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60 Fun & Unique Experience Gifts For The Entire Family in 2023

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On the hunt for the best unique experience gift ideas for adults, couples, him, her, friends, family, and more? 

Our memorable and unusual experience gifts promise to leave a lasting impression.

Whether it’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure, a relaxing spa day, or a culinary escapade, all unique gift ideas experiences below are fun, thoughtful, and inherently sustainable!

The most fun & unique experience gifts ideas for the entire family.

unique gift ideas experiences

In a world flooded with material possessions, it’s high time we shifted our focus to something more meaningful and sustainable—experience gifts! 

Cluttered living spaces and unwanted gifts gathering dust in the corners of our lives are an oh-too-familiar scenario. 

Even more so around the holiday season. In fact, Americans spent around $15.2 billion on unwanted holiday gifts in 2019, and 4% of them ended up in the trash. 

That’s on top of the over 21 million Brits that get an unwanted present at Christmas, with around 6% of those gifts thrown away as a result. Honestly, our planet deserves better than being laden with disposable trinkets and single-use items. 

These experience gift ideas aren’t just fleeting moments; they’re the making of memories, the sharing of laughter, and the bonding of hearts. 

We believe in opting for experience gift ideas for kids and adults that resonate with the soul, gifts that leave an indelible mark on our lives, and gifts that celebrate the joy of togetherness.

In this carefully curated list of 60 experience gift ideas for her, him, and the entire family, we hope to help you celebrate moments, embrace adventures, and create bonds that last a lifetime. From fantastic activity gifts for adults to fun-filled experience gift ideas for kids, there’s something special for every giftee on your list.

What are the benefits of gifting experiences?

Experience gifts showcase a deeper level of thoughtfulness and consideration. 

By choosing an experience tailored to the recipient’s interests, you demonstrate an understanding of their passions and desires. It’s saying, “I see you, I get you, and I want you to bask in something extraordinary.”

Whether it’s soaring through the sky in a hot air balloon or mastering the waves with a surfing lesson, it’s an affirmation that you know what makes your heart race. And let’s talk about clutter, or rather, the absence of it. 

Experience gifts spark joy without adding to the ever-growing pile of unused belongings. Memories don’t take up space in your living room; they find a cozy corner in your heart.

Plus, studies have shown that experiences tend to linger in our hearts much longer than material gifts. 

Why are experience gifts important?

Experience gifts prioritize the creation of beautiful memories over the accumulation of material possessions. Shared adventures, laughter, and growth become threads that weave relationships closer. 

Choosing an experience gift showcases a deeper understanding of the recipient’s desires and passions. It reflects thoughtful consideration, demonstrating that the giver truly values the recipient’s happiness and fulfillment. Lastly, they are a symbol of a conscious and mindful lifestyle. 

They leave a smaller ecological footprint compared to the production and disposal of material items as they promote a ‘less stuff, more memories’ ethos, contributing positively to our planet’s wellbeing.

Are experiences better than regular gifts?

They absolutely can be! Experience gift ideas create memories that stay with the recipient forever without adding to physical clutter.

They show our thoughtfulness, understanding, and care for the recipient’s preferences. Plus, many experiences offer an avenue for personal growth and learning. 

Whether it’s a cooking class, a dance workshop, or an adventure activity, experiences enrich individuals by providing new skills, knowledge, and insights. 

This blog post is all about the best experience gifts in 2023.

The Best Family Experience Gifts in 2023

1. Organise a family game night

Ditch the screens and gather ’round for a night of belly laughs, friendly competition, and some good old-fashioned family bonding. Game nights are amazing experience gift ideas for kids and parents!

Imagine everyone strategizing their way through classics like Monopoly, getting creative with Pictionary, or testing their trivia prowess with a riveting round of Trivial Pursuit. So, grab those game boxes, pop some popcorn, and get ready!

2. Book a family photo shoot

Next up is one of our favorite unique gift idea experiences! It’s time to freeze those cherished family moments in a frame.

But we’re not talking about just any old photo session – we’re talking about a full-blown, professionally curated family photo shoot.

Strike a pose, let your personalities shine, and get ready to capture the essence of your beautiful family dynamic. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. And in this case, it’s worth a thousand memories too.

3. Movie night for the whole family

Seriously, can you think of better experience gift ideas for the family than a fun night-in?

Get ready to dim those lights, grab the comfiest blankets and pillows, and settle in for a blockbuster night of movie magic with the whole fam.

Don’t forget the snacks! Popcorn, of course, but consider a spread of candy, nachos, and maybe even some DIY holiday cookies for that extra special touch. 

best experience gifts

4. Plan a camping trip

When we think of the best experience gifts for adults and kids, camping is the first thing that comes to mind. Pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare for a wild adventure in the great outdoors!

It’s time to plan an unforgettable family camping trip that’ll have you all bonding amidst nature’s grandeur.

From roasting marshmallows to stargazing under a vast night sky, exploring flora and fauna, teaching the kids about different plants, and perhaps even dipping your toes in a crystal-clear stream.

5. Organise a family holiday

If you’re looking for beautiful experiences to gift someone you love, it’s about time to start organizing a family holiday!

First things first, choose a destination that suits everyone’s tastes and interests.

Whether it’s the sun-soaked beaches of a tropical paradise, the bustling streets of a vibrant city, the tranquility of a mountain retreat, or a few nights in the world’s best eco hostels, make sure it’s a place that’ll captivate every member of the family.

6. Tickets to Waterpark

Oh, waterparks–the ultimate activity gifts for adults and kids!

Get ready to slide, splash, and laugh your way through an exhilarating day of aquatic adventures, creating unforgettable memories for the whole family.

Refuel at the snack bars with a variety of mouthwatering treats, from juicy burgers and fries to ice-cold slushies. Oh, and don’t forget to capture the moments with waterproof cameras, ensuring you don’t miss a single grin, splash, or high-five.

7. Give a gift of giving back to the community  

If you are ready to show generosity and compassion as a family, making a meaningful impact on the lives of others, this is the perfect opportunity.

Gather as a family and curate care packages filled with essentials like non-perishable food items, water bottles, hygiene products, socks, and warm blankets.

Visit your local animal shelter and offer to volunteer as a family. Spend time playing with the furry friends, assisting with feeding and cleaning, or even helping organize adoption events.

Equip your family with gloves, trash bags, and a can-do attitude, and organize a neighborhood cleanup. There are so many experience gift ideas for kids and adults to explore!

Best Experience Gifts For Outdoor Lovers

8. Book a sailing trip

Outdoor lovers, rejoice! This is the ultimate experience gift idea for him and her! Begin by selecting a sailing destination that suits your family’s taste.

Whether it’s a tranquil island hopping tour, a coastal exploration, or a full-on offshore adventure, there’s a sailing journey for every crew.

Consider destinations with stunning landscapes, vibrant marine life, and captivating ports to dock and explore. Next, choose a sailboat that fits your family’s needs and preferences.

Whether it’s a spacious catamaran, a classic monohull, or a cozy trimaran, ensure it has the amenities and safety features suitable for a comfortable family sailing experience!

9. Gift surfing lessons

Next up is one of the best experience gift ideas for friends, family members, or couples – surfing, duh!

Book a personalized surfing lesson or a series of lessons based on the recipient’s availability and preferences.

Most surf schools offer group lessons for a social experience or private lessons for a more tailored approach.

Consider their comfort level and confidence when selecting the best option. Whether they manage to stand on their first wave or need a few attempts, the excitement and joy will be unmatched.

10. Membership to the botanical gardens or national park

On the hunt for experience gifts ideas for her or him who loves nature a bit too much?

Opt for a local botanical garden membership if they appreciate meticulously curated plant collections and tranquil landscapes.

Alternatively, choose a national park membership if they’re keen on hiking, wildlife spotting, and immersing themselves in nature’s vast beauty.

They’ll have the opportunity to explore diverse ecosystems, gaze upon majestic vistas, and make memories amidst Mother Nature’s finest creations. Encourage them to lace up their boots, and let’s go!

11. Buy a pass to an amusement or theme park

Whether they’re seeking gravity-defying roller coasters, magical adventures, or water-themed attractions, choose a park that aligns with their taste for excitement and fun.

Want to make the activity gifts for adults even more fun? If the park offers an adjacent water park or themed hotel, encourage them to extend the fun by spending the night.

A stay at a themed hotel can turn the adventure into a mini vacation, allowing them to continue the excitement into the next day.

12. Gift a pass to mini golf

We all have that one favorite golfer in our lives! So, next up is one of the best experience gift ideas for friends or family who love playful banter and mastering the art of the perfect putt.

Select a mini golf venue that offers a vibrant and creatively designed course. Look for a place with multiple themed courses, providing a variety of challenges and surprises that will make every round fun!

P.S. Some mini-golf venues offer theme nights or glow-in-the-dark mini-golf experiences!

13. Plan a day at a local festival or carnival

Take a stroll through the vibrant booths, enjoy the lively atmosphere, and soak in the buzz of excitement from fellow festival-goers. It’s one of the top experience gift ideas for kids and adults! 

Kickstart the day with a variety of festival delights. From cotton candy and caramel apples to hot dogs and funnel cakes. Head to the rides and attractions, a central part of any carnival experience.

Whether it’s the Ferris wheel with a panoramic view of the festivities, the adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, or the whimsical carousel, there’s a ride for everyone.

Encourage the little ones to conquer their first kiddie rides and thrill-seekers to brave the more exhilarating attractions.

fun experience gifts

14. Book a scuba certification class

Prepare to explore the mesmerizing depths of the ocean, witness vibrant marine life, and experience the underwater world like never before by booking a scuba certification class.

Coordinate with the dive center to plan a suitable course schedule that fits the recipient’s availability.

Most courses involve a combination of theory classes, confined water training, and open-water dives. Make sure the schedule aligns with their timeline and preferences.

15. Organise a skydiving experience

Ready to touch the skies, feel the adrenaline rush, and experience the ultimate thrill of a lifetime with a skydiving adventure?

This will be one of the top experience gift ideas for friends and family!

All you have to do is contact the skydiving center to confirm the availability of the experience on the desired date.

Check for any requirements, such as age, weight limits, or medical considerations, to ensure the recipient meets the criteria for the skydive.

16. Buy a hot air ballooning experience

Next up is one of the top experience gift ideas for teens, kids, and adults! This rendezvous with the sky is an exhilarating yet gentle adventure suitable for every age group.

From grandparents to grandchildren, everyone can participate and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. It’s a rare gift that transcends generational boundaries.

Simply imagine the vast, panoramic views from the balloon’s vantage point – so awe-inspiring.

17. Organise a kayaking adventure

Dive into nature’s tranquility, embrace the water’s rhythm, and paddle your way through adventure on a fun kayaking expedition.

Plan a route that allows for a mix of gentle paddling, scenic stops, and opportunities to explore the surrounding nature.

Best Experience Gifts For Him

18. Organise a sports car drive

Sports car drives are the ultimate experience to gift someone! With professional instructors and safety measures in place, a sports car drive ensures a secure and enjoyable experience.

The recipient can push the limits of speed and performance within the confines of a controlled environment, all under the guidance of experienced professionals.

19. Book a helicopter ride

Helicopter rides are certainly the most dreamy experience gift ideas for him.

Whether they desire a scenic city tour, a coastal escape, or a majestic mountain adventure, there are diverse options to cater to their sense of adventure.

During the flight, enjoy commentary from the pilot or guide, highlighting significant landmarks, historical facts, and points of interest. It adds a layer of understanding and appreciation for the areas being explored.

best experience gifts

20. Tickets to a sporting event

For the best experience gift ideas for boyfriend, or friend groups, consider opting for tickets for a sports event they die to watch.

Whether it’s a major league baseball game, a high-octane basketball match, a riveting soccer match, or any other sport, pick an event that aligns with their passion.

Plan ahead and consider tailgating or pre-game activities if available. 

21. Brewery/Distillery Tour

Love, uncovering the secrets of brewing or distilling, and savoring the distinct aromas and tastes of crafted beverages?

Tours are one of the top 10 experience gifts for adults! You’ll learn about the raw ingredients, equipment, and techniques used to create these delicious libations.

Discover the meticulous artistry that goes into every bottle and, of course, savor the highlight of the tour—a guided tasting session. 

22. Dirt Bike Riding

Last but not least, one of the best experience gift ideas for friends and couples – dirt bike riding!

Picture the rugged trails, the revving of engines, and the dirt flying as you conquer challenging terrains. Seriously, how cool is that?!

Best Experience Gifts For Winter

23. Gift a snowboarding lesson

Seriously, who wouldn’t love to experience the thrill of the slopes with the gift of a snowboarding lesson? 

Glide down the snow-covered hills, master your balance, and conquer the mountains. It’s an adventure that combines adrenaline, skill, and the joy of winter sports.

24. Plan a skiing trip 

Time to take part in a  winter wonderland adventure with a skiing trip. Bundle up, hit the slopes, and revel in the exhilarating feeling of carving through the fresh powder.

Just don’t forget to stop for a hot cup of cocoa afterward. 

25. Plan an ice fishing tip

Escape to the serene frozen lakes and experience the calm of ice fishing.

Dress comfy and cozy, drill a hole, and patiently wait for a nibble beneath the icy surface.

It’s one of the most unusual gift experiences that combines tranquility, nature, and the satisfaction of a successful catch. It can’t get better than that!

26. Gift a sledding experience

Unleash your inner child and gift the joy of sledding. Glide down snowy hills, feel the wind in your hair, and let the laughter fill the crisp winter air.

It’s a simple yet exciting winter activity that brings back the magic of snowy days and the joy of winter play.

27. Ice skating

Lace-up your skates and glide across the glistening ice. No worries, you don’t have to be a pro!

Whether it’s a graceful twirl or a playful glide, ice skating is a timeless winter activity that promises laughter, fun, and the magic of winter. Imagine all the cute videos and photos!

Best Experience Gifts For Her

28. Gift a pedicure or manicure

Oh, gifts with a dash of self-care! Help her treat herself to a pampering session, complete with nail grooming, exfoliation, and a splash of vibrant color. After all, she deserves it!

29. Gift a bunch of flowers

Brighten someone’s day with the oh-so-sweet gift of a beautiful flower bouquet. Flowers speak volumes whether it be a birth, an anniversary, a birthday, or a commercially promoted special day like Valentine’s Day.

30. Book a floristry course/workshop

If floristry has always been her passion, why not help her dive into the art of floral design and creativity with a floristry course or workshop?

She’ll learn the secrets of arranging blooms, creating stunning bouquets, and understanding the language of flowers. 

31. Gift a spa treatment

Give her the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a rejuvenating spa treatment.

Spa treatments help let the stresses of the day melt away as we enjoy a relaxing massage, a refreshing facial, or a luxurious body treatment.

experience gifts

32. Plan a glamping getaway

Experience the best of nature without compromising on comfort with a glamping getaway.

Revel in the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying cozy accommodations, plush beds, and all the amenities of a luxury stay.

It’s a fusion of adventure and relaxation—a perfect escape into the heart of nature with a touch of luxury.

33. Organise a baking class in person or online

Whip up delectable treats, learn baking techniques, and savor the sweet satisfaction of creating something from scratch.

It’s a gift that tantalizes the taste buds and leaves them with the skills to bake your favorite goodies. You’ll certainly get a treat too!

34. Salon or hair voucher

Whether it’s a haircut, styling, or a rejuvenating treatment, it’s a practical experience gift ideas for her who loves to feel fabulous and confident with a visit to the salon every now and then.

35. Buy a yoga class pass

Stretch, breathe, and find tranquility in the practice of yoga. It’s a gift of mindfulness and harmony, helping her achieve balance and flexibility, both physically and mentally.

Plus, she’ll certainly meet new people in the city who share the same interests.

Best Art & Culture Experience Gifts

36. Yearly membership to a museum

Dive into the realm of art, history, or science, exploring fascinating exhibits and events all year round. 

What’s a better way to expand your knowledge than with an ongoing journey through time and culture? We know they’ll love it! 

37. Gift art classes

Next up is one of the most beloved experience gift ideas for her, him, and the family! Unlock the artist within with the gift of art classes.

Delve into painting, drawing, or sculpture, guided by a skilled instructor. It’s an opportunity to express your creativity, refine your techniques, and watch your imagination come to life on canvas.  

38. Plan a DIY mural project

Gather your brushes, paints, and creative minds to design and paint a mural that reflects your shared vision and passion.

It’s a collaborative adventure, so make sure to brainstorm together ahead of the big project!

39. Buy tickets to a performance

Grab the opportunity to help them be a part of a beautiful live performance with tickets to a play, concert, ballet, or musical.

This can be one of the best experience gift ideas for mom, dad, friend groups, or even art-loving teens!

40. Write a thoughtful letter or poem

Craft words that speak from the heart, encapsulating love, admiration, or gratitude in a heartfelt letter or poem.

If you are good at expressing your feelings, sharing memories, and letting the recipient know how special they are, this is your opportunity to mely their romantic hearts!

41. Book to see the latest art exhibition

Here’s a fantastic opportunity to help them appreciate contemporary art even more and spark their artistic inspiration as they admire the works of talented artists.

42. Organise a workshop

Whether it’s a cooking class, a photography workshop, or a DIY crafting event, it’s a chance to enhance skills and share knowledge. Gather a group, learn together, and leave with newfound expertise and shared memories.

43. Instrument Lessons

Are you on the hunt for the best experience gift ideas for teens and adults? Whether it’s learning to play the guitar, piano, or any instrument, these lessons will be much appreciated. 

44. Gift a language classes

Help them immerse themselves in a  new culture, learn a new language, and broaden their horizons. It’s an opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds and enhance your communication skills.

45. Yearly membership to a science & technology center

Here’s one of the most unusual experience gifts! Engage in interactive exhibits, explore the wonders of innovation, and stay updated on the latest advancements. Believe us, all science and tech-loving friends will appreciate it.

46. Buy a pass to the planetarium

Gaze at the stars, learn about celestial bodies, and marvel at the vastness of space. It’s an awe-inspiring experience, a chance to understand the mysteries of the cosmos.

47. Write and perform/record a song

Are you an artist yourself? Compose the lyrics, strum the chords, and let your heart sing as you write, perform, or record a song. Share your emotions, tell a story, and let the melodies resonate. So personal and beautiful!

Best Experience Gifts For Couples

48. Plan a fun day of cooking together

Is there a better time to kick start your own culinary adventure with a day of cooking together?

This is one of the most useful and fun experience gift ideas for boyfriend and girlfriend duos!

Discover the joys of teamwork as you chop, stir, and sizzle your way to a delicious meal. You can always sit and enjoy your Master-chef-worthy creations over a romantic home dinner afterward. 

49. Plan a staycation (book a local hotel)

Escape the routine with a mini-getaway right in your own city by booking a local hotel—a staycation to remember.

Unwind in a cozy room, explore nearby attractions, and treat yourself to a break from the everyday. It’s a rejuvenating experience, a chance to rediscover your surroundings with a fresh perspective and a luxurious escape without the hassle of travel.

50. Pack a picnic

Pack a basket full of delectable treats and head to your favorite park, beach, or scenic spot to offer one of the best experience gift ideas for couples.

Spread out a cozy blanket, bask in the natural surroundings, and savor a delightful meal alfresco. 

clutter free gift ideas

51. Book a weekend wine tasting

Sip, swirl, and savor the flavors of the vine with a weekend wine tasting.

Explore different vineyards, taste a variety of wines, and expand your palate. And don’t forget to take photos – vineyards are so photogenic!

52. Take a dance class together

Whether you’re waltzing, salsa dancing, or learning the latest dance craze, it’s a lively and energetic experience gift idea for couples that brings you closer.

Feel the rhythm, move to the beat, and share laughter as you twirl and dip.  

53. Book a day trip sightseeing by train

A scenic journey with a day trip sightseeing by train? Yes, please! Relax and enjoy the picturesque landscapes as you travel to nearby towns or attractions.  

54. Create a coupon book

Looking for slightly unusual experience gifts?

Craft a personalized coupon book, a treasure trove of thoughtful gestures and delightful experiences. Fill it with promises of breakfast in bed, a movie night of their choice, a massage, or a day spent together.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving, offering the recipient a chance to redeem tokens of love, time, and special moments. How cute is that? 

Best Indoor Experience Gifts For All Ages

55. Laser tag

Gear up, grab your laser blasters, and prepare for an exhilarating laser tag adventure.

No matter the age, laser tag is one of the best experience gift ideas for friends and family–because, seriously, who wouldn’t love to navigate through the neon-lit maze?

Just make sure to choose a game package that suits your preferences, whether it’s a standard session, a themed game, or a competitive tournament.

56. Plan a day at the ice skating rink

Here’s a fantastic experience to gift someone who loves winter! Let’s plan a delightful day at the ice skating rink—a cold and oh-so-fun adventure that will leave you with memories of laughter and skillful spins!

After your skating adventure, warm up with hot cocoa, coffee, or tea at a nearby café or rink concession stand.

57. Book a day at the bowling alley

For us, bowling is certainly among the top 10 experience gifts we’d love to receive! Invite friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts to join you for a day of bowling fun.

Whether it’s a classic game, a team competition, or a round of glow bowling, challenge each other, aim for those strikes and spares, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the bowling alley.

58. Indoor Rock Climbing

Next up is a fantastic experience gift idea for men, women, and children! Let’s plan an exhilarating day of indoor rock climbing.

Strap on your harness, chalk up your hands, and prepare for a heart-pounding adventure as you scale the heights of an indoor rock climbing gym.  

59. Movie Theater

For the most easy-to-plan yet extremely fun experience gift ideas for kids and adults, movie theaters are once again here to save the day!

Choose a mix of movie genres to keep the cinematic journey exciting and diverse. Opt for a blend of action, comedy, drama, or sci-fi films to cater to different tastes.

60. Go to the arcade

Last but not least, one of the top experience gift ideas for him, her, and the kids that comes straight from the 90s! As you play games and score points, collect tickets that you can later redeem for exciting prizes. Aim for the games that offer higher ticket rewards to maximize your potential loot!

This blog post is all about the best experience gifts for everyone on your list. 

And there you have it—our favorite unique experience gift ideas for family and friends.

We love the joy of adventures and the heartwarming connections these gifts create.

Remember, in a world bustling with ‘stuff,’  unusual experience gifts as synonymous with meaningful giving.

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