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Looking for the best compostable trash bags in 2024? We took it upon ourselves to find the most durable compostable kitchen trash bags that won’t force you to put up with leaks and sudden tears ever again.

Of course, all options are backed up by trustworthy certifications from third parties in the USA and Europe. 

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What are compostable trash bags?

Compostable trash bags are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags when it comes to waste disposal. They are specially designed to break down naturally and completely, just like organic matter, when exposed to specific conditions.

When you dispose of your compostable bin liners in a composting environment, they undergo a process called composting, where they break down into nutrient-rich soil, leaving behind no harmful residues. What makes biodegradable compostable trash bags so amazing is that they contribute to the production of nutrient-rich compost, which can be used to nourish gardens, plants, and crops. 

Did you know that, in just one year, the United States alone generated a staggering 730,000 tons of plastic bags, sacks, and wraps? 

And it doesn’t stop there – approximately 300 million plastic bags find their way into the Atlantic Ocean annually. It’s alarming to think that by 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans, measured by weight. 

That’s solely because plastic can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years to decompose. So it keeps piling up – year after year. 

So what can we do about it? We hear you ask. We can start by replacing our overly polluting plastic bags with the best compostable trash bags on the eco market.

Big and small compostable trash bags have an extraordinary “power” that allows them to break down super fast when exposed to sunlight, moisture, and tiny microorganisms. 

How? Instead of polyethylene, our favorite compostable bin liners are crafted with sustainable materials, such as cornstarch, sugarcane, and bamboo, which are renewable resources. 

It’s a big win for the environment and a step towards a cleaner and greener future. 

However, you should keep in mind that not all compostable tall kitchen trash bags and biodegradable bags, in general, are the same.

Some may require specific conditions to break down, such as industrial composting facilities, while others can break down in home compost systems or natural environments. So many sure to check each brand’s certifications before you hit “add to cart.”

How do compostable trash bags work?

The magic lies in the materials used to make compostable bags. They are typically crafted from renewable resources like plant-based materials or compostable polymers. These materials have the incredible ability to decompose just like organic matter when placed in a composting environment.

When you dispose of a compostable trash bag in a compost pile or facility, it is exposed to various factors such as sunlight, moisture, and microorganisms. These elements work together to initiate the decomposition process. As the bag breaks down, it transforms into nutrient-rich compost, which is essentially nature’s way of recycling and giving back to the Earth.

Timeframe for decomposition

The time it takes for biodegradable compostable trash bags to decompose can vary depending on many different factors such as the specific materials used, environmental conditions, and composting methods. Under ideal conditions, compostable bags can fully decompose within approximately 90 to 180 days.

The decomposition times can be longer in home composting systems or less-controlled environments. In a backyard compost pile, where conditions may not be as optimal, compostable bags may take a bit longer to break down, typically ranging from several months to a year or more.

Will compostable trash bags actually break down in a landfill?

Biodegradable compostable trash bags have the potential to break down in a landfill, but the process is much slower and less effective compared to composting in the right conditions. 

The lack of oxygen slows down the decomposition process, and the presence of other waste materials can further hinder biodegradation. So ideally, compostable bags should be disposed of in composting systems specifically designed to facilitate their breakdowns, such as industrial composting facilities or home compost piles. 

These environments provide the necessary conditions of moisture, oxygen, and microbial activity to effectively decompose the bags and transform them into nutrient-rich compost.

Best Compostable Trash Bags and Biodegradable Bin Liners

1. Repurpose

compostable tall kitchen trash bags

Repurpose offers some of the best compostable tall kitchen trash bags! They’re 13 gallons and 2 inches longer than the average bag for a perfect fit. 

And don’t worry about any potential leaks. The star-sealed bottom will prevent them! 

Most importantly, these biodegradable compostable trash bags will degrade within 12 months at ambient temperature in a backyard composter or degrade within 180 days in a commercial composter.

Price: From $7.99

Certification: Certified Home Compostable

Shipping/Location: Ships to and from the USA only

Best Compostable Trash Bags from Repurpose: 

2. Primode

biodegradable compostable trash bags

Crafted from corn and vegetable starch, Primode’s best compostable trash bags are the perfect solution for your tall kitchen bins. 

These compostable tall kitchen trash bags are specifically designed to fit a standard 13-gallon size, making them the ideal choice for everyday use. Plus, they are extremely durable. 

With a thickness of 0.87 millimeters, Primode’s bags certainly won’t tear or leak easily. Also, they are available in larger quantities, allowing you to stock up and save money in the long run. The certifications ensure that they are safe for home composting as well as municipal and industrial facilities.

Price: from $14.95

Certification: OK compost HOME, ASTM D6400

Shipping/Location: Ships from US worldwide

Best Compostable Kitchen Trash Bags from Primode:

3. ProGreen

biodegradable compostable trash bags

Whether you are looking for 3-gallon biodegradable compostable trash bags or for a 33-gallon option, ProGreen has everything. 

The bags are durable and extra thick, which means that they won’t tear or leak easily. You can safely dispose of your Food Scrap and Yard Waste knowing that they are backyard composting certified!  

Price: from $18

Certification: backyard composting certified (VINCOTTE HOME OK ) 

Shipping/Location: Ships from the US worldwide

4. BioBag

best compostable trash bags

Dedicated to helping reduce organic waste in landfills, BioBag offers an array of certified biodegradable compostable trash bags manufactured in California. 

In addition to their top-selling compostable kitchen trash bags, you can also find compostable pet waste bags, perfect for your zero-waste furry friend, as well as compost bin bags, resealable bags, yard waste bags, snack bags, and more. 

Their materials of choice? Vegetable oils, compostable polymers, and plant starch from renewable crops sourced from GMO-Free crops.

Price: From $7

Certification: OK Compost HOME, Biodegradable Products Institute, and AS 4736  

Shipping/Location: Ships from USA, worldwide free shipping


compostable kitchen trash bags

UNNI offers some of the best compostable trash bags on the eco market since they are 100% biodegradable, BPA-free, and break down within 180 days. 

That’s because the brand uses corn and plant starches instead of harmful plastics. Their compostable small kitchen trash bags and compost bags are re-available in 2.6-, 3-, 4- and 8-gallon sizes. 

But keep in mind that they are not meant for use with liquids or high temperatures. 

Price: From $13.99

Certification: TUV-certified, OK Compost Home

Shipping/Location: USA


biodegradable compostable trash bags

Next up, SUPERBIO’s best compostable trash bags. These convenient 1.6-, 2.6-, 3-, 13- and 33-gallon bags with handles are specially designed to effortlessly fit into most countertop bins and are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor household trash disposal usages. 

Also, all compostable kitchen trash bags are engineered with a reinforced bottom, ensuring they can securely hold even the heaviest loads. 

They will naturally break down into humus, CO2, and water within just 180 days.

Price: From $13.99

Certification: Certified OK Compost, BPI 

Shipping/Location: USA

7. Home Green Earth

compostable tall kitchen trash bags

Home Green Earth chooses GMO-free crops to source sustainable materials for their compostable bin liners, which are available in 2.6, 3, and 13-gallon sizes. 

They fit most tall bins, so you can easily use these small compostable trash bags to get rid of all kitchen and household waste. 

Also, once they are full, the bags will decompose completely in both home and commercial composting facilities, leaving only nutrient-rich humus, water, and CO2.

Price: From $12.99

Certification: ASTM D6400 and certified OK Compost Home

Shipping/Location: USA


best compostable trash bags

AYOTEE’S 4-gallon compostable trash bags and 1.2-gallon small compostable trash bags are made of Plastarch material(PSM). 

What we like most about them is the drawstring design. It helps to contain as much garbage as possible. Plus, it prevents garbage from exposing and overflowing. 

They are perfect for offices, kitchens, and bathrooms – you can toss everything from baby diapers to pets’ litter. 

To top it all off, these biodegradable trash bags are 0.59 mil thick to make sure it’s durable enough not to tear or leak.

Price: From $40

Certification: OK Compost HOME certification

Shipping/Location: Ships from USA to worldwide


compostable kitchen trash bags

HIPPO SAK biodegradable trash bags are manufactured locally, in the USA, with ergonomic handles and a thicker bottom layer to avoid breakage and hold heavy discarded items. 

Don’t believe us? All you have to do is look at the 7,800+ glowing reviews on Amazon. 

Lastly, all compostable tall kitchen trash bags are BPA-free, fully recyclable, and USDA Certified Biobased – meaning they were created from plant-based materials.

Price: From $28

Certification: OK Home Compost Certified

Shipping/Location: Ships from the US and worldwide

This post was about the best compostable trash bags.

These biodegradable trash bags may not have capes, but they dance with microorganisms, party with moisture, and soak up sunlight to transform into nutrient-rich compost. 

In other words, they provide a convenient and effective way to dispose of organic waste while minimizing the negative impact on our planet.

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