11 Best Leak Proof Period Underwear Brands in 2024

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Looking for the best period underwear brands in 2024 that are super absorbent, non-toxic, affordable, odor-resistant, and surprisingly stylish? We rounded up the top reviewed period panties on the market!

p.s. you may also want to check out our full guide to best menstrual cups here!

The best period underwear of 2024.

how does period underwear work

Granted, periods are by no means fun. Despite our best efforts, they are erratic and spontaneous – which is even more frustrating when we try to plan our sun-soaked holidays around them. 

However, there is another way to help you keep the crimson tide under control and yourself comfy without having to rely on plastic and wishes: the most sustainable period underwear!

To put it simply, period undies are designed to keep moisture away from your skin as they soak up the blood. The magical fabric prevents liquid from leaking onto your clothes for up to 10-12 hours!

On top of all that, the best period underwear brands carry a slew of styles that look and feel just like regular undies – with some of them holding up to  6 regular tampons worth of blood! Saalt, for example, taps into the sexy side with period undies with mesh and lace while other brands like Modibodi offer period swimwear!

The benefits of period underwear go far beyond comfort and style.

Why should I use period underwear?

It’s estimated that over 45 billion period products with most of them containing plastic. 

Shockingly enough, the average menstruating person uses over 11,000 disposable pads and tampons over a lifetime. Where do they end up? Well, everywhere!

The Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup reported collecting almost 18,000 used tampons and applicators from beaches around the world in a single day in 2004. In the United States alone, approximately 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are discarded each year which can take 500 to 800 years to decompose. 

That’s exactly why we need more affordable sustainable period underwear instead of single-use tampons and pads. And while all period undies are technically sustainable because they are reusable, eco-friendly period underwear made from organic, natural, and recycled fibers, in particular, are even greener!

How does period underwear work?

Period underwear works by soaking up your menstrual blood (as well as other leaks) with absorbent materials. There are different absorbency levels for each underwear and brand, so be sure to choose accordingly for your cycle. 

Most people who menstruate have a heavy flow to start, and the flow begins to slowly decrease through the days. Because of this, we do recommend opting for a period pantie starter kit (all linked below for you!). 

We have choices between super absorbent boxer shorts to bikini briefs, and lighter absorbing thongs. To wash, you can choose to handwash or lightly rinse and toss in the washing machine!

Which period underwear brands are organic?

As we mentioned, not every period underwear is eco-friendly. However, some affordable sustainable period underwear brands like WUKAModibodi, Knix, Ruby Love, and Period Co use organic fibers to craft their eco-friendly period undies. Their materials range from organic cotton and Tencel to recycled nylon and bamboo.

This post is about the best sustainable period underwear.

The best period panties of 2024.

Say hello to your new favorite pair of period underwear! Pure Rosy is not only a wonderful sustainable period underwear company, but they are also highly absorbent, gorgeous, and affordable!

Their unique and invisible leak proof protection is made to be equal parts stylish and supportive. Fashion, meet function in every period underwear Pure Rosy designs.

Period protection made beautiful!

Size: XS – XL

Price Range: $25+

Absorbent Coverage: Holds 2 – 4 tampons worth

Materials: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

Location & Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

Shop Pure Rosy Here

We can’t say enough good things about Wuka. It’s certainly one of the best affordable sustainable period underwear brands Europe has to offer – and it has the awards to prove it! 

The Wuka Period Swim Brief is waterproof, made from recycled nylon, and perfect for light flow so you won’t have to miss your next swim ever again. 

On top of that, there are 6 more eco-friendly period underwear collections available. For example, Wuka Flex is designed for perfectly adjusting to your size; Wuka Ultimate features soft and luxurious lace and Wuka RE-PURPOSE is crafted from excess fabric diverted from landfills. 

Size: Teens and XS-6XL

Price Range: $25+

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 60ml or 12 regular tampons / 4 absorbency levels available 

Materials: Organic cotton, recycled nylon, and more

Location & Shipping: UK, worldwide shipping available

Shop Wuka Here

Lauded as one of the most affordable sustainable period underwear brands for figure-flattering, fun, and super absorbent undies, Period Aisle includes a bonus absorbency booster for heavy days. The secret? 

Truetex™ technology with a leak-proof lining! The eco-consious collection includes comfy boxers, hipsters, briefs, bikinis, and thongs with different absorbency levers ranging from super light to very heavy. 

Do you also need some reusable liners and pads? They’ve got you covered! Plus, Period Co is very size-inclusive. 

Size: Teens and XS-6XL

Price Range: $12+

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 8 tampons worth of absorbency / 5 different levels

Materials: Organic cotton, spandex, non-toxic polyester for the leakproof lining

Location & Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

Shop Period Co Here

Seems like the best period underwear brands have really championed size inclusivity. 

Knix offers worry-free protection in sizes up to 4X with the most absorbent option holding the equivalent of 10 tampons. 

For even more coverage, you can opt for the Super Leakproof Dream Shorts (12 tampons). From classic high-rise and cheeky to bikini and boyshorts, every pair comes in a slew of cute colors and prints. 

Plus, the brand uses incredibly soft, naturally breathable cotton Modal for some, selected undies.

Size: XS-4XL

Price Range: $23+

Absorbent Coverage: Up 10 regular tampons / 5 absorbency levels available 

Materials: Organic Cotton, modal 

Location & Shipping: Canada, worldwide shipping available

Shop Knix Here

Remember TomboyX? The go-to size inclusive brand for sustainable gender neutral clothing, organic underwear and swimwear

They also carry the most sustainable period underwear including boxer briefs, trunks, bikinis, and hipster styles made with OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified fabrics. 

All designs feature smooth, durable flatlock seams and antibacterial and odor-repellent properties all while being very affordable. This is the only period underwear brand with a wide range of period boxers!

Size: 3XS-6XL 

Price Range: $25+

Absorbent Coverage: Holds 4 tsps of liquid

Materials: OEKO-TEX Certified cotton, spandex

Location & Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

Shop TomboyX Here

Saalt might be known for their fantastic line of menstrual cups, but they are also one of the most sustainable period underwear brands with dozens of glowing reviews. 

The Saalt Wear line includes undies, bikinis, and briefs designed to absorb as much as two to three regular tampons. 

Their eco-friendly period underwear runs the gamut from Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® Certified, silky soft and stretchy styles with the thinnest and driest gusset technology to lingerie-inspired leakproof mesh and lace undies made of post-consumer recycled water bottles. 

Comfort, high-performance, and subtle hints of sexiness- we’ll take it!

Size: XS-XXL

Price Range: $29+

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 2 pads and 3 regular tampons / 4 absorbency levels available 

Materials: TENCEL™ Modal, organic cotton

Location & Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

Shop Saalt Here

Lace high waisted briefs, thongs, bikinis, hipster styles – Proof has something for every taste! 

The affordable sustainable period underwear brand offers triple-patented protection for periods and blader leeks that can hold as much as 4 regular tampons or 8 teaspoons. 

To put it simply, the eco-friendly period underwear features a multi-layer Leak-Loc™ system, to draw moisture away from the body and “ keep you confident and odor-free.” 

On top of that, you can also opt for heating patches for menstrual cramps that work for up to 12 hours! 

Size: XS-3XL

Price Range: $25+

Absorbent Coverage:  up to 4 regular tampons or 8 teaspoons / 4 absorbency levels available 

Materials: Nylon 25% Spandex, cotton

Location & Shipping: USA

Shop Proof Here

Modibodi has created the first-ever eco-friendly, biodegradable period and pee-proof brief. 

It can hold as much as 2-3 tampons or 3 teaspoons which makes it a great option for moderate to heavy periods. 

For heavier flow, we’d suggest choosing the “Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini”. It holds as much as 10 tampons or 10 teaspoons. 

Overall, you’ll be pressed to find another brand with such an impressive range of prints and bold, vibrant colors with sexy high leg cuts, hi-waisted bikinis, full briefs, and more. 

Fancy going swimming on the first day? Period swimwear is also available! Extra bonus: Modibodi is available in the US, UK, AU, and EU!

Size: XS to 6XL

Price Range: $22+

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 10 tampons or 10 teaspoons / 5 absorbency levels available 

Materials: TENCEL, merino wool, bamboo viscose

Location & Shipping: US, UK, AU, EU

Shop ModiBodi Here

A few favorites from Modibodi:

Awwa is an indigenous-owned, Climate positive, B-certified corporation that focuses on natural, organic, and recycled fibers to create the best period underwear and swimwear ethically! 

They aim to help educate women and teens on mensural care through numerous initiatives, blogs, and podcasts around the topic of, you guessed it, periods. 

Their collection of boxer briefs, full briefs, hipster, and thongs feature Tencel modal, organic cotton, and recycled nylon. 

Below each style, you can find more info on who made the product which is pretty awesome.

Size: XXS-6XL

Price Range: $37+

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 5 tampons worth of absorbency / 3 different levels

Materials: Tencel, organic, recycled nylon

Location & Shipping: New Zealand, worldwide shipping available

Shop AWWA Here

Aisle is not only one of the most inclusive period underwear brands in the eco menstrual care sphere, but also incredibly sustainable. 

Their range of lightweight, moisture-wicking leakproof undies can hold up to 11 regular tampons’ worth.

Bonus? Each pair comes with a bonus absorbency booster for heavier days, so it can hold up to an additional four tampons’ worth!  

From boxer-inspired pajama shorts and hiphuggers to boyshorts and more gender-inclusive styles, everything is equipped with their highest absorbency for overnight protection. 

Size: XS – 5XL

Price Range: $34+

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 11 Tampons

Materials: Tencel, Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester

Location & Shipping: USA, worldwide shopping available

Shop Aisle Here

This post was all about the best period panties in 2024.

There you have it, the most absolute best period underwear brands with stylish, comfy, and highly-absorbent eco-friendly period underwear! The aforementioned styles are not only leak-proof but also size-inclusive and packed with special technology for light and heavy flows!

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