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21 Best Sun Protection Clothing For Women In 2023

best sun protection clothing
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Konstantina Antoniadou


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Are you scouring for the best sun protection clothing brands for women to add an extra layer of security to your future sun-soaked adventures? Our 21 UPF clothing picks below guarantee to offer you countless hours of stress-free, safe swimming, lounging, or working out.

p.s. If you’re looking for even more sun protection, check out our latest posts on the best non-toxic sunscreens and sustainable beach umbrellas!

This post is about the Best Sun Protection Clothing.

best sun protection clothing
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While many people think that our sun care principles begin and end with lathering non-toxic sunscreen every 3 hours as we seek coverage under our sustainable beach umbrellas, sometimes, that’s simply not enough. That’s where the best sun protection clothing for swimming, lounging and working out come in to (literally) save the day.

UPF clothing offers an extra layer of defense against UVA and UVB even when your SPF wears off. Sun-protective garments are manufactured and tested to help you battle ultraviolet rays while looking inherently cool and stylish. How? The best sun protection clothing brands use innovative materials that absorb or block UV rays for ultimate protection against sun damage and skin cancer.

From utterly soft hoodies and joggers to swimwear and even breezy dresses, jumpsuits, and two-piece suits, the best UV protection clothing are as fashionable as your trusted basics. This means that no one would really be able to tell the difference between your daily ensembles and our top UPF clothing picks below.

How can clothing protect us from the sun?

Sun protection clothing is suggested by American cancer society as a great way to shield yourself from UV rays. Many brands have created innovative fabrics treated with chemical UV absorbers to help absorb these harmful rays or prevent them from penetrating. Also, many organic fabrics offer natural UV protection ranging from 15 to 50+. Bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp are excellent options. Additionally, tightly woven, lightweight, and comfortable UPF clothing with a loose fit are preferred as they allow you to move freely.

Is sun protective clothing better than sunscreen?

Sun protection clothing is a physical blocker. As the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York confirms, UV protection clothing is the single most trusted and effective way to shield yourself against harmful sun rays. In fact, they are way better than sunscreen as you won’t need to constantly apply it over and over again or accidentally miss a few spots.

Is sun protective clothing sustainable?

Yes, sun protection clothing can be sustainable and ethically made using many organic and innovative eco fabrics. While chemical UV absorbers may not be sustainable in every case, most ethical UPF clothing brands craft their lines with quality materials such as Tencel, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, recycled plastic bottles, and more. Also, these brands prefer Fair Trade certified factories or produce their collections locally to ensure the well-being and fair treatment of their workers.

This post is about the best sun protection clothing for women.

The Best Sun Protection Clothing For Women in 2023

For more than 20 years Coolibar’s is lauded as one of the best sun protection clothing brands that guarantee to block 98% of UVA/UVB rays. 

They use Moduri, and eco-friendly high stretch material made from plant-based fibers to deliver UPF 50+ comfort. 

On top of that, their second collection features UV protection clothing with exclusive organic cotton ZnO made with GOTS certified organic cotton and sustainable bamboo. 

Whether you want fashionable two-piece outfits and tropical maxi skirts or prefer hoodies and tank tops to adhere to your fitness-centered lifestyle, they’ve got all your UPF clothing needs covered.

Price Range: $35+

Ethics: Innovative Certified Sustainable Materials With Sun Protection, Partnerships With Melanoma Research Foundation, The Skin Cancer Foundation And The Lupus Foundation Of America,

Sizes: XXS-3XL

Location: USA

Shop Coolibar Here

Best Sun Protection Clothing from Coolibar:

Prana might be known as one of the best ethical clothing brands for men, but their quality UPF shirts and wide collection of Bluesign-certified sun protection clothing is what we love most about this ethical company. 

Their figure-flattering and oh-so-stylish crop tops, sports bras, hoodies, tunics, and shirts are every eco fitness’ dream! 

The entire UPF 50+ UV protection clothing line is made in Fair Trade Certified factories and ships in plastic-free packaging. In fact, their program has given back $400,000+ to 33,000+ workers around the world!

Price Range: $49+

Ethics:  Fair Trade Certified, Sustainable And Recycled Fabrics, Plastic-Free Packaging, Fair Labor, Circular Business Model, Donations

Sizes: XS-3XL

Location: USA

Shop Prana Here

UPF 50+ clothing from Prana:

Tested and recommended by skin cancer surgeon and co-founder, Dr. Ali Hendi, Luminora is a go-to destination for ethical and stylish sun protection clothing for fitness and leisure. 

The brand offers quite a few options ranging from athletic UV protection clothing to resort wear. Think high-quality leggings, long sleeve tops, tank tops, Kaftans, jumpsuits, and lightweight dresses. 

The UPF clothing brand delivers all SPF 50+ thanks to the innovative Luminology Technology™. 

Their fabric is infused with all-natural plant-based oil that also acts as an antibacterial agent while also being moisture repellent, wrinkle-resistant, and silky soft.

Price Range: $19+

Ethics: Luminology Technology ® Upf 50+ Fabric With Plant-Based Oil, Dermatologist-Tested,  

Sizes: S-XL

Location: USA

Shop Luminora Here

Apart from the array of sustainable men’s underwear and affordable sustainable swimwear

Patagonia is also one of the best sun protection clothing brands for ethical activewear and casualwear. 

Their recycled, Fair Trade Certified™ sewn jackets, tops, shirts, pants, and shorts are treated with titanium dioxide (TiO2) additive to prevent the sun’s harmful UV radiation from reaching your skin. 

The founding company of 1% for the Planet also has a wide range of sun protection clothing for swimming which are equal parts stylish and functional.

Price Range: $35+

Ethics: Sustainable Fabrics, Fair Labor, Fair Trade Sewn, Circular Business Model, Donations

Sizes:  XXS-XL

Location: USA

Shop Patagonia Here

UPF clothing from Patagonia:

Looking for the best sun protection clothing for swimming and working out that is anything but plain and boring? 

REI is the top e-destination to find your next favorite UPF clothing brand. Step into a tropical daydream with their reversible swimsuit tops or go for ultra-comfy shorts, pastel-colored hoodies, hats, trousers, and many more sun-protective garments from the top sustainable clothing brands on the market. 

Currently, there are 800+ products available! You can filter results by fabric, sustainability efforts, best uses, or features.

Price Range: $9.99+

Ethics: Spf 50+ Sun Protection, Various Recycled, Bluedesign-Certifed And Organic Material Options, Rei Cooperative Action Network

Sizes: XXS-2XL

Location: USA

Shop REI Here

UPF clothing from REI:

Athleta is a premium fitness and lifestyle brand with a slew of sun protection clothing to up your performance with UPF 50+. 

They carry size-inclusive UV protection clothing and swimwear for surf, stand-up paddleboard, and all water sports as well as stylish flare trousers, shorts, tights, and sweatshirts. 

Some options are monochromatic while others come with sumptuous prints made from quick-drying and moisture-wicking recycled materials. Their materials range from Tencel Modal and recycled nylon fabrics to organic cotton.

Price Range: $69+

Ethics: Recycled And Organic Materials With Upf 50+, B-Certified Corporation, Fair Trade Certified Factories, Women-Owned

Sizes: XXS-3XL

Location: USA

Shop Athleta Here

UPF 50+ clothing from Athleta:

Eclipse Glove’s chemical-free UPF50+ tops, pants, sleeves, gloves, cover-ups, and accessories are ethically and sustainably manufactured using recycled fabrics. 

Once your best UV protection clothing reaches the end of its life circle, you can use their take-back program for recycling. The brand also has an adorable Bluesign-certified kid’s line that includes sun sleeves, ponchos, and headbands. 

Additionally, they have a strict Sustainability code of ethics, which makes them one of the best sun protection clothing brands on the eco market.

Price Range: $19+

Ethics: Recycled Materials, Bluedesign-Certified, Recycling Program, Carbon Offsetting,  

Sizes: S-L

Location: USA

Shop Eclipse Glove Here

Nicole Alex offers high-end basics featuring Bamboo. 

We previously mentioned all the amazing benefits of bamboo but to summarize, it’s an anti-bacterial, thermoregulating fabric that is not only moisture-wicking but also eco-friendly with natural UV protection. 

You can opt for tops, bottoms, and dresses in many neutral colors for all your comfortable lounging requirements. While their joggers, tank tops, and midi dresses are a bit pricey, they frequently run huge sales, so keep an eye out for that!

Price Range: $75+

Ethics:  OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Fabric, Natural Upf50+ Sun Protection Clothing

Sizes: S-L

Location: USA

Shop Nicole Alex Here

As the name suggests, Sun50 is the mecca of chemical-free sun protective clothing crafted from sustainable fabrics for every activity. 

Are you looking for the best sun protection clothing for swimming, lounging, or working out that won’t force you to skimp on style? They’ve got you! 

They use a fantastic blend of Tencel with Organic Cotton to create their 50+ fabric along with limited-edition, hand-dyed Summã fabric created in small batches. 

Every piece of UV protection clothing is moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, extremely breathable, and lightweight. To top it all off, they make everything locally, in the USA.

Price Range: $68+

Ethics: Recycled And Sustainable Materials, Oeko-Tex® Certified, Partnerships With Foundations, 

Sizes: XS-XL

Location: USA

Shop Sun50 Here

The best sun protection clothing brands in 2023

While we all love getting our vitamin D, let’s keep in mind that the huge burning ball in the sky requires some protection. Sadly, skin cancer, melanoma, and sunburns are far too common, and thus the best sun protection clothing is your only way to ensure that you and your family are safe and protected.

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sun protection clothing for women
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sun protection clothing for women
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