15 Fair Trade & Sustainable Jewelry Brands To Wear With Pride

Konstantina Antoniadou

March 21, 2022

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sustainable jewelry
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Looking for the best sustainable jewelry brands? These 15 ethical jewelry brands below are redefining the world of fairtrade jewelry with their eco-conscious sourcing and manufacturing practices.

This post is about Sustainable Jewelery Brands.

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Whether you prefer dainty, chic pearls, otherworldly stunning layer-able necklaces, or minimalistic bracelets that seem to go with everything, the top affordable sustainable jewelry brands are ready to adorn your daily looks with some much-needed ethical shine.

In addition to the luxurious look and eco-conscious manufacturing practices, these companies manage to maintain an actually–attainable price point. And on top of that, they come bearing some striking sustainability certifications that will certainly put your mind at ease.

On that note, we rounded up the best eco-friendly jewelry brands that are seriously worth your love and support! 

What Is The Most Sustainable Jewelery?

 The most sustainable jewelry will always be the one we already own. While consumerism “forces” us to say yes to every new standout piece, what we need is already in our jewelry arsenal.  And on top of that, you already know that you haven’t tried each and every combination. So go on! Start mixing and matching!

Another great option is second-hand shopping. By choosing pre-loved jewelry, you not only prolong their life but also make sure that the resources and energy used for its creation didn’t go to waste,

Last but not least, when shopping for new Fairtrade jewelry opt for styles that are made with recycled metals, ethically-sourced gemstones, and conflict-free diamonds. Some great examples are recycled gold, aluminum, steel and reclaimed horns.

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sustainable jewelry
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What Makes Jewelery Not Sustainable or Ethical?

Unlawful gemstone sourcing is one of the most prominent issues of the jewelry industry. Because most precious gemstones come from the poorest countries, it’s notoriously hard to monitor their origins. Miners work under inhumane conditions for a few pennies. Child labor is also present in pretty much every scenario. On top of that, harmful chemicals often get leaked into the water bodies which pose harm to the entire eco-system.  

Cheap, mass-produced jewelry fade, break, and get destroyed very easily. 

Plastic, in particular, pretty much always ends up in landfills. With time, this waste releases harmful toxic to the air, soil, and water. Furthermore, the toxic chemicals found in jewelry can also harm the wearer. Think high levels of chromium and nickel that are known to be carcinogens. These are only a few reasons why you should consider shopping from affordable sustainable jewelry brands.

This post is about sustainable jewelry brands.

The best ethical & sustainable jewelry brands women love

sustainable jewellery brands
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Fair Anita is one of the best affordable sustainable jewelry brands with over 8,000 talented women artisan partners around the world. Think Cambodia, Chile, Egypt, Mexico, and many more. The company joined forces with 19 artisans cooperatives who pay 2-4x minimum wage, health insurance, and educational scholarships.

Additionally, they are a B-corporation certified by Chicago Fairtrade as well as being a member of the Fair Trade federation. On top of that, they use up to 80% sustainable materials in designs which are then shipped in  upcycled packaging and participate in carbon offset programs to minimize their environmental footprint.

Price: $

Ethics: Fair Trade, B-Corporation, Empowers Women, Carbon Offset Program, Sustainable Materials, Upcycled Packaging

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Nickel-Free Recycled Metal, Upcycled Brass, Glass, Semi-Precious Gemstones

Shop Fair Anita Here

The Fairtrade jewelry Rebel Nell offers employment, equitable opportunity, and wraparound support to women artisans who create gorgeous, wearable art. From sustainable fine jewelry for women men and kids to personalized engraved gifts, this company has all your sartorial needs covered. Additionally, part of the proceeds goes to Detroit Pistons Foundation.

Price: $

Ethics: Fair Labor, Donations, Women Empowerment

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Resin Materials Sourced From The Detroit Pistons &The Alley Project In Detroit, Michigan.

Shop Rebel Nell Here

Eco Mamma is a one woman shop, and that one woman is the amazing Sarah from @theecomamma who we just adore. Sarah uses upcycled metals and stones for the majority of her jewelry, and her other metals are purchased from a local certified ethical company. This sustainable jewelry company has everything we love about shopping small, local, and sustainable businesses!

Price: $-$$

Ethics: Upcycled and recycled materials, ethically sourced metals, plastic free packaging, woman owned business

Location:  California, USA

Materials:  upcycled metals and stones, ethically sourced gold and silver

Shop The Eco Mamma Co Here

Timelessly modern and wrapped in eco-conscious manufacturing practices, Sara Patino’s Jewelry line is full of sustainable staples. Their suppliers are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council for their ethical sourcing. So rest assured that your new favorite jewels are artfully crafted with ethical pearls and white topaz.

Price: $

Ethics: Ethical Gemstones From Certified Suppliers Made To Order, Small Batch Production, Handmade In the US

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Recycled Metals, Fairmined Metals & Fairtrade Metals, Ethically-Sourced Pearls, White/Rose Topaz

 Shop Sara Patino Jewelry

Made Trade is the e-home of dozens of fair trade jewelry brands that use recycled metals, recycled gold, upcycled plastics to create sustainable fine jewelry. Additionally, each piece is crafted with hundred-year-old heritage techniques that make it absolutely unique. The BIPOC-owned company ensures that every order is 100% carbon neutral, and made in the US by a female business owner.  

Price: $

Ethics: Transparency, Fair Labor, BIPOC-Owned Company, Fair Trade, Sustainable Sourcing

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Handcrafted Jewelry Made By Fair Trade Artisans, Lab-Grown And Conflict-Free Diamonds, Ethically Sourced Gemstones

Shop Made Trade Here

Ten Thousand Villages is named one of the best sustainable jewelry brands thanks to their extensive Fairtrade jewelry collection. They create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn a livable income while preserving their traditional craft for over 75 years. Therefore, you can opt for pieces handmade in Colombia, India, and Peru knowing that you help a fellow creative woman thrive.

Price: $

Ethics: Fairtrade, Economic Opportunities For Artisans, Handmade Jewelry

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Metal, Wood, Citrine, Brass

Shop Ten Thousand Villages Here

Like most ethical jewelry brands, Twyla Dill started small and quickly turned into a beloved business with thousands of happy customers. She offers one-of-a-kind jewelry handmade in small batches in Seattle from sustainably sourced materials. From hand-crocheted lace earrings to whimsical Amethyst drop necklaces, the options are endless.

Price: $

Ethics: Hand Crocheted And Handmade In Small Batches, Ethically-Sourced Ingredients, Nickel-Free

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Sterling Silver, Lapis, Amethyst, Quartz, Labradorite, Cotton Lace

Shop Twyla Dill Here

The Canada-based brand Wander Love Jewellery creates gorgeous art with intention dedicated to wild spirits and wandering souls. Their handmade, celestial fair trade jewelry are customizable to meet your own preferences and each of them is drenched in symbolisms of transformation, growth, fertility, and more. You can also check them out in our 46 amazing reasons to support small round up!

Price: $

Ethics: Female-Owned brand, Handmade In Canada

Location: Sold from Canada

Materials: Copper, Bronze, Brass,  Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz  

Shop Wander Love Jewellery Here

Drawing inspiration from architecture and African tribal designs, Indigenous’ collection of Fairtrade jewelry helps artisans earn a fair, living wage while working in safe conditions since 1994. Each one of their uniquely-shaped earrings, elegant bracelets, and necklaces is crafted from eco-friendly materials like recycled brass and reclaimed horns.

Price: $

Ethics: Handmade By Artisans In Peru With Heritage Techniques, Fair Trade, Recycled & Eco-Friendly Materials, Eco-Conscious Manufacturing,

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Recycled Brass, Reclaimed Horn,

Shop Indigenous Here

Bush Magic Metal is one of your standard eco-friendly jewelry brands. Besides being owned by a Mununjali woman from the Yugambeh nation, it also overflows with the creative spirit of the Mununjali Tribe of Beaudesert and the Butchulla Tribe of K’Gar. Hair handcrafted fair trade jewelry are adorned with her signature details and whimsical precious stones.

Price: Price Range Via $, $, $

Ethics: Handmade In Australia, Traditional Jewelry-Making Techniques

Location: Sold from Australia

Materials: Recycled Sterling Silver Metal With Hand Stamped Details, Ethically-Sourced Opal Gemstones Sourced Within Australia.

Shop Bush Magic Metal Here

Soko is one of the most loved sustainable luxury jewelry brands that’s also a B-certified corporation. Kenyan Artisans working with SOKO earn almost 5 times more than an average artisan. Furthermore, they try to build an inclusive and sustainable economy where every woman thrives.

Price: $

Ethics: Fair Labor, Woman Empowerment, Sustainable And Recycled Materials, B-Certified Corporation

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Recycled Brass, Ceramic Beads By Kazuri, Gold Plated, Silver, Reclaimed Horn And Bone, Wood

Shop Soko Here

Touted as one of the best sustainable jewelry brands of 2022, Nisolo’s eco-collections come with a sustainability report card for every individual item. The Certified B Corp partners up with local artisan groups from Kenya who get paid 33% more than the average fair trade wages. Moreover, their offsetting supports reforestation in the Peruvian Amazon.

Price: $

Ethics: Offset The Carbon Emissions (Carbon-Neutral Jewelry), Fair Trade, Handmade In Kenya, Sustainable And Recycled Materials, B-Certified Cooperation  

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Upcycled Brass

Shop Nisolo Here

You may know Mejuri as one of the most prominent influencer-approved sustainable luxury jewelry brands. To honor their commitment to traceability and transparency they solely work with suppliers who are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. Furthermore, they are compliant with the Kimberley Process to ensure that their diamonds are indeed complicit-free. 

Price: $

Ethics: Recycled & Sustainable Materials, Traceability, Founders Of The Empowerment Fund, Fair Labor, Certified By The Responsible Jewellery Council

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Scs Or Rjc Certified Recycled Gold, Newly Mined Gold-Certified Responsible Sources, Conflict-Free And Socially Responsible Diamonds

Shop Mejuri Here

The NY-based eco-friendly jewelry brand offers absolutely gorgeous recycled, sustainably handmade pieces made by seventh-generation craftsmen. Plus, all pieces are on are made-to-order to eliminate inventory hoarding. Last but not least, the female-founded company gives back to the community by donating to the She Should Run and Build NYC.

Price: $

Ethics: Sustainable And Recycled Materials, Fair Labor, Kimberly Process-Certified, Made To Order, Donations

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: 100% Recycled Gold, Conflict-Free Diamonds Certified By The Kimberly Process, Ethically Sourced Aaa-Grade Pearls  

Shop Aurate Here

31 Bits partnered with artisans in Uganda and Indonesia to create ethical jewelry and preserve twenty-five centuries of metalworking. On top of fair wages and a safe working environment, the brand offers women counseling and health care as well as financial education, and mentorships. If you love clean, minimalistic jewelry crafted with love, this brand is for you.

Price: $

Ethics: Women Empowerment, Handmade In Uganda & Indonesia, Fair Labor, 

Location: Sold from the US

Materials: Gold Plating, Sterling Silver, Cascading Paper Beads

Shop 31 Bits Here

This post was all about sustainable jewelry brands

The top affordable sustainable jewelry brands above promise to deliver gorgeously crafted Fairtrade jewelry straight from the hands of skilled artisans.  From ethically-sourced pearls from certified suppliers and recycled metals to conflict-free diamonds, your next sustainable fine jewelry shopping spree will certainly be guilt-free.

Thank you to the amazing Fair Anita and Rebel Nell for sponsoring todays post and for supporting our writing team and mission to help consumers shop consciously and with intention.

If you’re on the lookout for more ethical jewelry options, check out our other great article here!

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