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30 Best Men’s Sustainable Clothing Brands For An Organic & Ethical Wardrobe

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Updated: November 10, 2022

Looking for ethical and sustainable clothing brands for men? Luckily, there is an array of brands ready to enhance your wardrobe with versatile sustainable men’s clothing. From hoodies and t-shirts to trousers and joggers, we made a list of the top 30 sustainable clothing brands men buy or repeat in 2022.

This post is about sustainable clothing brands men will absolutely love. 

Fun fact: did you know that 95% of men have made at least one change in lifestyle in the past five years to support sustainability? Sometimes, it may seem like the entire eco-conscious fashion sphere is focused on women’s sartorial choices. But as it turns out, men are also up and ready to cop the best affordable ethical men’s clothing.

Browse the virtual shelves of the best brands for sustainable men’s clothing below to find the ones that align with your personal aesthetic the most.

This post is about the best sustainable clothing brands for men.

Sustainable Clothing Brands for Men

Pact has a cult following for best sustainable fashion for men (plus women and kids!) for a reason.

They offer high-quality ethical underwear and activewear for men, comfortable pants, sweats, wardrobe basics, and awesome accessories from Fairtrade factories.

From eco-friendly socks, boxers, briefs, sweatpants to t-shirts and more, every product is made of Fair Trade organic cotton. Additionally, Pact kick-started a clothing donation program called Give Back -Wear Forward.

Size: XS – XL

Price Range: $15+

Ethics: Eco-friendly materials, Fair Trade Certified factories, sustainably and ethically made

Location: U.S.A., ships worldwide!

Discount: SKL15 to get 15% off for first-time customers – Full priced items only and cannot be used with other offers

Shop Pact Here

Sustainable Fashion for Men from PACT:

Taylor Stitch offers men’s sustainable clothing wrapped in eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

They focus on durable organic, recycled, and regenerative materials that require less water, no chemicals, and less pollution.

Through their repair and resell program, Restitch, customers can send back their used-to-death clothing and eliminate post-consumer waste. This is huge!

Size: XS – XXL

Price Range: $22+

Ethics: Fair labor & wages, sustainable and recycled materials, circular business model, eco-friendly factories, sustainable practices 

Location: U.S.A.

Shop Taylor Stitch Here

Sustainable Men's Fashion from Taylor Stitch:

Ministry of Supply is one of the few ethical clothing brands for men that use science to create cutting-edge sustainable fabrics produced ethically through a zero-waste, carbon-neutral process.

They aim to create a brand new “workleisure” sartorial genre where circular fashion is celebrated every step of the way.

That’s why they offer a send-back program that allows them to either resale or recycle used clothing into new fabric via Shinkong Textiles.

P.s. My husband adores this brand!

Size: XS – XL

Price Range: $50+

Ethics: Fair labor, organic materials, circular business model, zero waste, carbon neutral textile manufacturing

Location: U.S.A., Worldwide Shipping Available!

Shop Ministry of Supply Here

Fair Fashion from Ministry of Supply:

Tact & Stone believes that conventional retail is broken – and they are here to fix it with transparency, fair trade working conditions, high-quality clothing, and a circular business model.

Tact & Stone uses only organic regenerative natural fibers or upcycled fibers with a minimal carbon footprint to craft their men’s ethical clothing. 

Think sustainable basics for men that are built to last for generations – not just after a certain number of washes!

Size: XS – XL

Price Range: $38 +

Ethics: Circular fashion, fair trade, recycled synthetic, natural materials

Location: U.S.A.

Shop Tact & Stone Here

Sustainable Fashion From Tact & Stone:

United by blue believes that “change comes in waves”. They also believe in creating the best sustainable fashion basics for men including shirts, tees, polos, sweaters, denim, and various accessories.

As one of the Sustainable clothing brands men love the most, United by blue knows how to create wardrobe staples from hemp, organic cotton, ethical wool, yak fur, REPREVE recycled polyester, Tencel, modal, and more sustainable fibers.

They also use vegetable-based dyes and have been Certified B-corp’s ‘Best for the World Honoree’ three years straight!

Size: S – XL

Price Range: $20+

Ethics: Sustainable fabrics, B corporation, fair trade, sustainability awards

Location: U.S.A., plus worldwide shipping!

Shop United By Blue Here

Sustainable Men's Fashion by United By Blue:

Made from ethically sourced Egyptian cotton, KOTN’s men’s ethical clothing is equal parts comfy and stylish.

We adore KOTN for their amazing capsule wardrobe staples that are extremely high-quality and durable. Just note that they do run a bit big (in the menswear) – so be sure to order your correct size!

KOTN follows source-efficient manufacturing protocols that limit waste and recycle water.

Plus, KOTN is recognized as one of the top 5% B corporations globally thanks to their exceptional fair trade policies!

Size: XXS – XXL

Price Range: $20+

Ethics: Sustainable fabrics, B corporation, non-toxic dyes, fair trade 

Location: Canada, ships worldwide!

Shop KOTN Here

Men's Sustainable Fashion by KOTN:

Asket‘s ambition to create “zero compromise garments – essentials made to last” is what makes them one of the best brands for sustainable men’s clothing. 

Their collections are made of Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, linen, traceable Merino wool, and an array of recycled fabrics. 

Each order comes with an Impact Receipt detailing its cost, traceability, CO2 emissions, and additional info such as where it was manufactured, dyed, and milled!

Size: XS – XL

Price Range: $40+

Ethics: Organic and recycled materials, circular business model, traceability

Location: Stockholm, worldwide shipping available!

Shop Asket Here

Transparent Fashion from Asket:

If bold yet versatile, affordable ethical men’s clothing is your cup of tea, this sustainable brand is definitely for you. Colorful Standard offers a slew of different styles ethically- made in Portugal from organic cotton. They are Oeko-Tex® certified, and PETA approved. They also launched a new Plant-based sunglasses line for men and women. 

Size: XS – 2XL

Price Range: $35+

Ethics: Fair wages, Ethical, Sustainable, Organic, Oeko-Tex® certified

Location: Denmark, worldwide shipping available!

Shop Colorful Standard Here

A few favorites from Colorful Standard:

Nudie Jeans are known for being one of the best sustainable men’s fashion brands for a pretty long time – and they are still top of the list in 2022.

Almost 95% of all their fibers are cotton and only Organic, Fairtrade, or Recycled cotton. They were ranked as Fair Wear Foundation leaders and won Drapers Sustainable Fashion Award for their progress towards circularity.

Size: 24-38

Price Range: $100+

Ethics: GOTS Certified, organic materials, Fairwear Foundation, And supply chains, Free repairs forever

Location: U.S.A., ships worldwide

Shop Nudie Jeans Here

Outerknown is your next go-to destination for ethical men’s blanket shirts, polos, denim, sweatpants, flannels, outerwear, and so much more.

They use recycled nylon made from recycled fishing nets as well as 100% recycled polyester reaping the benefits of renewable energy.

Outerknown also frequently donate to ocean conservation programs like the Ocean Conservancy.

Size: S – XL

Price Range: $48+

Ethics: Organic and recycled materials, renewable energy, fair labor, donations

Location: U.S.A., worldwide shipping available!

Shop Outerknown Here

Organic Men's Fashion from Outerknown:

When it comes to the family-run business Faherty, their core values to “Be the Best, Deliver on Promises, Be Better Together, Stay Authentic, and Spread Good Vibes” are definitely something to admire.

Their luxurious ethical men’s clothing adheres to the Textile Exchange and BLUESIGN standards. So rest assured that your clothing is made of traceable materials, sustainably-minded fabrics, and non-toxic dyes. Organic cotton, Tencel™ Lyocell and EcoVero are only a few options you can opt for.

Size: XS – 2XL

Price Range: $150+

Ethics: Transparency, sustainable fabrics, Textile Exchange and BLUESIGN certifications, traceability, non-toxic dyes

Location: U.S.A., worldwide shipping available

Shop Faherty Here

A few favorites from Faherty:

Ably uses Filium®, an innovative technology to make all-natural materials water-repellent and odor and stain-resistant without compromising on quality or softness.

Their affordable ethical men’s clothing is fashionable, flexible, and super functional.

Size: XS – 3XL

Price Range: $29+

Ethics: Sustainable materials, ethical Filium® technology to reduce carbon emissions and pollution, fair labor

Location: U.S.A.

Shop Ably Here

Ethical Fashion for Men by Ably:

Tentree was made for those who value comfort above all else. No wonder why they are one of the best sustainable clothing brands men love. 

They use eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel. To help the environment even more, they plant 10 trees for every sale. So far, they have planted over 30 million trees and restored land in over 8 countries!

Size: XS – 3XL

Price Range: $30+

Ethics: Sustainable & recycled fabrics, fair labor, donations

Location: Canada, ships worldwide

Shop Tentree Here

Every outdoors fanatic swears by Patagonia. They are, after all, one of the most well-known Ethical clothing brands for men since the1980s. 

Their pieces are made from 100% organic non-GMO natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and linen. 100% recycled poly is also one of their top fiber choices. Additionally, they are a founding company of 1% for the Planet.

Size: XXS – 2XL

Price Range: $40+

Ethics: Sustainable fabrics, fair labor, circular business model, donations

Location: Worldwide

Shop Patagonia Here

A few favorites from Patagonia:

The Classic T-shirt Company strives to minimize their environmental footprint as much as possible. They use GOTS certified organic cotton (which requires 70% less water than conventional cotton) to craft their affordable ethical men’s clothing in the US. 

The company adheres to strict Fair Trade principles and takes action in cleaning the ocean while also providing water to those in need.

Size: XS – 3XL

Price Range: $50+

Ethics: Sustainable & recycled fabrics, fair labor, GOAT certification, donations

Location: U.S.A., worldwide shipping available!

Shop Classic T-shirt Company Here

A few favorites from Classic T-shirt Company:

Rei offers a wide range of men’s ethical clothing made of eco-friendly materials including recycled materials and wool from non-mulesed sheep. Their supply chain is certified by Fair Trade USA and also carries a bluesign®-approved fabric certification.

Size: S – XL

Price Range: $50+

Ethics: Sustainable fabrics, Fair Trade USA certification, donations

Location: U.S.A.

Shop REI Here

Threads for Thought uses eco-friendly materials including Lenzing Modal harvested from the limbs of beech trees to craft their affordable ethical men’s clothing.

What makes them one of the Sustainable clothing brands men? They are currently Fair Trade USA certified and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production-certified. 

Size: XS – 3XL

Price Range: $40+

Ethics: Fair labor, organic materials, ethical production, two sustainability certifications

Location: U.S.A., worldwide shipping available!

Shop Threads 4 Thought Here

A few favorites from Thread 4 Thought:

Fair Indigo focuses on fair trade clothing made of organic materials for every man who loves casualwear a bit too much. 

They give back to The Fair Indigo Foundation to provide educational opportunities for children in the Peruvian communities where their cotton is harvested. They are definitely one of the best ethical clothing brands for men thanks to their “almost forever” quality.

Size: S – XL

Price Range: $38+

Ethics: Organic fabrics, donations, ethical and sustainable, fair labor

Location: sold from the U.S.A., international shipping available

Shop Fair Indigo Here

When it comes to the top brands for sustainable men’s clothing, Organic Basics deserves a place in your all-year-round rotation.

They pledge to “ only choose fabrics that care for our environment and we only ever partner with factories that care about their impact, too”. They aim to be transparent and upfront about their manufacturing process. Thanks to their efforts, 2.43 tonnes of waste was saved from entering landfills.

Size: XS – XL

Price Range: $18+

Ethics: Fair wages, Sustainable fabrics, Regenerative Organic Cotton Pilot Project 

Location: Denmark, worldwide shipping available!

Shop Organic Basics Here

Groceries Apparel takes casual men’s ethical clothing to new heights. Their collections are responsibly made for comfort and convenience with Non-toxic, Recycled fabrics and Hemp fibers locally in California.

Size: XS – XL

Price Range: $38+

Ethics:Fair wages, Recycled and sustainable materials, made in the US

Location: U.S.A., international shipping available

Shop Groceries Apparel Here

Coyuchi is known for their exceptional men’s sustainable clothing but their loungewear is what makes them reign supreme.

The brand uses 100% organic, GOTS Certified fibers and thrives on being transparent with their supply chain. “We intend to achieve, and trailblaze towards Net Neutral Emissions by 2025 and Net Positive Emissions by 2030,” they mention.

Size: XS – XL

Price Range: $38+

Ethics:Fair wages, Recycled and sustainable materials, made in the US

Location: U.S.A., international shipping available

Shop Coyuchi Here

Mott and Bow is on a mission to source quality cotton denim from the world’s finest denim mills for everyone who loves premium-quality basics. Their family-run fair wage factory in Honduras is where their affordable ethical men’s clothing is manufactured and sold directly to customers.

Size Range: 30-42

Price: $99 

Ethics: Artisan-made in Honduras, in-house production, fair wages, sustainably sourced quality denim

Location/Shipping: Sold from the United States 

Shop Mott and Bow Here

If you are on the hunt for ethical men’s clothing that is produced sustainably, look no further than Indigenous.

From shirts to sweaters, their sustainable men’s clothing is crafted by skilled artisans in Peru with natural fibers. “With our ethical fair-trade clothing, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your part to minimize exploitative labor and environmental damage” they mention.

Size Range: S-XXL

Price: $29+

Ethics: Artisan-made in Peru, natural fibers, fair wages, fair labor

Location/Shipping: U.S.A., ships to Canada 

Shop Indigenous Here

The Good Tee is on a mission to “champions responsible manufacture – slower production schedules, ethical working conditions, and fair deals for all.” 

They are known for being one of the most Ethical clothing brands for men and proudly hold the B-Corp certification. Their clothing is made of biodegradable, fair trade an,d GOTS certified organic cotton as well as AZO-free, low impact dyes. 

Size Range: XS to XL

Price: $32+

Discount Code: SKL10 for 10% off

Ethics: Sustainable & recycled fabrics, fair labor, GOAT certification, certified B-Corp brand, donations

Location/Shipping: Canada, worldwide shipping available

Shop The Good Tee Here

Known Supply offers men’s ethical clothing that is hand-signed by skilled garment makers in Uganda, India, and Peru. Each one of their artisans receives extensive training and support along with fair wages. Their materials include GOTS-certified cotton, recycled polyester, wool, acrylic, and nylon.

Size Range: XS-2XL

Price: $35 – $72

Ethics: Fair trade certified, transparency, GOTS certified, B corporation

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Shop Known Supply Here

Reflo definitely belongs in the list of the best sustainable men’s fashion brands. Their ethical clothing is made of advanced technical fabrics woven from recycled waste. They take used Single-use plastic and coffee beans and transform them into stylish, functional clothes that are designed to last. They carry multiple certifications such as the Global Recycled Standard, Bluesign, Oetko-Tex, and U Trust.

Size Range: XS-2XL

Price: $33+

Ethics: Transparency, sustainable fabrics, recycled plastic waste, fair labor, Global Recycled Standard, Bluesign, Oetko-Tex and U Trust certifications.

Location/Shipping: UK, worldwide shipping available!

Shop Reflo Here

Knowledge Apparel is one of the most well-known brands for sustainable men’s clothing with a long list of certifications like GOTS, The Global Recycle Standard, Organic Content Standards, and ECOVERO™. Their carbon-neutral collections include organic and recycled casual wear.

Size Range: XS-3XL

Price: $69+

Ethics: Carbon-neutral clothing, sustainable and recycled fabrics, circular business model, fair labor, sustainability certifications

Location/Shipping: Denmark, ships in Europe 

Shop Knowledge Apparel Here

Prana is hailed as one of the most ethical clothing brands for men for many different reasons. Their Fair Trade Certified™ program has given back $400,000+ to 33,000+ workers around the world!

Their pledge to quality, durability, and versatility along with their plastic-free packaging makes them pioneers of the ethical fashion movement. Prana’s clothing is made of hemp and organic cotton amongst other sustainable fibers.

Size Range: XS-2XL

Price: $45+

Ethics: Fair Trade Certified, sustainable and recycled fabrics, plastic-free packaging, fair labor, circular business model, donations

Location/Shipping: U.S.A., worldwide shipping available

Shop Prana Here

Passion Lilie‘s ethical clothing for men is designed to uplift and excite. As part of the Fair Trade Federation, the brand provides sustainable employment opportunities to artisans in India. “We believe in cultivating a business built on honesty, transparency, and respect” they mention. That’s why they use eco-friendly manufacturing practices and durable natural fibers, organic cotton when we can, and non-toxic dyes.

Size Range: S-2XL

Price: $50+

Ethics: Member of the Fair Trade Federation, sustainable fabrics, non-toxic dyes, fair labor, artisan-made in India

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Shop Passion Lilie Here

As one of the most sustainable men’s fashion brands on the market, Warp & Weft offers ethically-made denim companies for over three decades. Apart from their extensive size range, the brand is also known for saving and recycling 98 percent of the water it uses thanks to its vertical manufacturing operation.

Size Range: 00–24 

Price: All denim under $100

Ethics: Fair labor & wages, eco-friendly factories, sustainable practices & materials

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Shop Warp & Weft Here

This post was all about sustainable clothing brands for men

No matter your personal style, these amazing sustainable clothing brands for men are ready to ship organic, sustainable, and utterly stylish pieces to your doorstep. Let’s just say that shopping for affordable ethical men’s clothing has never been easier. If you need more help finding sustainable fashion for me, check out our directory here!

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