15 Best Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas In 2024! 

sustainable valentines day gift ideas


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Looking for the best sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will earn the seal of approval from even the pickiest eco-conscious partners? 

Our list of eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts ranges from epic physical presents to memorable experiences that are sure to please!

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sustainable valentines day gift ideas

The best sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas in 2024! 

No matter if it’s you’re experiencing a ‘When Harry Met Sally’ type of romance, or simply want to have an epic, self-empowerment day on the level of Britney Spear’s stronger, Valentine’s Day is the best time to show some love.

That being said, this year, Cupid is aiming to help us reconsider our views on V-Day gift shopping.  

Instead of opting for yet another stuffed animal or dusty box of chocolates (obviously purchased last minute at the local big box stores), why not take into consideration our best sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas?

To make your quest easier, we made a list of eco-friendly and ethical Valentine’s Day gifts. Read on to discover the perfect present for her and him.

Why is Valentine’s Day so unsustainable? 

What makes us so eager to persuade you to ditch those mass-market buys? 

February 14, by itself, represents an increase of 9 million kilograms of CO2, plus everything “normally” released into our atmosphere.

Did you know that most heart-shaped, ribbon-adorned chocolate is unethically sourced? 

On average, cocoa farmers earn less than $2 per day, an income much below the poverty line. There is already enough press around the cocoa industry’s direct connection to the worst forms of child labor, human trafficking, and slavery.

Yes, but flowers are the purest and most sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas, right? We hear you ask. 

Just three weeks of flower delivery flights result in 360,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. In reality, during colder months, when you buy a bunch of roses in the UK, USA, etc., they are often grown in Africa. 

So on top of being riddled with pesticides, they are also sourced from countries using unethical labor. So no, not all flowers are sustainable, unfortunately.

With this in mind, we rounded up a few sweet tokens to help you show your love in the most sustainable way possible. 

Our sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas will help you find that special something for your special someone. No waste, unethical production methods, and toxic materials – we promise.

How can I make Valentine’s Day sustainable?

If you want to make Valentine’s Day sustainable, start by opting for eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts. 

Instead of choosing something cute yet generic, invest in a long-lasting present you know they’ll love. 

Some great ideas are fair trade chocolate, ethical flowers, sustainable jewelry, zero-waste self-care kits, and of, course, experiences. 

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 This post was all about sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas! 

The Best Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts

1. Sustainable Underwear & Loungewear

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Let’s kick things off with the essential robe by Subset – the perfect all-weather style that makes for a cozy and sustainable Valentine’s Day gift! 

This 100% certified organic cotton robe boasts a relaxed kimono fit, 3/4 sleeves, and a half-calf length for extra comfort. 

Plus, the large front patch pockets and belted waist add a touch of practicality and style to this versatile piece. 

Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Picks from Subset:

2. Ethical Jewelry

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Jewelry? On Valentine’s Day? Shocking! No, we are not referring to the “basics”.

There are so many fair trade & sustainable jewelry brands like Astor & Orion and Aurate ready to dazzle that special someone with hand-crocheted lace earrings, whimsical amethyst drop necklaces, as well as artfully crafted jewels with ethical pearls and white topaz.

All pieces are made by hand locally with sustainably sourced materials and lots of love.

Our Favorite Ethical Jewelry from Astor & Orion:

3. Sustainable Lingerie

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Oh, lingerie – the secretive equivalent to our favorite power suit. 

We’ve already made a list of ethical lingerie brands with options ranging from flirty and cute to sexy and daring.

Julie May’s certified sustainable organic cotton underwear. Chic, classic, and drenched in pastels.

They’ve won the London Prestige Award after impressing everyone with their luxurious lingerie!

Another favorite is Cosabella from Italy (worldwide shipping). Their selections are absolutely drool-worthy!

Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Lingerie from Cosabella:

4. Sustainable Slippers

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

If you’re on the hunt for extra cozy and sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas, check out Dooeys’ women’s slippers

Crafted with care, the upper boasts vegan leather made from apple scraps, while the lining is embraced by soft organic cotton. 

Also, your S.O.’s comfort is taken care of with a cork insole, and the outsole steps into the eco-game with sugarcane. 

Even the footbed, made from coconut fiber husk, is a tribute to nature.

Chic, comfy, and eco-friendly – the ultimate combo.

More Sustainable Slipper Brands:  

5. Couples Photoshoot

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

A fun and exciting idea for Valentine’s Day? A couple’s photography session allows you to capture memories to last a lifetime. 

Find a theme you both love, scout the nearby area for the most photo-worthy corners, and let the photographer work their magic.

Just search for “couples photography near me” and pick the professional who matches your aesthetic the most. 

Granted, this is perhaps one of the most sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas on our list.

My husband and I scheduled a family photo shoot, and we were thrilled when the photographer took the time to capture us apart from the kiddos. 

These photos are absolutely precious to us!

6. Artwork

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Let’s move on to the best sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for art lovers.  

Is your loved one an artistic soul who can’t stop decorating the apartment with new artwork pieces? 

This in our hands illustration deserves a place on the wall! If they are more into spirituality, then this forest witch will definitely excite them. 

There are thousands of options available on Etsy

If you’re looking for something more personal, check out this amazing artist who recreates your photo into a stunning water color!

This may just be my personal choice this year for gifting!

7. Non-Toxic Candles

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Display-worthy, non-toxic candles made from beeswax and coconut wax don’t rely on harmful chemicals to create that special ambiance.

On the contrary, they are ethically created with therapeutic-grade and ethically sourced ingredients for a clean and healthy burn. 

Some have a very light scent, while others promise to fill a room and linger after the candle has been extinguished.

So, add them to your list of eco-friendly gift ideas for Valentine’s Day – they are worth it!

Our Favorite Non-Toxic Candle Brands:

8. Fairtrade Chocolate

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

The world’s chocolate production is rife with unethical business practices – from using child slave labor to harvest and produce chocolate to rampant “rainforest demolition”. So why not take the ethical route?

One of the best sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas is Fairtrade chocolate. 

This means that the farmers and workers who produced the cocoa receive an additional Fairtrade Premium on top of the price of their crop. 

Our Favorite Fairtrade Chocolate Brands:

9. Sustainable Getaway

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Who said that the best eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas should be physical? 

This is a great (and oh-so-romantic) opportunity to spend extra quality time with a loved one away from the hassle and bustle of the city. 

One of our favorites? The Getaway House.

We also made a list of the best eco resorts for your next earth-friendly vacation, but you can always find local guides with extra suggestions close to your town.

10. Vegan Wine

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Wine is at the top of most sustainable Valentine’s Day gift lists. But did you know that not all wine is vegan? Crazy, huh? 

Not to fear, we have gathered up 15 of the best vegan-friendly and sustainable wine brands out there to treat your loved ones.

Options include your typical red, whites, rosé, sparkling, canned wines, non-alcoholic wine, and more!

Our Favorite Vegan Wine Brands:

11. Organic Spa Kit

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Etsy is the mecca for all things cutesy, handmade, and organic.

So what’s a better place to look for the best sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts for her who adores self-pampering?

This plastic-free, vegan Merry Berry *GlücksBox is a pleasure for the eyes and the nose, but above all the skin will appreciate it.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Sleep Well gift box, a fantastic sleep care package, and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

Note that both brands have over 8.000 sales and dozens of raving reviews.

12. Eco-Friendly Couple’s Sex Toys

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

We took the liberty to make a list of the best eco-friendly sex toys to help you get that mind-blowing orgasmic high in the most non-toxic way possible!

Yes, your favorite toy could be exposing you to harmful chemicals, so we highly suggest opting for a body-safe, eco-friendly couples’ sex toy made of silicone from the Je Joue Couples collection. 

For LGBTQIA+ beauties, the share lite double dildo or silicone remote pinpoint pleaser are all great ideas!

13. Fairtrade Flowers

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Unfortunately, flowers can generate serious carbon emissions because of refrigeration and long-haul transport.

So, they are not the most sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift idea for sure!

Fairtrade flowers, however, are traceable back to the original farm all while ensuring the safety and working conditions for their employees. 

Sense Ecuador (USA) is a socially and environmentally conscious business with premium fair trade roses.

Arena Flowers (UK) offers gorgeous bouquets sourced from a range of Fairtrade-certified farms in Kenya.

14. Non-Toxic Massage Oil

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Aside from allowing your hands to slide more easily *wink* massage oil also hydrates and treats the skin–minus the unwanted chemicals. 

Plus, it has aromas and essences that promote certain sensations. 

So make sure to add Meow Meow Tweet to your sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas checklist. 

The formula is gentle, non-greasy, and infused with organic essential oils of chamomile, neroli, bergamot, and rose geranium.

15. Non-Toxic Perfume

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

Long gone are the days when non-toxic perfumes lacked the lasting power and aroma complexity of traditional options.

We have so many Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for perfume-loving partners!

However, the choice is deeply personal.

Go ahead and visit Credo to discover a catalog of 130+ brands with 2,000+ best-in-clean products available. They have over 80 fragrance gifts.

Or, have a look at some of the most raved-about non-toxic perfume brands like Henry Rose

More Non-Toxic Perfume Brands:

16. Couples Massage/Spa Day (or DIY at home!)

sustainable valentines day gift ideas

As well as giving you a feeling of ultimate relaxation, spa days offer a much-needed break from reality. 

Everyone loves pampering, but this self-care ritual comes with additional benefits.

It can improve circulation, reduce inflammation in the body, and enhance the body’s autoimmune response. Sounds great right?

Alternatively, you can DIY your own spa session at home by lighting some aromatherapy candles and picking ambient music. 

You can have a super bubbly hot bath, enjoy the romance, give each other a great massage, and put on the most moisturizing face masks.

This post was all about sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas! 

No matter your partner’s age, gender, and orientation, the best eco-friendly, and sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts will not only adhere to their eco pledge but also make them go “awww” with delight as soon as they treat up the zero-waste packaging.

Thoughtful, highly useful, and downright cute, the aforementioned presents will help you celebrate your love in the most sustainable way possible.

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sustainable valentines day gift ideas
sustainable valentines day gift ideas