jewelry pieces​. 

They are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen! Astor & Orion was so kind to gift our community a gift card worth $250 USD!

Astor & Orion: $250 USD Giftcard!

EThical Jewelry

360 cookware has been my go-to stainless steel cookware brand for years now - and this slow cooker will benefit ANY kitchen!

Dinner only takes a single pot with their stainless steel Slow Cooker set that will quickly become your “little oven.” It's the perfect size for cooking poultry, meats and vegetables and it’s sure to become your favorite dinner prep piece.

Thanks to its stainless steel construction - it offers even heat distribution, locking in flavor and nutrients while speeding up cooking times!

360 Cookware: Stainless Steel Slow Cooker!

Dinner is served!

Worth over $400 USD

Talk about literally swooning over a brand and their amazing high-quality and super fashionable pieces - from sustainable and ethical shoes to all the accessories that you could dream of like handbags, backpacks, belts, and more.

They have been SO kind as to give our SKL community a $350 USD gift card!

Poppy Barley: $350 USD Giftcard

Ethical shoes &

I was first introduced to Hernest Project by our very own community, and I am thrilled to not only call them one of our favorite ​sustainable fashion brands​ (going up to a ​4XL​) but also a friend. 

I have loved getting to know the owner of this amazing brand and get to know, on a much deeper level, just how much she cares about her community. Cass was kind enough to give our community a gift card worth $300 USD!

Hernest Project: $300 USD Giftcard

Susty Loungewear!

Plaine Products was one of the VERY first sustainable brands that I ever worked with!

Their refillable ​shampoo​ and conditioner has graced my shower for years - and I am just in love with all their new refillable launches, such as body oil, deep conditioner and more! 

We are gifting away an amazing $250 USD gift card to stock up an all their goodies!

Plaine Products: $250 USD Giftcard

Refillable Bathroom

Passion Lilie has been one of our favorite sustainable fashion brands since started sharing and writing about it years ago!

Their stunning prints, colors, ethics, and commitment to their community has been astounding. From gorgeous dresses to super cozy outerwear - you will surely find something to cherish for years and years to come!

Passion Lilie: $250 USD Giftcard

Organic Fashion

LA Relaxed is one of the top sustainable fashion brands in my closet and I just know you will fall in love with them as well. Their fabrics are not only organic and sustainable - but they are the SOFTEST materials on the market.

Dresses, pants, loungewear, scarfs...all created with the utmost comfort and ease in mind. Not to mention, the aesthetics are always spot on.

LA Relaxed: $200 USD Giftcard

Slow Susty Fashion

Volverde is your one stop shop for all sustainable goods that you need for your home! From bath and body to haircare to household items to holiday gifts - they have got you covered.

We especially love their commitment to supporting minority-owned brands! Fee free to shop from Asian-Owned, Black-Owned, Hecho en Mexico, Indigenous-Owned, Latinx-Owned and Women-Owned brands - all with the click of a button :)

Ethical Marketplace

If you haven't been introduced into the amazing world of cork accessories - such as handbags, backpacks, clutches, belts, wallets and more - then Tiradia Cork is going to be your new favorite sustainable shop to support!

All of their products are created with sustainably-sourced and eco-friendly cork that is not just stunning to look at, but it's also very affordable and durable! 

Tiradia Cork: $125 USD Giftcard

Sustainable Cork!

A few months back, we decided to dig deep into sustainable and non-toxic pillows - and Obasan was kind enough to send me over one of their organic rubber latex pillows (embroidered with my name - I cute). 

I'll be honest y'all. I had NO idea what I was missing when it came to pillows. Everyone needs one of these and Obasan has so kindly offered two of these pillows ($169 value each) to two of our community members!

Obasan: Gifting 2 organic shredded rubber pillows!

Organic Pillows!

Up to $169 (each) in value!

If you are ready to scale down your 10-step skincare routine and finally get back the power of TIME, Uviña Skin is here to help you do just that.

The Latina-owned skincare brand aims to make it easy for busy people to have glowing, healthy skin with a high-performing 3-step skincare routine. And with a $200 USD giftcard, you'll be set!

Uviña Skin: $200 USD Giftcard

Minimalist Skincare

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What if I won something I won't use?

Feel free to gift it, share it, or keep it! Tis the season of giving - so there is no issue with you sharing your gift with someone you love :)

Who is this giveaway open to?

This giveaway is meant for USA-resident entrees due to shipping. However, we will do it case-by-case for Canadian, EU and UK entrees.

When do my giftcards expire?

The gifting brand will be sure to give you ALL those specific details in your winner's email :)

What happens after the giveaway?

This one was SO much fun for us to make, so stay tuned for lots more! This is a great way for us to help out our amazing small brand friends :).

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