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The 15 Best Luxury Loungewear Sets From Slow Fashion Brands in 2023 

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Looking for the best luxury loungewear brands on the slow fashion market in 2023? Our list of sustainable loungewear companies will persuade you to spend even more time cuddling up at home! From comfy tees and breezy pants to robes and dresses, we’ve got everything you need for some seriously chic at-home style.

p.s. you may also love our roundup of the best organic cotton sweatpants and hoodies!

Best Sustainable Luxury Loungewear Brands Women Love.

Best women’s loungewear

Oh, ethical loungewear – the unsung hero within the realm of sustainable fashion. In our humble opinion, it’s high time we give the best women’s loungewear the recognition it deserves. 

While everyone raves about chic lingerie and wear-me-everywhere eco hoodies, we dream about the undeniable charm and comfort of luxury loungewear and sleepwear. 

In addition to the perfect balance of style and relaxation that it brings to our wardrobe, eco-friendly loungewear is ideal for both snuggling on the sofa to heading out for the day!

Bonus? Outfit repeating these pieces will be an absolute breeze.

Equipped with a loose, comfy fit, buttery soft sustainable materials and flattering silhouettes, our favorite brands below have the best loungewear for every sartorial taste. Plus, they also come in a huge variety of different colors, styles, and prints.

What are the most breathable materials for loungewear?

The most breathable materials for luxury loungewear are TENCEL, linen, cotton, bamboo, and Modal. TENCEL provides excellent moisture management, allowing sweat to evaporate quickly, keeping you cool and dry. It is also shrink resistant, does not lose it’s shape, and is extremely soft and luxurious.

Linen has excellent moisture-wicking properties, making it ideal for warmer weather or when you want to stay comfortable all day long. Cotton is a classic choice for sustainable loungewear as it is highly breathable and absorbs moisture, allowing air to flow freely. Bamboo fabric has natural temperature-regulating properties, keeping you cool in hot weather and cozy in cooler temperatures. Modal is extremely flexible, soft, lightweight and breathable.

Which loungewear brands are best for indoor and outdoor wear?

The Hernest Project, Mate The Label, JJ Winks, Organic Basics, and Harvest & Mill are some of the best loungewear brands are best for indoor and outdoor wear. They offer hyper-versatile sustainable pieces such as tank tops, hoodies, pants, and tees that can be worn everywhere.

How do luxury loungewear pieces differ from regular loungewear in terms of quality and design?

Luxury loungewear pieces are all about the fabric game. They are made of sumptuous materials such as soft organic cotton, breathable linen, and Tencel/Modal blends that feel like an absolute dream against your skin.

Also, ethical loungewear are crafted with utmost precision and care, using innovative and heirloom techniques that prioritize the environment. All in all – they are built to withstand hundreds of cuddles and work-from-home zoom calls.

From carefully placed seams to perfectly tailored cuts, every stitch is a work of art. Regular loungewear may be cheap and trendy, but the best women’s loungewear takes it up a notch with designs that are ultra chic and sophisticated.

What makes a loungewear brand sustainable?

Sustainable loungewear brands choose materials like organic cotton, TENCEL, or super soft recycled fibers that are gentle on the environment. The end goal? To create timeless designs that can be enjoyed for years, rather than following fast fashion trends that end up in landfill. 

What’s more, they prioritize ethical practices and ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for all involved. 

These brands are all about reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint. They often use innovative techniques to repurpose fabric scraps, creating limited edition pieces or accessories. 

And they have nothing to hide! Eco-friendly loungewear brands openly share information about their supply chains, materials, and production processes.

This post is about the best sustainable loungewear brands.

Best Sustainable Luxury Loungewear Brands in 2023.

1. Hernest Project

Ethical loungewear

First up, The Hernest Project! This super beloved Canadian brand is known for its luxury loungewear and high-quality buttery-soft sleepwear for those that want to live with ease.

Their principles? Simplicity, freedom, versatility + circularity! 

Boasting clean lines, classic styles, and soft and innovative fabrics, Hernest Project’s best women’s loungewear are comfortable and unrestrictive, but never frumpy. Think lounge pants, t-shirts, tank tops, and joggers “drenched” in beautiful classic tones – ideal for chilling or strolling the streets. 

In addition to choosing Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified fabrics that are bio-degradable and use less water, the brand also offset their excess emissions. Also, all eco-friendly loungewear are sewn ethically in Portugal under safe working conditions with living wages, and no child labor. 

Price Range: From $58

Size: XS-4XL

Materials: TENCEL, Organic Cotton, Recycled Natural Fibers

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships to the US (duty-free), Europe, NZ, and Australia

Best Sustainable Loungewear:

2. Pact

Eco friendly loungewear

From organic kids underwear and affordable sustainable underwear for women to organic cotton sweatpants and, of course, the best loungewear for chilling, Pact has everything! 

Made with organic cotton in a fair trade factory, the long-sleeve tops, pants, shorts, and tanks are available in 10+ colors.

Plus, the “Earth’s Favorite” sustainable loungewear brand has partnered with SimpliZero to offset the carbon footprint of their entire supply chain.

Price Range: From $27

Size: XS-XXL

Materials: Organic cotton

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Organic Cotton Loungewear:

3. PrintFresh

Eco friendly loungewear

PrintFresh aims to help us pamper our skin with our women’s sleepwear and the best loungewear made from organic cotton. From long sleeve sets and t-shirts to robes, nightgowns, and pajamas, their lineup of luxury loungewear has something for every chilling taste. 

There are also 3 collections for petites, talls, and kids! 

What makes this brand stand out is the amazing fun and feminine prints. Think clementines, Hummingbirds, mermaids, and so many more vivid options. No worries, the hand screen-printed is done ethically by artisans in India. 

Price Range: From $118

Size: XXS-6XL

Materials: Organic cotton

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

Best Size-Inclusive Loungewear:

4. JJ Winks

Luxury loungewear

This super stylish luxury loungewear brand has totally stolen our hearts! They’ve got tanks and nightgowns with built-in bras for that extra support, and their leggings and lounge pants? Insanely soft and flattering!

If you are someone who hates wearing bras, have a look at their buttery soft tops – they are tagless, flattering, and feature the Light Hug® which gives gentle coverage for all boob shapes & sizes. 

Also, this sustainable loungewear brand makes every piece ethically in LA using sustainable and fair trade Modal fabric.

Price Range: From $65

Size: XS-XL

Materials: Modal/Spandex

Location/Shipping: USA

Best Stylish Loungewear For Women:

5. Mate The Label

Sustainable loungewear

Mate The Label’s sustainable loungewear range includes everything from thermals and oh-so-comfy sweatshirts, to pajamas and robes. The latter is ideal for layering and mixing and matching with the rest of our loungewear. 

Their materials of choice? India-grown Organic cotton, linen and TENCEL lyocell! 

The brand’s loungewear are also finished with cotton thread and azo-free, low-impact dyes. Last but not least, all pieces are crafted sustainably in Los Angeles, California under ethical working conditions.

Price Range: From $41

Size: XS-XL

Materials: Organic cotton, linen and TENCEL

Location/Shipping: USA

Stylish Organic Loungewear:

6. Boody

Ethical loungewear

2023’s best loungewear made of bamboo? Yes, please. Boody’s assortment of ethical loungewear will force you to be comfy under your covers during those lazy Sunday mornings. 

The FSC-certified bamboo viscose is produced through a closed-loop process using non-toxic solvents. The brand also carries both the Ecocert-certified organic and OEKO-TEX and ISO 9001-certification. No nasty chemicals here! 

Luxuriously-soft, and wrinkle-free, Boody’s eco-friendly loungewear is as amazing as their organic period panties – and you know how much we love those.

Price Range: From $45

Size: XS-XL

Materials: Bamboo viscose

Location/Shipping: USA

Best Bamboo Loungewear and Sleepwear:

6. Organic Basics

Ethical loungewear

Danish brand Organic Basics chose simple, solid colors to create a fantastic range of luxury loungewear. Also, they use the world’s most sustainable fabrics from GOTS-certified organic cotton, and recycled nylon, to TENCEL lyocell, and even recycled wool. 

Comfy sweatpants, t-shirts, shorts, leggings – you name it, they have it! Fairtrade is also given. 

Organic Basics’ European factories are certified by GOTS, BSCI, and/or SA8000. Stylish, ethical, and sustainable – the winning recipe for the best women’s (and mens) loungewear of 2023!

Price Range: From $65

Size: XS-XXL

Materials: Organic cotton, TENCEL, and recycled materials

Location/Shipping: Denmark, ships worldwide

Super Luxurious Tencel Loungewear:

8. Mary Young

Sustainable loungewear

Mary Young’s stylish luxury loungewear doubles as amazing workout uniforms and going-out styles. 

That’s because a slew of lounge shorts, dresses, tops, sweatshirts, robes, leggings, and pants are minimalist enough to be in your capsule wardrobe

Plus, the sustainable loungewear brand chooses OEKO-TEX-certified bamboo rayon which is tuned into clothing in Montreal, Canada.

Price Range: From $43

Size: XS-XL

Materials: Bamboo rayon

Location/Shipping: Canada, worldwide shipping available

Luxury Loungewear from Canada:

9. Christy Dawn

Ethical loungewear

Christy Dawn on our list of the best women’s loungewear? Shocking, we know. 

The company is the mecca of fairytale-like ethical wedding guest dresses, denim, sweaters, footwear, and sustainable loungewear. What we love most is their distinctive clean, nostalgic aesthetics and earthy tones. 

The best part? All styles are made of organic cotton and regenerative superfine alpaca wool locally in Los Angeles. 

Also, thanks to their partnership with thredUP, you can now keep your luxury loungewear in circulation for longer.

Price Range: From $230

Size: XS-XL

Materials: Organic and regenerative cotton, alpaca wool

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Regenerative Loungewear from the USA:

10. Harvest & Mill

Eco friendly loungewear

Next up, Harvest & Mill’s best loungewear for women. With a strong commitment to local farmers and artisans, they proudly craft their organic cotton clothing right here in the USA. 

Their collection of pants, shorts, and shirts offers a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and timeless appeal. 

Additionally, to give their luxury loungewear color, they use organic heirloom tan-green cotton. No dyes were involved in the making of these pieces!

Price Range: From $89

Size: XS-XL

Materials: Organic cotton

Location/Shipping: USA

Non Toxic Loungewear from Harvest & Mill:

11. UnderProtection

Sustainable loungewear

The Danish brand UnderProtection offers some of the best women’s loungewear crafted ethically from sustainable materials like recycled polyester, lyocell satin, and organic cotton. 

Plus, they only work with certified factories providing fair wages and safe working conditions to their employees. 

You can find a wide range of eco-friendly loungewear including dresses, kimonos, robes, pants, shorts, and knitwear boasting colors and vibrant prints. From blooming floras and abstract designs to polka dots, there’s something for every taste.

Price Range: From €70

Size: XS-XL

Materials: Organic cotton, recycled poly

Location/Shipping: Denmark, worldwide shipping available

Best Luxury Loungewear from Europe:

12. Miakoda

Eco friendly loungewear

Inspired by the Native American word for power, Miakoda’s best women’s loungewear is focused on inclusivity. 

The lineup is designed to embrace a wide range of body types, making everyone feel confident and comfortable. All options are rather plain and super versatile with a ton of stretch for easy moving (and chilling). 

On top of that, Miakoda Apparel is made ethically in the USA using various materials such as organic cotton, lyocell, and spandex.

Price Range: From $64

Size: XS-4XL

Materials: Organic cotton, lyocell, and spandex

Location/Shipping: USA, international shipping available

USA-Made Sustainable Loungewear:

12. Sorella Organics

Best Loungewear

Sorella Organics is not simply one of the most sustainable fashion brands. They’ve been awarded an honorary membership to Ethical Fashion Forum’s Fellowship 500! 

In addition to using the softest certified organic and fair trade cotton, the Australian luxury loungewear company offers pants, tops, robes, and dresses for various body types! Yes, that includes maternity staples! 

The cuts are always comfortable and stylish, and a little stretch guarantees unrestricted movement when you are on the move around the home.

Price Range: From $44

Size: S-XL

Materials: Organic cotton

Location/Shipping: Australia, ships worldwide

Organic Cotton Loungewear from Australia:

14. Hara The Label

Sustainable loungewear

Hara The Label harvests the sustainable power of OEKO-TEX 100 plant-dyed bamboo fabrics to create the best women’s loungewear. 

All ethical loungewear are manufactured in the brand’s own factory in Australia. So rest assured that your tops, tees, and flare pants are not only incredibly comfy but very eco-friendly to boot. 

In fact, they are “made to feel like you are wearing nothing.” The cherry on top? They are also very size inclusive!

Price Range: From $55

Size: XS-4XL

Materials: Bamboo

Location/Shipping: Australia, ships worldwide

Ethical Loungewear from Hara The Label:

15. LA Relaxed

Best women’s loungewear

Our affinity for LA Relaxed’s sustainable fashion lineup is certainly no secret. In addition to sustainable leggings and organic cotton dresses, the company also offers the best women’s loungewear designed and made in Los Angeles. 

Think comfy joggers and stretchy tank tops as well as crew neck shirts in an array of colors. 

Most sustainable loungewear options are made from utterly soft GOTS cotton, but you can also find some hemp, Tencel, and linen styles. 

To top it all off, the ethical loungewear brand solely works with BLUESIGN-­­ ­certified local dye houses and also adheres to GOTS standards.

Price Range: From $40

Size: XS-XL

Materials: GOTS cotton, hemp, Tencel, linen

Location/Shipping: USA

This Post Was About The Best Sustainable Luxury Loungewear Brands

From eco-friendly materials to fair trade practices, the best women’s loungewear above has shown us that fashion and sustainability can indeed coexist harmoniously. Let’s face it; by embracing sustainable luxury loungewear, you not only elevate your wardrobe to new heights but also add a touch of elegance and conscientiousness to your daily home wear rotation.

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Best Sustainable and Stylish Luxury Loungewear Brands

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