11 Best Sustainable Gender Neutral Clothing Brands | Non-Binary & Inclusive

sustainable gender neutral clothing brands


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Are you looking for sustainable gender-neutral clothing brands to cherish for years and years?

It’s no secret that gender-specific fashion is too restrictive for most of us to express our style. 

Wearing clothes that align with our gender identity plays a significant role in affirming who we are and how comfortable we feel in our own skin.

It’s true that when we dress in a way that reflects our true selves, it can boost our sense of authenticity and confidence in our gender identity and outward appearance.

That’s why we have compiled a phenomenal list of 11 remarkable sustainable non-binary clothing brands with gender-neutral clothing for adults.

Whether you are gender-fluid or not, non-binary and gender-neutral fashion can do wonders at deconstructing traditional fashion concepts and letting us think out of the box.

sustainable gender neutral clothing brands

Best Sustainable Gender-Neutral Clothing for Non-Binary Folks!

So, you know how finding the perfect outfit can totally make your day? For some folks, finding clothes that truly represent who they are can be a real challenge. 

Most sartorial options are limited to rigid gender norms, which feels like being stuck in a box that doesn’t quite fit – to quote my trans friend. 

Yet, despite consumers wanting gender-neutral clothing, with around 1.2 million LGBTQ people in the U.S. identify as nonbinary, everything is STILL very binary.

That’s where affordable gender-neutral clothing brands swoop in to save the day! I’m not talking about yet another collection of oversized t-shirts here *eye roll*. 

Non-binary sustainable clothing should allow us to express ourselves without feeling confined by outdated ideas of what’s “appropriate” for our gender. And that’s what our favorite brands strive to do.

Plus, by supporting gender-neutral brands, we’re making a statement about acceptance and inclusivity. Let’s send a powerful message that there is no one “right” way to dress or express one’s gender. 

What is gender-neutral clothing?

Gender-neutral clothing is all about breaking free from the constraints of traditional gender norms. 

Clothes are for everyone, no matter how you identify, so these clothes aren’t about fitting into a specific mold – they’re about embracing your unique style and feeling good in what you wear. 

Gender-neutral clothing brands offer unisex designs, neutral colors, and versatile silhouettes that can be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender expression or identity. 

Think comfy tees, versatile jeans, and cozy sweaters that anyone can rock, regardless of gender. We’re talking about pieces that focus on function and fashion without getting caught up in stereotypes. 

11 Sustainable Gender-Neutral Clothing In 2024:


affordable gender neutral clothing brands

KOTN is a raved-about sustainable clothing brand with an array of gender-neutral clothing for adults who want to stay away from binary stereotypes. 

From knitwear to loungewear, t-shirts, tops, and cozy accessories like socks, there’s something for everyone! 

To create those staples, KOTN uses sustainable fabrics, treated with non-toxic dyes. 

So every piece is hypoallergenic and very eco-friendly. 

Also, the Certified B Corporation solely uses resource-efficient manufacturing protocols that limit waste and recycle water.  

Price Range: From $35+

Size Range: XXS-XXL

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, GOTS Certified, OEKO-TEX® Certified, sustainable fabrics, fair trade, charity donations 

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships worldwide

2. Colorful Standard

sustainable gender neutral clothing brands

Colorful Standard is one of the most stylish and affordable clothing brands with an array of sustainable gender-neutral clothing for men and women. 

If you love vivid colors and mood-lifting hues, all crafted from ethically sourced organic cotton in Portugal, this collection is for you! 

All clothes are treated with Oeko-Tex® certified non-toxic dyes which means that they are friendly for the skin and for the environment. 

The materials list includes organic cotton and recycled merino wool. 

To top it all off, Colorful Standard uses precise laser cutting to make sure that there’s no waste– all materials are recycled into new textiles.

Price Range: From $38+

Size Range: XS-2XL

Ethics: OEKO-TEX Certified, fair wages, ethical labor practices, zero-waste, recycled FSC packaging   

Location/Shipping: Denmark, ships worldwide

3. TomboyX

Gender neutral clothing for adults

Let’s start with the basics – underwear. The TomboyX website offers different cuts and styles of underwear without labeling them as gender-specific. 

The bras are for anyone who fancies wearing one! They also offer a line of non-binary period underwear!

Tomboyx limits its impact on the environment through the production cycle, development, distribution, and the end of the product’s lifecycle.

The company is based in the US but ships worldwide, so everyone can get their hands on these inclusive styles.

Price Range: From $19.99+

Size Range: XS-6X

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, OEKO-TEX® Certified, fair wages, biodegradable packaging

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

4. Wilde Mode

sustainable gender neutral clothing brands

Meet Wilde Mode – the eco-friendlier slow fashion with sizes running from 3XS to 10XL. 

All non-binary sustainable clothing is handmade from organic and Oeko-Tex-certified fabrics in Scotland to minimize waste and ensure ethical working conditions for all artists. 

To further reduce their impact, the award-winning sensory-friendly brand makes sure that all offcuts are turned into ostomy bags, masks, scrunchies, and wipes. How amazing is that? 

I’m also obsessed with their bright, bold, and unapologetic prints.

From underwear tops and bottoms to organic socks, they’ve got everything. 

Price Range: From $64+

Size Range: XXXS-10XL

Ethics: GOTS Certified, OEKO-TEX® Certified, made to order, made in small batches, small women-owned business, sustainably & ethically made 

Location/Shipping: Scotland, ships worldwide

5. Big Bud Press

non binary sustainable clothing brands

Big Bud Press is a fantastic, American-made, sustainable gender neutral clothing brand that doesn’t shy away from color. 

The company produces unisex, everyday pieces and prides itself on its ethical and local manufacturing practices. 

They are happy to use 98% NAFTA-certified fabrics – all grown in America. 

You’ll absolutely love their tops, bottoms, and jumpsuits because these non-binary sustainable clothing are super size-inclusive as well. Most styles go up to 6XL. 

Price Range: From $45+

Size Range: P-6XL

Ethics: GOTS Certified, ethical & local manufacturing practices, low impact & non-toxic dyes, 100% recycled packaging 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada

6. Nudie Jeans

best sustainable gender neutral clothing

While this brand recently started offering a women’s collection, it started out as and is still largely a sustainable gender-neutral clothing brand. 

They offer a large non-binary fashion collection of quality denim at a very good price for such a sustainable brand!

Nudie Jeans are made from high-quality organic cotton awarded with many certifications including Fairtrade, FSC, PEFC, USDA organic, and more. 

If your pair breaks, they have a large network of repair centers where they offer free repairs!

If there isn’t a repair center near you, you can order a free repair kit. 

The transparency of this brand is out of this world. They’re based in Sweden and ship worldwide.

Price Range: XS-XL | 24-38

Size Range: From $70+

Ethics: GOTS Certified, Fairtrade Certified, sustainable & recycled materials, ethical production, free repairs, second-hand section

Location/Shipping: Sweden, ships worldwide

7. Kirrin Finch

sustainable gender neutral clothing brands

Kirrin Finch is creating affordable gender-neutral clothing inspired by traditional menswear, which is worn by males, females, or people who don’t identify as either of the genders. 

They offer a variety of fun and professional shirts, basic and statement suits, as well as sweaters, jackets, and accessories to go with it all.

All of their non-binary clothing is sustainably handcrafted in New York to reduce their environmental impact and create positive social change. 

They ship worldwide, however, rates to countries other than Canada are a little on the steeper side.

Price Range: From $65+

Size Range: 0-24

Ethics: Ethical manufacturing, sustainable materials, recycled & recyclable packaging, resell platform

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

8. Olivia Blanc

Sustainable gender neutral clothing

Sustainable fashion can take all shapes and forms. Olivia Blanc is a brand inspired by streetwear and workwear, that uses recycled and upcycled materials to create their one-of-a-kind, gender-neutral clothing for adults.

Thanks to their implementation of the recycling and upcycling process, the brand is able to incorporate materials you’d otherwise never see on a clothing rack – such as recycled tarpaulin. 

The silhouettes and prints are simply amazing, but I certainly have an affinity for their unique jeans!

Price Range: From $40+

Size Range: S-XL

Ethics: Recycled & upcycled materials

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

9. Wildfang

feminine clothes for men

For sustainable gender-neutral clothing for men, women, and every other gender in the spectrum, check out Wildfang.

What started from a studio apartment in Portland turned into a booming business that rethinks gender norms and how they show up in fashion. 

You can find an array of coveralls, blazers, button-ups, tops, dresses as well as workwear

If you are tall, make sure to check out their “tall sizing” collection to find the perfect fit for your body. 

Price Range: From $38+

Size Range: XS-4X + Tall Sizing!

Ethics: Climate-neutral certified, sustainable materials, ethical & eco-friendly production practices, sustainable & biodegradable packaging, gives back

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

10. Industry Of All Nations

sustainable gender neutral clothing for men

Industry Of All Nations is the mecca of sustainable gender-neutral clothing for adults. 

Their versatile and sustainable styles range from t-shirts and sweatshirts to shirts, jackets, knitwear, pants, and underwear. 

To create those non-binary sustainable clothing, the brand opts for natural fibers including Alpaca, organic cotton, and vegetable-tanned leather as well as recycled fabrics. 

What’s more, the brand works with skilled artists from the USA, India, Bolivia, and Guatemala to craft ethical clothing for everybody.  

Price Range: From $40+

Size Range: XXS-XL

Ethics: Organic, recycled, or biodegradable materials & processes, 100% natural dyes, fair wages

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

11. Lonely Kids Club

sustainable unisex clothes brands

Lonely Kids Club is a well-rounded label with a product range full of non-binary sustainable clothing. 

Think ultra-modern and comfortable t-shirts, tops, and bottoms. You can also go ahead and create your own, custom styles which is awesome. 

I also love that the brand collaborates with different creators and artists, and gives out a free limited edition art print, sticker, and magnets with every order.

What’s more, the Lonely Kids Club uses the principles of slow fashion to bring individuality and eco-friendliness into their collections.

Aside from sustainable practices and local crafting of their garments, the brand is also a space for mental health advocacy, gender equality, and the breaking of gender norms and rules. 

Price Range: From $31+

Size Range: XS-5XL

Ethics: Ethically sourced & produced, small batch production, fair labor, recycled cardboard packaging

Location/Shipping: Australia, ships worldwide

This was your full guide to eco gender neutral clothing!

We hope this guide helped you find some amazing, sustainable gender-neutral clothing brands with genderless and unisex clothing that are about breaking free from traditional gender norms. 

Each company has its own unique vibe all while celebrating diversity and self-expression. That’s what fashion should be, after all! An inclusive community where everyone feels seen, accepted, and empowered to be exactly who they are. 

Luckily for us, these non-binary sustainable clothing brands strive to help us embrace our individuality and celebrate what makes us unique.

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