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15 Best Non Toxic Air Fryers (PFAS Free) And Safe Air Fryer Ovens of 2023

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Konstantina Antoniadou


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Looking for the best non-toxic air fryer options and safest air fryer ovens to help you cook delicious, extra-healthy meals for you and the whole family? You’re in luck!

We took it upon ourselves to create a list of affordable air fryer toaster ovens and space-saving PFOA and PTFE-free air fryers that are worth a spot on your kitchen counter.

Don’t forget to check out our list of the safest non-toxic cookware brands in 2023 for a healthy kitchen.

This post is about the best non-toxic air fryers in 2023.

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Granted, the thought of making fries with just 1 tablespoon of oil might seem like an impossible scenario. We all know that pan-frying boosts grease and fats –but it’s so darn delicious!

So what if we told you that you could maintain the mouthwatering flavor of your addictive fried chicken recipes without worrying about the several negative health effects of trans fats, Teflon, PFAS, and more!? 

How?! We hear you ask. By opting for one of the best non-toxic air fryers and safest air fryer ovens below!

PFOA and PTFE-free air fryer options are gaining momentum because they are affordable, don’t require nearly as much oil as a traditional fryer, and heat food evenly and quickly. 

In other words, you’ll still get to enjoy crisp & crunchy food, reheat foods with ease, and maintain a healthy diet without forgoing taste. Sounds amazing, right? Deep-fried flavor without the oil –it can’t get better than that!

Aside from the budget-friendly price tags, energy-saving promises, diverse product selection, and review-backed functionality, the best non-toxic air fryer toaster oven and Teflon-free air fryer options are also very compact. 

They are small enough to fit on your countertop but large enough to create meals for the whole family. 

Read on to discover the best non-toxic air fryers and safest air fryer ovens of 2023.

What is the safest air fryer brand?

If you are on the hunt for the best air fryer without Teflon, many brands offer amazing options at various price points. Aria, Big Boss, Black & Decker, Elite Gourmet, and Geek Chef have plenty of non-toxic air fryer toaster ovens and PFOA and PTFE-free air fryers to choose from.

Do all air fryers use Teflon?

Some air fryers have Teflon-coated baskets that break down, releasing toxic chemicals into the air and food. However, there is an array of Teflon-free air fryer options for pretty much every budget. Ceramic, glass, and non-toxic stainless steel air fryers are the safest options for those who want to keep Teflon out of their healthy meals. The brands below guarantee the safety of all our PTFE-based products and coatings.

Which air fryers are PTFE-free?

The best non-toxic air fryers and safest air fryer ovens are free from PTFE-based coating, known for releasing fumes that have been shown to kill pets and cause various health issues. For guilt-free cooking, choose options like the Classic Cuisine Halogen Tabletop and the Gourmia non-toxic air fryer. You can also have a look at the Nutrichef or the Sahomwell Air Fryer. Our list below includes many non-toxic air fryer toaster oven options along with compact Teflon-free air fryers at various price points!

This post is about the best non toxic air fryer brands.

Best Non-Toxic Air fryers and Safest Air Fryer Ovens (PFAS & Teflon-Free)

1. Aria 10 Qt Air Fryer Oven

Looking for an all-in-1, non-toxic air fryer to replace your deep fryer, microwave, toaster, convection oven, and more? The Aria 10 Qt Air Fryer Oven will check all your practicality boxes all while reducing fat in your food by up to 90% and eliminating the need for oil. 

This Teflon-free air fryer is equipped with multiple cooking levels that allow us to cook for the entire family (and some unexpected guests). 

Your food will be gently spun at 360° while cooking, thanks to the rotating rotisserie. The non-toxic stainless steel air fryer also features an extra large touchscreen display and an internal lamp. Bonus? The expansive window helps us keep an eye on the food – hassle free!

Price: $99.99

Size: 10Qt

Notable Features: Lifetime-Warranty, 10-Piece Rotating Kebab Skewer Attachment, Rotating Rotisserie, Rotating Cage for Fries, Mesh Trays, Drip Tray, dishwasher safe 

Location/Shipping: USA

2. Black & Decker Crisp N Bake Air Fry

For the best non-toxic air fryers and safest air fryer ovens, look no further than Black & Decker. 

The extra wide ‘Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven’ offers a mouthwatering deep-fried taste –minus the fat. It has 5 cooking functions: bake, broil, toast, keep warm, and air fry. 

It can easily fit a 9” x 13” pan with handles, 8 slices of bread, or a 12” pizza. Last but not least, the 60-minute timer that’s highly convenient for short and long cooking tasks.

Price: $139.99

Size: 23 x 21.5 x 11.2 inches

Notable Features: Air Fry Technology – Deep Fried Taste Without The Fat,5 Cooking Functions, Extra Large Capacity, Countertop Baking, 60-Minute Timer

Location/Shipping: USA

3. Classic Cuisine Halogen Tabletop

The Classic Cuisine Halogen Tabletop is touted as one of the safest air fryer ovens that are also surprisingly affordable. The 1200W tabletop oven combines innovative halogen, convection, and infrared technologies to cook meals in 25% to 50% less time than a conventional oven. 

This feature alone saves time and energy! Moreover, the PFOA-free and PTFE-free air fryer comes with a complete cooking set. Use the included stainless steel frying pan, dual cooking racks, lid holder, tongs, and recipe manual to create meals in a variety of cooking styles. 

The convenient 12-quart glass bowl is heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe and allows us to keep track of the progress. Last but not least, the brand’s best air fryer without Teflon features separate dials to control the temperature and cooking time easily.  

Price: $54.70

Size: 12-17 Quart

Notable Features: Time-Saving Infrared Technology, Complete Cooking Set, Stem Option

Location/Shipping: USA

4. Elite Gourmet

Elite Gourmet’s safest non-toxic air fryer is the most portable and display-worthy opinion on our list thus far.

The device features a PFOA/PTFE-free non-stick pan and a rack hold that allows us to cook faster and healthier by eliminating the need to add oil. This Teflon-free air fryer is ideal for frying, baking, grilling, and roasting all in one. 

As for the convection fan, it envelopes food in temperatures from 180F to 395F degrees.

Moreover, the 30-minute timer automatically shuts off the air fryer at the end of the cooking cycle. And in case you want to give your kitchen a personality boost, this PFOA-free and PTFE-free air fryer comes in 3 colors –including mint!

Price: $40.30

Size: 2.1 quart

Notable Features: Compact Size, Cool-Touch Handle, Adjustable Time/Temp, 360 Rapid Air Circulation, 

Location/Shipping: USA

5. Geek Chef

Greek Chef’s best non-toxic air fryer toaster oven is here to help us warm, broil, toast, bake, and air fry completely oil-free. It boasts a 16-quart capacity and 3-layer even cooking that’s ideal for preparing a 10-inch pizza or a 700g chicken! 

Touted as the safest air fryer oven of 2013, this device features a 4-knob operation (timer, temperature, function, speed) and uses 360° air convection technology to cook food evenly. That’s right! You can cook fish, steak, toast, and even fries completely guilt-free for the whole family. 

This non-toxic air fryer toaster oven comes with a baking pan, air fryer basket, wire rack, and crumb tray. Additionally, Geek Chef’s app is chock full of 100+ video recipes – all of them will be yours to use upon purchase. 

Price: $149.99

Size: 16QT

Notable Features: 1-Year Warranty, Timer, Temperature, Function, Speed Settings, 360° Air Convection Technology, Cooking Videos Through The App

Location/Shipping: USA

6. Gourmia

Gourmia’s non-toxic air fryers and safest air fryer ovens aim to help us enjoy our favorite foods with little to no oil! The 12-in-1 multi-function, digital air fryer oven features 12 cooking presets ideal for air-frying, toasting, roasting, dehydrating, and more. 

It comes equipped with a fry basket, oven rack, baking pan, and crumb tray. Thanks to the easy set controls, we have full access to adjusting toast shades, time, and temperature. On top of that, the brand’s air fryer without Teflon offers at-a-glance monitoring while locking in heat – aka glass viewing window. 

As for the fry-force 360° technology, it ensures that super-heated air will target food from every direction. In other words, this PFOA-free and PTFE-free air fryer cooks food up to 30% faster than most ovens.

Price: $69

Size: 19.6 x 15.9 x 12 inches

Notable Features: 12 Cooking Presets, Fryforce 360° Technology, Glass Viewing Window, Easy-Set Controls, 60 Page Recipe Book

Location/Shipping: USA

7. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach’s best non-toxic air fryer toaster oven features a sure-crisp air fry convection function that circulates air around food as it cooks. The result? Evenly browned food with little to no oil. 

This non-toxic stainless steel air fryer comes with 4 versatile cooking options: toasting, baking, frying, and broiling.

Thanks to the accurate temperatures from 200° to 450°F, you’ll get even cooking without hot spots! A metal air-fry basket, bake pan, and broil rack are also included. Lastly, the 30-minute timer with a ready bell and automatic shutoff provides peace of mind. 

Price:  $69.99

Size: 11 x 13 x 17 inches

Notable Features: Powerful Air Circulation, 4 Cooking Options, 4 Slice Capacity, 1500 Watts

Location/Shipping: USA

8. Homelabs

Homelabs creates an array of non-toxic air fryers and the safest air fryer ovens, but the 1.6 Quart XXL model is preferred by hundreds of healthy-cooking aficionados. This non-toxic stainless steel air fryer oven can easily cook 4 lbs of chicken inside with little to no oil!

It uses hot-air circulation and cooks your food from all angles without using oil and 1700W heating elements. What separates it from our other favorite PFOA-free and PTFE-free air fryer ovens? This one has a rotisserie chicken function that can roast chicken evenly with 360° superheated cyclonic air and rotation. 

Additionally, the safest non-toxic air fryer oven is well-made with stainless steel and a thermal protective see-through double-layered glass door.

Price: $149.99

Size: 11.6-quart

Notable Features: 360° Superheated Cyclonic Air, Rotisserie Chicken Function, 1-60 Minute Built-In Timer, Led Touchscreen, Cooking Accessories, Dishwasher Safe

Location/Shipping: USA

9. Iconites

Iconites creates one of the best non-toxic air fryer toaster oven options, making healthy cooking a breeze. Equipped with a non-stick fryer basket, this PFOA and PTFE-free air fryer oven let us enjoy crispy french fries and all our favorite fried foods without guilt –or oil fumes! 

It comes with a smart control panel- a built-in smart touch screen that’s extremely easy to use and the temperature ranges: from 100℉ to 400℉. To provide crispy, oil-free food quicker and safer, the ICONITES 7Qt air fryer without Teflon uses 360° circulating hot air. 

To make our lives a tiny bit easier, the device also comes with a 6 presets menu- with 6 built-in smart programs, roast chicken, grilled shrimp, grilled fish, french fries, barbecue, and steak.

Price: $69.99

Size: 7Qt

Notable Features: 360° Circulating Hot Air, Smart Control Panel, 6 Presets Menu, Timer Range: 0 To 30 Minutes

Location/Shipping: USA

10. Nutrichef Air Fryer

Nutrichef’s best non-toxic air fryers and safest air fryer ovens need no introduction! The brand’s cult-favorite, large 13-quart glass air fryer promises to cook our ingredients efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

The temperature ranges from 149°F to 482°F which means that it can easily defrost, broil, roast, bake, steam, grill, and BBQ. In fact, the infrared non-toxic air fryer toaster oven was laboratory tested to prepare healthier meals more efficiently. 

In other words, it’s an excellent way to cook healthy chicken, steak, ribs, fish, shrimp, and french fries. 

Price: $69.99

Size: 13 Quart

Notable Features: Dishwasher-Safe, Convenient See-Through 360° View Glass Lid Cover, 7 Modes

Location/Shipping: USA

11. PowerXL Air Fryer

With so many non-toxic air fryers and the safest air fryer ovens to choose from, PowerXL is a brand you should definitely have on your radar. The PowerXL Combo 12-in-1 offers 12-in-1 functionality with a non-stick inner pot for cooking methods for baking, roasting, slow cooking, steaming, simmering, and even sous vide. 

Oh, the non-toxic stainless steel air fryer is also a fantastic rice maker! It’s also important to mention the 1500-watt Dual Therm Technology. 

Basically, it cooks all around with a vortex whirlwind of superheated air from above or heats from below. The high-temp element that can sear at over 500° F. A chef-grade air fryer without Teflon at a very affordable price –sounds great, right?

Price: $109.96

Size: 6 Quarts

Notable Features: 12 Different One-Touch Cooking Methods, 1500-Watt Dual Therm Technology

Location/Shipping: USA

12. Rosewill Air Fryer

The Rosewill Air Fryer Multicooker uses Uses halogen, infrared heat, and convection cooking to prepare meals for you and the entire family. From oil-less air frying, grilling, and BBQing, to baking, roasting, toasting, and defrosting, this non-toxic air fryer toaster oven can do everything! 

The device’s temperature range from 250 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit with no preheating necessary–imagine all the energy you’ll save! Let’s not forget the glass lid for conveniently monitoring the entire cooking process. To top it all off, it’s also one of our list’s most affordable non-toxic air fryers.

Price: $59.99

Size: 7. 4 quarts

Notable Features: Built-In Halogen Bulb With Infrared Technology, Combo Kitchen Appliance, Energy-Saving (No Preheat)

Location/Shipping: USA

13. Sahomwell Air Fryer

The Sahomwell PFOA and PTFE-free air fryer is small enough to fit on your countertop or tabletop but large enough to create meals for the whole family. 

It comes with separate dials for setting temperature (149℉-500℉) and cooking time (up to 60 minutes). Additionally, this Teflon-free air fryer features a built-in fan that circulates air in order to cook thoroughly while retaining the distinct flavor of the ingredients. 

In fact, the powerful halogen heating and convection system helps us prepare means up to 50% faster and is up to 75% more energy efficient than a conventional oven.

Whether you want to cook, bake, grill, steam, broil, roast, or air-fry, the brand’s safest non-toxic air fryer can help you easily upgrade your healthy eating habits.

Price: $105.59

Size: 18 qt

Notable Features: Temperature & Cooking Time Settings, Built-In Fan, Halogen Heating, Energy-Efficient, Multiple Cooking Methods

Location/Shipping: USA

14. Yedi Air Fryer

Yedi is the e-home of some of the best non-toxic air fryers and safest air fryer ovens, but we’ll focus on the compact 4 Quart option. The Yedi Houseware Air Fryer is ranked the best overall air fryer by Business Insider. 

The device comes with a divider for the cooking basket, 50 perforated parchment steaming papers, an 8-inch cake carrel, an 8-inch pizza pan, a multi-purpose rack with 3 stainless steel skewers, a cupcake silicone pan, and heat resistant rubber mat. That’s right–the PFOA and PTFE-free air fryer has all our cooking needs covered. 

From the led digital touch screen, you can manually set and control your desired cooking time and temperature or select from the many built-in smart preset programs. You’ll also get a recipe book that has 100 air fryer recipes because even the most skilled home chefs can sometimes run out of ideas. 

Price: $98.95

Size: 4 Quart 

Notable Features: LED Digital Touch Screen, Multiple Cooking Methods, Accessory Cooking Kit, Recipe Book

Location/Shipping: USA

15. Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer

A super-sized non-toxic air fryer toaster oven that requires little to no oil and still keeps the deep-fried crispy texture of food? Sounds great! 

This PFOA-free and PTFE-free air fryer allows you to air fry, bake, grill, roast, and toast with a wide temperature range (from 180℉ to 400℉). 

More precisely, the Big Boss Air Fryer circulates super-hot air around food to cook your meals faster thanks to the 1300W powerful built-in fan and 360° air convection system. In fact, a large-sized 16-quart frying bowl can easily fit a whole chicken for 3-6 people! 

Plus, Big Boss’ best air fryer without Teflon is made entirely out of glass.

Price: $79.99

Size: 16 Quart

Notable Features: 180℉ to 400℉, All-In-1,1300w Built-In Fan 360° Air Convection System, Dishwasher Safe

Location/Shipping: USA

The best non toxic air fryers of 2023.

May our list of the best non-toxic air fryers & safest air fryer ovens of 2023 help you find your next favorite Teflon-free air fryer for your future healthy and super crispy recipes! If you like this non-toxic roundup, you may also enjoy our other amazing listicles below. Happy shopping!

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