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Looking for the best organic and non toxic sports bras made with sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, TENCEL, and bamboo? Our roundup of 2024’s safest non toxic sports bra options below will help you break an ethical sweat.

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This post is all about the best non toxic sports bras.

organic sports bras

It’s safe to say that nothing can ruin our workout mood quite like an ill-fitting sports bra.

Whether it digs into your skin, keeps pulling up, or simply can’t support your high-impact workouts, it’s extremely distracting and aggravating. Plus, unlike the best organic sports bras of 2024, regular options can very well cause some rashes and skin irritation around the breasts or the back.

These reddish, cracked, and itchy rashes go hand in hand with synthetic, toxic-chemical-packed fabrics – especially when sweating is involved.

But don’t worry! Our list of sustainable non toxic sports bras will make the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe. From the best organic cotton sports bras to bamboo sports bras and hemp options, here are the most noteworthy styles of 2024.

Are there toxic chemicals in sports bras?

Yes, unfortunately, there are many toxic materials in sports bras! For instance, some synthetic styles are made with typical sports bra materials that are treated with nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, which can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Additionally, some sports bras may also contain harmful dyes and finishes, such as chlorine bleach, that can cause skin irritation and have negative environmental impacts.

Let’s not forget flame radiants which have been found to be harmful to human health, particularly when they are inhaled or absorbed through the skin. These chemicals can disrupt hormones, cause cancer, and affect the reproductive and nervous systems.

Some studies have also shown that they can accumulate in the body over time. To avoid these toxic materials, it’s best to choose organic sports bras made from natural materials like cotton, hemp, and bamboo.

What is the healthiest material for sports bras?

The healthiest materials for sports bras are organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, Tencel lyocell, and even recycled polyester. These materials are breathable, moisture-wicking, and free from harmful chemicals, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin or concerned about their health and the environment.

Who makes the safest yet most supportive sports bra?

Julie May, Patagonia, Ice Breaker, Wama, TomBoyX, Organic Basics, Boody, Girlfriend Collective, and PACT make the safest and most supportive organic sports bras on the eco market. All you have to do is have a look at the hundreds of raving reviews from satisfied fitness enthusiasts.

This post is about the best natural sports bras.

The best non toxic sports bras for a healthy workout.

1. Julie May

sustainable sports bra

Sports Bras made of 100% organic pima cotton and silk?! No wonder these are an SKL favorite!

Ethically designed with luxuriously soft and naturally hypoallergenic organic pima cotton and 100% pure silk, Julie May sports bras are built to last wear after wear and workout after workout.

The non toxic sports bras feature non-slip criss-cross bands, which are designed to improve posture while keeping your bust secure and super comfortable.

While we love all the natural fabrics and posture-aiding build of these sports bras, we were completely blown away by the beauty of the designs. Feminine and oh-so-luxurious.

Best for: low-impact workouts, yoga, and everyday wear

Price: From $50

Size: 8-18 (32B – 40G)

Material: Certified Organic Pima Cotton & 100% Pure Silk

Location/Shipping: UK, worldwide shipping available

Discount: JULIEMAY for 10% off your first order

Organic Cotton & Silk Sports Bras:

2. Pact

sports bra material

Backed up by 100+ raving reviews, the Pact sports bra is destined to be your new favorite activewear-mate.

The super comfy Double Scoop Longline Bra (which comes in 7 colors!), for example, is made of GOTS Certified organic cotton in a fair trade factory.

Plus, the style offers the perfect coverage and support for low-impact workouts, hiking, or yoga sessions.

On top of that, the brand’s Give Back Box® program allows you to deliver your gently used clothes to nonprofits that need them. How amazing is that?!

Best for: Low-impact workouts, yoga and lounging

Price: From €‌38

Size: XS-XXL

Material: Organic cotton, elastane

Location/Shipping: USA

Best Organic Sports Bras from Pact:

3. Wama

non toxic sports bra

Next up, WAMA’s high-impact sports bras are made with help fabric. Made with love in LA,
these organic sports bras are almost completely plastic-free, so you can sweat them out without worrying about nasty chemicals.

They offer two options: the sporty Racerback Bralette for when you want to get your sweat on and the chill Triangle Bralette for when you’re feeling relaxed and comfy.

Plus, WAMA’s all about keeping you and the planet healthy so that you can feel good on the inside and outside! WAMA uses BSCI-certified factories and works directly with organic farmers in China.

Best for: High-impact workouts and low-impact workouts

Price: $44

Size: XS-4XL

Material: Hemp, OEKO-TEX organic cotton, spandex

Location/Shipping: USA

Best Hemp Sports Bras:

4. Mate the Label

non toxic sports bra

Hold onto your hats (or activewear), folks! MATE the Label is the holy grail of comfy and
sustainable basics, including some of the best organic cotton sports bras – and their quality
is seriously swoon-worthy.

Constructed with double-layered, unpadded, PFAS-free fabric to provide coverage and support, their non toxic sports bra line is stretchy enough for low-impact workouts and comfy enough for lounging. The brand also offers some splurge-worthy bundles!

Spoiler alert: they will pair up perfectly with your favorite non-toxic leggings.

Best for: low-impact workouts, yoga and lounging

Price: From $58

Size: XS-XL

Material: Organic cotton and spandex

Location/Shipping: USA

Organic Cotton Sports Bras:

5. Tripulse

non toxic and organic sports bras

Lauded as one of the best Tencel clothing brands on the susty market, Tripulse has created premium, soft, breathable 100% Tencel activewear for even the most high-intensity workouts.

Think organic sports bras, sustainable leggings, base layers, and more!

The Swedish brand is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, GOTS, and Climate Neutral Certified. Plus, all non toxic sports bras are skillfully and ethically made in Europe. Minimalist, ultra-supportive, and skin-friendly, what more can we ask for?!

Best for: high-intensity workouts

Price: €79 if purchased via the kickstarter campaign (€99 full price)

Size: XS – 3XL

Material: Tencel

Location/Shipping: Sweden, worldwide shipping available

6. Organic Basics

high impact sports bra

The organic basics sports bra is, to put it simply, a true essential. Currently, they carry 3 different styles: the Active Workout Bra, the Active Sports Bra, and the Active Crop Top.

Want a sports bra that’s kind to the environment? Check out their TENCEL™ Lite Basic Bralette, which is made from 95% TENCEL Lyocell and 5% elastane. With sustainability at the forefront, you’ll feel good about wearing their gear for all your fitness endeavors!

No matter your preferences, rest assured knowing that the Certified B Corp sources organic cotton from Turkey and lyocell from Austria in the most ethical way possible. Plus, all collaborating factories are BSCI-compliant.

Best for: Low-impact workouts, yoga and lounging

Price: From $85

Size: XS-2XL

Material: Tencel, recycled nylon, nylon, elastane

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping

Super Soft Non Toxic Sports Bras:

7. Boody

sports bra material

Bamboo in bras? It sounds crazy, right? But Boody has created some of the best organic sports bras with bamboo viscose that will make you a believer.

Not only is it comfortable and form-fitting, but it also offers complete coverage (say goodbye to side boob) and medium support for those C+ cups.

Plus, the bamboo sports bra is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and thermo-regulating, making it perfect for yoga, hiking, or cycling.

Best for: Low-impact workouts, yoga, hiking, or cycling

Price: From $19.95

Size: XS-3XL

Material: Organic bamboo, organic cotton, spandex

Location/Shipping: Worldwide locations and shipping (choose your location on the top right of the website)

Best Bamboo Sports Bras:

8. TomBoyX

Organic cotton sports bra

Our favorite gender-neutral clothing brand did it again! TomboyX is the name and OEKO-Tex ® certified sports bras with high compression are the game!

The Full Spectrum Bra has become a go-to for many eco-conscious folks’ high-impact workouts. And let’s not forget about the antibacterial and anti-odor properties, keep us smelling fresh no matter how hard we sweat.

There’s also the Essential Soft Bra which is made of OEKO-TEX certified cotton. While it may not offer as much support, it’s perfect for low-impact activities or just lounging around the house. TomboyX, you have our heart (and our chest)!

Best for: Low-impact workouts and high-impact workouts

Price: From $42

Size: 3XS – 6XL

Material: OEKO-Tex ® certified cotton, polyester, spandex, nylon

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

High Compression Sports Bras from TomboyX:

9. Tentree

bamboo sports bra

Lauded as one of the best sustainable fashion brands of 2024, Tentree is the mecca of ethical activewear.

Their non toxic sports bra lineup is ridiculously soft, stretchy, and breathable, just like a second skin. The longline bra, in particular, is ideal for gals with big boobs.

There’s also the brand’s most raved-about InMotion Double Scoop Bra which is ideal for relaxation, yoga, meditation, and all things low-impact. meditate, or relax.

Every style is designed in Canada and is ethically manufactured around the world!

Best for: Low-impact workouts

Price: From $40

Size: XS-3XL

Material: Recycled polyester, elastane

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships to the US

10. Ice Breaker NZ

organic basics sports bra

Designed for biking, hiking, running, and other high-intensity sports, Ice Breaker’s best organic sports bras are certainly a fitness favorite.

Take the ZoneKnit™ Merino Cropped Bra-Tank, for example. It features a body-mapped combination of Cool-Lite Merino jersey and ultra-breathable eyelet mesh, with a built-in bra.

The body mapping technology is designed to actively regulate body temperature and let the skin breathe during high-intensity activity; the cool-light wicks moisture away from the body. You can thank the fantastic blend of Tencel and Merino wool for that!

Best for: Low-impact workouts, biking, hiking and lounging

Price: From AUD $119.99

Size: XS-XL

Material: 60% TENCEL™, 40% Merino Wool

Location/Shipping: New Zeland

11. Lando Studio

bamboo sports bra

The sustainable activewear brand Lando Studio aims to help us feel ultra-confident while staying comfortable all day long.

The microtechnology in the Tencel fabric used to make these non toxic sports bras gives it an even finer quality. Plus, it’s durable, biodegradable, and perfect for any type of activity you have in mind!

From running errands to hitting the streets to your yoga studio sessions, these sustainable sports bras are your ultimate companion. So, get ready to feel comfortable, cool, and dry while you rock your day in style!

Best for: Low-impact workouts, yoga

Price: From €60

Size: S-L

Material: Tencel

Location/Shipping: worldwide shipping available

12. Sustain by Kat

Organic cotton sports bra

Get ready to embrace sustainability and comfort with Sustain By Kat’s 100% natural and completely synthetic-free sports bras!

With GOTS-certified organic cotton and a wicking hemp lining, you can say goodbye to itchy, scratchy, and synthetic materials. Plus, the brand’s best organic cotton sports bra line comes with a little surprise, an opening to add soft cups or nursing pads for the new mamas out there!

Choose from the undyed look or go bold with some tie-dye shibori shades made from plants! All sustainable sports bras are ethically designed and made with love in the City of Angels.

Best for: Low-impact workouts, nursing-friendly

Price: $68

Size: XS-XL

Material: Natural dyes, GOTS-certified organic cotton

Location/Shipping: USA

13. Base Range

organic basics sports bra

BaseRange’s minimalist look and clean lines are what separate them from the eco crowd. Their bamboo sports bras are made of bamboo lyocell and feature supportive seamed cups and adjustable straps which are ideal for small, medium, and large boobs.

The lyocell fiber spinning process is a green technology that eliminates toxic chemical use and chemical reactions and substantially reduces air and water emissions.

Sustainable, easy to wear, and utterly soft, these organic sports bras are exactly what we need from a low-impact option.

Best for: Low-impact workouts, yoga and lounging

Price: From €70

Size: XS-XL

Material: Bamboo lyocell

Location/Shipping: France, worldwide shipping available

14. Colorful Standard

organic sports

Colorful Standard’s sustainable sports bras are all about support, enhancing your fitness journey with a racerback construction, scoop neckline, and under-bust compression that ensures a secure and confident fit. 

Countless hours and invaluable customer feedback have shaped this perfect blend of function and fashion. 

Plus, every piece is proudly made in Portugal under the best conditions, ensuring both the environment and your skin stay safe.

Best For: Good range of motion, daily grind, active routine, or simply everyday comfort 

Price: $62 

Size: XS-XL 

Material: 90% Recycled Polyester and 10% Elastane

Location/Shipping: Portugal, ships worldwide

This post was all about non toxic organic sports bras.

By choosing sustainable and organic sports bras, not only are you making a conscious choice for your
health, but also for the environment and for the people involved in the production process. Remember to prioritize comfort, support, and durability when making your final choice, and don’t forget to have fun with the vibrant colors and designs available in the non toxic sports bra market.

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