The 13 Best Affordable & Organic Socks Brands For Healthy Feet in 2024

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Looking for the best organic socks for all your future athletic and casual needs? Here is a list of the top ethical brands for bamboo, wool, and organic cotton socks crafted ethically with your comfort in mind.

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Best Organic Socks for Men and Women in 2024.

GOTS-certified socks

Granted, when we think of the most splurge-worthy slow fashion basics, socks might not be at the top of our priorities list. But what if we told you that the best organic socks of 2024 will force you to rethink your relationship with this often-forgotten wardrobe staple once and for all? 

It seems like all sustainable basic clothing brands are on a mission to knock our socks off (pun intended) with their colorful, fun, and downright beautiful collections. 

Consider them as a way to elevate your mood and indoor outfits in the most ethical way possible. Whether you are on the hunt for the best GOTS-certified socks for working out or simply looking to opt for a few pairs of cotton or organic wool socks to keep yourself cool and comfy, we rounded up a list of the most durable and affordable ethical socks ahead.

What are organic socks?

The best organic socks are made from materials grown without harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. These natural socks are typically crafted from organic fibers, such as organic cotton or wool, which are grown in harmony with nature.

Plus, they are a softer and more breathable feel than synthetic options, making them perfect for keeping your feet cozy and comfortable all day long. So, if you want to go green with your footwear choices, organic wool socks, organic cotton socks, and organic bamboo socks are fantastic options!

Are organic socks healthier for your feet?

Absolutely! Organic socks are made from natural and organic fibers like organic cotton or wool, which are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. This means that when you slip on a pair of organic socks, you’re avoiding potential exposure to any nasty toxins that could irritate your skin or cause allergies.

No to mention – nobody likes sweaty feet. Wool and organic cotton socks are often more breathable and moisture-wicking compared to synthetic alternatives, allowing your feet to stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. Plus, the natural fibers in organic socks help to regulate temperature, keeping your feet cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

So, if you’re looking for socks that prioritize both your foot health and the health of the planet, organic socks are definitely a great choice! Your feet will thank you for the cozy comfort and the peace of mind of knowing that you’re doing something good for yourself and the environment.

What are the benefits of organic socks?

Firstly, the use of natural materials ensures that the socks will be gentler on your skin and less likely to cause irritation or allergies. Organic fibers have excellent breathability, allowing air to circulate around your feet and prevent excessive sweating. They also have moisture-wicking properties that help to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day.

On top of that, organic socks are produced using sustainable farming practices that promote soil health, conserve water, and protect biodiversity. They are made from renewable resources, reducing the reliance on synthetic materials that contribute to environmental pollution.

Lastly, most brands that offer ethical and GOTS-certified socks work with suppliers who provide fair wages and safe working conditions for their employees, ensuring a more equitable and sustainable supply chain.

In a nutshell, you will save many natural resources, support brands that thrive on ethical manufacturing practices, and be certain of the products’ antibacterial, hypoallergenic properties.

p.s. Check out this guide on how to shop for sustainable fashion on a budget to explain the money-saving theory!

Do organic and sustainable socks last longer?

Yes! Take it from us, who tested over 15 brands of organic socks against synthetic alternatives. The sustainable and organic socks have a ridiculously high cost-per-wear that the cheaper versions cannot come close to. Plus, our feet stayed cool and dry vs sweaty!

Read on to find the best men’s organic socks and many fantastic options for stylish women’s organic socks.

This post is about the best sustainable and organic socks.

Best Brands for Organic Cotton & Wool Socks in 2024

1. Pact

organic basics socks

Pact’s coveted collection of the best organic socks women and men opt for on repeat is undoubtedly very extensive. The brand uses Fair Trade and GOTS-certified organic cotton to craft their organic sustainable socks. 

In addition, the line includes colorful no-show, short and crew styles, along with some fantastic sets to match every possible occasion.

Ethics: GOTS Certified organic cotton, Fair Trade certified, Carbon neutral, Plastic-free packaging

Sizes: Women 6-10, Men 9-13

Price: $8+

Shipping: USA

Best Organic Socks from Pact:

2. Q for Quinn

GOTS-certified socks

Q for Quinn is an eco-friendly brand known for its best organic socks that combine style and sustainability.

With eye-catching and vibrant prints, these GOTS-certified socks will inspire you to revamp your entire sock collection.

If you have sensitive skin, don’t fret! Quinn offers colorless socks that are free from any dyes, ensuring maximum comfort.

They are 100% free from harmful toxins like BPA, Parabens, Formaldehyde, and Lead. Plus, they are ethically knitted in GOTS-certified facilities owned by families in Portugal and Sri Lanka. 

Ethics: GOTS Organic cotton, certified by Ecocert Greenlife, 100,000+ meals donated, woman-owned and operated

Sizes: Women’s 6-12, Men’s 6-12

Price: From $19 

Shipping: Canada, ships worldwide

Best Eco-friendly Socks from Q for Quinn:

3. Conscious Step

best sustainable socks

Conscious Step is a beloved sustainable brand making a significant impact step by step. With GOTS and Vegan certifications throughout their supply chain, they prioritize eco-conscious practices. 

Plus, their diverse range of designs, including SpongeBob and space exploration, combines fun with sustainability. These fair trade and GOTS-certified socks are crafted from organic cotton, ensuring freedom from harmful chemicals. 

Also, for each purchase of their organic cotton socks, a portion of proceeds directly supports a charity associated with the specific design. 

Ethics: Gives back, GOTS certified organic cotton, vegan, fair trade, 1% for the plane

Sizes: Women’s 5-14, Men’s 4-13, Kids

Price: From $14.95

Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping

Best Sustainable Socks from Conscious Step:

4. Organic Basics

best sustainable socks

Organic Basics’ GOTS-certified socks are every minimalist’s dream. The brand uses utterly soft certified organic cotton, recycled wool, and recycled GRS-certified nylon and Tencel lyocell for their entire natural ankle socks collection. 

Each pair of organic basics socks comes with an accurate Impact Index. On top of that, they are only working with certified factory partners. 

This brand is for you if you are looking for organic cotton or ethical recycled Merino socks.

Ethics: Organic Cotton, Recycled Wool, Recycled Denim, Sustainable materials, GOTS-certified, Factory transparency, Carbon neutral, Gives back 

Sizes: Men & Women 4-12 (Size 35 – 46)

Price: From $17

Shipping: Based in Denmark, ships international

Best GOTS-Certified Socks from Organic Basics:

5. Harvest & Mill

GOTS-certified socks

With a strong belief in sustainable garment production, Harvest & Mill supports USA organic cotton farmers, American heritage mills, and their local sewing community. 

Their collection of the best organic socks exemplifies their commitment to quality and comfort. These socks are crafted from the finest USA-grown organic cotton and offer a cozy and snug fit. 

What makes them truly unique is their use of natural dyes. Available in tan, brown, or white, these organic cotton socks keep your feet stylish and free from harmful toxins. 

Ethics: USA organic socks, sustainable materials, factory transparency, vegan, grown & sewn in USA, low-carbon USA supply chains, carbon neutral, plastic-free packaging

Sizes: Women’s 5-12, Men’s 7-12

Price: From $10

Shipping: USA, ships international

Best Vegan Socks from Harvest & Mill:

6. Maggie’s Organics

organic socks uk

With a commitment to sustainability, all of Maggie’s Organics fair trade organic socks are crafted using certified organic fibers that meet the rigorous standards of GOTS!

They also opt for USDA-certified organic wool sourced from small family farms in Argentina.

Plus, the conscious brand spins the yarn and manufactures the GOTS-certified socks locally in North America.

From Organic Wool Mountain Hiker Socks to Athletic ankle socks, they offer a wide range of options to choose from.

Ethics: Sustainable materials, GOTS certified, factory transparency, fair trade production, and distribution methods. FREE2WORK certificate

Sizes: Women’s 5.5 – 15, Men’s 4-14

Price: From $12.95 

Shipping: USA, ships international

7. Thought

best organic socks

Thought is the ultimate e-destination for the best organic bamboo socks, which are breathable, anti-bacterial, and super soft.

Maximalists rejoice! This collection of organic socks comes in so many different prints and colors to choose from.

Think tie-dye, cats, leopard, cactuses, dots, and more. The brand also loves recycled pet plastic, organic cotton, hemp, Tencel, and modal.

Ethics: Natural And Recycled Materials, Responsible Sourcing, Vegan-Friendly

Sizes: UK 4 – 7

Price: From £7.95 

Shipping: UK, worldwide shipping available

Best Natural Socks from Thought:

8. Colorful Standard

affordable and organic socks

Colorful Standard’s stylish organic cotton socks are seamless and breathable, keeping your feet happy, even after a long day at work. 

In addition to the dozens of beautiful colors – from gray to lilac– the lineup is PETA-approved vegan and ethically made in Portugal to boot. 

And thanks to the anti-pilling properties, you won’t have to opt for a new pair for a very long time. 

Ethics: Oeko-Tex Certified, recycled packaging, FSC Certified 

Sizes: 36-40

Price: $11 Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

9. Knickey

organic wool socks

By working with suppliers who uphold fair wages and respect their employees, Knickey ensures that their best organic socks are created with top-notch ethical business practices throughout their supply chain.

In addition to using GOTS-certified organic cotton, the socks also bear the OEKO-TEX Fair Trade certifications.

From crew and quarter styles perfect for dressy or casual wear, there’s a pair of GOTS-certified socks for every taste!

Ethics: GOTS-certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEX certified, Fairtrade certified, plastic-free packaging, body-inclusive models, take-back recycling program

Sizes: S/M & M/L

Price: From $13 

Shipping: Ships from the USA to Canada, NZ, Australia, Europe, and the UK

10. Friday Sock Co

organic socks usa

Friday Sock Co offers a wide range of bold and vibrant organic socks made with OEKO-TEX and GOTS Certified Organic Cotton or RWS Certified Merino Wool.

On their shelves, you can find Kid’s socks as well as men’s and women’s organic socks.

Plus, the organic cotton and organic wool socks come with popcorn, landscapes, and sloths on ’em – just to name a few.

With a quick scroll, we’ve spotted over 100 different prints! Additionally, every set is ethically Made in Italy.

Ethics: OEKO-TEX certified, Sustainable materials, Gives back

Sizes: Men’s size 4-8, Women’s size 5-10

Price: from $22 

Shipping: From Canada, worldwide shipping

Best OEKO-TEX Certified Socks from Friday Sock Co:

11. Kind Socks

organic bamboo socks

Next, some of the most affordable and fun GOTS Certified organic cotton socks Europe offers.

With their wide range of fun and vibrant prints, these socks are sure to add a touch of flair to your wardrobe.

The sustainable brand ensures that its best organic socks are free from harmful pesticides and toxins.

Each pair is crafted in safe, ethical, and fair working conditions, promoting a more ethical fashion industry. 

Ethics: GOTS-certified organic cotton, GOTS certified, gives back 

Sizes: Women’s 5.5–12.5, men’s 4.5–12

Price: From 10 euros

Shipping: Based in Sweden, ships international

12. Pansy

organic cotton socks

Elevate your wardrobe with a touch of vintage charm courtesy of Pansy’s organic socks.

These must-have essentials are crafted with 85 percent Texas-grown organic cotton, ensuring both comfort and sustainability.

Designed, sewn, and dyed in California, each pair of organic cotton socks reflects the brand’s commitment to local craftsmanship.

With a diverse range of 11 colors and four sizes, you can mix and match with Pansy’s organic undies for a completely coordinated look. 

Ethics: Organic, grown and made in the USA, woman-owned

Sizes: Women 5–13

Price: From $10 

Shipping: USA, international shipping

Best Organic Socks from Pansy:

13. Qnoop

organic bamboo socks

Last but not least, Qnoop, the innovative Dutch brand that has revolutionized the way we think about organic socks.

With their amazing button design, Qnoop ensures that you’ll never lose a sock again. T

hese GOTS-certified socks are crafted from organic cotton, free from toxic chemicals, and produced under fair working conditions. Plus, the collection of men’s and women’s organic socks is available in a variety of vibrant colors and two sizes.

Ethics: GOTS-certified organic cotton, eco-friendly shipping

Sizes: 35-42

Price: From €9,95

Shipping: Based in the Netherlands, ships internationally

This post was all about the best organic socks for healthy feet!

We’ve been totally smitten with the dozens of amazing organic socks that are currently available online! From stylish women’s organic socks with good-for-the-planet manufacturing practices and GOTS-certified socks that are comfy and versatile, there is an option for every taste. 

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