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15 Best Work Clothing Brands For Women in 2023

affordable women business clothes


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Looking for the best women’s workwear brands to finally create an on-duty capsule wardrobe with the most high-quality, stylish, and timeless women’s office clothing? We rounded up our favorite premium and affordable women’s business clothes below. 

Bonus? The best work clothes for women are all sustainably made and built to last year after year.

p.s. If you’re looking for some high-quality shoes to last year after year in the office, you may also want to check out our roundup of the best sustainable shoes for women!

This post is about the best work clothes for women in 2023.

best affordable women business clothes

It’s universally known that working 9-to-5 comes with a few challenges – and finding quality & fashionable women’s business clothes is certainly one of them. 

While many businesses still require strictly professional attire, most have become more relaxed with their clothing requirements, which thankfully leaves much room for business-casual creativity.

So forget the nightmare of unflattering, shapeless midi skirts and plain-boring button-ups. 

The best women’s workwear brands are here to help us create a successful work wardrobe with sustainable women’s work clothing basics you can build around.

Enter: ethical modern office capsule wardrobe —aka your practical, eco-friendly, and mindfully-crafted basics that promise to beef up your professional wardrobe.

How can I build an office capsule wardrobe?

An office capsule wardrobe is a versatile rotation of sustainable women’s work clothing that perfectly co-exists. Did you know that there is a proven cognitive relationship between our clothes and how we see ourselves and perform in our everyday life? Yes!

Everything begins with identifying your most frequently-worn pieces. These are the ones that make you feel comfortable and confident. Take a closer look. Which colors dominate your wardrobe? Do you have an affinity for specific fabrics? Are there any silhouettes that make you feel like you are ready to conquer the world? 

As soon as you find your superhero pieces, it’s time to build an office capsule wardrobe with sustainable women’s work clothing that meets the same quality, color, and shape criteria. 

What are the most important office clothes to have in my closet? 

While your capsule wardrobe can be as fun and unique as you like, some important office clothes shouldn’t be left out of your work-approved rotation. Some of the most important office clothes are a black turtleneck, a simple white blouse, a neutral-colored button-up shirt, a black pencil skirt, comfy black trousers, a few relaxed blazers, and a fitted coat.

Are high-quality and sustainable workwear brands worth the cost?

Yes, the best women’s workwear brands are usually a bit pricey, but they are definitely worth it. If you consider sustainable women’s work clothing as an investment that will have a lasting impact on your wardrobe for years to come, opting for ethical work clothes is actually more affordable in the long run. Recycled and natural fabrics are very durable and don’t show signs of wear and tear, which is extremely important when it comes to workwear.

For example, organic cotton fibers are longer and more durable than conventional cotton. Tencel is stronger and more durable than both cotton and linen – you get the point. Lastly, sustainable women’s work clothing brands make sure that their entire supply chain is as transparent as possible, which means that everything from the raw materials to the last stitch is closely monitored. So if you want ethically-made wardrobe staples that stand the test of time, sustainable workwear is the best option for you.

This post is about the best office clothes for women.

The best women’s office clothing in 2023.

1. Neu Nomads

women workwear brands

Our beloved Tencel clothing brand Neu Nomads offers luxury casualwear as well as women’s workwear created ethically with non-toxic, OEKO certified, and processed with AZO-free dyes through energy and water-conserving methods. 

With such an array of short-sleeve dresses, button-up maxi dresses, trousers, and cardigans, it’s no surprise that their sustainable business clothing and signature plant-based fabrics are so beloved. Their materials of choice? Organic Cotton Flannel, linen, Eco-Jersey, and of course, satin Tencel.

Sizes: XS-3XL

Price Range: $75+

Ethics: Sustainable Plant-Based Fabrics, Non-Toxic Dyes, Fair Trade, 100% Biodegradable Packaging

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

Women’s Office Clothing from Neu Nomads:

2. Encircled

sustainably women business clothes

Encircled is one of the most beloved Canadian, female-founded women’s workwear brands with inclusive, comfortable, travel-friendly business clothes crafted in small batches. 

They exclusively use low-impact dyes as well as organic and regenerated fibers like Modal, Tencel Lyocell, Bamboo, and organic cotton to further reinforce their circular approach. The Certified B Corp thrives on offering suggestions on how to create the ideal capsule wardrobe with staple pieces called “Kits”. These mini collections include work-appropriate jumpsuits, blazers, skirts, tops, bottoms, and dresses tailored to your specific lifestyle.

Size: XS-2XL

Price Range: $50+

Ethics: Organic And Regenerated Materials, Oeko-Tex Standard 100® Certified, B-Certified Corporation, Female-Owned, Size Inclusive

Location/Shipping: Canada, worldwide shipping available

Best Women’s Workwear from Encircled:

3. Quince

eco-friendly women workwear brands

Quince has some of the most beautiful and affordable linen dresses, but you can also find sustainable workwear clothes under the $50 mark!

How do they manage to be significantly more inexpensive compared to other sustainable women’s work clothing brands even though they use recycled polyester, organic cotton twill, and silk? 

By shipping directly from its BSCI-certified factories with no middleman! From linen trousers and cashmere v-neck sweaters to long-sleeve shirts and many more affordable women’s business clothes, the options are so many!  

Size: XS-XL

Price Range: $25+

Ethics: Organic & Recycled Materials, OEKO-TEX Certified, Ethically made in BSCI-Certified Factories

Location/Shipping: USA

A few favorites from Quince:

4. Universal Standard

best work clothes for women

Universal Standard is one of the best women’s workwear brands for affordable women’s business clothes and a fantastic destination for ethical jeans, sustainable basics, and Petite Clothing For Women Under 5’3″

Aside from the array of workwear options, the brand also offers capsules with the “See It In Your Size” option to better understand the fit and look of every piece. The Stay Polished Capsule, for example, features size-inclusive blazers, pants, t-shirts, and business-casual shirts. Additionally, you can look at their “Scene-Stealers under $50” to get some splurge-worthy discounts on your favorite sustainable women’s work clothing.

Size: XSP – 5XL

Price Range: $48+

Ethics: OEKO-TEX Certified Part Of Intertek’s Workplace Conditions Assessment. Ethically Made In China And LA, Pre-Loved Category

Location: USA

A few favorites from Universal Standard:

5. Amour Vert

best affordable women business clothes

Looking for work clothing brands that create high-quality, stylish, and timeless women’s office clothing with bold femininity in mind? Enter: Amour Vert.

From sophisticated dresses and blouses to tops, pants, and jackets, all office wear staples are crafted with organic cotton, Tencel, and Modal.

Plus, the Cali-based brand makes its clothes in limited quantities.

The cherry on top? 97% of their clothing is made just a stone’s throw away from their San Francisco office.

Sizes: XS-XL

Price Range: $38+ 

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Zero-Waste Manufacturing, Recycled Packaging Donations

Location/Shipping: USA

Best Women´s Business Clothes from Amour Vert:

6. Eileen Fisher

high-quality women workwear

Eileen Fisher’s line of sustainable women’s work clothing combines the brand’s signature minimalistic aesthetic with size-inclusivity and eco-consious fabrics for modern women on-the-go. 

Their entire collection is pretty much a capsule wardrobe with simple shapes that work together in any office setting. Think luxuriously soft cardigans, sweaters, dresses, trousers, tops, shirts, and every other staple imaginable – they have it!

Price: $54+

Size Range: XS – 3XL

Ethics: Fair Trade Certified, Sustainable Fabrics, Donations Program

Location/Shipping: Sold from The United States, worldwide shipping available

A few favorites from Eileen Fisher:

7. Mila Vert

best women workwear brands

Mila Vert is one of the best sustainable women’s workwear brands in 2023, thanks to their
amazing custom-size initiative.

You can choose the custom-fit order option instead of opting for regular sizes to get completely personalized pieces to look hella chic during office hours.

What’s more, all affordable women’s business clothes are PETA-approved vegan and ethically made locally in Slovenia with a Made-to-order system that minimizes waste!

Sizes: XS-XL (+custom)

Price Range: €95+

Ethics: Vegan and sustainable fabrics, PETA approved, minimizes waste, custom sizing
option, ethical labor

Location/Shipping: Slovenia, worldwide shipping

Best High-Quality Women´s Business Clothes from Mila Vert:

8. Able

best sustainably women workwear brands

Able is among the best women’s workwear brands because, along with their slew of utterly stylish sustainable women’s work clothing, they also have much to say about workers’ rights, protection, and fair wages.

They emphasize female empowerment by creating create sustainable opportunities for women. As they mention, they ” commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion through our internal hiring process.”

So rest assured that your breezy maxi dresses, linen-like cotton blouses, and work-approved jackets and trousers are not only backed by a lifetime guarantee( yes, it exists) but they were also created ethically by female artisans.

Sizes: 2XS-3XL

Price: $40+

Ethics: Natural And Recycled Materials, Responsible Sourcing, Female Empowerment, Size Inclusivity

Location/Shipping:  USA, ships to Canada

A few favorites from Able:

9. Grammar NYC

women workwear clothes

Grammar is known as one of the best women’s workwear brands for premium business clothing that certainly pass the test of time. Their refreshingly modern patterns and silhouettes prove that sustainable women’s work clothing is far from simple and boring.

The pieces are tailored to perfection in small batches in their NY-based workshop. So rest assured that your certified organic cotton shirts, dresses, and tunics, as well as the limited edition satin capsule collection,, will serve a distinct purpose and have a unique personality. 

Sizes: 0-16

Price Range: $85+

Ethics: Certified Organic Materials, Made In USA In Small Batches, Fair Wages

Location/Shipping: USA

Best Office Clothing For Women:

10. Lanius

sustainably women workwear clothes

Lanius has been creating ultra-chic women’s office clothing since 1999.

The GOTS-certified sustainable brand uses various renewable raw materials, free of pesticides, herbicides, and other poisons.

That’s not all–you can also repair, rent or resell your used Lanius clothing to minimize waste and give them the second life they severe. How cool is that?

And no matter your preferences, your new, sustainable tights will arrive dressed in second-hand mailing boxes made from recycled paper. 

Sizes: EU 36-46

Price Range: $50+

Ethics: Sustainable materials, repair, rent or resell programs, carbon neutral offices, eco-friendly packaging

Location/Shipping: Germany, European shipping

Best Women´s Workwear from Lanius:

11. People Tree UK

best women workwear

The UK-based women’s workwear brand focuses on creating Fair Trade and sustainable women’s work clothing so that we can feel confident and comfortable.

Lauded as one of the most sustainable European brands backed up by WFTO Guaranteed Status, PETA, and GOTS, their range of linen and organic cotton dresses, trousers, jackets, and knitwear for the office should definitely be on your eco radar. 

On top of that, they employ Bangladeshis with exceptional hand skills to produce hand-woven fabrics, hand embroidery, hand dyeing techniques, and hand knitting to further reduce their carbon footprint as no machinery is used.

Sizes:  S-XL

Price Range: $50+

Ethics: Sustainable Fabrics, Fairtrade Certified And GOTS And Flo -Certified, Peta-Approved, Donations

Location/Shipping: UK, Worldwide shipping

12. Boden

affordable women workwear clothes

Boden is for you if you are looking for the best women’s workwear brands in the UK ready to ship colorful, bold, and vibrant sustainable women’s work clothing to match your fun energy. 

For almost 25 years, the brand is a proud member of the Ethical Trading Initiative to ensure fair and ethical working conditions throughout its supply chain. From dresses and blouses to cozy sweaters, co-ords, and a slew of petite clothing options, there is definitely something for everyone.

Size Range: XS-XL

Price Range: $38+

Ethics: Recycled Materials, members of the Ethical Trading Initiative, Donations, Fair Wages

Location/Shipping:  UK, worldwide shipping

A few favorites from Boden:

13. Baukjen

best women workwear clothes

Driven by their circular fashion pledge, the UK-based work clothing brand Baukjen opts for responsibly sourced materials and plastic-free packaging to create their wide range of suits, tops, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, and outerwear.

On top of that, the B-certified corporation employs fairly paid folks to create their beautiful pieces ethically in Portuguese factories.

The best part? They also have many repair, rent, and shop pre-loved options if you want to get something special for a corporate event.

Sizes: 6-18 UK

Price Range: From $70

Ethics: Sustainable materials, repair program, preloved options, B-certified corporation, fair working conditions

Location/Shipping: UK, worldwide shipping

Best Women´s Workwear Clothes from Baukjen:

14. Loup

affordable women business clothes

From curve-friendly pants and everyday pencil skirts to crisp white jumpsuits and feminine flowy dresses, Loop offers airy lightweight essentials exclusively made from organic materials. 

However, they do things a bit differently. Fit and comfort are the most important elements of women’s workwear and thus, the brand offers to tailor your clothes free-of change – or store credits to compensate you for the amount you spent on the repair if you decide to find your own tailor. 

Size: XXS to 4XL

Price Range: $68+

Ethics: natural materials, Made In New York City, Size Inclusivity, Repair Program

Location/Shipping: USA

15. Passion Lilie

high-quality women business clothes

Granted, when you think of Passion Lilie, women’s workwear might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

However, for everyone who wants to bring their fun and vibrant personality to the office, you can find the most affordable sustainable dresses, tops, and bottoms – all adorned with an array of swoon-worthy sustainable prints.

Their stylish lineup is handmade in small batches and crafted by skilled artisans dedicated to preserving heritage techniques.

Sizes: XS-2XL

Price Range: $14+

Ethics: GOTS certified organic cotton, fair trade factory, and wages, woman-owned business

Location/Shipping: USA

Best Work Clothes for Women from Passion Lilie:

This post was all about the best women’s workwear brands for sustainable work clothing.

So there you have it! The 15 best women’s workwear brands for sustainable women’s work clothing to help you build an office capsule wardrobe that’s versatile, ethical, and eco-conscious without forgoing your sartorial creativity. 

If you need more office help, we also have a quick list of the best sustainable jewelry brands to pair with your office clothing and a guide to the best eco-friendly laptops! If you are looking to make your workplace more sustainable on a non-materialistic level, consider checking out this guide to a sustainable workplace!

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