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Is Gardyn Worth It? 5 Reasons To Love This Indoor Gardening System

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Konstantina Antoniadou


Are you in the market for the best indoor gardening system that doesn’t require you to put your green thumb to the test? Maybe you are on a quest to always have fresh produce ready to be picked minutes before eating. Or, you may simply want to discover the best nature has to offer –straight from your home, no matter the weather!

No matter the case, this Gardyn vertical indoor gardening system review will answer all your leafy-green-related questions.

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If you are an avid Sustainable Kind Living reader, then you probably already know our affinity for house plants and apartment gardening.

And honestly, who can blame us?

By choosing the right plants for your indoor space, you can practically turn your apartment into your very own little green oasis – biophilia, anyone? All you have to do is have a sneak peek of the most popular garden-related hashtags on ig and TikTok to get lost in the vortex where pro and newbie at-home gardeners alike are growing a slew of healthy, organic herbs, plants, and fruits without lifting a finger!

“But I live in a tiny tiny apartment” or “The weather where I live makes gardening impossible” we hear you mumble in frustration.

Don’t fret, you can, in fact, enjoy a big fresh salad every day from the comfort of your own home or apartment – no matter how small.

We have found the most creative and aesthetic way to make the most of your soon-to-be indoor garden. Enter: Gardyn vertical indoor gardening system.

Yes, these award-winning Gardyn Home Kits will help grow a little patch of green in whatever space you call home.

Why get a Gardyn vertical indoor gardening system?

Gardyn is on a mission to help sustainably-minded folks, just like you, rediscover what food should be about – fresh, tasty, nutritious, and easily accessible.

That’s exactly why they are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that will shape the future of food. By opting for an indoor gardening system, you’ll be able to grow produce locally with no pesticides, using 95% less water, 50% more nutrients, zero waste, and no carbon emissions resulting from shipping produce from far away. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

Now, Let’s see exactly what Gardyn has to offer before you make up your (green) mind.

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The Gardyn is small-space friendly

The Gardyn indoor gardening system is vertical, which means that you will be able to grow a bountiful harvest in just 2 sq. ft. That’s right. It will fit right into your small-space reality and help you grow 30 large plants on auto-pilot. In fact, it yields 4x the amount as the average home outdoor garden. Plus, it won’t take up space on your nearly-nonexistent ledges, or your barely-there countertop. 

Quick harvest

The Gardyn home kits are designed to help us live a farm-fresh fairytale and thus, you can go from harvest to table in less than five weeks! Additionally, homegrown, organic, pesticide-free fresh food and flowers grown hydroponically grow significantly faster than soil-grown plants. This is mostly because indoor garden systems soak the plants’ roots in much-needed nutrients that can be directly absorbed.

Of course, plant growth and germination times depend on the species you decide to plant, but for leafy greens like lettuce, it’s just a matter of days. No worries, you can find the exact growth rates of each one of their 50+ options in the company’s Plant Book which is available on the Gardyn app.

It’s money and energy-saving

Did you know that the average grocery bill for 1 person is $229-$419 depending on age and gender? For a household with two people, the average grocery bill doubles to $458-$838. If you use the Gardyn calculator, you’ll see exactly how much money you can save with Gardyn compared to shopping produce at your grocery store.

Now, if we consider that the Gardyn is estimated to use 54kWh per month, we’ll quickly realize how much money we can save without actually putting a toll on our energy bill.

The Gardyn app & membership

You’ve probably noticed that Gardyn offers memberships -so what’s the deal with that? They are simply designed to help you get the most out of your Gardyn experience while enjoying unique and exclusive benefits through the app. As we mentioned earlier, the Gardyn vertical indoor gardening system runs on auto-pilot. This is all thanks to the Gardyn app and AI Assistant, Kelby, that monitors your plants 24/7!

 If you choose the vacation mode, it even takes care of them while you’re away. Of course, without membership, you can still connect your Gardyn to the Gardyn app, adjust its automatic lighting and watering schedule, and read its temperature, humidity, and water level to help maintain your Gardyn. However, you’ll miss out on so many perks!

As a member you get:

  • Control light & water schedule via app
  • Water-level monitoring
  • Choose 10 free yCubes a month with free shipping
  • 60% off any additional yCube orders and members-only sales
  • 24/7 guidance and custom plant care from AI-based personal assistant Kelby
  • Vacation Mode: Kelby takes care of it all while you’re away
  • Timelapse: view, save and share your plants’ growth progress

Gardyn Home Kits

Currently, there are two Gardyn vertical indoor gardening system options available crafted to make sprouting everything from arugula to strawberries inside your home possible.

This award-winning indoor gardening system carries a patented Hybriponics™ Technology uniquely designed so each plant has its own reservoir to drink from, saving 95% of water compared to traditional gardening. 

You’ll get to choose a 30-plant starter set and also receive all the much-needed plant food and accessories to grow your delicious produce. 

Plus, thanks to the Gardyn in-app device control, you can easily check on your plants 24/7, adapt the settings to your lifestyle, and more. 

Price: Currently on sale at $599 (normally $749)

Shop The Gardyn 2.0

2. Gardyn Home Kit 3.0

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The new and improved 3.0 kit has all the benefits of the raved-about 2.0 option, but it’s significantly more durable, and easier to assemble, maintain, and clean.

The Triple barrier protection keeps electronic components safe from water.

What’s more, the durable rubberwood lid with a darker finish and space grey LED lights make for a sleek, elevated aesthetic. Last but not least, it comes “dressed” in 100% Recyclable more robust packaging.

Price: Currently on sale at $799 (normally $949)

Shop The Gardyn 3.0

Can I grow my own seeds in Gardyn?

Yes. While there are over 50 different seed options to choose from, you can always grow from your own seeds using the Gardyn seedless cubes. Remember, you can grow 30 plants at once, so why not get every seed available a try?

Is Gardyn membership worth it?

This heavily depends on your intentions and experience level. If you consider yourself a newbie to gardening, then you may benefit from having access to Kelby (your personal Gardyn AI Assistant) who monitors your plants 24/7 so you don’t have to!

Another perk to the membership is the 10 free plant ycubes per month so if you plan on growing your own produce regularly, then the Gardyn membership would also be for you. However, if you don’t think you need vacation mode or access to exclusive plants (like Sunflowers), then you can probably pass on the membership.

Does Gardyn use a lot of electricity?

Gardyn does not use much electricity. In fact, the energy draw per second for both lights operating simultaneously is 75W on average. This means that you’ll only use around 54kWh per month. This usually equals just a few extra dollars.

What sustainable materials is the Gardyn device made from?

Gardyn aims to minimize waste and toxins as much as possible so the columns are made from UV-stabilized, recyclable, BPA-free ABS medical and food grade plastic and the cubes are made of a corn-based compostable plastic.

This post was all about the Gardyn Indoor Gardening System

Whether you want to cluster flowers and herbs together to create the ultimate lush, garden-esque atmosphere, or simply looking to grow enough food to feed a family of 4-6 right at home without GMOs or pesticides, the Gardyn vertical indoor gardening system is certainly an amazing investment.

So hop over to their website to learn more about all the ways they can help you grow sustainable and delicious produce ASAP.

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This post was graciously sponsored by the folks at Gardyn. As always, we stand behind the products we recommend here at Sustainably Kind Living and only work with brands that share values and ethics.

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Gardyn vs lettuce grow
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