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11 BEST Sustainable Yoga Mats To Love For A Safe & Healthy Practice

Eco Yoga Mat
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Konstantina Antoniadou


Looking for the best sustainable yoga mats that beginner to advanced yogis swear by? Lucky for you, we put together the ultimate list of natural eco-friendly yoga mats that are safe, super high quality, gorgeous, and sustainable.

P.s. we also have a full guide to sustainable and skin-safe leggings for all those yoga sessions!

This is your guide to the best natural & sustainable yoga mats.

Eco Yoga Mat
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Let’s get one thing straight; You hardly have to be a yoga pro to start adding the best sustainable yoga mats to your e-cart. Maybe you’ve recently started to explore the different yoga types during the pandemic, or you may already be a yogi veteran. No matter the case, eco-friendly yoga mats are a much-needed addition to your fitness routine. Because, unlike the chemicals-packed traditional versions that emit the oh-so-familiar persistent smell, non-toxic yoga mats are safe and natural.

While recycled yoga mats and sustainable cork yoga mats have a reputation for being somewhat expensive, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of budget eco friendly yoga mat options. Think supportive, grippy options that can keep you in place yet smooth enough to support your joints.

So put on your heavy-duty sustainable yoga leggings, refill your favorite reusable water bottles and let’s roll.

Below are our top favorite non-slip eco-friendly yoga mats, cork yoga mats, and many recycled yoga mat suggestions with natural, non-toxic materials.   

What is the best material for yoga mats?

The most sustainable yoga mat options are made from natural, and recycled materials with safe, non-toxic coatings. Some of the most eco options are bamboo, sustainably-sourced cork, cotton, natural rubber, jute, recycled yoga mat options from PET bottles, or even wetsuits. 

What makes a yoga mat sustainable vs. unsustainable?

So what’s the difference between the best sustainable yoga mats and their unsustainable counterparts? For starters, eco-friendly yoga mats are made from safe, non-toxic, and natural materials that don’t harm the planet or our health. Chemicals like Chlorine gas, mercury, and vinyl chloride are widely found in traditional yoga mats.

Now, if you add Phthalates, Parabens, PFRs, and Formaldehyde to the mix, you’ll get a pretty good idea of why people are opting for non-toxic yoga mats. 

Dioxins, for example, may cause skin lesions, altered liver function, or even cause impairment of the immune system.  Let’s not forget that these mass-produced mats are made in third-world counties in highly unethical sweatshops with close to no regulations.

The best sustainable yoga mats, on the other hand, are made with natural or recycled materials and non-toxic glues and coatings that don’t pose any danger to your body. On top of that, your eco yoga mat helps workers get paid a fair wage and work in safe, regulated factories.

How do I properly care for my yoga mat?

Some sustainable yoga mats are hand-washable while other options can also be cleaned in the washing machine. Depending on the materials and care instructions, you can use cold water to wash and rinse your eco yoga mat or your machine’s gentle cycle (if advised). Remember to never put your mat in the dryer. 

In between washes, make sure to have a towel cleaner and a towel ready for grabs. Once your yoga session is finished, take a moment to spray the towel and use circular motions to clean your mat before storing it. 

This post is all about sustainable & non-toxic yoga mats.

Best Sustainable Yoga Mats for a Safe & Healthy Practice

Scoria is leading the eco-friendly yoga mats game for eco fitness enthusiasts. Their range of sustainable cork yoga mats is crafted from ethically-sourced cork and rubber. On top of that, these non-toxic, safe beauties are colored with water-based inks and secured with eco-glue. The result? 100% biodegradable, SGS REACH-certified, antimicrobial natural yoga mat options lovingly made in ethical Chinese factories.

Price: $89-$102

Materials: Sustainably-Harvested GOTS-Certified Cork And Rubber, Safe Inks & Glue

Location/Shipping: Sold from Canada, worldwide shipping available

Shop Scoria Global Here


Shop Scoria Canada Here

Discount Code: VIV10 for 10% off at checkout!

Some of Our Favorites From Scoria:

Manduka offers many options for yoga pros and beginners. However, their 100% biodegradable sustainable yoga mats called eKo are the true superheroes. They are made from natural, non-toxic materials with a zero-waste manufacturing process. Plus, every high-performing budget eco friendly yoga mat comes with a naturally grippy surface to effortlessly flow between poses.

Price: $45-$95

Materials: Biodegradable, Non-Amazon Harvested, Natural Tree Rubber

Location/Shipping: Sold from Canada, worldwide shipping available

Shop Manduka Here

Some of Our Favorites From Manduka:

Barefoot Yoga’s best sustainable yoga mats come in 2 categories: original Eco mats and Hybrid yoga mats that are non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and latex-free. The natural rubber in the Original mats offers superb traction and great grip. As for the Hybrid Eco-friendly yoga mats, they are crafted from 100% recycled polyester with no phthalates or heavy metals.

Price: $37-$90

Materials: All-Natural Rubber, Jute Fiber, 100% Recycled Polyester

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop Barefoot Yoga Here

Inhala Soulwear’s commitment to zero waste manufacturing and sustainable materials is what makes them one of the best eco-friendly yoga mats brands. With an array of recycled yoga mat options in multiple traditional prints and colors, the safe, non-toxic choices are in your favor. Additionally, the Peruvian-born brand traces its supply chain in full and proudly uses 100% recycled packaging. They partnered up with One Tree Planted to further help the environment with every purchase.

Price: From $98

Materials: Recycled Natural Rubber, Vegan Soft Suede, No-Tox Materials & Water-Based Inks

Location/Shipping: Sold from Lima, Milan, and Bali

Shop Inhala Soulwear Here

Ubivore, the Canadian ethical and sustainable yoga mat brand, uses ethically sourced cork to create their non-toxic yoga mats for all-natural yogis. Cork is an excellent non-absorbent material for safe, non-slip eco-friendly yoga mat styles. Also, you can opt for a handmade macrame strap for easy carrying. Did we mention that there are some printed sustainable cork yoga mats available as well?

Price:  $61- $118

Materials: Natural Cork

Location/Shipping: Sold from Canada, worldwide shipping available

Shop Ubivore Here

Jade Yoga’s sustainable yoga mats have a 20+ years history behind them. The brand is known for creating affordable non-slip eco-friendly yoga mat options with extra grip and comfort. From mini mats with non-toxic materials to large Dharba grass and cotton eco yoga mat options, everything is made locally and ethically in the US. In addition, for every order, the brand plants one tree.

Price: $24.95 – $199.95

Materials: Dharba grass, cotton, natural rubber

Location/Shipping:  Dharba Grass, Cotton, Natural Rubber

Shop Jade Yoga Here

Yoga Design Lab is known for offering the best recycled eco-friendly yoga mats crafted from natural tree rubber and recycled microfiber from plastic bottles. On top of that, you can shop for 100% biodegradable, vegan and sustainable cork yoga mats as well. For a small fee, you can also add a gorgeous mandala design to your new natural yoga mat – so cute!

Price: From $57

Materials: Natural Tree Rubber And Recycled Microfiber From Plastic Bottles, Cork

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Shop Yoga Design Lab Here

Looking for sustainable Yoga mats made in the USA from recycled wetsuits? Suga Wetsuit Yoga Mats is the brand for you. In fact, one wetsuit equals approximately one SugaMat. So far, they’ve recycled over 100,000 wetsuits. Rest assured that their California lifestyle-inspired, non-toxic yoga mats are made with our blissful yogic adventures in mind.

Price: $64-$109

Materials: Recycled Wetsuits

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Shop Suga Here

For budget eco friendly yoga mat options that are colorful, biodegradable, and utterly unique, have a look at Pharamond Life’s non-toxic & odor-free options. Their high-performing, recyclable and biodegradable collections are 100% free of PVC and packed with innovative softness and strength, for a strong anti-slip quality. Lastly, the brand plants 1 tree for every purchased item.

Price: €91- €142,95

Materials: Recyclable & Biodegradable Materials

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available from their EU facility

Shop Pharamond Here

Abhinehkrafts’ line of sustainable yoga mats is hand-woven in India by artisans using the finest GOTS-certified organic cotton. If you want to ensure maximum non-slip levels, you can choose to request the brand to coast your new budget eco friendly yoga mat with natural rubber. Additionally, there are some amazing grass and jute non-toxic yoga mats available!

Price: $80-$117

Materials: GOTS-Certified Cotton, Natural Rubber, Ethical Grass & Jute

Location/Shipping: Sold from India, worldwide shipping available

Shop Abhinehkrafts Here

Yolaha is one of the most earth-minded brands with vegan and non-toxic eco-friendly yoga mats designed with zero-waste manufacturing principles. Their sustainable cork yoga mats are the highlight as they provide work for 100,000+ Americans who are in charge of cork harvesting. To top it all off, the brand uses cork dust as fuel to minimize waste even more. You can opt for simplistic, natural yoga mats (free from PVCs, latex, plasticizers, and rubber smells) or choose one of the gorgeously-printed versions.

Price: $99-$149

Materials: Recycled Cork & Rubber Made Out Of Recycled Tires, Plant Foam Made From 55% Ethically Sourced Sugar Cane

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Shop Yolaha Here

This post was all about sustainable & non-toxic yoga mats with safe materials

With so many sustainable yoga mats at your disposal, you will certainly find the one that meets your own quality and style criteria. Are you a cork yoga mat type of person? Maybe, you prefer eco-friendly yoga mats made from bamboo, natural rubber, or jute? How about a budget eco friendly yoga mat soaked in prints? Rest assured that our non-toxic yoga mats listed above will meet all your fitness-related demands.

Thanks to our friends at Scoria World for sponsoring today’s blog post. As always, we only ever accept sponsored posts from brands who meet our high standards of sustainability and ethics.

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Eco Yoga Mat
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Eco Yoga Mat
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