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11 Best Non Toxic Coffee Makers For A Healthier Brew In 2023

plastic free coffee maker


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On the hunt for the best non toxic coffee makers to satisfy your daily coffee cravings? We’ve got you!

Whether you’re an espresso enthusiast, a coffee connoisseur, or someone who simply loves quality and convenience, the top-rated plastic free coffee makers and glass and all stainless steel coffee makers below are ready to elevate your brewing game.

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This Post Is About Best Non Toxic Coffee Makers in 2023.

best non toxic drip coffee maker

It’s no secret that we have a thing for modern, kitchen-must haves that make our lives a whole lot easier and healthier. We’re crushing one Electric Kitchen Composters, minimizing oil as much as possible with sleek air fryers, opting for the most enviable kitchen utensils – you get the point. 

So, today, we want to get rid of those pesky chemicals and unwanted nasties in our morning cuppa once and for all. Enter: Best non toxic coffee makers! Because great taste should never come with a side of ‘uh-oh, what’s in my cup?’ 

From French presses that ‘press’ all the right buttons to multi-tasking non toxic coffee makers, 2023’s eco market is booming with AMAZING units that’ll satisfy even the most demanding sippers. Cheers to a healthier and tastier cup of joe! 

But, before we jump right into the list of non toxic coffee makers, let’s have a look at the dangerous chemicals that lurk in your regular devices.

What toxic materials are hiding in most coffee makers?

Some coffee makers are notorious for using toxic materials like plastic that contain harmful chemicals like BPA, BPS, and phthalates that can find their way into your brew and eventually into your body. 

You see, when hot water interacts with these plastics, tiny bits can leach into your coffee. Both BPA and BPS are linked to potential health concerns ranging from cancer and infertility to thyroid disorders and cardiovascular disease. Not exactly the kind of extra flavor you’re hoping for, right?   

Your coffee deserves the best, without any unwanted extras. That’s why many non toxic coffee maker brands are now opting for safer materials like stainless steel and glass.

Is plastic in a coffee maker harmful?

Plastic in a coffee maker can potentially be harmful, especially if the plastic contains chemicals like BPA, BPS, and phthalates. When hot water comes into contact with these plastics, there’s a chance that small amounts of these chemicals can leach into your coffee. While the amounts might be minimal, some research suggests that long-term exposure to these chemicals could have health implications. 

Additionally, BPA and BPS are known as endocrine disruptors, which means they can interfere with hormone functions in your body. 

Phthalates, on the other hand, have been linked to various health concerns as well. So, if you’re concerned about potential health risks, opting for non toxic coffee makers made from stainless steel, glass, or other non-plastic materials could be a safer choice.

What is a non-toxic coffee maker?

A non-toxic coffee maker is one that is designed and constructed with materials that do not contain harmful chemicals or substances that could potentially leach into your coffee and pose health risks. 

In a non-toxic coffee maker, you won’t have to worry about chemicals like BPA, BPS, phthalates, or any other harmful additives being present in the materials that come into contact with hot water and coffee.

Who makes the safest coffee makers?

Known for its amazing CAFFETTIERA French press coffee maker, Bodum emphasizes simplicity and eco-friendliness with a stainless steel filter and a reusable design that avoids using paper filters and plastic capsules. 

Additionally, OXO offers innovative features for easier cleanup and smooth coffee extraction, prioritizing user comfort and convenience. 

SMEG’s best non toxic coffee makers combine style with functionality, offering adjustable dispenser settings and a focus on creating a diverse range of drinks at the touch of a button.

Moccamaster coffee brewers have set the standard for safe and high-quality brewing since 1968. They’re handmade in the Netherlands and prioritize durability, using materials like copper and BPA-free plastics. The options are so many!

This blog post is all about the best non toxic coffee makers.

11 Best Non Toxic Coffee Makers (Stainless Steel, Glass & More)

1. Bodum

best non plastic coffee maker

Bodum’s range of plastic free coffee makers includes insulated coffee makers and regular French Press Coffee makers with various capacities. Bodum is all about brewing coffee that’s not just good, but bursting with incredible flavor. 

If you’re tired of all the unnecessary stuff that comes with modern coffee-making, like those pesky paper filters and plastic capsules. The CAFFETTIERA line is crafted from top-notch Tritan plastic that won’t mess with the magic in your cup. 

On top of that, its chrome-plated stainless steel frame keeps things sturdy, while the plastic lid and handle make sure you’re safe and comfy while pouring that liquid gold. 

COLUMBIA is an insulated coffee maker collection that employs a reusable stainless steel filter that extracts all the oils from your precious beans while leaving the least amount of sediment in your cup. “Let’s make taste, not waste, shall we?

Price: From $21.99+ 

Capacity: 8 cups (1 L) 

Notable Features: Reusable stainless steel filter, BPA-free, premium quality tritan plastic, chrome-plated stainless steel 

Location/Shipping: USA 

2. AeroPress

plastic free coffee maker

With a whopping 45,000+ five-star reviews from coffee lovers in over 60 countries, AeroPress definitely deserves our attention. Made in the USA and designed in Silicon Valley, AeroPress’ best non toxic coffee makers are made with unbreakable Tritan™ material. 

With their 3-in-1 brew technology, you’re in for a treat. Americano? Cold brew? Espresso and lattes? You’re covered, and it takes only about a minute. 

Plus, while most presses skip the filtration, this one goes for a finer coffee grind that brews up quicker, bringing you less acidity, zero bitterness, and absolutely no grit.

With gentle pressure, it’s’ pushing water through those coffee grinds, infusing and extracting only the purest, freshest flavors.

Travel plans? No worries. These coffee makers are compact, sturdy, and light!

Price: From $39.95+ 

Capacity: 10 Ounces

Notable Features: 1-year warranty, up to 10% off your first order, 3-in-1 Brewing, fast immersion, air pressure

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide 

3. Farberware

coffee makers bpa free

Farberware’s all-stainless-steel coffee maker is a match for any stovetop, delivering that perfect pot of coffee you crave. No more fussing with messy paper inserts. 

This percolator features a permanent filter basket that’s here to save the day. Most stovetop percolators spill over when coffee perks. This one does not –it is foolproof!

Price: From $34.99+ 

Capacity: 8 cups 

Notable Features: Stainless steel with a glass knob, lifetime warranty, works on any stovetop

Location/Shipping: USA  

4. Cosori

coffee makers bpa free

A stove and microwave-safe, plastic free coffee maker you can actually toss in the dishwasher? Yes, please! 

Cosori uses top-notch materials such as high-quality glass and a stainless steel filter, to make smooth and flavorful coffee – every time.

And with its generous 8-cup capacity, refills are never in short supply. The thermal-insulated handle makes it easy to hold and keeps your hands comfy even when things are heating up. 

Plus, in addition to the non toxic coffee maker, you’ll also receive a food-grade measuring spoon – the perfect tool to ensure your coffee-to-water ratio is on point. Also, this 100 plastic free coffee maker is so darn stylish!

Price: $29.99 

Capacity: 1 Litre 

Notable Features: 2-Year limited warranty, 30-Day money back guarantee, free shipping, stainless steel filter, borosilicate glass, makes 8 cups 

Location/Shipping: USA 

5. Oxo

healthiest coffee maker no plastic

From the brewing process to the cleanup, OXO’s best non toxic coffee makers are designed to bring joy to your coffee routine. Even the aftermath is a breeze, thanks to the genius GroundsLifter feature. 

It effortlessly swipes away used coffee grounds in one smooth motion. No more digging or wrestling with wet, clumpy grounds! 

What’s more, the fine mesh stainless steel filter in OXO’s plastic free coffee makers steps up its game to ensure those sneaky grounds don’t find their way into your brew. Because who wants a crunchy coffee experience, right? 

Also, the stainless steel housing shields and keeps the borosilicate glass carafe cozy and safe.

Price: From $199.99+ 

Capacity: 8 cups 

Notable Features: 1% of our annual sales to support environmental nonprofits, double wall insulated, stainless steel 

Location/Shipping: USA 

6. DeLonghi

all stainless steel coffee maker no plastic

Delonghi’s premium line of non toxic coffee makers is the perfect addition to your modern kitchen countertop, without taking up too much space, plus it’s easy to clean. 

Even the most affordable plastic free coffee makers allow you to texture your milk with ease to create an authentic cappuccino, latte, or flat white. The stainless steel boiler is not only healthy and safe but also engineered to last long and work for years. 

Also, the 15-bar professional pressure assures quality results every time and adjustable controls help you to make modifications for your personal taste preferences. As for the Automatic Flow Stop feature, it’s specifically designed to dispense just the right amount of espresso, taking out the guesswork. 

All you have to do is pick the right all stainless steel coffee maker that fits your budget and needs.

Price: From $117.50+ 

Capacity: 1200 Millilitres 

Notable Features: Stainless steel, 15 bar pump pressure, milk frother

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

7. Smeg

All stainless steel coffee maker

SMEG’S extremely aesthetic and non toxic coffee makers are here to help us brew black coffee, espresso, americano, or ristretto coffee with ease (and style). 

The Thermoblock heating system is here to speed things up. It ensures your drinks are ready in a jiffy and maintains precise water temperature for that perfect coffee extraction. 

Plus, whether you prefer a dainty cup or a hearty mug, the adjustable dispenser has got you covered. It accommodates various cup sizes, so you’re free to choose. The user interface is a breeze to navigate to boot. Oh, the secret behind the exceptional flavor in every cup? The 19-bar pressure!

Price: From 269.95+ 

Capacity: 2.3 Litres

Notable Features: Stainless steel, programmable, makes 10 cups 

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

8. Hario

breville coffee maker no plastic

Since 1921, Hario has been a beacon of innovation and quality! Think drippers, filters, servers, kettles, grinders, syphons, scales, presses, cold brew, and many more items. 

The Tokyo-born company channelled all their knowledge into the iconic V60 Dripper. This elegant tool swiftly became the go-to choice for those who cherish the art of manual pour-over coffee. 

And since Hario proudly operates a pollution-free glass factory, using 100% natural ingredients, you already know that their quality is top-notch! 

All you have to do is place about 80g/2.8oz of your favorite coffee grinds in the 100 plastic free coffee maker and then top it off with water. Stir it for a bit until all the grounds have been soaked. Place it in your refrigerator overnight (8 hours) and enjoy the full-bodied, rich taste of cold brewed coffee.

Price: From $19.50+ 

Capacity: 70 Millilitres 

Notable Features: Controls the flow, timing, and temperature of the water, manual brewing method allows you to choose your ideal brew time and temperature

Location/Shipping: Worldwide 

9. Espressione

automatic drip coffee maker without plastic parts

Next up is Espressione’s all stainless steel coffee maker. On the espresso side, get ready for intense flavors and perfect crema. 

The 19-bar high-pressure pump and the thermoblock heating system work in harmony to deliver impeccable shots.

The coffee side doesn’t hold back either. It serves up full-bodied coffee, perfect for when you’re craving something a bit different.

This plastic free coffee maker brews up to 10 cups and keeps them warm for hours with its trusty warming plate. The die-cast aluminum filter holder comes with a cool ‘moustache style’ outlet, allowing you to brew into two cups at once. 

Plus, the spherical-headed plastic steam tube with a stainless steel steam nozzle is ready to froth and create lattes that dreams are made of. Lastly, the thermo block heating system ensures your brew’s temperature stays steady without any delays.

Price: From $199.99+ 

Capacity: 1.5 Litres 

Notable Features: Stainless Steel, Milk frother 

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

10. Mueller Austria

plastic free coffee maker

Next up is one of the best non toxic coffee makers from Mueller Austria with 4-layer filtration and over 30.000 nearly-perfect reviews!

This means your grounds stay exactly where they belong – in the carafe, not your cup. 

The stainless steel exterior is not only sturdy but also travel-friendly – no fragile glass here. It’s your ideal camping and RV buddy.

Plus, the handle stays cool to the touch for easy pouring, while the vacuum-insulated, double-walled carafe keeps your brew deliciously warm for your next pour. 

On top of that, the unit also comes with a handy stainless steel travel canister. It can hold up to 2 batches of pre-ground coffee, perfect for crafting a fresh cup wherever you go.

It’s as simple as adding hot water and brewing, just like you would at home.

Price: From $29.97+ 

Capacity: 2.1 pounds 

Notable Features: Stainless Steel Coffee Maker 4 Level Filtration System, No Coffee Grounds, Rust-Free, Dishwasher Safe

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

11.Technivorm Moccamaster

best non toxic drip coffee maker

We saved the best non toxic drip coffee maker for last! Since 1968, Moccamaster coffee brewers have been leading the way in at-home coffee brewing. 

In just 4-6 minutes, the units work their magic, producing a cup of coffee that rivals the quality you’d get from complex manual methods or even your favorite café. 

All their plastics are free from harmful chemicals like BPA, BPS, BPF, and phthalates. On top of that, the KBGV Select by Technivorm Moccamaster is the only coffee brewer certified to brew both a half and full carafe to the Specialty Coffee Association’s Golden Cup Standard. 

Plus, it comes in so many colors!

Price: From $339+ 

Capacity: 10 cups 

Notable Features: 5-year Warranty,  stainless steel, plastic free automatic coffee maker

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

This blog post is all about the best non toxic coffee makers.

So go ahead, steep your way to a cuppa that’s not only delicious – but also safe! Our favorite non toxic coffee makers are created with premium stainless steel, glass or BPA-free plastic.

This means that you won’t find any nasties in your daily cups of coffee ever again! Cheers to healthier brews and happier sips!

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