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The 50 Best Vegan Gifts That Vegans Actually Want

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Are you looking for the best vegan gifts to wow your amazing ethical friends this holiday season? We have scoured the internet (and our own ethical households!) to make this epic list of cruelty free gifts for your loved ones!

p.s If you think your loved one would love a pair of vegan leather boots to stay cozy, you may want to jump to our round up of best vegan leather boots in 2022!

The Best Vegan Gifts of 2022

vegan gifts for her

The holiday season is here and we are all for gifting with intention, mindfulness, and practicality in 2022! For your vegan friends, this means aligning their values with the gift you choose!

Ethics mean everything to the Vegan community, and your vegan friends will greatly appreciate you taking the time to find the best ethical gift for their needs.

From indoor garden kits to vegan approved shoes and fashion, to cruelty free budget-friendly gifts like non-toxic nail polish and compostable phone cases – we have got you covered.

What do you buy for someone who is vegan?

When buying a gift for a vegan friend or family member, it’s crucial to take the time to understand the ethics behind veganism and what it really means to be vegan. Vegans do not want to cause harm to any living being, and the perfect gift will ensure that these ethics are adhered to.

Some of our favorite vegan-approved gifts include indoor garden kits, ethical fashion, compostable phone cases, plant hangars, vegan nail polish, vegan makeup, and cork messenger bags and handbags.

What should you buy a vegan couple for Christmas?

Vegan couples would love ethical gifts such as a blender for all those plant based smoothies, an electric copouts for all those veggie scraps, a gift card to their favorite vegan date night spot, an indoor garden kit to grow their own greens, and vegan cookies!

What do you put in a vegan gift basket?

To make your own vegan baske, we suggest adding items like vegan cookies, vegan cook books, plantable pencils, vegan body scrub, vegan body wash, vegan body lotion, etc. The great thing is that you can make most of this at home with a few simple ingredients!

This post is about the Best Vegan Gifts in 2022.

The Best Cruelty Free Gifts For Vegans

Vegan Leather Boots

vegan gifts for him

This NY-based company offers timeless, classic cruelty-free boots and a slew of other footwear that would make a gorgeous vegan gift for her this holiday season!

All pairs are handmade in Spain or India using Italian vegan leather with no formaldehyde, PVC, phthalates, or aromatics. 

Price Range: $99+

Size: US 5-12 , EU 35-42

Ethics: Cruelty-Free And Chemical-Free Leather, Handmade In Spain/India, Fair Wages,

Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

Shop Bhava Studio Here

Best Vegan Gifts For Shoe Lovers:

Indoor Garden Kits!

gifts for girlfriend

Help your vegan friend grow plants 365 days a year with a gift that, quite literally, keeps on giving – especially for the plant based food lovers!  

Click & Grow is minimalist smart indoor garden system with biodegradable plant pods that are packed with seeds and nutrients.

Price: Starts At $99.95

Ethics: Biodegradable Plant Pods, Automated Watering, Energy-Saving Lights And Nutrients

Location: USA

Discount: 15% off selected items – automatically applied at checkout

Shop Click and Grow Here

Vegans are also raving about these indoor gardens:

Vegan Gift Boxes

Ready for the best vegan gift boxes ever?! Earth Love not only makes epic gift boxes for Vegans, but they also save us a ton of money as well!

Think books, growing kits, organic produce bags,  ethical jewelry, art prints and more!

Price: $45+

Ethics: Non-Toxic, Sustainable Materials

Location: North Carolina, USA

Shop Earth Love Here


Best Vegan Gift Sets:

Cruelty Free Makeup

best vegan gifts for makeup lovers

Axiology aims to put “100% evil free” color in our clean beauty routine channeling the skin-loving powers of avocado, coconut, and grape seed oil – just to name a few.

Like all the best vegan makeup brands, they are PETA certified cruelty-free!

Price Range: $14+

Ethics: Certified Organic Plant-Based Ingredients, PETA-Certified Vegan And Cruelty-Free, Ethical Sourcing, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, And Fragrance-Free, Recycled Packaging, Recycling Program, Donations

Location: USA

Discount Code: SKL20 for 20% off at checkout

Shop Axiology Here

Best Vegan Gifts For Makeup Lovers:

Electric Composter

eco friendly gifts for her

You can help your vegan friend become even more sustainable with the help of an amazing electric composter! 

This little guy can reduce kitchen waste by 50% to 80%!

The lomi is the only eclectic appliance with a net positive impact consuming only 60kWh per 100 cycles. And thanks to the activated charcoal filters, there will be absolutely no odors. 

Price: $299+

Ethics: Certified B Corp, Zero-Waste, Energy-Saving

Location: USA, ships worldwide

Shop Lomi Here

More composting gifts for Vegans:

Vegan Friendly Handbags

vegan gifts uk for her

What started as a small business from a Manhattan studio apartment turned into one of the best vegan handbag brands that is perfect as a vegan present! 

Gunas is a pioneer of the vegan fashion movement and takes advantage of canvas, nylon, and more upcycled materials to create vegan leather handbags stunning hardware and details.

Price: Starts At $198

Materials: Recycled Plastic Bottle Lining (rPET), Recycled Metals For Our Hardware, Microfibers Upholstery Fabrics & More

Ethics: Sustainable And Recycled Materials, Made In Korea, Donations

Location: NY, USA

Shop Gunas NY Here

Best Vegan Gifts For Purse Lovers:

Vegan Friendly Backpacks

best vegan gifts for her

Ready to wow your vegan friend with a stunning ethical gift to carry for years to come?

Nae Vegan’s most practical and stylish water resistant backpack is made of pineapple leather and certified organic cotton!

Price: $175

Ethics: Certified Sustainable Materials, Ethically Made In Portugal, CO2-Free Manufacturing, Plastic-Free Packaging

Location: Portugal, worldwide shipping available 

Shop Nae Vegan Here

Best Vegan Gifts For Backpack Lovers:

Vegan Friendly Fashion

vegan fashion gifts for her

Mate The Label has amazing options for organic cotton loungewear and super cozy pieces to add to your vegan closet.

Sustainably and ethically made in Los Angeles, California.

Price: $50 +

Ethics: Sustainably and ethically made in Los Angeles, Fairtrade working conditions, sustainable packaging

Location: U.S.A.

Size Range: XS – 2XL

Shop Mate The Label Here

Best Vegan Gifts For Ethical Fashion Lovers:

Vegan Wallets & Accessories

best vegan gifts

Matt and Nat, one of the original vegan fashion brands, was created in 1995 in the heart of Montreal.

They host some of the most gorgeous vegan gifts for her, vegan gifts for him, and gender neutral vegan gifts to wow your loved ones!

Price: $20 +

Ethics: Sustainably and ethically made in Canada, Fair trade working conditions, sustainable packaging

Location: Canada, international shipping

Shop Matt and Nat Here

Best Vegan Accessories to Gift:

Cookware For All The Vegan Recipes

vegan gifts for couples

Caraway cookware has been named one of the best gifts for couples, and lucky for us, it’s also vegan-friendly!

Take your plant based cooking to the next level with this amazing non-toxic non-stick ceramic coated cookware.

Price range: $95 –

Discount: Save 20% automatically at checkout via our link!

Location: Sold from the US 

Pots/Pans Specifics: Ceramic Cookware Set, Fry Pan, Saute Pan, Saucepan, Dutch Oven and even bakeware!

Shop Caraway Here


More Vegan Gifts For Vegan Cooks:

A Compostable Phone Case!

eco friendly gifts for girlfriend

If you haven’t yet heard about Pela case, you are in for a real treat. These make great budget-friendly for all our sustainable vegan gifting needs!

There are dozens of iPhone and Android options to choose from! The brand uses Flaxstic® — an eco-conscious material made of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw to create durable, flexible, and shock-absorbent cases. Plus, they are super cute.

Price: Starts at $39.95

Ethics: Compostable, Sustainable Lifestyle, Vegan, 1% Go Profit Is Donated To Ocean Cleanup And Preservation Initiatives

Location: Worldwide Locations & Ships Worldwide

Shop Pela Case Here

More Cool Vegan Tech Gifts:

Gorgeous Plant Hangers

fair trade gifts

Does your vegan friend love plants as much as they love animals? If yes, then they will love this next gift from the sustainable brand, Korissa!

KORISSA employs artisans in Bangladesh who use heritage crafting that has been passed down for generations to create this stunning plant hanger!

Price: $60

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Fair Trade, Woman-Owned, Vegan

Location: USA

Shop Made Trade Here

More Stunning Gifts from Made Trade:

Sustainably Vegan Cork!

eco gifts for her

Did you know that cork is lauded as the most sustainable, vegan, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof, lightweight, durable, biodegradable, and recyclable material? 

Surprise your vegan friend with an amazing cork gift from this super sustainable brand.

Price: $57.00

Discount Code: Use code SKL10 for 10% off

Ethics: Ethically Handcrafted In Portugal, Made From Sustainably Sourced Cork, Vegan And Cruelty-Free, Woman-Owned Business, 1 Tree Planted For Every Order

Location: USA

Shop Tiradia Cork Here

Favorites Gift Ideas from Tiradia Cork:

Vegan Friendly Bathroom Products

eco friendly gifts for her

Time to boost their vegan lifestyle a bit more by gifting this superb vegan friendly bathroom subscription!

Plaine Products’ refillable haircare line includes 6 formulas (shampoos, conditioners, repair and more). 

Once your vegan friend uses up all the goodness inside the bottle, the certified B corp will send back their Sulfate, Palm Oil, and Silicone-free, vegan formulas for replacement!

Price: $27 for subscription

Ethics: Cruelty-Free, Vegan Ingredients, 100% Recycled Boxes, Refillable Bottles, Carbon-Neutral, B-Corporation, Made In The US

Location: USA

Shop Plaine Products Here

Vegan-Approved Bath & Body Gifts:

Habit Vegan Nail Polish

vegan stocking stuffers

We are obsessed with the amazingly sustainable and vegan nail polish line from Habit!

Habit is committed to creating vegan and cruelty-free, toxin-free formulas expertly crafted with skincare ingredients, and trend-relevant yet wearable colors that compliment all skintones!

Price: $14.99

Ethics: Multi-tasking ingredients,compostable bamboo caps, recycled plastic components, reusable and recyclable aluminum and glass makeup jars

Location: USA

Shop Habit Here

This post was all about the best vegan gifts in 2022

From cruelty-free nail polish to amazing indoor garden kits and oh-so-comfy ethical fashion, our foolproof list of vegan gifts for her will certainly put a smile on that special someone’s face!

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