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Looking for amazing gift ideas for her? We have scoured the internet to not only find the absolute best gifts for the many women in your life, but we have also found the best gifts that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, thoughtful, and unique!

Have a look at our all-inclusive list of fanatically-reviewed, sustainable gifts for her ahead. 

There are plenty of unique and practical gifts for environmentally conscious friends and family members that will certainly earn her seal of approval.

Quick Price Breakdown:

  • $ = Under $100
  • $$ = $100 – $200
  • $$$ = Over $200

This post is about the Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Her in 2023.

best environmentally friendly gift ideas

It’s no secret that as soon as November rolls around, most of us are frantically preparing for the holiday season. 

Yet, for some odd and frustratingly unexplained reason, you realize you’re woefully unprepared mid-December. Don’t fret! 

Whether you are an anxious last-minute gifter or a true pre-planning pro, now is the quintessential time to browse through a unique and budget-friendly bounty of unique eco friendly gifts for her to find the perfect gifts for sustainable friends!

We’ve covered every present base, from the crowd-pleasing crossbody leather bag and the best makeup essentials to the unexpected at-home waste management system that fits her decor perfectly. 

But just because you are experiencing the increasing stress of that looming December 24th deadline, it doesn’t mean that you have to act on an impulse. 

Let’s not forget that an extra 30% of rubbish is produced and discarded throughout the festive period when compared with the rest of the year. So let’s not let our sustainable gifts for her become a part of the statistic.

Make sure to pick items that you already know she’ll love and cherish for years. This is the only way to ensure that your holiday shopping is actually as sustainable as it can possibly get.

Without further ado, here are the best eco-friendly gifts for her!

What are the top eco friendly gift options for her?

One of the most commonly-loved earth-friendly gifts for her is sustainable beauty! Opt for beauty and skincare products made from natural, organic, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Also, another great idea is to treat her to luxuriously soft, organic cotton or bamboo bed sheets or pillowcases that are gentle on the environment and provide a good night’s sleep. 

For sartorial experimenters, consider choosing ethically-made clothing, shoes, or accessories crafted with eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, hemp, or recycled fabrics.

Not a fan? There’s always the option of non-toxic cookware, sustainable loungewear, non-toxic period panties, ethical lingerie, eco friendly menstrual cups, and sustainable handbags. May we also suggest taking a look at our list of over 101 secondhand gift ideas for super unique vintage gifts?!

If you aren’t sure, you can always consider gifting experiences like a cooking class, spa day, or tickets to a concert or event, encouraging memorable moments over material items.

Are there any sustainable home decor gift ideas for women?

Sustainable candles are some of the most affordable home decor ideas for sustainable women. Opt for candles made from soy or beeswax with cotton wicks, presented in reusable or recyclable containers, promoting a cozy and sustainable atmosphere. 

Another great option is organic rugs made from natural fibers like jute, sisal, or bamboo. For more ideas, you can check out these 15 best places to buy sustainable home goods & decor in 2023.

This post is about the best eco-friendly gift ideas for her.

Best Sustainable Gift Ideas For Her | 2023 Edition

1. Gorgeous Sustainable Jewelry

luxury eco-friendly gifts

Laura Elizabeth Jewelry is the ultimate environmentally friendly gift idea for her who loves ethically-sourced jewels. 

Whether she loves adorning herself with timeless cuffs crafted from ethically sourced bark or delicate succulent earrings that beautifully echo the tranquility of the outdoors, there’s something for every sartorial taste. 

Laura Elizabeth Jewelry uses 100% recycled metal in their designs  

Their meticulous crafting process employs a cutting-edge filtration system, leaving no room for waste to harm our beloved Earth. 

Even the packaging is crafted from recycled uncoated paper sourced from the eco-friendly pioneers at EcoEnclose. And worry not about harmful materials—Cadmium, lead, and nickel are never part of the equation!

Price: $$ 

Discount Code: SKL15 

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Best Eco Friendly Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her:

2. Stunning Non Toxic Cookware

sustainable gifts for her

Caraway’s non toxic cookware sets are the best sustainable gifts for her who is a self-proclaimed home chef! 

Bid farewell to Teflon, PFAS, and heavy metals, as these pieces are designed without a trace of them. 

Their cookware range is coated with safe ceramic nonstick, ensuring your meals are prepared with ethics in mind. 

Sporting sleek stainless steel handles and an aluminum core, these display-worthy pieces are versatile and efficient—perfect for steaming, frying, sautéing, and more! Plus, they’re oven safe up to a toasty 550°F and fully recyclable.

Price: $-$$$

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Best Non Toxic Cookware Gifts for Her:

3. Best Ethical Diamonds For Her

unique eco friendly gifts for her

If you’ve read our Honest Review Of The Brilliant Earth Conflict Free Diamonds, you already know that this ethical diamond company is chock full of unique eco friendly gifts for her who loves sustainable sparkles. 

Their commitment is resolute, adhering to stringent guidelines for mining practices that prioritize both ethics and environmental responsibility. 

The gems in their collection have a backstory rooted in ethical origins, giving you peace of mind. 

If the origin of your diamond matters to you (hey, it should!) Brilliant Earth makes it effortlessly easy to trace your gem’s lineage. 

Yes, the claims for their natural diamonds, recycled gold, and recycled diamonds undergo rigorous independent audits and verifications!

Price: $$$

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

More Ethical Diamonds For Her: 

4. Best Non Toxic Makeup For Her

gifts for her that help the environment

Looking for the perfect eco-friendly additions to her beauty collection? She’s sure to fall in love with the sustainable makeup offerings from Zakiella!

Crafted with care in Canada and designed for your creativity, their eyeshadow palettes are organized with mattes and metallics in complementary shades, ensuring a seamless, cohesive look every time.

Plus, their eyeshadow refills are all about customization and sustainability, minimizing waste by giving you exactly what you need.

We’d also suggest the ultra-comfy and non-drying Matte Lipsticks, Lip Radiances that feel like a lip mask, or the Satin Lipsticks that are pigmented and like a creamy lip balm!

The brand is Leaping Bunny Certified, cruelty-free, child-labor-free, and talc free and they’re working towards Reimagining Clean Beauty™ to offer inclusive shade ranges, colorful options, and no microplastic ingredients.

To top it all off, Zakiella uses primarily organic ingredients!

Price: $

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships to USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, South Africa

Best Non Toxic & Sustainable Makeup For Her:

5. Best Organic Bedding Brands For Her

best eco friendly gift ideas for her

For home gifts that help the environment and her sleeping schedule, look no further than Pact. The sustainable brand offers two irresistibly cozy lines of organic cotton sheets to elevate her bedtime bliss. 

First up, the Room Service Sateen line—a luxurious embodiment of silky, hotel-quality opulence. Next, we have the Favorite Tee Jersey line, boasting a soft, stretchy fabric that’s akin to wrapping yourself in your beloved, well-worn tee.  

Both lines bear the Fair Trade Certified badge, a testament to their commitment to ethical practices. However, if you’re inclined towards a more muted palette, the Favorite Tee Jersey line offers a range of soft tones.

Price: $-$$

Discount Code: SKL15

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

More Organic Bedding Options For Her: 

6. A Beautiful & Safe Tea Pot

eco friendly gifts for her birthday

Caraway’s lightweight, stainless steel kettle range is causing a stir of excitement in kitchens everywhere! 

Available in 7 display-worthy colors, these tea kettles epitomize safety and style.

They proudly wave the flag of being free from PFOA, PTFE, PFAs, Lead, and Cadmium, ensuring your tea is brewed without any unwanted guests. 

And here’s a green thumbs-up—the stainless steel kettle with ceramic coating contributes to a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions during production compared to the conventional non-stick coatings.

Price: $$

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Best Non Toxic Tea Kettles For Her:

7. An Indoor Garden For Year Round Enjoyment

gifts for sustainable friends

Next up is one of the best environmentally friendly gift ideas for her who has a green thumb! 

Click and Grow’s indoor gardening system involves biodegradable plant pods that come loaded with seeds and a nutrient-rich blend. 

The best part? These plants flourish 30% faster while demanding a mere 5% of the water compared to traditional gardening. 

Thanks to the patented nano-material, this device automatically dispenses nutrients, oxygen, and water to your plants, making plant care a breeze. Customization is key. 

You have the freedom to select your preferred seeds or indulge in Click & Grow’s offerings, featuring an impressive array of over 75 varieties, including herbs, flowers, leafy greens, and beyond.

Price: $-$$$

Discount Code: SKL15 for 15% off (% varies)

Location/Shipping: EU & USA

More Indoor Gardens For Her: 

8. An All-In-One Air Fryer & Wonder Oven!

unique eco friendly gifts

Our Place’s non toxic air fryer is basically an air fryer, an air toaster, a baker, a steamer, a broiler, a roaster—truly an epitome of versatility. 

Crafted with precision, the exterior flaunts 100% stainless steel, showcasing both durability and style. 

Inside, you’ll find a world of stainless steel baskets, racks, and trays—each designed for optimal functionality. 

But that’s not all; a non-toxic ceramic-coated baking pan takes the stage, ensuring your creations are not just delicious but safe.

Price: $$

Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Australia

The Best Selling Wonder Ovens from Our Place:

9. Relaxing Loungewear She Will Live In

environmentally friendly gift ideas

Ranging from casual, cotton beach cover-ups to hand-dyed, beaded, silk designer gowns, Dessous Apparel’s caftans are some of the best earth-friendly gifts for her who loves comfort! 

Crafted from natural materials,  like organic cotton, these versatile wardrobe staples have been hand-block printed using nontoxic dyes by a group of talented artisans in Jaipur, India.

Just look at the prints! So pretty!

Price: $$

Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, UK

More Luxury Loungewear Sets For Her: 

10. Best Organic Skincare For Her

best sustainable gifts for her

Next up is one of our favorite gifts for environmentally conscious gals who love skincare! 

Activist has taken the skincare world by storm with an impressive lineup, ranging from safe sunscreens to hydrating serums, moisturizing creams, and more, all designed with your skin’s well-being in mind. 

As a woman-owned brand, they have made a resolute commitment to being 100% zero-waste, drastically reducing CO2 emissions and plastic waste.  

Additionally, a majority of their products are vegan, attesting to their dedication to creating a skincare range that’s not only safe and effective but ethical too.


Discount Code: SKL15

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Best Sustainable Skincare For Her from Activist:

11. Best Sustainable Slippers For Her

sustainable thank you gifts

These cozy slippers by Baaduk are the best eco friendly gifts for her who can’t stand cold floors during winter nights. 

Designed in the heart of Switzerland, every pair is meticulously handmade in Nepal by talented local artisans, ensuring that each slipper embodies a touch of both cultures. 

The uppers of these slippers are made from natural wool sourced from New Zealand sheep, and rest assured, they are mulesing-free, reflecting our dedication to responsible sourcing.


Location/Shipping: Switzerland, ships worldwide

More Sustainable Slippers For Her: 

12. An Electric Composter For Her Kitchen Counter

sustainable gift ideas for her

Here’s one of the most unique gifts for sustainable friends who try to live a zero-waste life. 

The Lomi Kitchen Composter is an eco-conscious innovation that effortlessly transforms your food waste into valuable, odorless, organic dirt. 

Take a significant step towards reducing your carbon footprint and minimizing kitchen waste by an impressive 50% to 80%. Instead of contributing to landfills, Lomi empowers you to nourish your houseplants or garden with nutrient-rich soil, enhancing its quality and promoting robust growth. 

The process is a breeze. Simply scrape your plates into Lomi or toss in any leftovers, push the button, and in just 12 hours or less, you’ll have nutrient-packed soil ready to enrich your green spaces.

Price: $$-$$$$

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

13. A Perfect Coffee Maker For Her

best gifts for environmentally conscious

Your quest to find amazing earth-friendly gifts for her who swears by her morning brews is officially over. 

Featuring durable high-quality glass and a stainless steel filter, Cosori’s coffee makers have a generous 8-cup capacity, ensuring you’re never left parched. Refills are a breeze, keeping the coffee flowing and your spirits high. 

Plus, the thermal-insulated handle promises a secure grip, keeping your hands comfortable even when things are heating up—literally and figuratively!


Location/Shipping: USA

More Non Toxic Coffee Makers:

14. A Cruelty Free Handbag She Will Love

unique and budget-friendly gift ideas

Ethically handmade in Portugal, Tiradia Cork’s super versatile bags, backpacks, and briefcases are crafted exclusively from sustainably sourced high-quality natural cork, it’s a choice that’s both eco-conscious and fashionable. 

Some styles even offer ample space for your laptop, books, charger, headphones, and other accessories, thanks to its well-thought-out compartments. 

They are also vegan and cruelty free! 


Discount Code: SKL10 for 10% off

Location/Shipping: USA

More Vegan Handbag & Purse Options For Her: 

Best Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas For Her:

15. Best Organic Socks For Her

cheap eco friendly gifts

Q for Quinn offers so many cozy and eco-friendly gifts for her who takes her socks game too seriously. 

These GOTS-certified socks boast eye-catching, vibrant prints that will surely breathe new life into your sock collection. For those with sensitive skin, Q for Quinn has your comfort in mind. 

They offer colorless socks, free from any dyes, ensuring maximum comfort and a gentle embrace for your skin. 

To top it all off, all pairs are ethically knitted in GOTS-certified facilities, owned by families in Portugal and Sri Lanka. 


Location/Shipping: Canada, ships worldwide

More Socks & Stockings For Her: 

16. Best Eco Friendly Gift Boxes For Her

best environmentally friendly gift ideas

For the most unique environmentally friendly gift ideas for her, check out Earth Love’s curated gift boxes! 

The Winter Box, for example, is a delightful assortment of seven eco-wellness goodies perfect for gifting to an Earth lover with products worth an average of $201! 

Books, fair trade tea, body balms, puzzles, candles – you get the gist! What’s even more heartwarming? 

Your purchase contributes to a sustainable conservation project with Generosity, helping provide clean water to Navajo Nation families impacted by COVID-19. Give the gift of wellness and make a difference this winter season.


Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Canada

Best Sustainable Gift Box Ideas for Her:

17. Best Sustainable Robes For Her

Earth-friendly gifts for her

Avocado’s luxurious robes are crafted from Austrian Lenzing-certified modal—a fabric known for its natural thermoregulating properties, making it wrinkle-resistant, airy, and wonderfully flexible. 

These super soft robes are the epitome of comfort, whether you’re starting your day or winding down in the evening. 

Plus, as proud members of 1% For the Planet, they pledge to donate 1% of all their revenue to nonprofits that champion environmental and social progress. 


Location/Shipping: USA

More Sustainable Robes For Her: 

18. Vegan-Approved Gifts For Her

best earth-friendly gifts for her

Alohas offers some of the best luxury eco-friendly gifts for her who doesn’t compromise ethics for style. 

These timeless and vegan boots are a blend of plant-based and recycled materials, making them a conscientious choice for the eco-conscious fashionista. 

Choose from their diverse collection that features everything from 90s-inspired slim ankle boots to sophisticated knee-height boots with a chic square toe. 

As a bonus, Alohas rewards early birds with incredible savings—new drops are available for pre-order at a generous 30% discount during the launch window.

Price: $-$$$

Location/Shipping: Alicante, ships worldwide

More Vegan-Approved Gifts For Her:

19. Sustainably Made Wines

gifts for sustainable friends

Earth-friendly gifts for her who loves vegan wine? No problemo! 

Tinto Amorio is more than just a wine brand—it’s a family-run, minority-owned business that embodies a vision of minimal intervention winemaking. 

Their carefully curated products include natural wines and convenient canned wine cocktails, all crafted with a dedication to preserving the integrity of the grapes with limited to no intervention. 

The result is a range of wines that capture the essence of Spanish flavors, made with natural ingredients and rooted in California’s rich winemaking tradition.


Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, UK

More Vegan Wines & Wine Kits For Her: 

20. A Stunning Non Toxic Candle For Cozy Nights

best gifts that help the environment

Next up is one of the most universally loved environmentally friendly gifts for her home! 

These organic candles are a delightful departure from the artificial colorings that might remind you of childhood favorites.

These non toxic candles are carefully crafted with the purest of ingredients. Coconut oil, beeswax, and wooden wicks come together to create a symphony of fragrance and warmth. 

What sets them apart is their MADE SAFE Certification—a guarantee that these candles are completely free from any toxins that could potentially harm human health, animals, or ecosystems. 


Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Canada

More Candles For Her: 

21. For The Expecting Mama

unique eco friendly gifts

If you’re searching for the most versatile and unique eco friendly gifts for her who’s ready to welcome her baby into the world, Pact’s maternity line is a fantastic option. 

Every piece in this collection is crafted in GOTS and fair trade-certified factories, ensuring safe and fair working conditions for the makers. 

The range of ethical organic maternity clothes is as diverse as it is stylish. 

With six chic dresses, a variety of tops, leggings, and cozy PJs, expecting moms can dress comfortably and fashionably throughout their pregnancy. 


Discount Code: SKL15

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

More Gifts For Expecting Mamas: 

Best Sustainable Maternity Gifts For Her:

22. A Non Toxic & Enchanting Perfume

best environmentally friendly gifts

Ellis Brooklyn’s organic perfumes double as amazing luxury eco-friendly gifts for her! 

Drawing from her decade-long experience, Bee ventured into the beauty industry to create Ellis Brooklyn. 

At the heart of Ellis Brooklyn’s ethos lies the fusion of fragrance and literature. 

Each fragrance line takes inspiration from the beauty of written works—poetry, literature, articles, and nonfiction—all culminating in an aromatic experience that transports you through the art of storytelling.


Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Canada

More Perfume For Her: 

23. Super Fun Eco Tech For Her

Earth-friendly gifts for her

Looking for one of the most practical eco friendly gifts for her birthday, anniversary, or any milestone? 

For the eco-conscious friend with an infinite scrolling obsession, a shiny new phone case could be the perfect gift. Look for cases made from eco-conscious materials like Flaxstic®. 

This innovative material is a blend of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw. It provides the durability, flexibility, and shock-absorption that a tech-savvy teen needs to protect their device. 

There are numerous iPhone and Android case options available, ranging from solid colors to floral prints and even designs based on zodiac signs, allowing you to choose something that resonates with their style.

Price: $

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Best Earth-Friendly Tech Gifts for Her:

24. Fan Favorite Non Toxic Nail Polish

eco friendly gifts for her amazon

For affordable earth-friendly gifts for her who loves to pamper themselves, check out Butter London’s 10-free non toxic nail polish

This sought-after lineup of fashionable, rebellious colors not only gives your nails a delicious sheer jelly look but also actively works to rejuvenate and repair damage caused by harsh nail formulas and practices. 

Infused with a unique and technology-based encapsulated nail care complex of hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, it offers a nurturing experience for your nails.


Location/Shipping: USA

More Non Toxic Nail Polish For Her: 

25. Best Feel Good Non Toxic Bath Gifts For Her

eco friendly gifts for her birthday

Help her indulge in a profoundly therapeutic and artisanally crafted bath salt blend designed to elevate her end-of-the-day relaxation experience, soothing both mind and muscle tension. 

The 100% Pure bath salts feature the calming embrace of French lavender essential oil, promoting stress relief and refreshing your senses with a clean, crisp floral aroma. 

The key ingredient? Crystallized kelp sourced from an organic seaweed farm along the Brittany coast of France. 


Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Best Sustainable Spa Gifts For Her:

26. Organic & Non Toxic Period Panties For Her

unique eco friendly gifts for her

For the BBF who’s on a mission to achieve zero waste period status, Wuka’s panties are the ultimate gift! 

They use GOTS-certified organic cotton and chemical-free dyes, ensuring their period panties are free from PFAS, offering a safe and eco-friendly period solution without compromising on style. 

Also, Wuka’s range caters to various style preferences, whether you favor a hipster, midi, or full brief. 

Regardless of your choice, each pair is meticulously designed with four layers of protection: a moisture-wicking layer, an absorbent layer, a leak-proof layer, and an outer layer.


Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

More Organic Period Panties For Her: 

This post was all about the best eco-friendly gift ideas for her.

There you have it – our list of the best earth-friendly gifts for her who has everything! 

Remember, the joy of a gift is not only in the present itself but also in the positive impact it can make on our planet and the well-being of those we care about. 

Whether you choose reusable, upcycled, organic, or sustainably sourced eco-friendly gifts, make sure that every present resonates with your loved one’s lifestyle and values. 

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