15 Best Barefoot Sandals For Hiking, Running, and Daily Use | 2024 Reviews

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Looking for the best barefoot sandals for hiking, running, or simply walking around the busy city streets in style? We rounded up the best-rated and top-reviewed barefoot sandals for men and women in 2024!

p.s. we also have a full guide to barefoot shoes if you are looking for some help there as well.

This is your ultimate guide to barefoot sandals in 2024.

best minimalist barefoot sandals

For avid hikers, wanderlusters, and comfy-shoe enthusiasts, barefoot sandals have always been a key part of their footwear. Barefoot sandals are worn by every member of the SKL team for a good reason: barefoot sandals keep our feet healthy, closer to nature, and ready for any adventure that awaits us.

No matter if you are looking for a brand new pair of barefoot running sandals for the next marathon or simply want to explore nature with the best barefoot sandals for hiking, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Why Are Barefoot Sandals Important?

Apart from the obvious benefit of enjoying the amazing sensation of being connected to the earth as if you were barefoot, minimalist sandals are good for your health as well. 

The best barefoot sandals allow you to try different gait patterns without putting stress on your knee joints, Achilles tendon, and forefoot. On top of that, thin soles improve your ability to balance since you are connected to the ground above you. Last but not least, barefoot sandals are secured in place with various different straps to ensure stability.

What Are Barefoot Sandals Made Of?

Barefoot sandals are typically made of various lacing systems that hold the sole onto your foot. You might have heard of the term “zero-drop.” This phrase describes the completely flat sole, which makes you feel like you are indeed walking barefoot. 

Some sandals feature leather, which is extremely durable, soft, and water-resistant. Other styles are made from canvas, which is quick-drying, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. When it comes to the best barefoot sandals for hiking, Vibram outsoles are the most common.

Can I Wear Barefoot Shoes Daily?

Barefoot sandals help strengthen the foot, improve ankle stability, and also, therefore, prevent injuries. 

However, barefoot sandals are not recommended for daily use during the first years. If you’ve already spent most of your life walking in cushioned shoes with elevated heels, your muscles and tendons are used to this type of support. 

So make sure to take it slowly and let your feet adjust. I was personally able to transition right into barefoot sandals because of my love of completely barefoot walking.

How to choose the best barefoot sandals?

Just like with regular shoes, it’s essential to find the right fit for your barefoot sandals. Look for adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit around your feet. This way, you’ll make sure that your feet will be comfortable and prevent any rubbing.

Best barefoot sandals for hiking, running, or walking should have a flexible and thin sole that mimics the feeling of walking barefoot. This allows your feet to move naturally and provides a better connection with the ground. So make sure to opt for materials like rubber or cork that offer flexibility and durability.

Last but not least, think about the occasions and outfits you want to wear your barefoot sandals with. Are you looking for something casual and versatile or more elegant and eye-catching? There are plenty of options out there to match your personal style.

This post is about Barefoot Sandals for Healthy Feet in 2024.

The best barefoot sandals for earth-loving minimalists.

1. Earth Runners

best minimalist barefoot sandals

Earth Runner’s barefoot sandals come in an array of styles and colors – and all of them are Handcrafted in the USA. 

The performance laces are here to provide ultimate security and stability. Their best barefoot running sandals are made from moisture-wicking Canvas and GOTS Certified Small Batch Dye. Plus, they donate 1% of all sales to True Messages.

Price: $125

Materials: Moisture-Wicking Canvas, Gots Certified Small Batch Dye, Vibram Sole

Thickness: 9mm

Sizes: 6-15

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Best barefoot running sandals:

2. Feelgrounds

sustainable sandals for women

Blame it on the anatomical fit or flexible zero-drop sole; one thing is sure. Feelgrounds makes some of the most stylish barefoot sandals for men and women!

The brand uses all-natural materials to ethically create their classic, sleek vegan, eco-friendly sandals in Vietnam in ILO-compliant factories!

Price: $89

Materials: Cork & Cotton Recycled Materials.

Thickness: 7 mm

Sizes: W5-11 / M11-15

Location/Shipping: Worldwide Shipping

Best barefoot sandals for everyday use:

3. Luna Sandals

best barefoot walking sandals

For the best barefoot running sandals, look no further than Luna Sandals. The award-winning company offers a slew of unisex designs adorned with Performance Laces for an effortless fit. 

All collections are made in the US with flexible and otherworldly durable materials. Also, they are inspired by age-old designs with modern upgrades for optimal, sustainable foot health and performance.

Price: $125

Materials: Waterproof Non-Marking Vibram® Megagrip Outsole, Vegan Materials

Thickness: 7mm

Sizes: 6-13

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Best USA Made Barefoot Sandals:

4. Wildling Shoes

best zero waste sandals

Wildling Shoes’ barefoot sandals for hiking and everyday use are ideal for both men and women. Our family of four has worn these sandals (kids and adults) for several years now and adore them.

The award-winning brand focuses on downscaling its primary emission sources while creating an e-space for inclusion. 

Their vegan barefoot sandals have a close-fitting, refined fit and feature a windlass mechanism for the most secure grip. 

To top it all off, there is also a wide strap over the big toe for extra stability. Plus, all styles are handmade in Europe!

Price: 79€

Materials: Synthetic Rubber, Silica, Recycled Cork

Thickness: 2.5mm

Size: 36-38

Location/Shipping: Sold from Germany and USA, ships worldwide

Best barefoot hiking sandals from Europe:

5. Xero Shoes

best barefoot sandals brands

Whether you are running, walking, or hiking, Xero Shoe’s patented FeelTrue sole protects your foot while allowing you to “Feel The World.” 

The 5,000-mile sole warranty is certainly a bonus. The “Zero-drop” non-elevated heel is here to ensure proper posture. As for the materials, they use soft, tubular quick-dry webbing, and nylon made from recycled water bottles.

Price: $79 – $109

Materials: Recycled Nylon

Thickness: 8mm 

Sizes: 5-12

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

6. Zeazoo

affordable barefoot sandal brands

ZeaZooKid’s wide range of barefoot leather sandals features a 6 mm light flat Vibram® Superflex sole, which provides excellent grip and durability.

The outer material is made of natural Nappa leather, giving them a stylish touch that can take you from brunch to the office and everywhere in between.

Plus, these comfy barefoot sandals have a chrome-free leather lining and a metal buckle that is nickel-free, making them perfect for your everyday activities in urban life.  

Price: From 60€

Materials: Nappa leather, Vibram® Superflex rubber sole.

Thickness: 6 mm 

Sizes: 35 – 42

Location/Shipping: Europe, Worldwide shipping

Discount: SKL10 for 10% off (USA only)

Best Barefoot Sandals for Adults and Kids:

7. Be Lenka

barefoot sandals leather

Looking for minimalist sandals to wear with your dresses, breezy shorts, and playsuits? Be Lenka’s stylish barefoot sandals feature adjustable straps at the instep and ankle, allowing for easy customization, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

The high-resistant rubber (caoutchouc) sole provides durability and stability for all your adventures. What sets them apart? Their anatomically engineered design is specifically tailored for the female foot.

Plus, the wide foot-shaped toe box offers ample space for the toes to wiggle. Handmade, chic, and oh-so-comfy – the ultimate combo!

Price: 99 €

Materials: Leather and rubber

Thickness: 4mm

Sizes: 36-43

Location/Shipping: Europe, Worldwide shipping

Best Minimalist Barefoot Sandals:

8. Vivo barefoot

affordable barefoot sandal brands

Designed to be wide, thin, and flexible, Vivo Barefoots’ sandals are synonymous with comfort.

Made from leftover premium leather offcuts, these barefoot sandals are equipped with a minimalist, puncture-resistant sole for maximum underfoot sensory feedback.

This raved-about sole, which features the brand’s signature hexagon tread, is made in Portugal with a natural rubber blend.

To top it all off, Vivo Barefoot is a proud B-certified company on a mission to help “ regenerate our planet and our health, and let nature heal us.”

Price: $150

Materials: Leather offcuts, natural rubber 

Thickness: 4mm 

Sizes: 35-43

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

9. Ahinsa shoes

best sustainable barefoot sandals

Ahinsa’s vegan barefoot sandals are lightweight, vegan, zero-drop, and expertly designed to support your foot’s natural strength.

Whether you’re strolling through the city or exploring the great outdoors, these shoes are perfect for a wide range of settings.

Plus, they are super flexible and packable. You can effortlessly fold and pack these shoes, making them ideal for travel and on-the-go lifestyles.

Lastly, these customizable pairs are handmade in the Czech Republic and Croatia using durable vegan leather. And the best part? They’ll last you millions of steps. 

Price: From €119

Materials: Vegan leather CF+ UltraDry (microfiber)

Thickness: 1.8 mm zero drop

Sizes: 36-44

Location/Shipping: Europe, Worldwide shipping

Best Vegan Barefoot Sandals:

10. Groundies

barefoot sandals for women

Groundie’s women´s barefoot sandals come in 12 different styles to meet all your quality and sartorial demands.

Crafted from high-quality leather, these barefoot leather sandals are designed to offer flexibility and anti-slip properties, ensuring your feet remain secure even during those long summer nights.

Plus, thanks to the adjustable ankle straps and a sole made of 100% natural latex, you can customize the fit to your preference.

Seriously, whether you need sneakers, barefoot ballerinas, outdoor shoes, boots, and more, they have you covered. 

Price: From 94,90 € 

Materials: Leather, 100% natural latex

Thickness: 3 mm 

Sizes: 36-43

Location/Shipping: Germany, worldwide shipping

11. Muki

best minimalist barefoot sandals

Sustainable barefoot shoes made in Portugal? Yes, please! Touted as some of the best barefoot sandals for hiking, Muki Shoes come in 3 neutral colorways to match all your outfits with ease.

The straps of the Solstice sandals are made from organic cotton in a lovely khaki color, offering both comfort and a touch of style. The triangles on the sandals are made of polyurethane material.

What we love most about this pair is the use of cork for both the upper sole and midsole. Also, to ensure a secure and adjustable fit, these sandals feature a convenient Velcro closure.

Price: €79

Discount Code: SKL15MUKI for 10% Discount!

Materials: Organic cotton, cork, natural rubber, polyurethane

Thickness: 6mm

Sizes: 36-48

Location/Shipping: Portugal, worldwide shipping

12. Shamma Sandals

best barefoot sandals for women

Shamma Sanda’s handcrafted footwear comes straight from their own workshop. The brand is proud to produce the best barefoot sandals that are equally flexible and ultra-light while also having tons of traction. 

Some of their designs have a brand-new lacing system, which connects the forefoot and big toe to the shoe for extra comfort. 

If you are looking for leather barefoot sandals made and sourced in the US, they have you covered too.

Price: $119

Materials: Cowhide Leather & Vegan Options

Thickness: 12mm

Sizes: 4-14

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

13. Bedrock Sandals

barefoot running sandals

If you are looking for the best barefoot sandals for hiking, Bedrock sandals’ industry-leading designs are definitely for you. 

They are not only re-soleable and repairable but also made with Bluesign Certified and sustainable materials. 

Their sandals are designed with patented premium webbing, three adjustment zones, and sole-hugger wings for locked-in stability to perform in wet and slippery conditions. Additionally, the brand 1% For the Planet.

Price: $105+

Materials: 100% Vegan, Bluesign Certified  Sustainable Materials & Plastic Free Packaging

Thickness: 14mm

Sizes: W6-15 / M5-14

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

14. Deliberate Life Designs

best barefoot sandals for hiking

Deliberate Life Adventure offers custom minimalist sandals for hiking, running, and living.

These premium-quality barefoot sandals are ideal for hardcore runners on trail ultras, ultralight backpackers looking for the lightest weight trail, or even double as amazing camp shoes. After selecting your size and foot shape, you’ll build your sandals, choosing your outsole, footbed, and strap colors for a custom design!

The best part? Currently, there are 5-foot shape options! How cool is that? 

Price: Various prices for custom shoes

Materials: Vibram Newflex outsole

Thickness: 10.5mm 

Sizes: W 5.5-12 / M 7-18

Location/Shipping: USA

15. Crupon Sandals

best sustainable barefoot sandals

If you are a bohemian soul, Crupon’s Leather barefoot sandals were designed for you. The brand offers various handmade options in many colors, from black and beige to turquoise.

Also, you can opt for unique and one-of-a-kind sandals designed with old-world shoe-making techniques, especially for you!

Price: $118

Materials: Natural Materials, Italian Leather, And Natural Plant-Extract Dyes

Thickness: 2mm

Sizes: 35-41

Location/Shipping: Bulgaria; worldwide shipping

This post was all about the best barefoot sandals women and men love.

While everything depends on your personal preferences, the best barefoot sandals for hiking, running, and walking above will definitely be a comfy, stylish addition to your footwear arsenal. Luckily for us, there are so many minimalist sandals and leather barefoot sandals to choose from.

Did you enjoy this article on the best barefoot sandals for hiking, running, and daily use? Check out our other articles below!

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