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Looking for the most ethical, non toxic, and fair trade certified organic coffee brands of 2024? Indulge in your favorite brew while positively impacting the lives of farmers and workers with the best organic coffee blends below.

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Best Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffee Brands in 2024.

non toxic coffee

We love our coffee around here – and if you’re reading this, I’m sure you do too!

You know, the self-care ritual that helps us jump-start our day with a burst of energy and an irresistible aroma. Whether it’s decaf or classic – the perfect cup of joe always hits the spot.

Regardless of your preference, the Healthiest Coffee Brands on our list are approved by even the pickiest espresso sippers and loyal organic mold-free coffee connoisseurs out there.

You know us. We’d never want to put our need for maintaining our caffeine eye twitch above safety and livelihood. That’s why our roundup is solely focused on fair-trade-certified organic coffee brands. With each cup, you contribute to a sustainable future while savoring the exquisite flavors nurtured by dedicated farmers across the globe.

What is organic fair trade coffee?

Organic fair-trade coffee combines two critical certifications: organic certification and fair trade certification. The organic certification ensures that the coffee is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, promoting soil health, biodiversity, and long-term sustainability. 

The fair trade certification focuses on promoting fair and equitable trading practices. It ensures that coffee farmers receive fair prices for their products, providing them with a stable income to support their families and invest in their communities. Transparency, accountability, and respect for workers’ rights, including safe working conditions and fair labor practices, are encouraged every step of the way. 

When combined, organic and fair trade certifications create a powerful blend that benefits both farmers and consumers. Organic farming practices protect the environment, preserve the health of farmers and consumers, and promote sustainable agriculture. Fair trade practices empower coffee farmers by providing them with fair wages and improving their access to resources and education.

Is organic coffee healthier?

Absolutely! Organic coffee is healthier than regular coffee! When coffee is labeled as “organic,” it means that it has been grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. So no artificial stuff gets in the way of your morning pick-me-up.

Plus, organic coffee tends to have a cleaner, more vibrant flavor profile. Without those pesky pesticides interfering, you get to enjoy the true essence of organic coffee beans. It’s like unlocking a secret flavor code that makes every sip more delightful and satisfying.

How is organic coffee grown?

First off, organic coffee farms embrace a more holistic approach to farming. Organic farmers turn to nature’s playbook instead of relying on synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. They focus on sustainable and eco-friendly practices that work in harmony with the environment.

The journey begins with the soil. Organic coffee farms prioritize soil health by using natural methods like composting, crop rotation, and cover cropping. These techniques enrich the soil with essential nutrients, making it a cozy home for coffee plants to thrive.

When it’s time to plant coffee seeds, farmers carefully select high-quality, organic-certified seeds. These seeds are nurtured in nurseries until they grow into sturdy seedlings, ready to embark on their coffee-growing adventure.

Once the seedlings are strong enough, they are transplanted to the coffee farm. Organic coffee farms often take advantage of the shade-grown method. This means that coffee plants are grown under the protective canopy of trees. It’s like creating a natural, sun-filtering umbrella for the coffee plants. This helps maintain optimal growing conditions and supports biodiversity by providing a habitat for birds and other wildlife.

After harvesting, the coffee cherries go through a process called “processing.” This involves removing the outer layers of the cherry to reveal the precious organic coffee beans inside. Organic coffee farms usually opt for natural processing methods, like sun-drying the beans, instead of using artificial machinery or chemicals.

How does fair trade coffee help farmers?

Fair trade is all about ensuring that farmers receive fair compensation for their coffee. You see, in the conventional coffee market, there can be a lot of middlemen and big corporations that drive down prices, leaving farmers struggling to make ends meet. But fair trade flips the script. It cuts out those greedy middlemen and establishes direct relationships between farmers and buyers.

By eliminating unnecessary middlemen, fair trade guarantees that farmers get a fair price for their coffee beans. This fair price provides a stable income for farmers and allows them to support their families, invest in their farms, and improve their communities.

They also help farmers access resources like training, education, and healthcare. This empowers farmers to take control of their lives, break free from poverty’s grip, and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Is fair trade coffee better for the environment?

Absolutely! Fair trade coffee is way better for the environment. Fairtrade encourages farmers to embrace sustainable farming practices. This means saying no to harmful chemicals and synthetic pesticides that can wreak havoc on the environment. Instead, it promotes organic farming methods, where farmers work hand in hand with nature to grow their organic coffee beans.

By going organic, fair-trade coffee farmers help protect biodiversity and promote a healthy ecosystem. They prioritize the well-being of the soil, water sources, and the creatures that call coffee farms their home.

Fairtrade coffee also emphasizes shade-grown coffee. Instead of clear-cutting forests to make way for coffee plantations, fair trade farmers grow their coffee under the shade of lush trees. These trees provide a habitat for birds, insects, and other critters, contributing to a balanced and diverse ecosystem. It’s like creating a cozy little coffee haven within a thriving forest.

Lastly, coffee is a thirsty plant, but fair trade farmers implement water management techniques to ensure responsible water usage. They capture rainwater, use drip irrigation systems, and employ other smart strategies to minimize water waste.  

This post is about the best organic & fair trade coffee brands.

Best Organic Fairtrade Coffee Brands That Give Back

1. Cooper´s Cask Coffee

organic coffee beans

Cooper’s Cask Coffee is an epic small-batch roastery featuring delicious single-origin, cold-brew, decaf organic coffee, and bourbon barrel-aged coffee roasted fresh in the US.

Yes, rather than roasting in bulk and letting them sit in warehouses for weeks on end, Cooper’s Cask Coffee only roasts to order!!

What’s more, they are an FDA Registered, USDA Certified Organic roastery, meaning that their entire production emphasizes natural processes and ingredients. Flavoursome, ethical and healthy, what more do we really need?

Price: From $17.95

Ethics: FDA Registered, USDA Certified Organic, roasted to order in the US

Shipping/Location: USA

Best Organic Fair Trade Coffee from Cooper´s Cash Coffee:

2. Volcanica Coffee

best organic coffee

With over 29 organic coffee flavors to suit your coffee mood, Volcanica Coffee is definitely one of the best brands of 2024.

They solely source beans from mineral-rich soil farmers to ensure quality and amazing bold flavor. Plus, the family-owned businesses offer everything from conventional coffee, french roast, whole beans, dark roast coffee, or light roast with rich flavors like Bourbon Praline, Chocolate Creme Brulee, and Coconut Cream. So yummy!

Whether you choose exotic coffee or wish to enjoy organic coffees from Central America, South America, and Puerto, Volcanica has something special for everyone. 

Best Organic Coffee from Volcanica Coffee:

3. Grounds & Hounds

Healthiest Coffee Brands

Grounds & Hounds is a coffee company with a unique mission combining its love for coffee and its passion for supporting animals. 

They offer a variety of organic coffee beans and blends and single-origin coffees, catering to different taste preferences. Some of them are even Peace Trade – aka sourced from Mighty Peace Coffee, a woman, and minority-owned social impact coffee importer with access to the finest green coffee grown in Congo. 

Plus, they partner with various animal rescue organizations and donate 20% of their profits to help provide shelter, medical care, and, ultimately, forever homes for dogs in need. 

Price: From $15

Ethics: A portion of profits from every sale to support animal rescue 

Shipping/Location: USA only

Best Organic Coffee Beans from Ground & Hounds:

4. Ethical Bean

organic coffee beans

As a certified fair trade coffee brand, Ethical Bean takes its commitment to ethical coffee production seriously, ensuring that farmers receive a fair price for their hard work with every batch they produce.

Renowned as one of Canada’s first Q graders—a professional coffee taster—Aaron De Lazzer meticulously selects the finest organic fair trade coffee beans for Ethical Bean.

In addition, to deepen your connection to the origins of your coffee, each bag of Ethical Bean coffee or organic coffee pods is equipped with a unique QR code.

Price: From 12.99

Ethics: Fairtrade and organic certified coffee roasted in a LEED standard energy-efficient factory. recycling program, 100% compostable coffee pods, renewable energy

Shipping/Location: Based in Canada and ships only to Canada

5. Salt Spring Coffee

organic instant coffee

Salt Spring stands out as one of Canada’s leading fair trade certified organic coffee brands, priding itself on crafting exceptional, 100% organic coffee grounds.

What began as a humble venture by a coffee-loving family, roasting beans on a cozy wood stove, has now blossomed into a fantastic zero-waste company that diverts waste from landfills through composting and recycling.

Their most unique organic fair trade coffee offerings? Delightful tasting notes of velvety milk chocolate, zesty tangerine, and delectably nutty undertones.

Price: From $15.99

Ethics: B Corps around, making 100% organic and sustainable coffee with Fair for Life certification and a strong reputation for deliciousness and solid ethics, small family owned 

Shipping/Location: Ships from Canada to CA and USA

6. Larry’s Coffee

Healthiest Coffee Brands

Committed to sourcing the finest beans, Larry’s Coffee employs the most sustainable methods to deliver exceptional, high-quality organic coffee that tantalizes the taste buds.

The certified B Corporation follows eco-friendly practices within their offices and roastery and works with selected small farms from different countries.

They are also USDA Certified! From the enticing flavors of caramel and chocolate to subtle undertones of tobacco and pepper, each cup of Larry’s Coffee organic coffee beans is rich and oh-so-fulfilling.  

Price: From $16 

Ethics: B Corp, small-batch fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffee from a longstanding eco-friendly and sustainability-minded company – now with recyclable, BPA-free k-cups!

Shipping/Location: USA

7. Conscious Coffees

organic coffee beans

Known as one of the most sustainable fair trade certified organic coffee brands in Colorado, USA, Conscious Coffees is one of the founding members of Cooperatives Coffee.

So they not only ensure high-quality organic coffee production but also establish a reliable source of income for their dedicated farmers.

With every cup, you can indulge in their certified organic coffee, knowing that it has been cultivated with utmost care and respect for the environment.

What’s more, Conscious Coffees roasts their organic coffee beans fresh to order, guaranteeing an exceptional and flavorful experience.

Price: From $23

Ethics: Certified B Corp, organic, fair trade, beyond living wages, organic, fair trade, beyond living wages 

Shipping/Location: Ships from USA to worldwide

8. ZenBunni

fair trade certified organic coffee brands

ZenBunni is a unique and artisanal fair trade coffee brand, focused on sourcing coffee beans from different regions, carefully selecting the finest beans that meet their quality and sustainability standards.

In addition to the traditional farming techniques, their preferred method of biodynamic farming uses a prescribed list of biological or natural “preparations” whilst acknowledging and working with universal or cosmic forces at play in the farming environment to cultivate the soil’s long-term health.

It’s so special and rare that there are only a dozen Certified Biodynamic® Coffee Farms worldwide. Spoiler alert: ZenBunni’s organic coffee beans come from one of them!

Price: From $19

Ethics: Family run mom-and-pop store, omnidegradable pouch, compostable label and planet-friendly inks, fair-trade coffee organic

Shipping/Location: USA, Worldwide Shipping

9. Higher Ground Roasters

organic fair trade coffee

Higher Ground Roasters are well-known for producing certified organic, shade-grown organic fair trade coffee that supports sustainable farming practices.

Their Fair Trade beans are roasted and shipped to order, so everything is fresh and delicious. What’s more, Higher Ground’s organic decaf coffee is expertly crafted using the Swiss Water process, ensuring a flavorful and satisfying experience.

For those with a sweet tooth and a penchant for delightful hints of milk chocolate, check out the Higher Ground’s Magic City Blend!

Price: From $15

Ethics: USDA-certified organic, Shade Grown Fair Trade certified, gives back, sustainable & renewable power, and organic certified

Shipping/Location: Ships from USA to USA only

10. Frenchie Coffee

organic mold free coffee

Originating from the picturesque town of Port Orchard, Washington, Frenchie Coffee is a delightful organic fair trade coffee venture run by a passionate husband and wife team.

Their approach revolves around the art of roasting in small, carefully curated batches. What sets Frenchie Coffee apart is their dedication to sourcing organically grown coffee beans from the lush landscapes of South America.

You can find organic coffee beans as well as ethical organic coffee grounds to jump-start your day with a burst of energy and an irresistible aroma.

Price: From $15.99

Ethics: Small batch, family run, donations to animal rescues 

Shipping/Location: USA

11. Equal Exchange

fair trade certified organic coffee brands

Since its establishment in 1986, Equal Exchange has been at the forefront of the ethical movement, blazing a trail as one of its pioneering advocates.

Touted as one of the first and best fair trade certified organic coffee brands, this is a 100% worker-owned cooperative, where every worker holds an equal share in the company’s ownership and decision-making processes.

Their organic coffee beans And grounds have over 3K glowing reviews on Amazon! When it comes to flavor, Equal Exchange offers a range of organic fair trade coffee blends in both medium and dark roast profiles, each imbued with unique chocolate undertones.

Price: From $40

Ethics: Fairtrade, organic, worker-owned democratic workplace, sustainably grown by small farmer co-ops, 100% renewable gas and electricity

Shipping/Location: USA only

12. Tiny Footprint Coffee

organic mold free coffee

Tiny Footprint, an exceptional organic fair trade certified company, proudly introduced the world’s first carbon-negative coffee.

All thanks to an inspiring collaboration between a non-profit conservation organization and an artisan coffee roastery. There’s something for everyone, from light to dark roasts, perfectly suited for a refreshing cold brew and flavor notes that are both sweet and silky.

With a strong commitment to reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest, they ensure that every sip you take supports environmental conservation and coffee farming communities’ well-being.

Plus, they employ an energy-efficient German-built Probat drum for roasting their organic coffee beans –which are “dressed” in f biodegradable coffee bags.  

Price: From $15.95 

Ethics: Organic certified, small-batched fair-trade or Rain Forest Alliance certified, dedicated to sourcing from Women Coffee Producers across the world

Shipping/Location: USA only

13. DOMA

fair trade certified organic coffee brands

In addition to being one of the best fair trade certified organic coffee brands, DOMA is also a proud member of Cooperative Coffees.

Certified through the state of Idaho, their organic fair trade coffee is organically grown and sourced through direct relationships that ensure fair trade principles are upheld.

You can find organic instant coffee as well as delicious organic coffee beans roasted and packed to order.

Also, the company uses an eco-friendly roaster which y enables them to conserve up to 80 percent of natural gas compared to more traditional roasters.

Price: From $16

Ethics: Fairtrade, certified organic, eco-friendly practices & packaging, gives back, made in small batches 

Shipping/Location: Worldwide

14. Café Mam

fair trade certified organic coffee brands

Café Mam stands out with its diverse range of organic coffee offerings, all crafted from fair-trade beans that are lovingly grown using organic practices.

They prioritize supporting cooperatives, including native Mayan coffee growers in Mexico, ensuring a direct and positive impact on farming communities.

Plus, each bag of Café Mam coffee comes with an audit trail, providing transparency and ensuring the highest quality.

Also, the brand roasts your coffee to order and ships within one day of roasting!

Price: From $6.75 

Ethics: Certified organic, Fair Trade, Shade-Grown, and as sustainable as coffee can be, with a new line of shelf-stable fully biodegradable coffee packaging

Shipping/Location: Worldwide

15. Rise Up Coffee Roasters

organic coffee brands

What began as a modest coffee trailer in a charming Maryland town, now boasts nine welcoming cafés, a thriving online store, and a flourishing wholesale business.

Today, Rise Up Coffee proudly employs over 100 dedicated individuals who contribute to every step of the process, from sourcing to roasting, ensuring that their organic fair trade coffee is crafted with care.

Their organic coffee beans are always roasted fresh to order! On top of that, you can find biodegradable organic coffee pods as well as delicious organic decaf coffee.

Price: From $14

Ethics: Fair Trade certified, USDA certified organic, made in small batches

Shipping/Location: Worldwide

16. BLK + Bold

organic instant coffee

Known as one of the best fair trade certified organic coffee brands in 2024, BLK + Bold offers certified organic coffee beans and grounds, carefully sourced from renowned coffee capitals like Honduras and Ethiopia.

This amazing, 100% Black-owned company also offers organic coffee pods and decaf organic coffee!

The cherry on top? With every purchase, you contribute to youth-focused initiatives, as an inspiring five percent of BLK + Bold’s profits are dedicated to supporting causes such as teen homelessness and workforce development opportunities.

Price: From $14

Ethics: Fair Trade certified, organic, gives back to youth-centered causes

Shipping/Location: Worldwide

17. Made by DWC

Healthiest Coffee Brands

Made by DWC is an extraordinary social enterprise, focused on empowering women and breaking the cycle of chronic homelessness through meaningful employment opportunities.

Rich in flavor, Made by DWC’s thoughtfully sourced organic fair trade coffee is, available in two delightful roasts: Uganda and Papua New Guinea. Regardless of your choice, these organic coffee grounds are delicious!

And With every sip, you’ll experience the joy of knowing that you’re making a tangible difference in someone’s life.

Price: From $18

Ethics: Fairtrade, Organic, made in small batches, social enterprise, gives back

Shipping/Location: USA only

18. Kicking Horse Coffee

organic coffee beans

Next up, Kicking Horse Coffee, one of the leading fair trade certified organic coffee brands in Canada.

You can trust that every sip supports fair compensation, superior quality, and organic farming practices. And there is something for everyone!

The dark roast organic coffee grounds is a special blend of coffee beans grown with utmost care for the environment, ensuring a guilt-free and flavorful experience.

As the organic coffee beans roast amidst the majestic Rocky Mountains in Canada, they absorb the essence of this breathtaking landscape, adding an extra touch of richness to every cup.

Price: From $11.99

Ethics: Organic certification, fairtrade

Shipping/Location: Worldwide

19. Taylors

Healthiest Coffee Brands

Smooth and mellow, Taylors’ carbon-neutral Fika Coffee is a unique vegetarian blend of coffees from Central America and South America selected by the highly trained and qualified team of Q-graders.

In fact, up to 100 samples a day are scrutinized by them and face immediate, cold-hearted rejection.

Plus, their organic fair trade coffee is available in beans and grounds in a slew of delicious and unexpected flavors.

Price: From £23.99

Ethics: 100% renewable gas and electricity, Fairtrade, Organic, empowerment of women within supply chains, rainforest alliance cert

Shipping/Location: Worldwide

20. Cafédirect

organic fair trade coffee

Cafedirect is one of the leading fair trade certified organic coffee brands renowned for its exceptional coffees crafted through ethical production practices.

Their dedication to quality has earned them more than 30 prestigious Great Taste Awards, making them a favorite among coffee lovers.

Plus, by supporting their farmers, Cafedirect reinvests their profits into the communities where their organic fair trade coffee is sourced, making a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

From bold and robust blends to nuanced and aromatic single-origin varieties, there is a bag of organic coffee grounds to suit every taste preference.

Price: From £8.95

Ethics: Fairtrade, Organic, certified B Corp, re-invests up to 50 percent of profits, gives back

Shipping/Location: UK only

21. Grumpy Mule

organic fair trade coffee

Grumpy Mule is a sustainable coffee brand with 6 certified organic coffees, including one decaf organic coffee created using the Swiss Water process.

Whether you prefer organic coffee beans or grounds, you’ll be happy to know that Grumpy Mule has partnered with the Café Femenino foundation to help encourage gender equality at origin, by supporting women coffee farmers in Peru.

Delicious and ethical–precisely as we like it.

Price: From £5,50

Ethics: Fairtrade, organic, gives back, supports environmental initiatives 

Shipping/Location: Worldwide

This post was about the fair trade certified organic coffee brands in 2024.

To put it simply, by choosing organic fair trade coffee, you’re supporting farmers who prioritize sustainable farming practices, protect biodiversity, conserve water resources, and reduce their carbon footprint. The best organic coffee brands take a green leap forward at every step of the coffee journey. So grab your delicious and guilt-free blends to nourish both your taste buds and the planet. 

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