My 3-Year Review of Feelgrounds Barefoot Shoes (Sneakers + Sandals)

feelgrounds barefoot review


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Looking for a super in-depth review of the Feelgrounds barefoot shoe brand? Welp, I’ve been testing out their barefoot shoes and sandals for over three years (and counting) – so look no further than this epic Feelgrounds review!

The minimalist shoe company from Germany appears to have taken over the entire zero-drop footwear world by storm. But are they really that good? In this Feelgrounds shoes review, I’ll discuss the brand’s origins, materials, and labor practices.

I’ll also have a closer look at Feelgrounds’ 3 top-selling styles – the Courtside, the Highrise Knit, and Seaside Twill. All of which I have personally tried and tested!

Feelgrounds Barefoot Shoes Review

feelgrounds barefoot review

Whether you are a newbie or a true barefoot shoe connoisseur, you’ve probably heard of Feelgrounds shoes before. This dynamic and passionate team is on a mission to get us all excited about barefoot shoes, and let me tell you, they’re doing it with style, health, safety, and ethics at the forefront.

The German company Feelgrounds burst onto the scene with a crowdfunding campaign for their very first model, the Original Mesh, back in April 2019.

They were funded within a mere 48 hours! Fast forward five months and the first lucky customers were slipping into their stylish, minimalist sneakers.

The brand has come a long way since then, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. They’re on a relentless quest to keep innovating and improving their footwear – just the way we like it!

But why are people loving Feelground’s barefoot shoes, you ask?

Barefoot or minimalist shoes are designed to mimic the natural shape of your feet. They encourage better foot mechanics, better posture, and increased awareness of your feet and the ground beneath you. And trust me, once you go barefoot, there’s no turning back! But, more on that later.

Now, let’s get into this Feelgrounds shoes review.

What Are Feelgrounds Shoes Made of?

Feelgrounds is all about sustainability, and it shows in their choice of materials. They use recycled or natural materials wherever possible. 

The list includes BCI cotton, biodegradable vegan Banbū Leather™ by von Holzhausen (made with bamboo fiber), TENCEL™ Lyocell (made from sustainably harvested eucalyptus & birch), PU-based vegan leathers, and cork.

Heck, even the meshes & knits are made sustainably from recycled PET which reduces the need to extract new, raw materials, eliminates waste, and protects natural resources.

What’s more, the brand proudly mentions that all their shoes are 100% animal-free and vegan-friendly. No animals were harmed in the making of these fantastic shoes, and that’s something to cheer about!

To top it off, the independent Testing institute SGS regularly checks and approves the safety of their products. So, you can slip into your Feelgrounds shoes with the peace of mind that they meet the highest standards.

Are Feelgrounds barefoot shoes ethically made?

Yes, Feelgrounds shoes are made ethically and sustainably.

Feelgrounds’ manufacturing team is based in Vietnam, and they take their commitment to ethics seriously. All the workers are of legal age and are provided with social, medical, and accident insurance. Plus, they receive a salary that goes above the regional average.

Their factory is also part of the European BSCI, which is all about enhancing human prosperity, using natural resources responsibly, and driving open trade globally.

Additionally, they’re part of Better Work Vietnam, which supports fair labor practices, making sure worker-management relationships are respectful and working conditions are fair.

What Are the Benefits of Minimalist Shoes?

Toe Freedom

Feelgrounds barefoot shoes are all about letting your feet do what they do best – move naturally. Conventional shoes, with their unnaturally pointy toes and raised heels, might look good, but they often come at a significant cost to our foot health.

The thick, stiff soles in traditional shoes can restrict the natural movement of our feet, leading to a range of health problems.

But barefoot shoes with zero-drop heels, like the ones from Feelgrounds, aim to change that. That’s where the magic of an anatomically correct toe box comes into play.

A shoe with ample space for your toes to spread out gives your toes the freedom to do what they’re meant to do – support your body and help maintain stability. When your toes can function properly, it has a positive ripple effect on your overall well-being.

Pain reduction & better balance

For many, these shoes provide not just relief but long-term improvements for existing issues like knee pain, back pain, and hallux valgus (bunions).

In fact, according to a study on the effectiveness of a long-term use of a minimalist footwear , wearing the best barefoot shoes for everyday use causes a reduction in knee adduction while also reducing pain.

On top of that, elderly patients noted that walking barefoot or wearing barefoot shoes reduces both hip and knee joint loads.

 By allowing your feet to move as nature intended, barefoot shoes can help alleviate the strain that conventional footwear places on our bodies and even help improve posture, have better balance, and reduce the risk of pain and injuries.

Improved arched strength for people with flat feet

Minimalist and barefoot shoes encourage your foot muscles to work more actively. Over time, this can lead to improved arch strength and natural arch support, which can be beneficial for people with flat feet.

These shoes allow for a more natural gait, which can help with balance, posture, and overall foot health.

Plus, minimalist shoes provide better sensory feedback from the ground, promoting better awareness of your foot position and helping you make adjustments to your stride.

So, whether you’re seeking relief from existing foot problems or striving to prevent them in the first place, Feelgrounds barefoot shoes offer a natural, stylish, and comfortable solution. 

So, which Feelgrounds barefoot shoes suit your needs? Let’s find out!

Feelgrounds Courtside Review 

The Feelgrounds Courtside collection is the most stylish minimalist shoe we’ve seen in a very long time. This basketball-inspired barefoot sneaker is designed to complement your everyday ‘fits while keeping your feel healthy and safe. 

Courtside features a wide toe box, allowing your toes to spread and move naturally. This promotes foot health and comfort, making it ideal for those who appreciate the benefits of a zero-drop design.

The shoe is entirely vegan, so you can wear it guilt-free. What’s more, it’s water-repellent, keeping your feet dry and comfortable in various conditions.

feelgrounds barefoot review

The inner lining of Courtside is a true standout. Crafted from sustainable eucalyptus wood fiber (TENCEL™ Lyocell), it offers a buttery-soft feel against your skin. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it also effectively absorbs moisture, ensuring your feet stay cool and dry throughout the day.

At just 310 grams, Courtside is extremely lightweight, letting you move freely without any unnecessary bulk. Its thin 5mm sole ensures that your feet maintain a strong connection to the ground.

Feelgrounds Highrise Knit Shoes Review

The Highrise Knit from Feelgrounds is where the benefits of barefoot shoes meet a fresh, urban, and distinctive design.

As we mentioned before, Feelgrounds is committed to sustainability, and the Highrise Knit is a testament to that commitment. The vegan materials used in this shoe, including recycled PET for the upper, laces, and lining, and recyclable rubber for the sole, meet EU REACH standards.  

barefoot shoe review

Its incredibly flexible sole and foot-shaped toe box ensure that your feet can move naturally and comfortably.

Plus, thanks to the water-repellent coating on the upper, it can handle various conditions while still keeping your feet comfortable and well-ventilated.

To top it all off, the shoe weighs 292 grams and is equipped with a 5mm sole thickness. 

Feelgrounds Seaside Twill Sandal Review

At SKL, we definitely have a thing for premium-quality barefoot sandals for daily use. Feelgrounds barefoot sandals check all our boxes.

These are my MOST worn sandals of all time (not just my most worn Feelgrounds sandal – I mean my most worn sandal out of all my sandals!). I receive compliments on these sandals everyday!

These summer-ready shoes are the ideal choice for those seeking the perfect blend of comfort, style, and foot health during the sunny season.

Crafted from cotton for the upper, cork for the insole, and rubber for the outsole, this sandal allows your feet to breathe, keeping them cool and comfortable even in the warmest weather.

feelgrounds review

Also, the Seaside Twill is designed with your unique foot shape in mind. It features an adjustable heel strap with a hook and loop fastener, as well as an elastic band on the instep. This means you can achieve a secure and personalized fit that works for you.

Keep in mind that the improved version of the shoe features a slightly larger hook and loop fastener area on the back strap, making it even more convenient for customers who prefer a tightly pulled back strap.

What’s more, the anatomical fit and flexible zero-drop sole of the Seaside Twill ensure your feet are at ease all day long. No more compromising on comfort while you enjoy the summer.

Last, but not least, weighing in at just 153 grams and with a 7mm sole thickness, the Seaside Twill is exceptionally lightweight while still offering the support you need for those summer adventures.

Do Feelgrounds fit true to size?

Feelgrounds shoes typically fit true to size, however, before ordering, it’s a good idea to measure your feet to determine your correct size.

Use the brand’s size chart and guidelines to select the appropriate size based on your measurements.

Keep in mind that Feelgrounds shoes often have a roomy toe box, which is designed to allow your toes to spread naturally. If you have particularly narrow feet, you might consider sizing down or using additional insoles for a snugger fit.

Are Feelgrounds shoes comfortable?

Feelgrounds barefoot shoes are designed with a strong focus on comfort. The shoes have a zero-drop sole, meaning the heel and forefoot are at the same level.

This promotes a more natural and comfortable foot position while also enabling your feet to move naturally and adapt to the terrain. Plus, they are very lightweight, which reduces the strain on your feet and enhances overall comfort.

Our Detailed Feelgrounds Review

In conclusion, we think that Feelgrounds shoes are a fantastic investment! First and foremost, Feelgrounds’ commitment to a wide toe box, zero-drop sole, and flexibility translates to an unparalleled level of comfort.

They prioritize the natural movement of your feet, which can lead to improved posture and better overall well-being.

The use of eco-conscious materials, such as TENCEL™ Lyocell, cork, and recycled PET, reflects Feelgrounds’ dedication to sustainability which we absolutely love.  

So, if you’re ready to elevate your footwear game while nurturing your well-being and supporting sustainability, Feelgrounds is undeniably worth it. Head over to their website at to browse their entire collection. The brand has CO2-neutral shipping on all of our domestic and international orders.

feelgrounds barefoot shoes

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