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5 Best Beach Umbrellas For Ultimate Sun Protection

Eco beach Umbrellas
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Danielle Alvarado


Your hunt for the best sustainable beach umbrellas is officially over. Because as soon as you clap eyes on our top eco-friendly beach umbrella picks below, you’ll second guess your previous sun-blocking purchases. From vibrant umbrellas made to bamboo eco recycled beach umbrella options, we’ve got you!

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Listing the top sustainable beach umbrellas on the eco market.

sustainable beach umbrellas
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While the best affordable sustainable swimwear and zero waste flip flops definitely help, sometimes it may feel nearly impossible to look cute under the blazing sun. Yes, I know; when it comes to picking a heavy-duty eco-friendly beach umbrella, aesthetics usually take the back seat. Our trusted sustainable beach umbrellas should be able to stand firmly in place in soft sand and put up with unexpected wind blows while being wide enough to cover yourself and your seaside companions as well. Now let’s add supreme UV protection to the list.

Luckily for us, our favorite ethical brands rolled out a slew of eco recycled beach umbrella options that meet all the aforementioned quality criteria. The best part? These natural and recycled plastic umbrellas are also out-of-this-world fashionable!  

Think boho-chic fringe-trimmed styles with 3-way tilts, colorful 60’s inspired patterns, and an array of recycled umbrellas with UPF 50+ protection. Take a look at the best sustainable beach umbrellas below to find your next ethically-crafted beach essentials.

Are beach umbrellas worth it?

Along with your go-to-sunscreen, beach umbrellas are a must-have accessory for every summer vacation get-away. UV rays are notorious for harming our eyes and causing skin damage as well as skin cancer – not to mention skin aging and wrinkling. Sun sickness and Heat exhaustion are also two very common issues.  That’s exactly why beach umbrellas are important for your health! They can provide great shelter and enough shade to keep you cool. Especially if you have kids, opting for one of the best sustainable beach umbrellas is definitely a worthy purchase that will last you for years and years.

How do I choose a quality beach umbrella?

If it’s your first time ordering an eco-friendly beach umbrella, chances are that you don’t know exactly what to look out for. Don’t fret! First things first, a quality beach umbrella should be sturdy enough to withstand sudden wind blows, yet easy to carry around. Additionally, you should also be mindful of the size. If you are traveling solo, a small umbrella usually makes the cut, but for family trips and group getaways, a large size option is preferred. Don’t forget to check the tilt function as well. Usually, quality sustainable beach umbrellas are highly adjustable. Additionally, eco umbrellas also come with non-toxic protection against fading which is super important if you consider that beach umbrellas are a long-term investment. Last but not least, you don’t need an option that drops below the 50+ UPF rating. 

What makes a beach umbrella sustainable?

While there are certainly beach umbrellas on the market, the best sustainable beach umbrellas meet some very specific criteria. For example, umbrellas made from recycled plastic actively help reduce landfill waste and minimize ocean pollution.

Renewable materials like bamboo are also very sustainable because they self-regenerate from their own roots. Eco-friendly beach umbrellas are also ethically made following strict principles that ensure the safety and well-being of the workers – so make sure to check the websites for certifications.

So in a nutshell,  a brand should have strict Social, Environmental, and Economic principles that cover everything from raw materials, to production, fair wages, distribution, and even energy consumption. 

This post is all about Sustainable Beach Umbrellas

Best Sustainable Beach Umbrellas for Ultimate Sun Protection

Are you frantically looking for premium umbrellas made from recycled plastic and a natural cotton trim just in time for your next warm-weather adventure? Land & Sand’s best sustainable beach umbrellas are crafted from Repreve, a fabric made from recycled plastic that also offers UPF 50+ protection! Their eco-friendly beach umbrellas come in a slew of boho-inspired colors and prints with an easy 3-way tilt for the whole family to enjoy – yes, they are that big. You can opt for the Panel classic series or go with a vintage-style, eco recycled beach umbrella instead.

Price:  $249

Ethics: Recycled Plastic And Natural Materials, Carbon Offsetting, Donations

Location:  Australia + free worldwide shipping!

Shop Land & Sand Here

Some of Our Favorites From Land & Sand:

With so many utterly unique and modern options, there is no wonder why Klaoos is on the list of the best sustainable beach umbrellas for eco-conscious wave chasers. Made in Europe from recycled plastic, FSC certified wood, and galvanized steel, every eco-friendly umbrella helps remove 25-30 plastic bottles from the landfill. From geometric patterns and ombre to ’60s-inspired styles, they all come with anti-UV UPF 50 protection and a super practical water-repellent effect.

Price: 149€

Ethics: Recycled Plastic, FSC Certified Wood And Textile Waste Materials, Made In France, Fair Wages, OEKO-TEX Certified, Pure Color Pigments

Location: France

Shop Klaoos Here

You’ll be pressed to find an eco recycled beach umbrella that’s simplistic with a modern edge, but Project Blank made it possible. Their best sustainable beach umbrellas are actually waterproof and made from 37 recycled PET bottles. On top of that, they offer UPF 50+ protection and a super sturdy design thanks to the FSC certified Beech timber pole and water-based glue. As for the special non-toxic anti-fade treatment, it will keep the colors vibrant for significantly longer. To top it all off, the brand also offsets 10kg of carbon with every order and aims to plan 20,000 trees worldwide by the end of 2022.

Price: $149.95

Ethics:  Recycled Materials With Non-Toxic Anti-Fade Treatment, Solar Energy, Donations, Offsetting, Recyclable Packaging

Location: Australia

Shop Project Blank Here

Sunday Supply Co’s boutique beach essentials are made for hours of safe seaside chilling. Their exclusive prints are definitely an added bonus, but the brand’s UPF50+ premium fabric is the real superhero. The extended timber poll is FSC-certified and every eco-friendly beach umbrella comes with natural finishes. Plus, shade seekers will appreciate the many unique styles that are currently available.

Price: 259€

Ethics: Premium & Natural Materials

Location/Shipping: UK

Shop Sunday Supply Co Here

If you are looking for the best sustainable beach umbrellas to make a statement, Brelli is the brand for you. While we love the fact that they are handmade, their true beauty lies in the green-minded materials. Each eco-friendly beach umbrella is made from sustainably harvested bamboo, organic cotton, and biodegradable biofilm for superior sun protection (it blocks 99% of UVA/UVB rays, to be exact). Plus, these beauties also withstand winds up to 40 mph which is pretty convenient. Did we mention that they are also adorned with Swarovski crystals? You can think of them as luxury high fashion accessories.

Price: $105-$189

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Ethically Made In The  Umbrella Workshop In Chiang Mai, Thailand, Handcrafted, One-Of-A-Kind

Location: USA

Shop Brelli Here

This post was all about sustainable beach umbrellas for eco summer adventures

Let’s just say that the best sustainable beach umbrellas below will help you spot your things from afar way easier – because they are that eye-catching and inherently cool. Whether you are looking for a classic eco recycled beach umbrella that’s ethically made, non-toxic, and recycled or a statement-making eco-friendly beach umbrella to match your warm-weather energy, the aforementioned ethical brands will definitely cater to your own needs and aesthetic.

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sustainable beach umbrellas
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sustainable beach umbrellas
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