The 7 Best Eco-Friendly & Non Toxic Sex Toys For Women | 2024 Edition

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Looking for the best eco-friendly and non toxic sex toys of 2024 that are both body-safe, high-powered, and high-tech? We rounded up a list of the top sustainable sex toys ranging from vibrators to oral sex-like stimulators and non-toxic dildos for you today!

p.s. if you really want to be all around non-toxic in the bedroom, you may as well check out our list of 15 best non-toxic mattress brands for a safe & healthy snooze!

This post is about eco-friendly sex toys for a sustainable sex life.

best sustainable sex toys

Granted, when we finally find the time to pour ourselves a glass of wine, fill our bathtubs, and pursue that mind-blowing orgasmic high, sustainability might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, 2024 is the quintessential time to swap our trusted plastic options with some of the best eco-friendly sex toys to practice self-love without screwing over the environment – pun intended.

What’s wrong with traditional sex toys?

The truth is that PVC is a common material used to make sex toys which is a well-known offender that not only builds-up landfill waste but also requires much energy, water, and chemicals during the production stages. So even if you are a die-hard sustainable fashion connoisseur and a well-known clean beauty advocate, your favorite toy could expose you to harmful chemicals

Are most condoms and lube toxic?

Unfortunately, the same goes for condoms and lube. Lambskin, latex, and polyurethane are common ingredients in traditional condoms. Parabens are also present in most lubricants to help expand their shelf life. Even if you don’t have any allergies, these synthetic chemicals may very well cause inflammation of the cervix, vagina, and rectum. That’s exactly why, along with your new eco-friendly sex toys, safe and non-toxic protection and lube are necessary for solo or partner play.

Are eco-friendly sex toys as good as the regular ones?

The good news is that the best sustainable sex toys are more than able to deliver the most memorable self-pleasuring time and set you off to a blissfully orgasmic paradise without the use of toxic chemicals. From the world’s first biodegradable vibrator to cult-favorite top-rated G-spot stimulators and double-duty stainless steel dildos, the options are all in your favor.

Are sustainable sex toys better for our health?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Trimethyltin Chloride, and Phthalates are the most commonly used materials in traditional sex toys. These toxic chemicals are well-known reproductive hazards for pregnant and breastfeeding women and can also have neurological effects on adults. Additionally, Phthalates -which are used to add flexibility to plastic- are linked to numerous endocrine disruption outcomes.

On the other hand, sustainable sex toys are body-safe, toxic-chemical-free, and pose no danger to our health and the environment. Most eco-friendly sex toys are recyclable, and some of them are even biodegradable. Due to the lack of harsh chemicals, they won’t cause any irritations or lead to health complications. Also, bacteria won’t linger and can be safely cleaned and disinfected within seconds.

This post is about the best non toxic & eco-friendly sex toys of 2024.

The Best Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Sex Toys in 2024.

1. Womanizer

best eco friendly sex toys

Remember Womanizer’s classic Clitoral Stimulator that broke the sex-loving corner of the internet? 

There is an eco version available, and it promises to deliver the same toe-curling orgasms but in a more environmentally conscious way. 

The Pleasure Air Technology stimulates with clitoris without direct contact with 12 different intensity levels that can go from supersoft to superpowered. Gentle air vibrations basically suck and massage to mimic the feeling of skillfully done oral. 

On top of that, it comes with two sizes of stimulator heads (S & M). it’s no wonder why 77% reported their overall orgasmic response was a lot better with the Womanizer.

Price: $199

Materials: Biodegradable & recyclable Bioleen (bioplastic)

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

2. Lovability

best eco friendly sex toys

Oh, bathtub masturbation. The oldest story in the steamy book. Lovability’s new WaterSlyde® Aquatic Stimulator guarantees to turn your bathtub into your favorite sex toy! 

It’s a revolutionary patented water diverter that attaches to your bathtub faucet to deliver a hypnotic water flow with just the right pressure. 

As Vice so poetically described it “It’s like getting head from a mermaid with a thousand tongues.” So if you are looking for hands-free and disability-friendly sustainable sex toys with a natural, deeper, and slower build-up than regular vibrators, this one is for you! The brand also carries a slew of non-toxic and eco-friendly sex essentials, from lubes and condoms to arousal balms – just saying.

Price: $35

Materials: 3D High-Impact, Recyclable Styrene 

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Best Eco-Friendly Sex Toys from Lovability:

3. Gaia

eco friendly sex toys

Meet the world’s first biodegradable and recyclable vibrator. This pleasure-inducing bullet-style vibrator can work wonders on its own or paired up with your favorite penetrative toy. 

Don’t let the size fool you (wink) because the hardness and density will offer one hell of a punch. 

So what makes Gaia’s eco-friendly sex toys so unique? They are made from BioFee, a starch-based bioplastic produced entirely from renewable sources. The result? Less energy waste and fewer greenhouse gases. 

It’s also biodegradable in commercial compost! As one extremely pleased gal mentioned, “I now j*rk off daily, and I get to feel morally superior to other people while doing so due to it being compostable.”

Price: $17.99

Materials: BioFeel

Location/Shipping: USA, ships Worldwide

4. Njoy

sustainable sex toys

Looking for one of the most sustainable sex toys for your next hot and heavy solo play – literally and figuratively? 

Njoy’s stainless steel dildo will be your next ah-mazing way to hit your G-spot all while applying shockingly satisfying pressure – seriously, it weighs 1.51 lbs (680g)! 

Now, if you are a connoisseur of traditional or eco-friendly sex toys, you already know that pressure and g-spot is stimulation is your one-way ticket to squirting – hey, we don’t make the rules.

Price: $120

Materials: High-Quality Stainless Steel

Location/Shipping: USA, ships Worldwide

5. Glas

sustainable sex toys

What’s a better way to ensure that your eco-friendly sex toys are as sustainable as they can get than opting for pure glass? 

Glas’s top-rated G-spot orgasm-inducing dildo will not only stimulate from all sorts of positions but also allow for temperature play – that’s the second best part about sustainable glass dildos! 

All you have to do is heat it up with hot water or make it extra cool by trapping it in the fridge or in ice for a while. Plus, it works wonders if you’re really into shower sex. 

Apart from the obvious benefits – easy-to-grip elongated handle and bulbous and curved tip- the brand’s glass sustainable sex toys are also hypoallergenic, body-safe, and extremely easy to clean.

Price: $31

Materials: 100% Borosilicate Glass

Location/Shipping: USA, ships Worldwide

6. Meile

natural sex toys

Meile is by far one of the top beginner-friendly sustainable sex toys on the eco market. This ball-tipped bullet offers mind-blowing powerful vibrations with four speeds and seven patterns, and it’s made from recycled, body-safe materials. 

Vibration patterns are, essentially, the different types of sensations you can experiment with to find the one that hits the mark just right. Your self-pleasuring time can include vaginal play and G-spot stimulation without having without sounding like a full-fledged power tool – yes, it’s very quiet!

If you are adamant about using any of the brand’s eco-friendly sex toys non-stop, you might as well take advantage of the repair and recycle scheme to bring your used-to-death dildos and wands back to their former glory. Plus, it’s USB rechargeable as well!

Price: $109.99

Materials: Recycled Aluminum, Silicone, Sustainable Bamboo Fabric Bag

Location/Shipping: USA, ships Worldwide

7. Le Wand

best eco friendly sex toys

You gotta love the ability to have multiple sex toys in one! That’s exactly why Le Wand has created the best eco-friendly sex toys for orgasm seekers who aren’t willing to compromise. 

Thanks to the double-ended design of the stainless steel arch, you can choose between a ribbed bulbous end and a flattened tip – both of which work wonders on G-spot stimulation. 

Plus, the added weight is ideal for Kegel exercises. Just like glass dildos, stainless steel is ideal for temperature play!

Price: $189.99

Materials: Stainless Steel

Location/Shipping: USA, ships Worldwide

This post was all about the best eco-friendly sex toys made with safe & non toxic materials.

Let’s be honest; not many self-care products can rival the pleasure-inducing benefits of body-safe and eco-friendly sex toys. Even more so if they give us another excuse to enjoy a long, steamy bath, much-welcomed experimentation with a partner, or pretty much everything in between. 

No matter your preferences, the best sustainable sex toys above will certainly give you extra oomph.

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