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11 Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands For Kids & Babies In 2023

best swimsuit brands for kids


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On the hunt for the best sustainable swimwear brands for kids and babies in 2023? The task may seem a bit daunting with all the questions parents have on their minds: What makes eco-friendly kids’ swimwear the right choice?? Which type of natural fabric is best for sun protection?  What sustainable baby swimwear brands are the most durable?

Not to worry, our team has got you covered! Check out this super durable and safe eco-swimwear for children and babies below! Spoiler alert: we also included some fantastic recycled children’s swimwear and OEKO-TEX swimwear babies love having fun in.

p.s. if you are looking for more awesome roundups for kids, check out our favorite 21 Sustainable & Organic Kids Clothing Brands in 2023

Our Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands For Kids & Babies Guide

Sustainable Eco Friendly Kids Swimwear

Choosing the best eco-friendly kids’ swimwear can be tricky, especially if you’re searching for sustainable brands that use planet-friendly materials and ethical supply chains.

Finding sustainable swimsuits for kids and eco-baby swimwear for ultimate sun protection may seem daunting, but you’ll be happy to hear that there are more brands out there than you may have thought that are making swimwear with both children and mother Earth in mind.

From cute one-pieces and bikinis to swim tops, swim shorts, and rashguards, this is the ultimate guide to the best swimwear for kids!

Our team has compiled a list of the best sustainable swimwear brands that kids and parents will love equally. Safe, protective, and fun –seriously, what more can we ask from the most noteworthy eco-friendly kids’ swimwear brands?

What material makes the best sustainable kid’s bathing suits? 

The most sustainable material for kids’ swimsuits (of all ages) is ECONYL, a regenerated nylon made from landfill and ocean waste such as ‘ghost nets’ (abandoned plastic fishing nets). Brands like Good Weekend and Ina Swim use Econyl in their sustainable children’s swimwear to save plastic waste from the ocean and landfill without sacrificing the quality of their products.

When choosing eco baby swimwear, the most important factors are skin sensitivity, warmth, room to move, and UV protection. Brands like Hanna Andersson and Ina Swim have some of the best sun-safe and skin-safe sustainable baby swimwear on the market.

What sustainable swimwear is best for kids?

Sun safety is a big factor in deciding which sustainable swimwear brands are worth the investment. Rashguards or sun shirts are a great option for sun protection for kids of any age as they provide a physical barrier from the sun and have UV protection within the fabric. This makes life a lot easier as you won’t need to reapply as much sunscreen underneath the swimsuit in between swims!

Good Weekend, Noma, Reima, and Elle Evans have created amazing sun-safe rashguards and sun shirts for babies, toddlers, and kids! Remember, the best sustainable swimwear brands for kids should tick all your quality and safety boxes, given that children under age 10 are at high risk for skin and eye damage from UVR.

How do I choose eco-friendly swimwear for my baby?

Choosing sustainable children’s swimwear will depend on their age, size, and what type of water they’ll be swimming in. For example, if you’re buying an eco-friendly swimsuit for your child to take swimming lessons, you’ll want one that is chlorine-resistant, but if you’re off on your holiday to the sea, you might want a swimsuit that provides more warmth as the temperatures can be less predictable.

Color selection is also important, as different colors can be safer for children to wear while swimming, especially in lakes and oceans.

Overall, the questions to ask yourself when picking out a swimsuit for your child are: 

  • Is it durable? (so it can last as long as possible!)
  • Is it sun-safe? Does the material have UV protection?
  • Is it the right color? Will the swimsuit be visible enough while my child is swimming?
  • Is it designed for where we’ll be swimming? Think chlorine or salt water, warm or cold water, and activities. You might want fuller coverage for more protection if they are bodyboarding, surfing, or rockpool exploring.

What color swimsuit is best for children?

Another aspect you may not have considered is the color of the swimsuit and how safe it is for children. Swimsuits in bright, neon colors such as orange, yellow, and green can help parents and lifeguards easily spot children in a body of water or a crowded beach.

Colors such as blue, black, and natural green can make it incredibly tough to spot your child from a distance when they’re in the sea or a pool. 

Other design elements such as characters, animals, or patterns can also help you describe the sustainable swimwear your child is wearing if they do happen to wander off.

Let’s not forget that experts suggest that colors such as blue, red, and all types of vivid hues are the best for sun protection compared to white or pastel colors of the same fabric.

These are key things to remember when picking your little ones’ swimsuits for the year.

Sustainable Children’s Swimwear Brands & Eco-Swimwear For Babies

sunsafe swimsuit girl

1. Good Weekend

Created by Jen Brannen and based out of Vero Beach, Florida, Good Weekend has considered all aspects of eco-friendly kids’ swimwear design, from the materials used to the different unisex styles of swimwear they offer. 

Moreover, the company uses fabrics made from recycled yarns and has saved 86.7 kg of waste, which was turned into ECONYL® material. Comfort is a top priority – you won’t find any itchy tags or mesh linings in their swimsuits.

Their fabrics are also UPF 50+ and certified STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX®. Lastly, lauded as one of the best sustainable swimwear brands for kids, Good Weekend makes its products in Bali, Indonesia, and only works with partners who have ethical practices, pay fair wages, and have positive environmental policies.

Price: $28 – $60

Size range: 12 months – 5 years

Ethics: 1% for the Planet, certified STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX®

Location: USA, worldwide shipping

Best sustainable swimsuits for kids:

best swimsuits for kids

2. Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson creates sustainable children’s swimwear, including one-pieces, bikinis, trunks, rashguards, rompers, and cover-ups made from terry cloth.

Their swimwear is designed for babies and toddlers (0-3 years) and children aged 2-14 (plus they design for us adults too – yay!). They also have a ‘matching family’ section where you can buy ethical swimsuits to match your kids – how cute is that!

Hanna Andersson ensures their supply partners adhere to their code of conduct, guaranteeing fair wages, safe working conditions, and employment rights. They use recycled materials in all their eco baby swimwear and sustainable children’s swimwear. Currently, they are also working towards being GRS certified. 

Price: $22 – $56

Size range: newborn – 14 years

Ethics: certified STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX®

Location: USA, global shipping available

Best sun-safe swimwear for kids & babies:

eco friendly children's swimwear

3. Mon Coeur

Known as one of the most sustainable swimwear brands for kids, Mon Coeur (meaning “my heart”) swimwear is designed for Earth-loving toddlers, babies, and parents. They have many eco-friendly kids’ swimwear ranging from trunks and bikinis to rashguards that come in pink, blue, and neutral colors with playful designs. 

Mon Coeur rashguards and bikinis are made from 100% recycled polyester ECONYL (with SPF 50+ protection), and their trunks are made from SEAQUAL yarn, made from 100% recycled polyester from fishing nets.

Their recycled children’s swimwear is made in Portugal with European-sourced fabrics and accessories to limit emissions, and all their products (not just their swimwear!) are made with recycled materials that are GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard). 

Price: $17 – $21

Size range: 3 months – 7 years

Ethics: 1% for the Planet, GRS certified, 

Location: USA, global shipping available 

Best SPF 50+ Swimsuit Brand For Kids & Babies:

best swimwear boys

4. Fair Harbor

Fair Harbor creates a variety of sustainable swim trunks for kids, ranging in different styles from sporty, nautical designs to geometric prints and animal patterns. The best is that these trunks are mesh free! They use a Breeze Knit liner that is super comfortable, soft, supportive, and chafeless!

Fair Harbor has chosen to only work with ethical factories that they regularly visit in person to ensure their standards are being maintained. They use recycled materials in all their swimwear, made from plastic bottles saved from landfill and oceans.

Price: $38 – $52

Size range: Youth 5 – Youth 12

Ethics: recycled materials, B Corp certified

Location: USA, global shipping available 

Best Swimsuit Brand For Boys:

sustainable swimsuit kids UK

5. Boden

Perfect for your mini fashionista, Boden’s eco-friendly kid’s swimwear designs are the cutest things we’ve ever seen!

From frilly, one-shoulder swimsuits to rainbow halternecks, these swimsuits are the height of kids’ fashion – plus you’ll be able to spot them a mile away on the beach. Find surf suits, rashguards, swimsuits, and trunks for babies 3 months and older, right up to 13-14 year-olds. That’s right! They have sustainable baby swimwear for every sartorial taste.

What makes them one of the best sustainable swimwear brands for kids? Boden uses recycled materials in all of their swimwear and all of their clothing is designed to last, meaning it won’t need to be replaced as often, saving you money and saving the planet from unnecessary waste!

Price: $28 – $47

Size range: 3 months – 14 years

Ethics: recycled packaging, clothing recycling program

Location: USA, global shipping available 

Best Swimsuit Brand for Babies & Toddlers:

best swimsuits for babies

6. Frugi UK

Frugi (Latin for fruits of the earth) was born in 2004 and is based in Cornwall, England. Their swimwear is made from recycled polyester and is sun-safe (rated UPF 50+), perfect for wearing to the beach or pool! They have a select range of recycled children’s swimwear that includes swimsuits, trunks, tankinis, and hats, and the designs are adorable, we love the rainbow whales!

Frugi has a code of conduct that ensures no child labor, no forced labor, fair wages, and safe working conditions, and they will only work with suppliers who align themselves with these standards to create sustainable kid’s swimwear (they regularly check up on them to make sure!)

Price: $5 – $27

Size range: 0-3 months – 11-12 years

Ethics: GOTS organic cotton certified

Location: UK, global shipping available

organic baby swimwear

7. Noma

Noma, one of the UK’s best sustainable swimwear brands for kids, creates gender-neutral, environmentally conscious swimwear for babies, young kids, and older kids – a brand your family can grow with!

Plus, when your kids outgrow their eco swimsuits, Noma encourages you to return them to be recycled and you’ll receive a $5 voucher towards their next swimsuit. You can find eco baby swimwear as well as sustainable children’s swimsuits that run the gamut from swim shorts, bikinis, nappy covers, and rash vests, to hats in blue, turquoise, white, pink, and orange.

Noma is serious about being sun-safe. All their products are made of fabric with a UPF 50+ certification. They have designed their swimsuits with longer sleeves, high necklines, and longer-length tops to offer even more protection from the sun.

Price: $22 – $56

Size range: Newborn – 14 Years Old

Ethics: recycling scheme, plastic-free packaging

Location: UK, global shipping available

best swimsuits for kids

8. Palma Swim

Palma Swim is a sustainable swimwear brand for kids inspired by the Caribbean and is ethically made in the USA.

Founder, Quiria Rodriguez, was born in Puerto Rico and after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, she was inspired to create eco-friendly kids’ swimwear that highlights the beauty of nature in Puerto Rico to encourage people to visit and support the island.    

Palma has a collection of children’s swim trunks made from recycled material with their original prints inspired by the parrots, sugarcanes, and plants of Puerto Rico!

Price: $15 – $40

Size range: 12 months – 7 years

Ethics: recycled materials, donations to charity partner

Location: USA, global shipping available 

ethical kids swimwear

9. Reima

Reima creates sustainable swimwear for babies, toddlers, kids, and juniors, including swim trunks, shorts and leggings, swim tops and shirts, bikinis, swimsuits, and even swimming shoes (perfect for clambering over rockpools!) The eco-friendly kid’s swimwear styles range from sporty, monotone designs to bright prints with butterflies, fish, and flowers. 

Reima has a ‘Reima Green Promise’ that their clothes are free from forbidden substances (stating they’re clean enough to chew on!) and, from 2023, Reima has committed to using sustainable materials in over 90% of their clothes.

Price: $12 – $55

Size range: 1 month – 14 years

Ethics: toxic-free materials, transparency 

Location: USA, global shipping available 

bathing suits for 12 year olds

10. Elle Evans

Elle Evans is one of the best sustainable swimwear brands for kids in Australia, dedicated to creating eco-friendly swimwear for children.

They use offcuts from their women’s swimwear collections to create these mini versions of bikinis, eco baby swimwear, onesies, and swim shorts. For the youngsters, they have fun prints and bright greens and pinks, and for the teens, they have more muted mature colors. They even make reversible kids’ swimwear for double the use!

Elle Evans use ECONYL® yarn in their swimwear, a regenerated nylon made from recycled plastic waste from the oceans and landfills. All sustainable children’s swimwear are made-to-order, meaning they only produce what people have requested, reducing textile waste. They also save the fabric scraps from pattern cutting to make trims, frills, or straps.

Price: $43 – $128

Size range: newborn to 12 years old

Ethics: made to order, carbon neutral shipping, compostable packaging

Location: Australia, global shipping

Best swimsuit for babies

11. Ina Swim

Another Aussie brand here! Ina Swim creates timeless and sustainable swimwear for kids and women using eco-friendly materials such as ECONYL®, Repreve, and Aquafil. All of their eco-friendly swimwear for children is certified with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® and they list all of their suppliers on their website so you can see who’s made their swimwear. 

Ina Swim has a range of sustainable baby swimwear, long-sleeved one-pieces, bikinis, and onesies that are chlorine resistant and have a UPF 50+ rating. Their swimwear comes in muted colors such as orange, purple, pink, and green and is all designed to be as comfortable and protective as possible for your kids.

Price: $29 – $60

Size range: 6 months – 8 years

Ethics: transparency, biodegradable packaging 

Location: Australia, global shipping

This Post Was About The Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands For Kids & Babies

These sustainable children’s swimwear brands have dedicated themselves to creating sustainable swimwear for children that doesn’t compromise on quality or style. Perfect for your next trip abroad, taking swimming lessons, or just splashing about in the backyard pool! These sun-safe and sustainable kid’s and eco baby swimwear brands have got everything you need.

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*Good Weekend kid’s swimwear company graciously sponsored this post. As always, we only work with and list brands that are sustainable and trusted by SKL. If you want to sponsor one of our sustainable and educational articles, please get in touch with us here.

best swimsuit children
best swimsuit for girls

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    I know Boden are eco friendly with their materials, but would they also be considered non toxic?

    • Hi Mary, this is a tough question. When it comes to swimwear, there are no brands that we found that did not use some type of polyester or recycled polyester (repreve or regenerative). The only thing we can do to ensure the fabric is considered “non toxic” is to look out for the OEKO-TEX certification. This cert isn’t perfect, but it does ensure that the fabric is at a much higher safety standard than others: This label certifies that every component of the product, from the fabric to the thread and accessories, has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals. The brands that have this standard are Good Weekend, Frugi, Hannah Anderson, and Ina Swim.

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