15 Best Non-Toxic Crib Paint For A Baby Safe Nursery

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Looking for the most trust-worthy and aesthetically pleasing non-toxic paint for cribs? We created a list of super safe paints for baby cribs that are VOC-free and low odor!

From easy-to-apply non-toxic white paint for cribs to baby-safe crib finishes for raw wood – the options are in your favor. 

P.S. you may also enjoy our roundup of the best 10 Zero-VOC and Non Toxic Paints for an Eco Friendly Home in 2024.

Your Guide Baby-Safe Crib Paint (VOC-free + Non-Toxic)

baby safe crib paint

Imagine a chic non-toxic crib drenched in serene blues or adorned with gentle pinks – the possibilities are as boundless as your love for your little one. 

However, choosing the right paint for your baby’s crib is more than just picking a pretty color. 

Shockingly, many commercial paints contain toxic substances known as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that get released or off-gassed into the air and can be harmful when inhaled. 

Yes, that’s the same VOCs that can also be found in mattresses, toys, and furniture

Babies, with their curious nature, might even try a taste of their crib rail from time to time. Hey, it happens! That’s another reason why the paint used on your baby’s crib should be non-toxic and safe!

Think water-based formulas, natural pigments sourced from minerals and plants, plant-based binders like linseed oil, mineral fillers such as chalk, milk proteins like casein, natural resins from trees, clay, and natural preservatives derived from plant sources. 

Gone are the days of limited non-toxic color choices for nurseries. 

Today’s eco-conscious parents can choose from a spectrum of hues to find the right child-safe paint for furniture. 

From soft pastels to bold primaries, these non-toxic paint for cribs provide the perfect backdrop for your baby’s first years. 

With a low odor and easy application, 2024’s best baby-safe paints bring good news for parents who want the best results without compromising on safety.

So, what about raw wood cribs, we hear you ask. They certainly have a certain charm, and you’d want a paint that complements rather than masks. 

There’s a non-toxic paint for baby furniture for that too! 

Enter: Oil-based paints and mineral-based paints. 

These options, meeting ASTMF safety standards, provide a safe and stylish solution for your baby’s crib, all while bringing a touch of nature indoors.

Whether you’re looking for chalk finish paint, water-based paint for natural wood, or linseed oil-based paint, our list has you covered. 

What is non-toxic crib paint?

Non-toxic crib paint refers to a type of paint specifically formulated and manufactured to be safe for use on cribs, which are often used for babies and young children. 

Traditional paints may contain harmful substances known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can emit gases into the air over time, potentially posing health risks, especially in enclosed spaces like a crib.

Non-toxic crib paints don’t contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals, and other substances that cause indoor air pollution. 

As babies tend to explore their surroundings by putting objects in their mouths, non-toxic crib paint is usually safe for contact with skin and even safe for ingestion in small amounts.

What toxic chemicals are hiding in most crib paints?

Unfortunately, many conventional paint options, including some water-based, spray, and oil-based varieties, may contain harmful chemicals that can adversely affect indoor air quality and, consequently, the well-being of infants.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), prevalent in conventional, oil-based, and spray paint options, can release harmful gases into the air, impacting indoor air quality and potentially causing respiratory issues and skin irritations. 

To ensure a safer environment for infants, it’s recommended to opt for water-based paints, natural paints, or those labeled as zero-VOC, minimizing the risk associated with VOC exposure.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals ( lead and cadmium ), found in some commercial paint options, can have severe developmental impacts on infants. 

To address this concern, selecting paints with natural materials and those with ASTM F963 certification ensures adherence to safety standards…


Phthalates, often used as plasticizers in some oil-based paints, pose potential risks to babies’ health and are best avoided in nursery environments. 

Opting for plant-based paints, hemp oil, or those labeled as phthalate-free provides a safer alternative.


Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen present in some conventional paints, contributes to indoor air pollution

Choosing paints with third-party certifications indicating low formaldehyde content ensures a safer environment for the baby.


Toluene is often present in some spray paints and solvent-based paints, which can pose potential risks to health, especially in enclosed spaces like a baby’s nursery. 

Exposure to toluene may result in respiratory and neurological issues, such as headaches and dizziness. 

For a great alternative, opt for water-based paints, enriched with milk proteins, to ensure an easy application and provide a safe and stylish choice for creating a baby-safe environment.

Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Aromatic hydrocarbons found in some oil-based paints can be a cause for concern, particularly when used in spaces like a baby’s room. 

Prolonged exposure may lead to headaches, dizziness, and, in extreme cases, damage to the nervous system. 

Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene glycol, sometimes found in some latex paints and primers, can pose respiratory and throat irritation concerns

When considering zero-voc paints for a baby’s crib or room, opting for non-toxic alternatives becomes crucial. Non-toxic water-based paints eliminate the risk of ethylene glycol exposure and are recognized as child-safe paints. 


Acetone, often found in some paints with a strong solvent odor, can result in respiratory irritation, headaches, and dizziness. 

Plus, let’s not forget that it evaporates quickly and is highly flammable.


Ammonia, found in some latex and water-based paints, can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. 

To ensure the safest option for a baby’s room or crib, it’s recommended to choose paints labeled as zero VOC paint or low-VOC paint from brands like Chic Chalk Paint that offer an excellent alternative to ammonia-containing paints.  

So, for the safest paints for the crib, choose water-based, natural, or zero-VOC options.

This post is about the best non-toxic paint for cribs.

The Safest Non-Toxic Paints for Cribs

1. Ecos Paints

paints safest for baby cribs

Ecos lullaby collection is one of the most raved-about child-safe paints for nurseries.  

Boasting 32 harmonized colors meticulously crafted for babies’ rooms and play areas, this collection is your go-to for creating a soothing ambiance. 

The lullaby colors, with a high sheen, offer a protective finish that dries to a hard, washable, and durable film.

Plus, the non-toxic paint for baby furniture is also Ideal for a range of surfaces including window frames, doors, trim, cabinets, and furniture – including cribs, dressers, and changing tables.

The zero-VOC baby crib paint options include Lullaby matte paint, eggshell paint, gloss, and semi-gloss paint, and even chalkboard paint!

Price: From $43.55 per Quart

Free From: VOCs, including polyurethane 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

2. Benjamin Moore

child-safe paint for furniture

Benjamin Moore eco spec is a fantastic option for non-toxic paint for baby furniture. 

This “greenest” paint option boasts zero VOCs and zero emissions, making it the ideal choice for those seeking paint with minimal environmental impact.

Formulated with Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Gennex® zero VOC colorant system, eco spec® guarantees a tinted finish with minimal odor.

This baby crib paint is also spatter-resistant and mildew resistant as well as CERTIFIED asthma & allergy-friendly and Green Seal Certified! 

Price: $64.99 per Gallon

Free From: VOCs

Location/Shipping: United States

3. Real Milk Paint

safe paint for baby crib

With 50+ different colors to choose from, Real Milk Paint is lauded as one of the best destinations for safe paint for baby cribs.

Parents absolutely love the timeless formulas, crafted from milk casein, lime, plant-based fillers, and a slew of vibrant pigments.

No worries, the VOC-free paints for nursery are 100% organic and safe for kids and pets alike.

If you’re looking for oils, Real Milk has you covered with baby-safe crib finishes as well as offers no-VOC waxes! 

Whether it’s plaster, drywall, wood, stone, unsealed brick, or concrete, among other surfaces, Real Milk’s child-safe paint has you covered!

Price: From $18.99+

Free From: VOCs

Location/Shipping: United States


Best safest paints for crib

If you’re looking for a premium non-toxic white paint for cribs, take a look at SAFECOAT

AFM is a top-tier, fast-curing baby crib paint designed for spaces prioritizing occupant health – be it schools, hospitals, homes, or offices. 

This premium-quality baby crib paint is a go-to choice for those seeking to minimize exposure to toxic chemicals. 

The formula is free from formaldehyde, ammonia, crystalline silica, ethylene glycol, or preservatives.

What’s more, the VOC-free paints for nurseries also work well on properly cured and primed plaster with a pH below 10, masonry, woodwork, and primed metal. 

Price: From $68.39+ for a gallon

Free From: Formaldehyde, ammonia, crystalline silica, ethylene glycol 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada on request 

5. Unearthed Paints

Best non-toxic paint for cribs

For a child-safe paint for furniture that aligns with nature, choose Unearthed Paints

The conscious brand is dedicated to providing natural, eco-friendly, and VOC-free paints for nurseries. 

Think reclaimed Italian marble, white porcelain clay, and earth and mineral pigments from France, Cyprus, and Italy.

Plus, the pigments are shipped in powder form, extending the life of the paint and eliminating the need for chemical preservatives. Just add water to the pigments, and voila!  

Price: $44 for a gallon

Free From: VOCs

Location/Shipping: United States 

6. Earth Safe

Best baby-safe crib finish

Here’s the ONLY 100% vegan paint on the market by Earth Safe.

Crafted from hemp-based ingredients, this paint comes in 30 vibrant colors. 

Plus, it’s in powder form, which means that you have the freedom to customize the thickness and color of your paint. 

Plus, pure plant paint adheres flawlessly to virtually any surface – wood, brick, terracotta, canvas, metal, fabric, glass, tile, and more. 

This means that it can easily become your new favorite non-toxic paint for cribs!

Price: $25.95 per 8 fl oz

Free From: Preservatives, solvents, VOCs, heavy metals

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

7. Auro

non-toxic paint for baby furniture

Auro’s eggshell and gloss paints are perfect for interior and exterior woodwork and metalwork.

You can choose from a vibrant palette of 96 colors inspired by nature.

From crisp white woodwork to colorful blended skirtings that seamlessly match your wall color, you’ll certainly find the perfect shade to complement your style. 

What’s more, the natural eggshell and gloss non-toxic paint for baby furniture are water-based and crafted from natural ingredients. 

The best part? These paints are compostable, closing the loop on their life cycle and reducing environmental impact.

Price: $30 for 750ml

Free From: VOCs

Location/Shipping: Germany, available worldwide

8. Retique

child-safe paint for wood

Retique’s patented liquid wood technology goes beyond faux, containing over 60% recycled wood fibers to help you achieve the look and feel of real wood on any hard surface effortlessly. 

Plus, the wood-based primers and stains are odor-free and durable enough for furniture, decking, flooring, and countertops. 

The possibilities are endless! Plus, you’ll get step-by-step instructions to finish the process quickly which is a huge plus.

Price: From $64.99+ for the “Small Kit”

Free From: VOCs, odor

Location/Shipping: United States 

9. Country Chic Paint

non-toxic white paint for crib

County Chic’s all-in-one DIY paint features a built-in primer and top coat, perfect for almost any surface, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

From wood and laminate to glass, metal, and even kids’ toys – this child-safe paint does it all, and you can choose to use wax and sealants as optional additions. 

Plus, the chalky matte finish dries within 30 minutes and is easy to distress if desired. 

We love that this self-leveling formula provides a flawlessly smooth finish, and blending colors is a breeze. 

You can also check the 12,400+ glowing reviews on Amazon to see what others have to say about this amazing non-toxic paint for cribs.

Price: $28.95 for 16 Fl Oz 

Free From: Phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, solvents 

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

10. Milk Paint by Fusion

Best child-safe paint for wood

Milk Paint by Fusion features 28 signature shades!

The best part? Depending on how you decide to apply and finish it, you can get that super smooth MCM sleek finish or a weathered and distressed look.

Plus, you can paint on anything. Metal, glass, plastic, wood – it all works.

All you have to do is combine 1 part water with 1 part powder and stir for 1 minute. 

Each coat dries within 15-30 minutes (yep – speedy!) and can be re-coated immediately once dried.

Quick Note: Before you start using the VOC-free paints for the nursery, have a look at the techniques and tips offered by the brand *wink*. 

Price: $10.99 for 1.7 Oz

Free From: Lead, odor, ammonia, formaldehyde

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

11. FolkArt

zero-VOC baby crib paint

For easy-to-apply, non-toxic paint for baby furniture, look no further than FolkArt

This unique ultra-matte chalk acrylic paint boasts a rich, highly pigmented formula, making it perfect for larger home décor projects.

The versatility of this non-toxic paint for cribs, furniture, and crafts allows for layering and sanding, giving your project a charmingly weathered look and feel. 

Plus, it’s ideal for various surfaces including wood, glass, metal, terra cotta, and more.

Price: $9.99 for 8 fl oz

Free From: All toxic chemicals (Water-based, non-toxic, AP-certified)

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

12. Chalk Mountain Brushes

safest paints for crib

Next up is a fantastic zero-VOC baby crib paint from Chalk Mountain Brushes.

This paint not only provides superior coverage but is also designed to outperform any other paint you’ve used.

It’s even made in the USA and freshly crafted to order! 

Additionally, Chalk Mountain offers a full line of high-quality chalk furniture paint, featuring an extensive palette of 53 Beachy and earthy colors. 

To top it all off, the non-toxic paint for baby furniture dries in just 30 minutes, providing quick and efficient results.

Price: $17.97 for 16 fl oz

Free From: VOCs

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

13. Rust-Oleum

baby-safe crib finish

For eco parents who aim to create a vintage look, with an aged, chippy effect, the Rust-Oleum white chalked ultra matte paint is the best option. 

After using the non-toxic paint for cribs, you can easily distress it to achieve a soft, matte chalky finish that adds character to your decor. 

Plus, the formulas are touch-dry in just 30 minutes. Don’t believe us? Have a look at the 34,900 ratings on Amazon.

Yeap, this non-toxic white paint for cribs is that good!

Price: $19.99 for 30 fl oz

Free From: VOCs (Toy Safe Certified)

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

14. Little Knights UK

Best baby crib paint

Little Knights is a top-notch choice for VOCs-free, odorless, and child-safe paint for furniture in the UK.

This brand offers exceptional coverage with its pigment-rich formulas that incorporate an antibacterial additive that’s proven effective against all known bacteria. 

Plus, your little ones licking, sucking, and nibbling on the paint will come to no harm! 

To top it all off, Little Knights’ non-toxic paint for cribs comes in 60+ different colors– from greige to lavender.

Price: From £24+

Free From: VOCs, odors

Location/Shipping: United Kingdom, ships worldwide

15. Earth Born UK

VOC-free paints for nursery

Earth Born offers some of the safest paints for baby cribs in the UK. 

Choose from a palette of 84 colors to create a beautiful and eco-conscious environment for your child to grow up in. 

Made with a unique eco-friendly clay recipe, this VOC-free paint for the nursery results in highly breathable flat matt paint.

Plus, the non-toxic paint for cribs is available in a beautiful palette of 72 shades – the deliciously thick and creamy paint goes on like a dream and often requires fewer coats than conventional emulsions. 

Their commitment to the environment means no hidden nasties in our paint, coupled with recyclable packaging.

Price: £57.50 for a 2.5l Tin

Free From: VOCs, odor, acrylic, oil 

Location/Shipping: United Kingdom, ships worldwide

Non-Toxic Paints For Cribs FAQs:

What type of paint is safe for a baby crib?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, lime, milk protein, clay, and earth-based pigments are the best possible options. Always opt for paints explicitly labeled as non-toxic. 

These safest paints for cribs are formulated without harmful chemicals or substances that could pose health risks to infants. 

What’s more, ensure the non-toxic paint for baby furniture does not contain harmful additives, heavy metals, or toxic substances. 

A clear and transparent ingredient list is crucial for ensuring the safety of the paint.

Can I use regular household paint on a baby crib?

When buying non-toxic baby crib paint, it’s essential to prioritize the health and safety of your baby.

Non-Toxic Certification

Ensure that the paint explicitly states that it is non-toxic. Look for certifications or labels that indicate the product is safe for use on cribs and in baby environments.

Low VOC or Zero VOC

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can emit harmful fumes. Opt for child-safe paints for wood labeled as low VOC or zero VOC, as they contain fewer or no harmful chemicals, providing healthier indoor air quality.

Natural Ingredients

Check the paint’s ingredients list. Non-toxic paints often use natural components like water-based formulas, plant-based binders (such as linseed oil or soy), and natural pigments derived from minerals and plants.

No Odor and Low Odor

Opt for paints with low odor or no odor once dried. This ensures that the painted crib won’t emit strong fumes that could be irritating to a baby’s sensitive respiratory system.

Ease of Application

Choose a paint that is easy to apply, whether with a brush, roller, or spray. A paint that allows for smooth application contributes to a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Durability and Washability

Consider paints that are durable and washable. Babies can be messy, and a crib may need cleaning. A paint that withstands mild cleaning without compromising its integrity is beneficial.

Is it safe to paint a baby crib?

Yes, it’s safe to paint a baby crib. However, it’s important to choose child-safe paint for furniture formulated with natural and non-toxic ingredients. 

Just make sure to choose low-VOC paints and avoid toxic substances – they are the safest option for your baby’s sleeping environment.

Is it safe to stain a baby crib?

Staining a baby crib can be a good option if you choose a non-toxic stain specifically designed for cribs. 

Look for low VOC options and ensure that the stain does not contain harmful substances, providing a safe alternative for your baby.

Can I use non-toxic chalk paint on a baby crib for a vintage look?

Yes, using non-toxic chalk paint on a baby crib is a great way to achieve a vintage look without compromising safety. 

Just make sure to choose a reputable paint brand that offers non-toxic chalk paints, such as Ecos or County Chic.

Spray Painting Vs. Brush Painting — Which is better?

Both spray painting and brush painting can be good options, depending on your preference and the type of paint used. 

Spray painting often results in a smoother and more even finish compared to brush painting, especially on larger surfaces. It can be faster than brush painting, covering large areas in a shorter amount of time.

Plus, it can be well-suited for intricate details, irregular surfaces, and projects with a lot of nooks and crannies.

Brush painting offers more control over the application, making it easier to achieve precise lines and details. It minimizes the risk of overspray, making it suitable for indoor projects with less ventilation. Plus, brushes are generally more affordable than spray equipment, making it a cost-effective option.

Keep in mind that brush painting requires less equipment and may be more forgiving for beginners. 

Spray painting may require some skill and practice to achieve professional-looking results. Plus, some low-VOC paints are better suited for specific application methods. 

Water-based paints may work well with brushes, while certain oil-based paints are suitable for spraying.

Can you paint a crib while pregnant?

It’s generally a good idea to avoid painting, especially with traditional paints, while pregnant due to potential exposure to harmful substances. 

If painting is necessary, use low VOC and non-toxic paints in a well-ventilated area or consider having someone else complete the task.

How long after painting is it safe for the baby?

It’s a safe practice to wait until the painted crib has completely dried and any residual fumes have dissipated before placing a baby in it. 

Some brands recommend a 2-6 hour period depending on the materials. 

This post was about the best non-toxic paints for cribs.

There you have it –2024’s best non-toxic paint for cribs! 

Remember, before you start using any safe paint for a baby crib, make sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for application, drying times, and safety precautions.

Choose wisely, paint mindfully, and revel in the joy of creating a space as special as the new addition to your family.

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