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25 Best Unique Gift Ideas In 2023 | Practical & Minimalist Gift Lovers

best unique gifts


Konstantina Antoniadou

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Looking for the best and most unique gift ideas that will make all your minimalist friends and family members light up with excitement? We made a list of thoughtful yet one-of-a-kind presents for virtually every taste.

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This post is about the most unique gift ideas. 

Uncommon and thoughtful gifts

Let’s be honest; festive-season shopping is far from a one-size-fits-all task.

Sure, the subtle art of gift-giving should absolutely be less about the beautifully wrapped present itself and more about the sentiment and thought behind it. But at the end of the day, our last-minute half-assed attempts may cause more harm than we think. 

No seriously, unwanted gifts during the holiday season are the core reason for millions of tons of waste that end up in landfills. Not to mention the annual 16 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from gift returns after the festivities are over. So let’s put some original thought into each present this year by brainstorming on the most unique gift ideas for every person on your holiday checklist.

Plenty of out-of-the-ordinary and thoughtful presents will match your budget –no matter how big or small it is. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the credit of being the most dedicated friend of the group.

Whether you’re navigating the waters of holiday shopping for your BFF who has always been obsessed with artful projects, your favorite co-worker with an affinity for gardening, or a significant other who loves a high-quality beer, look no further than this roundup of the 25 best unique gift ideas.

What are some creative and unique gift ideas?

Based on the special interests of everyone in your life, you can find something special just for them!

The unique gift ideas checklist includes everything from pottery-making kits, puzzle advert calendars, and smartphone-controlled paper airplanes to washable bath pillows.

For the non-toxic home devotee, you can always choose something practical and exciting like an indoor gardening system, a mini composter, or even a zero-waste coconut fiber sloth planter –yes, you heard that right!

What are the unique gift ideas for a creative person?

Artistic people deserve the royal treatment! That’s why we included many DIY kits to match almost every taste.

Some unique gift ideas for creatives are beer-making kits, pottery-making kits, pasta art kits, crochet animal DIY sets, and even earring-making kits.

Don’t fret. Our list below includes more than enough ideas your giftee will genuinely love.

This post is about creative & unique gift ideas.

The Most Unique Gift Ideas in 2023 For Men & Women.

1. Long Distance Friendship Lamp – Wood

practical gifts for Christmas

We absolutely had to make this unique gift number one on today’s list. With more and more friends and family moving all over the world, connection is needed more than ever.

The idea behind these cutesy in-sync lamps is to help you “light up loved ones’ lives—across town or across the world.” 

Simply touch yours, and theirs will emit the same glow to send a little “thinking of you” – from anywhere in the World! If you have a group of friends, then you can sync all laps together and assign colors, so each person gets their own special hue. How darn adorable is that?

Price: From $99+ 

Location: USA, ships worldwide 

2. Vintage Record Player

Uncommon and thoughtful gifts for her

Looking for unique gift ideas for your old-soul friend? How about a display-worthy and functional vintage record player

Victrola is chock full of amazing options, but if you want to be a bit more sustainable with your purchase, you can always visit the local thrift store or spot the next garage sale in your neighborhood. Prices often start at around $99 depending on the model – so it is definitely worth it.

Price: From $50

Location: Worldwide

3. Pottery Making Kit

Thoughtful presents for her

Here’s one of our favorite unique gift ideas for creative friends! This zero-waste pottery-making kit is perfect for beginners. 

It comes with all the necessary tools to help design and sculpt a pinch pot, hanging planter, footed pot, functional mug, or versatile one-of-a-kind piece (step-by-step instructions are included). 

All you have to do is choose between air dry and ceramic and then the number of people you want to include in the project (1-2 or maybe 3-4?). Did we mention the carbon-neutral shipping?

Price: $59.00

Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Canada 

4. Museum Tickets

Unique and memorable gift ideas for women

Time to give your friends and family the gift of memorable experiences with museum tickets

Citypass is a great company that produces and sells discounted ticket packages to top tourist attractions in various North American metropolitan areas –Boston, Chicago, and san Francisco, to name a few. 

Plus, If you are in Europe, you can just visit the european website.

Price: Various

Location: USA & Eupore

5. Home Team Baseball Game

unique gifts for him

Here’s the easiest way to get praised during the next family game night! Based on an old-fashioned board game, this new and improved Home Team Baseball Game is an idea for two teams of up to four players. 

It is actually handcrafted in St. Louis by a husband and wife team which makes it even more unique and personal. Simply choose the recipient’s favorite MLB team from the list and get ready for some old school fun!

Price: $75 

Location: USA, ships worldwide 

6. Terrarium Candle

Thoughtful personalized gifts for her

Your quest to find unique gift ideas for your decor-obsessed, plant-parent friend is officially over.

These detailed, hand-poured cactus and poppy candles smell as good as they look. It’s not just the astonishing artistry that makes these gifts unique.

It’s the fact that the soy wax is infused with premium fragrance oils by hand in Vancouver, Canada.

Price: From $38

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

7. Grilled Personal Pizza Maker

practical gifts for Christmas

We have the most unique gift ideas for your college roommate, pizza-obsessed BF, or camping-obsessed family member.

This Grilled Personal Pizza Maker will deliver brick oven-style pizza right on the grill. No matter if they are at home, or out in the wild, they can have personal-size pizzaliciousness ready for grabs after a long day.

The grill is crafted from cast iron and steel, making it extremely easy to clean. 

Price: From $52

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

8. Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50

thoughtful gifts for her

Vitamix’s sleek and modern indoor composter is perfect for anyone living in small spaces without the accessibility of a traditional compost— and it’s the smallest version available.

Ideal for the countertop, this device can hold as much as 2L and cut down the volume of food waste by up to 90%.

Plus, it comes with a built-in carbon filter lid that eliminates odors and delivers nutrient-rich compost in only 4-8 hours.

Price: $399

Location: USA

9. Recycled Glass Birth Month Flower Vase

Special gifts for her

The best unique gift ideas can also have sentimental value! 

Take these handmade cylindrical vases, for example. They are made from recycled glass which is decorated with the color of each birth month flower. 

All you have to do is select their birth date and voila! Just fill them with seasonal blooms and offer them to that special someone. So sweet!

Price: $88

Location: USA

10. Pasta Art Kit

Thoughtful presents for her

Make your favorite at-home chef fall in love with pasta all over again with this Pasta Art Kit that makes about 8-10 servings. 

This one is also a great gift for families with kids–just saying. It uses plant- and vegetable-based dyes to turn your homemade pasta into an edible rainbow –come one! It can’t get better than that.  

Price: $57

Location: USA

11. Click And Grow Indoor Gardening System

thoughtful gifts for him

What’s a better way to steal the heart of a healthy living devotee than an indoor gardening system with biodegradable plant pods that are packed with seeds and nutrients? This smart device is designed to help plants grow 30% faster and require 95% less water! 

We can thank the patented nano-material that automatically releases nutrients, oxygen, and water to your plants with no extra effort for that! You can opt for a big 27-pod system or choose one of their more affordable minis.

Plus, the brand offers over 75 varieties of herbs, flowers, and leafy greens.

Price: From $99.95

Location: EU & USA

Discount: 15% off selected items – automatically applied at checkout

12. Weighted Relaxation Robe

practical gifts for Christmas

This is not any basic robe but a weighted relaxation robe with special stress-relieving benefits. 

Aside from being super soft, this piece is basically the equivalent of a warm and cozy weighted blanket –only wearable.

The extra weight in the shoulders provides deep-touch stimulation, which can help relax muscle soreness and joint pain. Also, it’s available in various sizes.

Price: $249

Location: USA

13. Crochet Animal DIY Kit

cool gift ideas

Looking for the best unique gift ideas for friends who love all-thing-cutesy and creative? 

Amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting adorable stuffed critters, will help them DIY their own fiber-art companion with supplies and instructions that are very easy to follow. 

The kit includes everything from Pre-started crochet pieces and acrylic yarns to Tapestry needles and plastic eyes!

Price: $42

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

14. Wire Jig Earring Making Kit

creative & unique gift ideas

We all have that one person who has always wanted to pick up the subtle art of jewelry making.

This Wire Jig Earring Making Kit is here to help them make stunning wire jewelry with one all-in-one set.

There are 3 different designs available, but as soon as they get the grip of it, the options will be unlimited!

No worries, the kit has everything they need to reach pro-level status.

Price: $42

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

15. Washable Bath Pillow

Special gifts for her

A washable bath pillow? Yes, they exist! 

This fast-drying, washable pillow will make their bath time a lot more comfy and relaxing.

Basically, it’s a bath cushion with soft foam to support your back and neck for spa-like comfort.

Plus, it has a hidden side pocket to stash their favorite salts and essential oils – or snacks!

Price: $27.99

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

16. Meile

thoughtful gifts for her

Imagine their delight when they tear open their perfectly wrapped gift to find not chocolates but a top-rated sex toy! 

This ball-tipped bullet offers mind-blowing powerful vibrations with four speeds and seven patterns, and it’s made from recycled, body-safe materials.

All that without sounding like a full-fledged power tool – yes, it’s very quiet!

Price: $109.99 ($87 on sale!)

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

17. DIY Beer-Making Kit

Special gifts for him

You know that one friend who is a little too obsessed with beer? Now is the time to help them DIY their own brew with pride and take your ears off for the next year –or longer. 

This kit has complete equipment and supplies to let them brew refreshing, silky smooth Hefeweizen and ten more flavors.

Each beer crafting kit is assembled by hand in Orlando, FL, and it’s instilled with the “core values of providing high-quality ingredients” – sounds great, right? Oh, and it[‘s ideal for first-timers and hobbyists alike.  

Price: $54.95

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

18. Rocksbox gift membership

Distinctive gifts for women

For the jewelry-obsessed woman in your life, this Rocksbox gift membership will allow her to rent three pieces of jewelry monthly from top-notch brands. We love this type of business – where folks can keep items in rotation and avoid landfills!

Also, members get monthly shopping credits to use toward purchasing their favorite items!

Price: $49 for 3 months/ $99 for 6 months

Location: USA

19. DIY Period Kit

thoughtful gifts for her

Make your friend jump with excitement upon receiving her own personalized period kit! 

Grad the top-rated Heavy Flow Period Bundle from Saalt. Add a pack of Self-Heating Menstrual Patches to the mix, and don’t forget the Candy Heart Hot Chocolate Bombs. Girl power all the way!

Price: From $199

Location: USA

20. Majolica Salsa Turtles

Most Unique Gift Ideas For Women

When it comes to the best unique gift ideas, not many items can rival the beauty of receiving a trio of handmade serving bowls that celebrate the treasured pottery techniques of Mexico. 

This set will add a festive burst of colors to any meal thanks to the very special pottery technique known as Majolica.

What’s more amazing?! The brilliant hand-painted colors or the adorable turtle shapes? 

Price: $62

Location: USA

21. Coconut Fiber Sloth Planter

creative & unique gift ideas

There’s nothing to see here –just a Coconut Fiber Sloth Planter looking downright adorable. 

Handcrafted by World Fair Trade Organization–certified artisans, these planters are made from sustainable coir in the Philippines. This beauty also comes in dinosaur and elephant form! 

Note: it would be best to use a pot or liner inside of the sloth planters, so make sure to tell your friend.

Price: $73

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available 

22. Frozen Wine Slushie Mix

thoughtful gifts for her

You don’t have an impressive budget to spend on the best and most unique gift ideas but still want something that will wow your friends and family? 

This adorable Frozen Wine Slushie Mix will definitely do the trick. Simply add wine to these organic mixers, freeze, and drink up!

These delicious slushies are available in original frosé, sangria, and strawberry basil lemonade. 

Price: $26

Location: USA

23. Repurposed Sari Patchwork Apron

unique gifts for mom

Excite the eco-friendly cook in your life with this repurposed sari patchwork apron. 

The double-sided blend of patterns and colors was created by stitching together stitch repurposed sari swatches. 

Artisans in Bangladesh decorated the aprons with traditional kantha stitches in contrasting colors. So every piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art. 

Price: $42

Location: USA

24. Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Unique Gift Ideas For Men

Here’s the most pleasantly bizarre and fun gift for your tech-obsessed friend. This smartphone-controlled paper airplane can get attached to a Bluetooth®-enabled device!

Simply download the app and commence takeoff. Spoiler alert: goes exactly where you tell it to, thanks to the two high-speed motors.

Many reviews pointed out that it’s Perfect for father and son projects and for that grown-up who is still a kid.

Price: $83

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

25. Through the Window Puzzle Advent Calendar

creative & unique gift ideas

Go ahead, name one person who doesn’t love advent calendars! When it comes to the best unique gift ideas, this Through the Window Puzzle Advent Calendar is a fantastic option for all ages (over three!).

Countdown to Christmas with 24 beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzles that combine into one festive holiday scene.

Once completed, the 24 miniature puzzles can be slotted together into a wintery picture of a cozy apartment building. How lovely!

Price: $39

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

Bonus Idea: Awesome Gift Cards!

Unique gift suggestions for her

While unique gifts can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, don’t forget that some of the best gifts can come in gift card form! For the pickiest of recipients, a Gift Card ensures they get to choose exactly what they want, and you don’t have to spend time contemplating. (It’s a win-win)

While there are loads of gift cards to choose from, we would like to recommend a gift card to the non-toxic and sustainable brand: Caraway.

Caraway has a wonderful array of non toxic pots and pans, Tupperware, and even non-toxic kettles for your loved ones. Gift them a gift card so they can choose the perfect color to match their aesthetic needs.

Price: Varies 

Location/Shipping: USA 

This post was all about the most unique gift ideas for friends and family

See? The best and most unique gift ideas for the holidays not only adhere to your realistic present-buying budget but are also destined to steal the hearts of your friends and family –because they are so personal!

After all, we are kind of experts on every creative present that the whole wide web has to offer. Now excuse us while we buy a personal pizza maker for ourselves. 

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