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Are you looking for the best organic period panties to kick-start your free-to-flow journey in 2024? We cherry-picked 2024’s top-rated non-toxic period panties for earth-conscious period havers that guarantee hours of leak-proof coverage.

Yes, they are as reliable as your trusted overnight pad but look and feel just like normal underwear.

Why opt for something other than organic & PFAS-free period panties when there are so many sustainable brands ready to make Aunt Flow’s visit a bit easier? Just saying!

organic period underwear

The Best Organic Period Panties in 2024!

I don’t know about you, but trying to keep our periods under control while working out, sleeping, or even chilling can be a hassle. 

I won’t claim that the best organic period panties below will erase all your menstruation-related anxiety with a swipe. But they’ll undoubtedly eliminate one of the biggest fears:

Toxic chemicals near your most private areas.

Unfortunately, the health and environmental impacts of traditional menstrual products, such as regular pads and tampons, are a cause for concern. These disposable items contribute significantly to plastic menstrual waste, leading to long-term consequences for the planet.

To put this into perspective, a recent study found that an estimated 28,114 tonnes of waste is generated annually from menstrual products. 

The conventional manufacturing processes and materials involved in these products often include harmful chemicals, and the disposal of used items adds to the global burden of plastic pollution.

These chemicals, known as PFAS, are called the “forever chemicals“. They resist degradation in the environment and remain in our bodies for years after exposure.

Plus, the synthetic materials used in traditional pads and tampons can irritate sensitive skin, contributing to discomfort and potential health issues such as TTS and infections.    

We were shocked when we found out that chlorine is often used to bleach cotton or wood pulp to produce sanitary pads. On top of that, synthetic fragrances are often added to period pads to mask the menstrual odor, which contains various chemicals that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. 

Non-toxic period underwear, on the other hand, is crafted from sustainable materials and designed for maximum absorbency.

The reusable nature of organic period underwear reduces the generation of plastic waste and can easily cater to individuals with irregular cycles or those experiencing heavier flow days.

Read on to find out more about these reusable game changers and grab a pair of period underwear for yourself!

What are organic period panties?

Organic period panties are a sustainable and zero-waste addition to the world of menstrual products. Unlike regular underwear, these eco-friendly undergarments are crafted from layers of breathable organic cotton and other trusted natural fibers.

This ensures that the fabric is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides throughout the supply chain, making it a healthier and more environmentally friendly choice for your menstrual cycle.

The curve-hugging fit of organic period pants offers maximum comfort and overnight support, especially during heavy flows. They often come with a built-in 4-layer core designed to absorb menstrual flow effectively.

The use of anti-leak technology and high-quality absorbent fabric makes them a reliable choice for everyday wear, even on the heaviest days of a period.

So, ultimately, opting for the best period underwear contributes to reducing plastic menstrual waste associated with disposable period products.

How do non-toxic period panties work?

Non toxic and organic pedion panties incorporate several layers of specialized fabrics to fulfill distinct functions. The top layer, made of moisture-wicking materials, serves to keep the wearer feeling dry by swiftly drawing moisture away from the body.

Beneath this, multiple absorbent layers are strategically placed to trap and hold menstrual fluid securely. The bottom layer is typically crafted from waterproof or water-resistant materials to make sure that absorbed fluids do not leak through the fabric, thus providing effective protection against leaks.

Different absorbency levels cater to varying flow intensities, making period underwear suitable for light to heavy menstrual days. 

What toxic chemicals are hiding in most period panties?

Most regular underwear, especially disposable period panties, often contain toxic chemicals that can have adverse effects on health. Some common culprits include polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), often used to make fabrics water-resistant.

  • PFAS have been associated with health issues, including hormonal disruption and reproductive problems. In disposable period products, the layers of stitched absorbent material may also contain chemicals that are harmful when they come in contact with the skin.
  • Additionally, disposable period panties may contain traces of fluorine measured in parts per million (ppm), posing potential health risks. These chemicals are used for moisture-wicking properties, but their impact on the body, especially in intimate areas, raises concerns.
  • Regular pads and disposable period underwear, often made from synthetic materials, contribute to plastic menstrual waste, creating environmental challenges. The convenience of these disposable products comes at the cost of the planet and potentially your health.

Choosing organic period panties eliminates exposure to these toxic chemicals, providing a safer alternative for your menstrual cycle.

Best Organic Period Panties For PFAS-Free Protection:

1. Wuka

Eco-friendly period underwear

The cult favorite Wuka organic period pantiesreplace disposable pads and tampons with ridiculous ease. 

The brand chooses GOTS-Certified organic cotton and chemical-free dyes to create PFAS-free period panties without forgoing style. 

Whether you’re into a hipster, midi, or full brief, rest assured that they come equipped with four layers of protection: A moisture-wicking layer, an absorbent layer, a leak-proof layer, and an outer layer. 

Personal Review: Wuka was one of the very first period panties I ever tried (5 years ago) and after 5 years and tons of other period panty reviews – it is still my go to. They have never leaked, are super comfortable, and feel great on my skin. Highly recommend!

Best Organic Period Panties from Wuka:

Price Range: From $11+ 

Size Range: S-6XL 

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 60ml or 12 regular tampons / four absorbency levels available 

Materials: Organic cotton, tencel, recycled nylon 

Location/Shipping: UK, ships worldwide

2. TomboyX

Best non toxic period underwear

Sustainable gender-neutral clothing, organic underwear, swimwear and non-toxic period panties? What more can we ask from the gender-neutral brand TomboyX

Their ethically-made boxer briefs, trunks, bikinis, and hipster styles are sure to please. All non-toxic period panties offer both antibacterial and odor-repellent properties. 

Additionally, TomboyX has partnered with the National Center for Transgender Equality to support transgender rights and inclusivity.

So if you support them by opting for their best non-toxic period panties, rest assured that your money is going towards a fantastic cause.

Best Organic Period Panties from TomboyX:

Price Range: From $20+ 

Size Range: 3XS-6X 

Absorbent Coverage: Holds 4 tsp liquid

Materials: Organic cotton, spandex 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

3. Boody

Best Organic menstrual underwear

Aside from amazing  ethical lingerie, Boody also offers organic period panties that can replace disposable products. Bikinis, briefs, hipsters – you name it, they have it!

The PFAS-free period panties feature a specially designed, multi-layered absorbent gusset that can hold up to 20 ml of fluid, depending on the style. 

The outer layer of the underwear is made from a blend of organic cotton and elastane, while the absorbent layers are made from a combination of bamboo, TPU, and polyester. 

Packed with natural odor-controlling properties, the breathable and thermoregulating fabric promises to keep us cool and comfy through the day – and night.

Price Range: From $25.95+ 

Size Range: XS-XL 

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 3 regular tampons worth

Materials: Organic cotton, bamboo, elastane, polyester, TPU 

Location/Shipping: United States

4. Revol Undies

Best Organic cotton period pants

Revol Undies covers all our period needs: Light, regular, super plus, and ultra. 

The brand aims to create heavy-duty, leak-proof, and comfy products to carry you through your heavy days. The breathable, four-way stretch fabric moves with your body while maintaining its shape, even after 12 hours. 

Plus, the organic period panties are made to be washed over 100 times –that’s a lot! As for the materials, Revol solely uses OEKO-TEX fabric. You can thank the panda-feeding bamboo for that!

Plus, these non-toxic period panties are extremely size-inclusive, up to 7XL!

Best Organic Period Panties from Revol Undies:

Price Range: From $43+ 

Size Range: XS-7X 

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 6 regular tampons worth of blood

Materials: Organic cotton, bamboo, spandex 

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships worldwide

5. Modibodi

Best pfas free period underwear

Modibodi known as the original organic period panties brand for PFAS-free, leak-proof underwear, Modibodi thrives on creating natural products for natural periods.

They are the first company to develop biodegradable period and pee-proof brief undies! 

The brand offers fun prints and bold, vibrant colors that meet every aesthetic and silhouette. Think sexy high-leg cuts, hi-waisted bikinis, full briefs, and more styles up to 6XL! 

These non-toxic period panties are made of certified organic cotton, bamboo, spandex, merino wool, and tencel.

Let’s not forget the swimming-approved options such as the “Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini” that can hold as much as ten tampons or ten teaspoons – what?!

Best Sellers from Modibodi:

Price Range: From $17.50+ 

Size Range: 2XS-2XL 

Absorbent Coverage:  Up to 10 tampons or ten teaspoons / 5 absorbency levels available 

Materials: Tencel, bamboo viscose, merino wool 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

6. Saalt

Best Organic period underwear

Saalt’s organic period panties promise to be the thinnest, driest, and most comfortable leakproof underwear you’ll ever experience.

These undies are leak-proof, worry-free backup to a tampon, cup, or disc. Made of soft and breathable biodegradable natural cotton that is Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® Certified, the panties will keep you dry – whether it’s the laughter with your best friend, the sweat of a spin class, vivacious sneezes, or periods.

You can thank the patent-pending gusset technology for that! All you have to do is pick between the bikini or the brief and voila!

Best Organic Period Panties from Saalt:

Price Range: From $27+

Size Range: XS-XXL 

Absorbent Coverage: Replaces 2 pads or 3 regular tampons

Materials: Natural cotton 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

7. The Period Company

Best Organic period panties

The Period Co’s organic period panties are super-super-super absorbent and perfect for your heaviest days.

Crafted from soft, comfy organic cotton, the underwear boasts a four-layer padded towel absorbency that can handle a whopping 9 tampons worth of flow or five pads.

It also has a wicking layer on top to absorb blood super fast, and leave you feeling dry and confident.

P.S. You can also use it for postpartum and perimenopause

Best Sellers from The Period Company:

Price Range: From $9+ 

Size Range: XS-6X 

Absorbent Coverage: Absorbs up to 9 tampons worth of flow or five pads  

Materials: Organic cotton, spandex jersey, polyester 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

8. Sustain

Organic period underwear

Sustain offers various body and sexual wellness essentials, including eco-friendly menstrual cups, reusable pads, organic tampons, condoms, and some of the best organic period panties. 

The B-Certified Corporation is committed to using only natural, non-toxic, and sustainably sourced materials in it’s products. They also support reproductive health and education initiatives for women and girls. 

That’s why their PFAS-free period panties are made of GOTS cotton that’s breathable, stretchy, and completely non-toxic.

On top of that, the pair is enhanced with a super-thin gusset that prevents leaks. 

Price Range: $20 

Size Range: XS-S

Absorbent Coverage: Absorbs up to 1 tampon’s worth of blood

Materials: Organic cotton, spandex 

Location/Shipping: United States


Organic cotton period pants

AWWA is a Māori owned B Corp that produces a fantastic range of super-absorbent, anti-microbial, organic period panties in various styles and sizes to suit different body types and menstrual needs. 

The teens’ and adults’ PFAS-free period panties feature a specially designed, multi-layered absorbent gusset made from bamboo and polyester. The outer layer of the underwear is organic cotton with a hint of elastane. 

Lastly, AWWA officially fights for period destigmatization by offering resources and education initiatives to break down taboos and stigmas surrounding menstruation and promote a more inclusive and empowering approach to menstrual health.

Price Range: From $24+ 

Size Range: 2XS-6XL 

Absorbent Coverage: Holds 5 pads / tampons or 30mls

Materials: Organic cotton, bamboo, elastane, spandex 

Location/Shipping: New Zealand, ships worldwide

10. Aisle

pfas free period underwear

For the best organic period panties that won’t break the bank, Aisle is a clear choice. 

The conscious menstrual-care company offers a wide range of lightweight, moisture-wicking leakproof, and non-toxic period panties that can hold up to 11 regular tampons’ worth. 

Because we hate unexpected leaks, their PFAS-free period panties have a bonus absorbency booster for heavier days to hold up to an extra four tampons’ worth! 

Bonus Point: Their lineup includes many gender-inclusive styles– boxer-inspired pajama shorts, hiphuggers, and boyshorts.

Price Range: From $24.70+ 

Size Range: XS-5X 

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 11 Tampons

Materials: Organic cotton, tencel, recycled polyester 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

11. Nookees

Ethical period undergarments

Nookees and their innovative, 100% reusable period PANTY + PADS, are a dream for eco-conscious menstruators. 

Their clicking system is simple but brilliant: You have THE PAD and THE PANTY, and they click together effortlessly. 

In the Nookees KIT, you’ll receive a breathable, luxurious lyocell PANTY and three organic cotton reusable period PADS, catering to your light, medium, and heavy flow days. 

It also includes a handy big satin pouch with a waterproof interior and a compact organic cotton pouch for on-the-go convenience. 

Price Range: $43+ / €39+  

Size Range: XS-XXL 

Absorbent Coverage: Light/Medium/Heavy/Splash 

Materials: Organic cotton, lyocell, elastane, polyamide 

Location/Shipping: Germany, ships to Europe, United States & Australia

12. Ooia

non toxic period underwear

Moving on to a brand with over 15,000+ verified TRUSTPILOT reviews! 

Founded by two moms in Berlin, Germany, Ooia’s range of organic period panties is equipped with a membrane that absorbs fluids away from the body, stores them, and prevents them from leaking while at the same time providing a dry and antibacterial surface. 

All materials are OEKO-tex certified, antimicrobial, and healthy to use throughout your menstruation.

Plus, you can find flirty options adorned with lace or stick with the basics – either way, these non-toxic period panties are worth it.  

Price Range: From €29.95+ 

Size Range: 32-54  

Absorbent Coverage: Up to 6 regular tampons worth of blood

Materials: Cotton, merino wool, elastane, polyester 

Location/Shipping: Germany, ships to Europe

13. Kora Mikino

Organic period panties

Kora Mikino (nominated for the German Sustainability Award) makes extra comfy, organic period panties in various styles.

While many are simple high-waisted and hipster styles, you can also find gorgeous lace-adorned period undies. 

That’s right! The elegant patterned lace is fair and sustainably produced in Northern Italy, and the panty is made of MicroModal. 

The top layer is the “Dry Layer” which ensures that you always feel dry and directs the blood to the antibacterial and absorbent layer within seconds.

The “Smart Layer” traps the blood, neutralizes odors, and makes the panty breathable. 

Price Range: €29.95 

Size Range: 32-50 

Absorbent Coverage: Absorbs up to 20ml of period blood  

Materials: Cotton, elastane, polyamide 

Location/Shipping: Germany, ships to Europe

14. Lilova

PFAS free period panties

Next up is Lilova’s non-toxic period panties with the ultimate in leak-free technology!

From the front crotch to the back, these undies feature high absorbency, ensuring confident coverage – even for back sleepers.

They’re versatile for any occasion – conquer your day, rock them during workouts, or enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without worries.

Plus, with full coverage of the hips and bum, the organic cotton fabric ensures softness and comfort. The elastic waistband provides a secure and confident fit with no shifting, and with no elastic or lace on the legs, these PFAS-free period panties are incredibly stretchy and fit perfectly on all types of bodies.

Price Range: From $14+ 

Size Range: XS-3X

Absorbent Coverage: Absorbs up to 8 teaspoons/ 40 mL worth of blood

Materials: Organic cotton, elastane 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

15. Simply Sadie Jane

non toxic period panties

Each one of Simply Sadie Jane’s organic period underwear is equipped with a super absorbent gusset featuring four layers of pure genius.

The middle layers work their magic by absorbing and locking in the blood, while the outer layers, with their moisture-wicking superpowers, keep you feeling as fresh as a daisy.

No worries, you won’t have to worry about unwanted odors or that uncomfortable feeling of moisture against your skin ever again! You can thank the eco-friendly bamboo fabric for that.

Price Range: From $30+ 

Size Range: XS-4X 

Absorbent Coverage: Light/Medium/Heavy

Materials: Organic bamboo, nylon, cotton polyester blend, spandex 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

What’s wrong with PFAS in period underwear?

Current peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that exposure to certain levels of PFAS may lead to reproductive effects, including decreased fertility or increased high blood pressure in pregnant women, developmental effects or delays in children, increased risk of some cancers, including prostate, kidney, and testicular cancers, reduced ability of the body’s immune system to fight infections, interference with the body’s natural hormones, and more.

Are all period underwear brands safe?

Well, not exactly. Some well-known companies use synthetic fibers like polyester and other petroleum-based materials to create period undies.

While not all polyester contains PFAS (yes, there are third-party-tested safe polyester undies), they can be found in alarming numbers when a brand does not properly test for it and make it part of their production process.

In the last few years, some of the most popular period underwear brands that claimed to be non toxic and organic were charged with selling period panties with forever chemicals (PFAS) in their period underwear.

When you opt for the best organic period panties, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the best possible leak-proof protection minus the harmful chemicals.

What is the best PFAS-free material for period panties?

The best and safest material for period panties is organic cotton. Organic period panties are breathable and hypoallergenic, which helps prevent moisture buildup, making them a comfortable choice for long-term wear during menstruation.

Additionally, organic cotton can absorb moisture and prevent leaks. In other words, it’s ideal for folks with medium-heavy periods. 

Which period underwear is the least toxic?

There are many options if you are looking for non-toxic and PFAS-free period panties. Wuka, Mobibodi, and Tomboy X are size-inclusive brands that use certified organic cotton, bamboo viscose, and merino wool to create sustainable & organic period underwear.

Lesser-known brands like Aisle and AWWA also offer toxic chemical-free period products that are safe for the skin and the environment. Look at our top picks below for your new zero-waste period soul mate!

How to properly wash organic period underwear?

Rinse Immediately! After use, rinse the underwear under cold water as soon as possible to help prevent stains from setting.

  • Pre-Treat Stains: If there are any stubborn stains, you can pre-treat them before washing. Apply a small amount of mild, bleach-free detergent or stain remover directly to the stained area. Gently rub the fabric together to work in the detergent.
  • Machine Wash: Most period underwear can be machine washed. Place the underwear in a mesh laundry bag to protect them and prevent them from getting tangled with other items. Use a gentle cycle with cold water to help preserve the fabric and prevent any damage.
  • Choose The Right Detergent: Use a mild, fragrance-free, and eco-friendly laundry detergent that doesn’t contain bleach or fabric softeners. These additives can affect the absorbency of the fabric and may cause irritation.
  • Avoid Fabric Softeners and Bleach: Fabric softeners can leave a residue on the fabric and reduce absorbency, so it’s best to avoid using them. Similarly, bleach can damage the fibers and affect the performance of the period underwear.
  • Dry Carefully: Air-dry your period underwear whenever possible. Avoid using a tumble dryer, as high heat can damage the fabric and elastic. Hang the underwear to dry or lay them flat on a clean, dry surface. Direct sunlight can help eliminate bacteria and odors naturally.
  • Check Manufacturer Instructions: Always check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Different brands may have specific recommendations for washing and caring for their products.
  • Avoid Hot Water: Stick to cold or lukewarm water for washing. Hot water can damage the elastic in the underwear and reduce its lifespan.
  • Hand Wash Option: If you prefer, you can also hand wash your period underwear. Use a gentle detergent, and follow a similar process to the machine wash instructions.

This was your full guide to non-toxic & organic period underwear!

No matter your flow, the brands above will equip your menstrual care arsenal with super absorbent, stylish, and ultra-comfy organic & PFAS-free period panties.

Kickstart your zero-waste journey with non-toxic period panties that are safe for the skin and the environment!

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organic period underwear

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