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Looking for the best eco-resorts in the world to find the perfect vacation spot for your next slow-paced getaway? We made a list of the top half board and all-inclusive eco resorts U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America have to offer. From luxury retreats in the Caribbean to affordable resorts in Bali, there is something for every taste!

On this Eco Friendly Resort list:

  • Best Eco Resorts in Asia
  • Best Eco Resorts in the U.S.A.
  • Best Eco Resorts in Latin America
  • Best Eco Resorts in Europe
  • Best All-Inclusive Luxury Eco Resorts
  • Best Eco Resorts for Families

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly ways to explore the world, have a look at the 13 Best Eco Hostels For Your Next Ethical Adventure!

This post is about the best all-inclusive & half-board eco resorts in the world

best eco resorts
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If the thought of spending quality time with your friends, partner, or family away from the hustle and bustle of the city lives rent-free in your head, now is the perfect time to book your next temporary home in one of the best eco resorts in the world.

If retreating away to sun-soaked days, dipping your toes in the oh-so-soft white sand and being steps away from the rich, tropical rainforest sound like the ideal way to relax and unwire, than you are in the right place! Extra bonus? Imagine if your hotel of choice is actually an award-winning sustainable resort designed to change the tourism world for a better tomorrow.

While the tourism industry continues to put a big stain on the planet, the best all-inclusive eco resorts show a true commitment to responsible traveling all while feeding into our lust for seeking the next big adventure high. 

We made it our mission to find the most well-reviewed eco resorts for families, couples, and friends who want to partake in a slew of ecotourism activities and explore the extraordinary wilderness and wildlife in the most sustainable way possible.


What is an "eco resort"?

An eco resort thrives on effectively reducing their environmental footprint by using renewable energy sources,  sustainable building materials, effective water collection systems, and recycling methods as well as organic food ingredients. Also, the best eco resorts in the world usually invest their profits into social and or environmental causes to further help nature and the local community. 


Why are eco resorts better than traditional resorts?

Eco-friendly resorts and hostels are the best way to travel sustainably knowing that the wildlife and nature was not harmed in the process of building the accommodation. From offering eco cleaning products and delicious foods with locally-sourced ingredients to using alternative energy sources and water conservation practices, the best eco resorts are not only good for the environment but also go as far as helping with ecosystem restoration through numerous initiatives.

What are the negative impacts of tourism?

Tourism is one of the most polluting industries in the world with a huge environmental “price”. By 2030, we are expected to see a 25% increase in CO2 emissions from tourism compared to 2016. Soil erosion is a common issue with more and more buildings popping up in otherwise virgin areas in the name of profit. Natural habitats are destroyed and endangered species are affected in the process. Also, tourism increases pollution thanks to the huge food and plastic product waste and lack of recycling. Additionally, there is the issue of water and energy overuse. 


This post is about the best eco resorts in the world

2022's Best Eco Resorts In The World

Best Eco Resorts In Asia

Set amidst a rich green scenery of tropical trees right in the hills of Phuket, Keemala is one of the best eco-resorts in the world for avid travelers who want to explore the values of Buddhism and learn about the significance of animals in Thai culture. Skillfully designed to protect the ecosystem, the eco resort offers a pool and ocean-view bathtubs as well as direct access to whimsical organic gardens that supply the local restaurants. With a strong focus on ethical eating, travelers can enjoy plant-based, vegan meals without any added chemicals before they hit the gym or fitness center.

Ethics: Water Treatment System, Recycling, Glass-Bottled Water, Rooms Designed For Minumum Energy Consumption

Location: Kamala, Thailand

Price: $459

Visit Keemala Eco Resort Here

Bambu Indah is known for their commitment to sustainability and eco-consious living for quite a few years. The breathtaking view of the Balinese landscape, the luxurious private houses, and the array of educational eco experiences are only a few of the many things that make this accommodation one of the best eco resorts in the world. Each artistically-designed villa comes with an innovative mosquito net to capture cool air and eliminate the need for energy-consuming cooling devices. Also, travelers can enjoy delicious daily meals with the freshest ingredients straight from on-site gardens that are free from chemicals. 

Ethics: LED And Oil Lamps, Composting, No Plastic Policy, Water Recycling, And Organic Bath Products And Organic Food Ingredients

Location: Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia 

Price: $236

Visit Bambu Indah Here

Best Eco Resorts In The USA

The cliff-top luxury eco-resort in Big Sur is a beloved safe space for nature enthusiasts and avid slow travelers who want to sleep and wake up with breathtaking ocean or mountain views. By booking a private villa, or a treehouse, you’ll gain access to the daily yoga classes, two SPAs, the pool, and the guided tours! Sweeping views, sunset dinner above the clouds, an on-site boutique, and hours of relaxation – what more can we ask for? 

Ethics: Ecological Farming., Only Hybrid Cars Allowed, Sustainable Building Materials, Insulated With Planks From Old Wine Barrels, Recycling And Wastewater Disposing Program. 

Location: Big Sur, California

Price: $1,650 (For a much more budget friendly option, check out the Stanford Inn below)

Visit Post Ranch Inn Here

There is nothing quite like a family-owned eco-resort that dates back to the 80s. The Stanfords thrive on educating guests on the slew of topics of sustainability and inspire everyone to live a more green-minded lifestyle. Travelers can participate in a slew of exciting activities on-site like gardening lessons, meditation classes, as well as vegan cooking classes and herbal medicine! Begin your day with morning strolls in the organic gardens that supply all food ingredients, enjoy a few hours at the spa, or join the wildlife tours. Canoe and biking trains are also available for guests who want to experience the beauty of the surrounding nature. 

Ethics: Pet-Friendly & Family-Friendly, Organic Gardens, On-Site Lessons, Plant-Based Food, Paneled In Pine And Redwood,

Location: Mendocino, CA

Price: starts at $350

Visit Standford Inn Here

Best All-Inclusive Eco Resorts In Latin America

Olas aims to reinforce our connection with nature in the most sustainable way possible. Located in Quintana Roo, the eco-resort offers eight suites, all with earthy, organic design schemes. Aside from the curved walls that circulate air for the comfiest night’s sleep, the resort uses solar power and rainwater harvesting to minimize its environmental footprint. Travelers can enjoy massages steps away from the beach, hop on a boat ride to explore the nearby areas, wander safely around the Muyil Jungle or even attend a small sacred Maya ceremony to more about this fascinating culture. Also, the eco-resort is conveniently placed directly to the south of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve!

Ethics: Biodegradable Soaps And Shampoos, Beach Cleanups In Collaboration With Local Non Profit Community Groups, Organic Herb Garden, Solar Panel System, Rain Collection Systems

Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Be

Price:  from $310

Visit Olas Tulum Here

Morgan’s Rock is not only one of best eco resorts in the world, but also the very first luxury eco lodge in Nicaragua. Nestled in 4,000 acres boasting wildlife and mesmerizing landscapes, the eco hotel aims to protect the turtles that frequent its private sandy beach and bay and preserve the beauty of nature. Monkeys and macaws are frequently spotted in exotic rainforest surroundings in which travelers can participate in a slew of activities, lay on the swinging beds, or walk the famous suspension bridge.

Ethics: Tree Planting Program, Solar Panels, Organic Gardens, Rainwater Collection

Location: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Price: starts at $576 

Visit Morgan’s Rock Here

Best All Inclusive Eco Resorts in Europe

Naturhotel Leitlhof has won Europe’s Leading Green Hotel award in 2021 and 2016, making it one of the best sustainable small chalet-style eco resorts for admirers of the German and Italian culture, architecture, and food – because it is located in the Dolomite mountains on the Austrian border (near to where SKL was founded!). The 60-room hotel is as cozy as it can get! You can gaze at the stars from the rooms’ floor-to-ceiling glass doors and terraces, or relax in the outdoor pool or garden sauna after a long day skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, or bicycling. The family-friendly eco resort also offers a ton of activities for the kids including hours of fun at the aquatic park.

Ethics: Wood-Fired Combined Heat And Power Plant, Water Collection, Organic Spa Products, Organic Gardens 

Location: San Candido Italy (South Tyrol)

Price: €430

Visit Naturhotel Leitlhof Here

Winner of the World Prize for Sustainable Tourism in 2005, Whitepod is a safe haven for winter-sports fanatics who adore cuddling up in cozy sheepskin blankets with a cup of hot cocoa in hand, admiring the mountain and Lake Geneva views through floor-to-ceiling windows after a long day at the slopes. Some of the most amazing nature-oriented activities include skiing (the hotel has its own slopes and lifts!) dog-sledding and snowshoeing for kids and adults with a shared love for eco-adventures.

Ethics: Wood-Burning Closed Fireplaces, Organic Bedding, Wooden Or Recycled Material Furniture, Forest Stewardship Council Paper Products, 

Location: Monthey, Switzerland

Price: €378

Visit Whitepod Here

Set on 54 acres of tropical garden, Vila Vita Parc has obtained numerous eco awards over the years – including the World’s Leading Luxury Green Resort award in 2016 and 2015. The eco-resort also owns a farm in which they produce olive oil and fresh vegetables. Some villa and suite rooms boast hand-painted tiles called azulejos while other building blocks are designed to look like a traditional Portuguese village. Take in the sun-soaked Atlantic Ocean views and Portuguese culture and hospitality. Explore the picturesque tropical gardens right before you dive into one of the many pools! 

Ethics: Recycling And Composting System, Organic Farming, 

Location: Rua Anneliese Pohl Alporchinhos, Porches 8400-450 Portugal

Price: €338

Visit Vila Vita Parc Here

Best All-Inclusive Luxury Eco Resorts In The World

Located on the picturesque Caribbean coast, only a few minutes away from Hopkins Village, Hamanasi Belize Resort is one of the best all-inclusive eco-resorts in the world. Awarded one of the Top 10 Hotels  in the 2022 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards, it offers a slew of ecotourism activities for nature lovers. From guided hikes through Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, to exploring the  Belize Barrier Reef underwater and joining a once-in-a-lifetime history tour at the Maya Mountains, this eco resort for families and avid travelers is luxurious, idyllic, and extremely sustainable.

Ethics: Members Of The Conservation International Pilot Project, Composting & Recycling, Rainwater Collection, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products, Ceiling Fans,  

Location: Hopkins Village, Stann Creek, Belize

Price: $376-$534

Visit Hamanasi Belize Resort Here

Nestle in the old-growth wilderness of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, Nimmo Bay is one of the best Best eco resorts in the world for families, friends and couples with a lust for quiet, secluded yet adventure-packed holidays. Surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking mountains, and the soothing colors of the forest, this all-inclusive eco resort is accessible only by helicopter or floatplane. Relax in front of the majestic wooden chalet and take a hot bath under the night sky or lay and read a book on the floating dock amidst the extraordinary wilderness and wildlife.

Ethics: Eco-Consious Construction, Clean Drinking Water And Green Energy From The Nearby Waterfall, Pet Friendly And Family Friendly 

Location: Nimmo Islet, British Columbia V0N 2R0 Canada

Price: $1,575

Visit Nimmo Bay Here

Located on the northwest coast of the Caribbean island of Dominica, Secret Bay offers boasts six sustainable luxury villas, ideal for a secluded getaway. The resort is on a cliff overlooking the crystal clear water right next to a lush tropical garden and a Private beach area. Enjoy the sounds of nature from your private plunge pool, visit the wellness facilities for a spa day and experience the local, organically-grown food at the restaurant. Also, you can take advantage of the complimentary water activities they offer.

Ethics: Organic Food, Baby Sitting, Sustainably-Sourced Tropical Hardwood Villas

Location: Portsmouth, 000000 Portsmouth, Dominica

Price: $1090

Visit Secret Bay Here

Best Eco Resorts For Families

Ulaman offers nature-loving travelers the opportunity to experience the traditional Balinese culture in a secluded, lush haven without forgoing comfort. Located in the village of Kaba Kaba, it’s lauded as one of the best eco resorts in the world due to its beautiful architecture that boasts unusually curved rooftops completely made of bamboo and other natural materials. Yogis can visit the yoga-shala atop the cliff that overlooks the waterfall, book a bike ride to explore the area, and immerse themselves in the local cuisine. In fact, all food ingredients are grown in an organic garden or purchased from small farmers.

Ethics: Sustainable Building Materials, Organic Food, 

Location: Bali, Tabanan, Indonesia 

Price: $160

Visit Ulaman Eco Retreat Here

Touted as one of the best eco resorts in the world for families who want to experience the African wildness, Campi Ya Kanzi’s purpose is solely to help the Maasai tribe and preserve their culture. Located in the south of Kenya, in the Chyulu Hills, the six cottages offer stunning views of Mount Kiliman. Some of the most noteworthy activities are safari in Kanzi Reserve or Amboseli National Park where you can fully immerse yourself in the Massai culture. Last but not least, during the day, you can spot the animals visiting the watering hole right from the eco resort’s terrace area.

Ethics: Sustainable Building Materials, Furniture Crafted From Natural Wood Fallen B Elephants, Daily Environmental Fees, Photovoltaic Panels, Rainwater Collection, Food Waste Used As Fertilizer 

Location: Mtito Andei, Kenya

Price: $151 

Visit Campi Ya Kanz Here

Build in a 1000-acre private nature reserve in Central America’s last remaining lowland tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, Lapa Rios Ecolodge is not only one of the best eco resorts in the world in terms of construction but also a model ecotourism project and a sustainable tourism pioneer. The luxurious bungalows boast stunning views of the surrounding tropical rain forests and ocean. In fact, Lapa Rios is one of only 24 National Geographic Unique Eco Lodges of the World! Is there something better than starting your day with harmonious birdsong and the sound of howler monkeys along with numerous other rare species of animals that inhabit the area?

Ethics: Solar Energy, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies, Organic Jungle Vegetable Garden, Non-Plastic Dishes

Location: Cabo Matapalo Costa Rica

Price: $1246

Visit Lapa Rios Lodge Here

This post was all about the best eco resorts in the world

Best eco resorts for families, couples, and friends allow us to dive deep into the local culture all while respecting the environment and all its inhabitants. No matter if you are looking for your next sustainable luxury getaway to the Caribbean or a secluded retreat perfect for yogis and solar travelers, the above half board and all-inclusive eco-resorts in Europe, Asia, and Latin America will meet all your quality and sustainability demands.

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best eco resorts
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best eco resorts
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