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10 simple zero waste goals to start a zero waste lifestyle

zero waste
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Danielle Alvarado


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At the beginning of the year, many of us are motivated to make a change in the way we live. We strive for a more sustainable lifestyle or an ideal of zero waste. Resolutions can be a great way to do that, but there’s one thing to always keep in mind – keep it simple and progress gradually towards change.

Don’t set yourself a resolution of going completely zero waste if you have no idea how to get there. Take it one simple resolution at a time and build upon them through the year.

Hopefully, this article compiling our 10 favourite zero waste resolutions can be an inspiration on your journey!

10 simple zero waste goals to start a zero waste lifestyle

Use the library instead of buying new books

Most of us don’t think of books as waste (fortunately!) – but after all, that’s what all things will become after we’re done using them. By using the library, you’re cutting down your impact substantially and supporting circular economy in your local area!

If you can’t find the book you’re looking for at the library, try asking around to see if any of your friends have a copy or give audiobooks and e-books a try.

Only buy your produce unpackaged

How much effort it will take to only buy unpackaged, zero waste produce depends on the area you live in – but for most of us, this can be quite the challenge to be tackled as a resolution.

Worry not, there are great solutions. If your nearby supermarket doesn’t stock enough unpackaged produce, give farmers’ markets or smaller local stores a try.

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Conduct a trash audit

Have you ever looked at everything you’re throwing away and asked yourself the question: ‘how do I reduce this source of waste in my home?’. That’s exactly what a trash audit is – and it makes for a great resolution to pick up!

Stop buying fast fashion

Fast fashion is a dirty industry full of unfair worker treatment, harmful chemicals, plastic, and waste. 

Give yourself the goal of giving up fast fashion and buying second-hand or from sustainable fashion companies instead – your closet will become much more sustainable and the pieces will last you longer! Read all about the 20+ fast fashion brands that we recommend steering clear from in this great article!

Vote for sustainability

Yes, that’s correct. If you want a more sustainable future, vote accordingly – whether that be on the national level or in your local elections.

We can do a lot to live more sustainably on our own, but we also need to press for system change. We often talk about ‘voting with your dollar’ when it comes to sustainability, to express that every purchase you make has an impact on the future. Let’s not forget about actual voting, too!

Skip the teabag

If you’re a big tea drinker, you may go through a lot of teabags in a day. You may be surprised that most of these teabags contain plastic, which is released into your drink with the tea.

Make the zero waste resolution of buying loose leaf tea instead!

Give up bottled water and soda

Invest in a sturdy stainless steel or glass water bottle and fill it up on the go. This way, you’ll be able to skip any bottled water or soda.

Not only is that a wonderful thing to do for the environment and your wallet, it will also help you live a healthier lifestyle going into 2021.

Eat your leftovers

Too often, our leftovers sit in the fridge for days before they’re thrown away. This is an unnecessary waste we could avoid if we simply learned to eat the leftovers as soon as possible or freeze them for later!

Go vegetarian or vegan

If your food comes from the massive animal agricultural industry, and not a small local farm, reducing your meat will help the environment a lot. The massive animal agricultural industry is one wasteful industry, also contributing a lot to our carbon footprint and wasting a lot of precious resources. If you can support your local farms, please do so! If not, reduce your meat intake as best you can.

Stop a wasteful habit

You likely have a habit that you’ve been meaning to kick, that’s polluting the environment or producing a lot of trash. Whether that be smoking or using single-use makeup wipes every night instead of a more eco-friendly alternative, it’s time to replace it with new, sustainable habits for 2021!

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