14 Of The Best Sustainable Slippers to Keep Your Feet Happy

Danielle Alvarado

November 19, 2021

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sustainable slippers
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Are you looking for sustainable slippers to keep your feet cozy all year long? We have compiled a phenomenal list of 14 of the best eco-friendly and sustainable slippers out there.

This post is all about Cozy Sustainable Slippers.

sustainable slippers
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In childhood, I ignorantly ignored many wisdom bombs that my parents tried to pass along to me. I am now a grown adult with my own house and the bills that come along with it.  My father always had a quick solution to anyone’s complaint of being cold- “go put on your slippers”. As a child that seemed so lame, why couldn’t we just turn up the heat? With my own heating bill and a growing awareness of my energy consumption, I see the sound advice that he was passing along. As a result of age and wisdom I have also grown to appreciate the joys of warm, cozy, sustainable slippers as opposed to the cold (and often crumb-covered) floor- I know I am not the only one!

At the same time, I don’t appreciate the dispensability of many slippers on the market- there seems to be a big influx of slippers around the holidays- easy and enjoyable gifts- but quality and sourcing can be suspect. In my desire to be a conscious consumer, I sought out the most sustainable slippers.

This post is all about Sustainable Slippers.

14 Of Our Favorite Cozy Sustainable Slippers

1. Päivin ja öin Slippers

Saana Ja Olli is based in Finland with a focus on durability, sustainability, and local production. These unisex and eco sustainable slippers are great around the house, or the perfect addition to your suitcase for a hotel slipper (I know I love to travel with slippers to keep my feet off hotel floors).

Price: $45

Ethics: Safe and fair labor standards, Natural and sustainable materials, 100% Renewable Energy in production, Carbon neutral shipping.

Location: Finland- World Wide Shipping

Size Range: Women’s 5-10,

Shop Saana Ja Olli house slippers



2. Wool Baby Booties

wool baby booties in fish shape
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As a celebration of the Kyrgyz traditional handcrafting techniques, Silk Road Bazaar’s local artisans make the cutest baby booties. Coming in a variety of colors and animal shapes these handcrafted booties are sure to bring a smile to the whole family! Especially as they would make a perfect hand-me-down piece to share!

Price: $27

Ethics: Locally sourced and sustainably harvested natural wool, Handcrafted by local artisans, Fair Trade Certified

Location: Kyrgyzstan

Size Range: Infants 0-12 Months

Shop Wool Baby Booties here



3. Muffle-Up Demi Boot Slippers

I am not sure what is better about these, their sustainability, or their soft cozy feel? Muffle-Up! Is a Canadian brand producing quality merino wool sustainable slippers. They do this by using reclaimed leather soles and repurposing sheep’s fur lining. Their handmade slippers are made to order and with their high-quality production, you should expect to enjoy them for years to come.

Price: $90

Ethics: Recycled Materials, Natural and Sustainable Materials, Safe and Fair Labor

Location: Canada- World Wide Shipping

Size Range: Women 4-12, Men 7-16

Shop Muffle-up! Demi Boot slippers


4. Apple Leather House Loafers

These vegan leather shoes are spectacular! Dooeys has outdone themselves by creating these fashionable, versatile house shoes out of plant-based and recycled materials. An added perk to these house shoes is their cushioned insoles with arch support- a win for the planet and your feet!

Price: $128

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Vegan, Women-Owned, 1% for the planet

Location: Portugal- World Wide Shipping

Size Range: Women’s 5-12

Shop the Apple Leather House Loafers here



5.Baabuk Yves

The benefits of wool are endless- renewable, heat-regulating, cozy! For those reasons these Baabuk Yves couldn’t be left off the Sustainable Slipper list as they are handmade by artisans in Nepal with humanely sourced merino wool- keeping your feet warm, cozy, and fresh with durable wool.

Price: $79

Ethics: Ethically made, non-muesling, responsibly sourced wool (long-lasting renewable resource) and glue, family-owned business, certified B Corp

Location: Nepal- World Wide Shipper

Size Range: Women’s 4-12, Men’s 6-13 in 6 color options (some colors with slightly fewer sizing options)

Shop Baabuk Wool Slippers here

6. Kyrgies Woven Slippers

These woven house shoes by Kyrgies’ are truly their softest pair yet! These handmade woolen slippers are not only cozy but sustainable with vegetable-tanned leather soles and naturally moisture-wicking, odor-resistant wool. As a result, they are sure to keep you comfortable all year long. A perfect gift that will be sure to last years to come.

Price: $69

Ethics: Climate Neutral Certified, Handmade by artisans, mulesing-free sheep raised on family-run farms. Member of 1% for The Planet, Plastic-free shipping – Packaging is recyclable and made from recycled content

Location: Kyrgyzstan- World Wide Shipping

Size Range: Women’s 5-12,

Shop the Woven Slippers here


7. Coyuchi Olema Organic Quilted Socks

When you’re looking for something that stays on your feet, the Olema Organic Quilted Sock is perfect. Crafted in a factory that recycles 90% of its wastewater, these are truly a cozy sustainable slipper. The downside is limited sizing, and being they are crafted with organic cotton, Coyuchi says they will shrink a bit in the wash, so recommend sizing up. 

Price: $58

Ethics: GOTS Cotton, Water Reduction initiatives in the supply chain, Fair Trade Certified, packaged in a reusable organic cotton bag

Range: Women’s 5-9

Shop Coyuchi Quilted Socks here

8. Dooeys Apple Leather Mule Slippers

Dooeys’ easy slip-on vegan mules are a great house shoe. This vegan leather (made from apple skins and cores!) is not only sustainable but is incredibly fashionable – dress them up or down – whatever you need around the house!

Price: $128

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Vegan, Women-Owned, Recycled Packaging, Ethically Produced

Location: Portugal- World Wide Shipping

Size Range: Sizing 5-12

Shop Apple Leather Mule Slippers here

9. Kyrgies Wool Slippers with All-Natural Sole

A great slipper that will last the test of time. These sustainable slippers from Kyrgies (house shoes as many call them) are made of wool, water, natural soap, and low-impact dyes. The leather is tanned without chrome or chromium- fewer chemicals and long wear for the win!

Price: $79

Location: Kyrgyzstan- World Wide Shipping

Ethics: Climate Neutral Certified, Handmade by artisans, mulesing-free sheep raised on family-run farms. Member of 1% for The Planet, plastic-free shipping – packaging is recyclable and made from recycled content

Size Range: Women’s 5-14, Men’s  7-15.5

Shop Kyrgies Wool Slippers here


10. BureBure Bee Slippers

BureBure Slippers is an Esty-based business offering handmade slippers using natural felted wool from their property in Lithuania. BureBure Slippers have a wide range of styles, sizes, and more colors than I can count! They practice inclusivity with sizes for all genders and ages, they have the perfect pair for every person in your house!

Price: $85-$98

Ethics: Safe and Fair Labor Standards, Natural and sustainable wool, Family Owned

Location: Lithuania- Esty Shop ships worldwide

Size Range: Women  3-11 (offers styles with Women, Men, Children’s sizes)

Shop Bure Bure Slippers here



11. Kyrgies Wool Tengries Slippers

Kyrgies really is one of the top names in sustainable slippers and they have done it again with these unisex Wool Tengries- a great handcrafted house shoe that will keep your feet both warm and dry with the natural properties of the sustainably sourced felted wool.

Bonus: these house shoes feature a midsole with orthopedic support for extra comfort!

Price: $79

Location: Kyrgyzstan- World Wide Shipping

Ethics: Climate Neutral Certified, Handmade by artisans, mulesing-free sheep raised on family-run farms. Member of 1% for The Planet, plastic-free shipping – packaging is recyclable and made from recycled content

Size Range: Women’s 5-10, Men’s 8-14

Shop Women’s Kyrgies Wool Tengries here

Shop Men’s Kyrgies Wool Tengries here


12. Remi Baby Booties- Undyed

Small feet still need sustainable slippers, and Coyuchi makes our list twice with these baby booties. Made from GOTS organic cotton jersey, these are free of things we want to keep off our tiny-footed people while keeping their feet cozy! Bonus points for the elastic around the ankle- always the struggle to keep little feet covered.

Price: $18

Location: World Wide Shipping

Ethics: Fair Trade, Sustainable Materials, Vegan, Woman-Owned

Size Range: 0-6 months

Shop Coyuchi Baby booties here



13. Chilote Salmon Leather House Shoes

Each pair of Chilote’s authentic and sustainable slippers is knitted by hand in Chile by women artisans in their homes. Chilote uses 100% Patagonian sheep’s wool.  Chilote repurposes salmon skin, a by-product of the fishing industry, to create the salmon leather that is used as the sole of their slippers. Extra points to Chilote as each pair of their house slippers come with a repair kit for mending if needed- extending their life!

Price: $80

Ethics: Local and sustainable materials, Women-owned, Handmade in small artisan production

Location: Chile- World Wide Shipping

Size Range: Women’s 7-13, Men’s  6-12

Shop Chilote House Shoes here


14. Chilote Baby Slippers

Everyone in the house could use a pair of cozy slippers and Chilote didn’t leave out the little feet. These sustainable slippers for babies and toddlers are also made from Chilote’s sheep’s wool and vegetable-tanned salmon leather making them safe and cozy for the smaller members of the family. With these durable materials, they will be sure to last for years and maybe a few pairs of tiny feet!

Price: $61

Ethics: Local and sustainable materials, Women-owned, Handmade in small artisan production

Location: Chile- World Wide Shipping

Size Range: Fits Ages 1-3

Shop Baby Salmon Leather Slippers here

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sustainable slippers
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